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G C Baugh, C R Elrington (Editors), A P Baggs, D C Cox, Jessie McFall, P A Stamper, A J L Winchester

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'Lilleshall: Roman Catholicism', A History of the County of Shropshire: Volume 11: Telford (1985), pp. 172-173. URL: Date accessed: 29 November 2014.


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Sir Walter Leveson (d. 1602) and his daughter Elizabeth are claimed to have been papists. (fn. 67) There were four (in one family) in 1626, (fn. 68) two or three between 1662 and 1706, (fn. 69) and none in 1772. (fn. 70) After the Central Ordnance Depot opened in 1939 a Roman Catholic church was founded at Donnington on the north side of the Wellington-Newport road. (fn. 71) It was replaced in 1949 by a temporary church in Winifred's Drive, (fn. 72) dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary. (fn. 73) In 1962 its parish included Trench and Hadley. (fn. 74) A church designed in a modern style opened c. 1967 and the adjacent former church became the church hall and social club. (fn. 75)


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