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Margaret Pelling, Frances White

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'DRAPER, John', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=17385 Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Primary occupationmedical (Potion maker)
Period of medical practice1601-1627
Other notesCa 159* BA 1596 ?MA 1599. Trouble 1611-4. LRCP 1617.

College membership

Date of BA1596
Date of MA1599
Date became Licentiate04/07/1617
Offices held04/07/1617: passed 3rd exam. No mention of admission as LRCP.
In trouble before membershipYes
Other notesCa 159*

Censorial hearings

11 Jan 1611
EntryD appeared. See E.
Action takenSee E.
4 July 1617
EntryMr John Draper was examined a third time and he was considered to have answered to all, if not appositely, at least not without learning and he was approved a third time.
Action takenExamined and approved.
1 Feb 1611
EntryD was warned, prohibited and dismissed. See E.
Action takenWarned, prohibited and dismissed.
SentenceWarned and prohibited.
4 Feb 1614
EntryMrs. Dorcas Draper, wife of John Draper a potion-maker (philiatrus), appeared to apologise for the non-appearance of her husband who had been summoned. She prommised that he would appear the following week.
Action takenDeferred. See next.
11 Feb 1614
EntryD, BA, appeared after being summoned and replied to the charge of practising as recorded in the Book of Examinations.
Action taken?See E & see next.
4 March 1614
EntryD, BA and illicit practitioner, appeared following a summons. His defence is recorded in the Book of Examinations.
Attitude of the accuseddenied
Action taken? See E.
10 Jan 1617
EntryD appeared with a constable and was charged with treating Mr Wiseman for catarrh - W had died of smallpox in 5 days. Also charged for practice on the host of the Blue Boar. Claimed he had treated him with Dr Bonham. Neighbour, Roger James, stood surety. Also charged with recusancy, wch he denied, & said he did not know if his wife was a recusant.
Action takenProhibited from practice. To reappear.
SentenceProhibited from practice. To reappear (bond taken, surety)
Number of crimes2
7 March 1617
EntryMr John Draper asked to be examined but he was advised that he should have come about it before and so he was deferred until the next Censors' day.
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Action takenTo be examined - see next.
4 April 1617
EntryJohn Draper of Trinity College, Cambridge, was examined for a Licence and approved for the first time.
Action takenExamined and approved.
6 June 1617
EntryMr John Draper was examined and approved for the second time.
Action takenExamined and approved.

D'OYLIE, Thomas
DRY, Susanna