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'TURNER, Peter', Physicians and Irregular Medical Practitioners in London 1550-1640: Database (2004). URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=17879 Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Primary occupationmedical physician (MD) (Physician to Bart's 1581-4. MParl for Bridport 1584-7. Author.)
Period of medical practice1571-1614
Place of birthLondon (Son of William Turner (botanist, Ca 1530))
Date of birthc. 1542
Date of death27 May 1614
AddressCa 1564-**. Heidelberg 1571. Barts precinct 1581-5. St Helens Bishopsgate 1591-1614. Bur St Olaves Hart Street 1614.
Other notesCa 1564 MD Heidelberg 1571 incorp Ca 1575 incorp Ox 1599. Accused 1581. LRCP 1582. Puritan.

Known London address

Barts precinct
ParishSt Bartholomew the Less (the Hospital)
WardFaringdon Without
St Helens Bishopsgate
ParishSt Helen Bishopsgate
WardBishopsgate (Within & Without)
St Olaves Hart Street
ParishSt Olave Hart Street
WardTower (Street)

College membership

Medical education (university)Heidelberg
Medical education (years)7
Date of MD1571
Degree incorporated into Oxford UniversityYes
Degree incorporated into Cambridge UniversityYes
Date became Licentiate04/12/1582
In trouble before membershipYes
Other notesCa 1564 MD Heidelberg 1571
Date of birthc.1542
Date of death27 May 1614

Censorial hearings

3 Nov 1581
Entry'Turner openly confessed to having practised medicine for nearly a whole year in this city. After much consideration it was decided that the law should be invoked: particularly because he refused, insolently and stubbornly, to recognize the examination of the College, and because he had practised medicine against the privileges of the College.'
Action takenT to be prosecuted at law.
SentenceTo be prosecuted at law
2 May 1582
Entry'Dr. Turner brought his bond of security duly signed and sealed guaranteeing to pay the College £8 each year: on this condition he was to be allowed to practise medicine henceforth lawfully and without interference. But since the conditions of this bill did not satisfy the College and seemed to be somewhat unfair, the aforesaid bill was not accepted: and it was decided that the case should be submitted for legal opinion.'
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Action takenT's bond rejected; legal opinion to be sought about him.
27 Nov 1582
Entry'It was decided that Peter Turner should be admitted a Licentiate: he was to pay to the College £30 in cash and annually 40s. in accordance with the customs of the College: and there were other conditions recorded in writing which he was to observe. He willingly promised that he would faithfully keep them.'
Action takenLRCP. £30 and 40s. p.a.
4 Dec 1582
Entry'At this Comitia Dr. Peter Turner was present: there he received his licence to practise, granted, confirmed and sealed with the common seal by the College. The same Peter Turner handed over for the use of the College £30 in hard cash which amount was at once transferred to Dr. Smith Cantab., Vice-President. It was agreed that all the disputes and quarrels between the College and the aforesaid Turner which for some time had been the subject of lawsuits should cease and be at rest.'
Attitude of the accusedasked for College membership
Action takenLRCP delivered and quarrel forgotten as T had paid the fine of £30.
SentenceFined £30. LRCP for 40s. p.a.

TURNER, John (Jun)
TURNER, Thomas