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'PENNY, Thomas', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Thomas PENNY


NameThomas PENNY
Primary occupationnon-medical clergyman (Clergyman. Botanist. Herbalist. Entomologist. Physician (MPD). Poet.)
Period of medical practice1571-1589
Place of birthEngland (b Gressingham, Eskrigg, Lancashire (son of John Penny))
Date of birthc. 1530
Date of death1589
AddressSt Andrews Undershaft, Leadenhall Street (will 1589).
Other notesCa 1546 BA 1552 MA 1559. Fellow of Trinity 1553. Examined & rejected 10 Jan 1571; then member of Lord Chancellor's household. Rejected again 24 July 1571. FRCP by 25 June 1582. Nonconformist.

Known London address

Leadenhall Street, St Andrews Undershaft
ParishSt Andrew Undershaft [incl St Mary Axe, 1565]
Household of Sir Henry Mildmay

College membership

Date of BA1552
Date of MA1559
Date of MDnot known
Date became Fellow by 1581
Date of Fellowship1581-1589
Offices heldFRCP presum between 15/11/72 & 30/09/81.
In trouble before membershipYes
Other notesCa 1546. F of Trinity 1553. FRCP by 25/06/1582. MD where?
Date of birthc.1530
Date of death1589

Censorial hearings

20 Sep 1570
Entry'Thomas Penny who claimed to have taken a doctor's degree appeared before the President and Censors: he was sent away until September 23 when he was asked to bring letters testimonial to be read by the Censors: he agreed to do this on the day appointed.'
Action takenTo reappear with letters testimonial.
23 Sep 1570
EntryP brought his letters testimonial, 'but for important reasons he was sent away until later when he could be recalled, if the President so desired; in the interval his case could be discussed at further length.' [ob graues causas ... in quo reuocari denuo possit ...]
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Action takenDeferred for in-depth discussion of his case.
10 Jan 1571
Entry'Dr. Penny was examined in the fundamentals of medicine but was considered to have given inadequate answers. Therefore he was by common consent rejected and prohibited from practising medicine in future. The same man was put into prison for contempt of the Fellows' decision in continuing to practise medicine. He was freed from prison by a letter from that most worthy man Sir [Walter] Mildmay, Chancellor of the Exchequer, to the Lord Mayor of London, on condition however that he did not bring a lawsuit against us in the Exchequer Court because he was a member of the household of the above- mentioned Lord Chancellor.'
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenExamined and rejected. Forbidden to practise. Imprisoned & freed.
SentenceForbidden to practise; imprisoned when he ignored this
24 July 1571
Entry'Thomas Penny was again examined but not admitted into the College, nor was he approved.'
Action takenExamined and rejected.
21 July 1583
EntryP was asked for £10. (In list of 6 people asked for money.)
Action takenTo pay £10.

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