Little Wenlock


Victoria County History



G C Baugh, C R Elrington (Editors), A P Baggs, D C Cox, Jessie McFall, P A Stamper, A J L Winchester

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'Little Wenlock: Education', A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 11: Telford (1985), pp. 91-92. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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William Poole was a schoolmaster at Little Wenlock in 1671 (fn. 88) and there was a schoolhouse, apparently at the rectory, in 1713. (fn. 89) There was more than one school in 1716 but no free or charity school. (fn. 90) William Hazlehurst (d. 1766) (fn. 91) was tenant of a schoolhouse. (fn. 92) In 1818 the parish had only a Sunday school but in 1819 a room was being repaired for a day school to be opened in 1820. (fn. 93) The only schools in 1833, however, were three private ones. (fn. 94)

Little Wenlock parochial school, founded in 1842 by the rector George Edmonds, was held in a building in the grounds of the Old Hall. (fn. 95) In 1867 he paid for a new building adjoining the churchyard and it was vested in Lord Forester. The school was in association with the National Society by 1869, when attendance averaged 65. A certificated mistress was first appointed in 1877. (fn. 96) Lord Forester sold the premises to the county council in 1921. (fn. 97) As Little Wenlock County School it closed in 1958, when there were only 17 pupils. (fn. 98) Afterwards most of the younger children were taken daily to Dawley. (fn. 99)


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