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'RAWLINS, Thomas', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=17747 Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Primary occupationmedical physician (MD) (Candidate for Physician of Bart's 1603.)
Period of medical practice1592-1613
Place of birthLondon (b London (bapt St Antholins, son of Thomas Rawlins))
Date of birthc. 1569
Date of deathApr 1613
AddressBapt St Antholins 6 Nov 1569. Lived Cow Lane St Sepulchre's (*Barts) c1604-13. St Sepulcre, Newgate (will). Bur St Antholins 1613.
Other notesCa MD 1599. Trouble 1596-7, 1601-5, 1607. LRCP 1600. FRCP 1605. Suspected RC. ?Married a midwife?

Known London address

St Antholin's Budge Row
ParishSt Antholin
WardCordwainer Street
St Antholin's Budge Row
ParishSt Antholin
WardCordwainer Street
Cow Lane, St Sepulchre's
ParishSt Sepulchre without Newgate
WardFaringdon Without

College membership

Medical education (university)Cambridge
Date of MD1599
Date became Licentiate17/03/1600
Date became Fellow22/12/1605
Date of Fellowship1605-1613
In trouble before membershipYes
In trouble after membershipYes
Other notesMD Cantab 1599. In trouble w ACant. Rejected as CRCP 25/06/1604.
Date of birthc.1569
Date of deathApr 1613

Censorial hearings

1 Oct 1596
EntryR was summoned.
Attitude of the accusedabsent
Action takenSummoned.
18 April 1603
EntryMoundeford charged R with treating M's patient. R claimed that he did not know the rule.
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Attitude of the accusedmade an excuse
Action takenFined 40s.
Number of crimes1
2 April 1604
EntryR was examined and approved for the first time.
Action takenApproved on first examination.
11 May 1604
EntryR was examined and approved for the last time.
Action takenApproved on the last examination. (But see next.)
25 June 1604
EntryR was temporarily refused as CRCP because of his insolence and impudence to the Bishop of London.
Action takenCRCP deferred.
15 Oct 1605
EntryPopham wrote to the College requesting that R be made FRCP.
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenNo vacancy, but R to be elected when one arose.
6 Dec 1605
EntryThe College postponed its reply to Popham.
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenSee next.
22 Dec 1605
EntryR (with ELWIN & GWINNE) was elected FRCP on the grounds that the King's physicians are not included in the restriction on the number of Fellows. The Archbishop of Canterbury had sent a letter withdrawing his earlier suspicions that R was a recusant, and asking for his letter of 15 Sep 1605 back.
Pressure applied by Collegeyes
Action takenFRCP.
3 July 1607
EntryPopham had died in July under R. Friends of P had complained of R's conduct of P's case, particularly of his refusal to call in other doctors despite P's request, and alleged that he had over-dosed P, a frail old man, etc.
Initiator of the complaintfriend/neighbour/acquaintance of the patient
Second initiator of the complaintfriend/neighbour/acquaintance of the patient
Action takenR was censured. He was not to do this again on pain of a £20 fine.
Number of crimes1
14 Oct 1596
EntryR, MA Oxon, confessed to practising. He had cured a woman of excessive menstruation, 'which discharge he said when questioned, came from an imbecility of the muscles and infirmity of the stomach, and had been cured by attenuating remedies.'
Attitude of the accusedconfessed
Action takenR was bound over on a bond of £40 to cease practising.
SentenceBound for £40 to abstain
Number of crimes1
23 Dec 1596
EntryR was examined and his answers were found completely unsatisfactory. He was advised to apply himself to the study of Galen.
Action takenNot approved at examination.
12 Aug 1597
EntryR denied the charges against him, but agreed that he had administered medicinal clouts to stop dysentery, and had taken the patient's pulse. This last was regarded by the College as sufficient reason for him to lose his bond; but because of his 'recontrite' behaviour he was treated mercifully.
Action taken?Forgiven.
SentenceNot made to forfeit his bond, because of his contrition
Number of crimes1
17 March 1600
EntryThomas Rawlins Doctor in Medicine of Cambridge appeared and confessed that he had practised medicine in this city for several weeks but had done so only after a sort as he himself said. He asked to be admitted to practise and willingly submitted to the questions of the College. He was examined ...
Initiator of the complaintcollege member
Action takenFined for previous practice. Licensed for £6 p.a. + officers' fees
31 July 1601
EntryR appeared and refused to make any more payments to the College. This was found 'remarkably insolent behaviour'.
Action takenAbsolutely forbidden to practise.
5 Feb 1602
EntryIt was agreed that R should appear on February 22nd to reply [to something].
Action takenTo appear on Feb 22.
5 May 1602
EntryR was to be imprisoned unless he paid his arrears, of which part had been paid and the rest was to be paid out of his profit.
Action takenTo be imprisoned unless he paid his arrears.
6 Aug 1602
EntryIt was decided that R should pay £4 p.a. from Michaelmas onwards. But he was enjoined to pay his existing debt.
Action takenTo pay his debt.