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'PAINE, Mistress', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 25 November 2014.


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Mistress PAINE


NameMistress PAINE (PAYNE)
Marital statusWidowed 1612 (?Widow of Paine, BSC 1612?. Husband: medical barber-surgeon)
Primary occupationmedical empiric (Quack)
Period of medical practice1597-1632
AddressAldersgate Street 1607.
Other notesIn trouble 1607-1622. Archbishop of Canterbury supported her. College furious.

Known London address

Aldersgate Street
ParishSt Botolph without Aldersgate
WardAldersgate (Within & Without)

Censorial hearings

6 Nov 1607
EntryThe Beadle of the Surgeons, Edward Blaine, testified that the letter he had given to the President, from P to Mrs [sic] Crowder, was genuine. P had agreed to cure Mrs Crowder jun. for 20 marks. Gave vomitory treatment which produced insomnia, weakness and death in 7 days.
Initiator of the complaintother medical practitioner
Action takenDeferred.
Number of crimes1
11 Dec 1609
Entry'Two absurd letters from Mrs. Paine excusing herself and written to the President were read.'
Action taken?
Number of crimes1
12 Jan 1610
EntryFailed to appear.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenFailed to appear.
Number of crimes1
23 Aug 1614
EntryDr Paddy made charges against P.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?[To be summoned, presum?]
Verdictcase not completed
26 June 1615
EntryJohn Harte said that the Archbishop of Canterbury had said that Mrs Weinman had more good from P's treatment 'than from all the physitians'.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenThe President and Dr Goulston to apply to the Archbishop.
Verdictcase not completed
4 Dec 1618
EntryP to be summoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenTo be summoned.
Verdictcase not completed
m Palm Sun 1622
EntryP to be summoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenTo be summoned.
Verdictcase not completed
16 May 1623
EntryThomas BATES, apothecary, was accused of making physic for Mrs. PAINE: 'but he sayes, he scornes it: but it is rather of Mr. Moye his neighbour.'
Action taken?None to Mrs. P.
Verdictcase not completed
27 Nov 1607
EntryJudith Conert, gentlewoman of Westminster, said that P, of Aldersgate Street, professed medicine and had many patients. P had given C's son (aged 13) purging pills which were far too strong, had anointed him all over and made him sweat on hot tiles for 9 days to produce salivation, wch failed, and the jaw and glands swelled. P's assistant was Rolfe. P then brought in Dr BONHAM (101, qv) as though she were his assistant. P was said to sell 1 oz. powder for 10s., to boast insolently and to abuse other physicians, and 'many other facts here related'.
Initiator of the complaintrelative of the patient
Action takenTo appear (promised `willingly').
Number of crimes1
4 Dec 1607
EntryMr Crowder had sent his servant to fetch P. Servant said P had undertaken C's treatment and had accepted £5 'as if she deserved much more and because while she looked after him she neglected more generous patients'. Before treatment C was well enough to walk in the garden with her.
Initiator of the complaintpatient
Second initiator of the complaintfriend/neighbour/acquaintance of the patient
Action takenSee next.
Number of crimes1
22 Dec 1607
EntryP admitted that she had written letters to Mr Crowder, undertaking his cure for £5; that she had given him a 'preparatory and vomitory' medicine and had anointed him with an ointment made with mercury. But she claimed that she did nothing without the authority of Dr BONHAM.
Action takenTo reappear.
Number of crimes1
8 Jan 1608
EntryP wrote to excuse her absence. Her accusers were all present and Crowder's servant said she had killed his master.
Action takenFailed to appear.
Number of crimes1
5 Feb 1608
EntryP, female practitioner, had been summoned for the second time, but did not appear.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?
1 July 1608
EntryBONHAM (101, qv) was charged with involvement in the Crowder affair, and with defending P. He replied that he had no business arrangement with P and condemned 'the whole practice' [of partnerships with unqualified practitioners?]. Mrs Crowder said that P often claimed to do nothing without Dr B's instructions.
Initiator of the complaintspouse of the patient
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action taken?
Number of crimes1
3 March 1609
EntryP failed to appear despite the imposition of a 40s. penalty for non-appearance. It was decided that she should be fined £10 and imprisoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenFailed to appear. To be fined £10 and imprisoned.
Number of crimes1
3 Nov 1609
EntryP was summoned, prohibited and fined. She did not pay the fine (see E).
Action takenSummoned, prohibited, fined.
SentenceProhibited and fined £10 (?plus/incl 40s. for non-appearance?)
Number of crimes1

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