FRANKE, Sir Isaac (?Issac)


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'FRANKE, Sir Isaac (?Issac)', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Sir Isaac (?Issac) FRANKE


NameSir Isaac (?Issac) FRANKE (FRANCK, FRANCKE)
Primary occupationmedical physician (MD) (Physician. ?BSC 1623)
Period of medical practice1584-1624
Place of birthLondon (of London)
Date of birth?c.1558
Other notes?Ca 1574 BA 1577. Forbidden to practise 1594. Summoned 1595. Before Censors 1614 - guarantees to abstain. ?=295 Issac Franck? MD Leiden 16** (not in I-Smith). Coalesced from old 295 (1594) + 296.

Censorial hearings

2 Aug 1594
EntryF, of London, an MA, was forbidden to practise.
Action takenForbidden to practise.
SentenceForbidden to practise
26 June 1595
EntryF was summoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenSummoned.
Verdictcase not completed
7 Oct 1614
EntryF, of London, complained of Dr Atkins for calling him a liar. The President said he was a braggart. Eventually he submitted himself to the College 'with tears and kneeling on the ground'. He claimed to be MD Leyden (NB: not in Innes-Smith). He was told to reappear to answer the charges, and to bring his diploma from Leyden.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action takenTo reappear and bring his `diploma'.
4 Nov 1614
EntryF deposited £5 as a guarantee of abstention.
Action takenTo abstain. Bond of £5 taken.
SentenceBond of £5 to abstain. Paid.