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'NOTT, John', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Primary occupationmedical barber-surgeon (Barber-surgeon. BSC 1605-14)
Period of medical practice1602-1628
Other notesAccused 1612 1617-8. Fined, imprisoned, prohibited. Several ?relns in BSC. ?=543?

Censorial hearings

13 Nov 1612
EntryDr Gulson complained that N, surgeon, had treated Henry Blande of St George's Lane with drinks and elect[uary?] for 'the newe disease', causing diarrhoea, pain, hickocke and 'paraliticall disposition'.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action takenSee next.
Number of crimes1
4 Dec 1612
EntryN was brought by the servant of the Marshal. He said he was neither doctor nor graduate, knew no Latin, and had only broken down stones in the bladder. He denied many charges on Mr Kinge, Henry Blande Mr Harden et al, except for the stone, wch he claimed he could dissolve, and fevers, wch he cured by external means. The whole case was examined. Later Mrs Alaways, wife of a tailor in Rosemary Lane.
Attitude of the accuseddenied
Action takenFined £14 and imprisoned.
SentenceFined £14 and imprisoned
Number of crimes4
25 Nov 1617
EntryMargaret Williamson, fruiterer, complained that N had sold her drinks for 3s., had said her spleen had entered her lungs, and had examined her urine. N had been warned, but 'came not'.
Initiator of the complaintpatient
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenFailed to appear.
Number of crimes1
9 Jan 1618
EntryN appeared and said he dealt only in surgery. He was questioned on the place of the spleen. Anne Fludd corroborated Mrs Wilkinson's statement. He was reported also to use alchemy and Dr Giffard asked him about it. His replies were 'all impertenent or ignorant'. He had bragged of an elixir to a knight, but it was plain lead. He confessed to purging the knight with dia pruni simlicis, 1 XI.
Action takenFined £5 and prohibited. Son-in-law, Michael Plunkett, stood surety
SentenceFined £5 and prohibited. Bond for abstention
Number of crimes2

NOT, John