Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
City of London, Coleman Street Ward, Fourth Precinct


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: City of London, Coleman Street Ward, Fourth Precinct', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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City of London, Coleman Street Ward, Fourth Precinct

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
-, -12.0060.000.000.00
Property assessed: hall. On behalf of: Armourers Company. Comment: Armourers Hall.
Gray, Francis0.000.000.3025.00
Westmecott, Winnot3.0015.000.3025.00
Gamvill, William3.0015.000.3025.00
Sturt, William1.608.001.20100.00
Woolhead, Joseph4.0020.001.20100.00
Bryan, John2.8014.000.000.00
Pery, Mathew2.6013.000.000.00
Billings, Richard2.8014.000.000.00
Rodaway, John1.809.000.3025.00
-, -0.804.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Miles, William0.804.000.000.00
Janeway, Christopher3.2016.000.000.00
Stanly, Roger3.2016.000.3025.00
Shacklewood, Elizabeth7.0035.000.6050.00
Alder, James9.6048.001.20100.00
Property assessed: 2hse. Comment: Collector.
Kattman, Jane1.407.000.000.00
Curtis, William1.407.000.000.00
Jackson, George1.407.000.000.00
Wright, Katherine1.407.000.000.00
-, -
Comment: Empty.
-, -
Comment: Empty.
Porter, - (Widow)1.407.000.000.00
-, -
Comment: Empty.
-, -
Comment: Empty.
-, -3.2016.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Smith, Edward3.6018.000.000.00
Jones, William1.
Burton, Josiah1.
Walden, John1.
Lovett, Francis1.
Denis, John1.
Peach, Richard1.407.000.000.00
Ball, Mary0.603.000.000.00
Kinnersly, - (Widow)0.402.000.000.00
Wade, - (Widow)0.402.000.000.00
Townesell, Peter1.608.000.000.00
Pearce, -1.407.000.000.00
Kibble, John0.603.000.000.00
Earley, Nathaniel2.6013.000.000.00
Haddes, - (Major)7.2036.001.20100.00
Sands, Edmund0.000.000.9075.00
Haynes, Thomas3.0015.000.3025.00
Biggs, Mary3.0015.000.000.00
Morgan, Henry1.809.000.6050.00
King, John1.809.000.000.00
Ellis, John3.6018.000.6050.00
Cross, George2.8014.000.6050.00
Street, Daniel3.8019.001.20100.00
Smith, William2.8014.000.6050.00
-, -0.804.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Cozens, Anthony1.
Boult, John1.407.000.000.00
Robins, - (Widow)1.407.000.000.00
Davis, Samuel1.407.000.000.00
Deane, Mary1.608.000.000.00
Blunt, - (Mrs)
Hazeler, - (Widow)0.804.000.000.00
Jones, William1.608.000.000.00
Davis, - (Widow)1.608.000.000.00
Perry, Stephen0.402.000.000.00
Russell, - (Widow)0.804.000.000.00
-, -
Comment: No name given.
Kendall, - (Widow)
Jefferys, William0.402.000.000.00
Moure, William2.4012.000.3025.00
Hunter, John2.4012.000.000.00
Trott, Edward4.2021.000.000.00
Gill, - (Mr)
Comment: Lodger.
Tompkins, Nicholas0.000.001.20100.00
Pickering, William0.804.000.000.00
Cooke, Samuel1.608.000.000.00
Cooper, William1.
Farnburrough, Moses1.206.000.3025.00
Buckthorpe, - (Widow)
Davale, -2.8014.000.000.00
On behalf of: Hodgkins, Mr.
Mann, - (Mr)9.0045.000.000.00
Property assessed: 7shp.
Taylor, - (Mr)5.0025.000.000.00
Property assessed: mth. Comment: In Little Moorfeilds.
Lovell, Thomas1.
Comment: In Mores Court.
Amy, - (Widow)
Dew, Anthony1.
Hook, Thomas1.
Ewin, Katherine3.4017.000.3025.00
Ewin, Robert0.000.001.20100.00
Comment: Lodger.
Shann, Robert3.6018.000.3025.00
Osmond, - (Widow)3.6018.000.000.00
Eddy, John4.0020.000.6050.00
Mills, Gideon7.0035.001.20100.00
Smith, - (Widow)
Payne, James10.0050.000.9075.00
Jollife, John2.8014.000.000.00
Speed, - (Widow)5.2026.000.000.00
Shaw, William1.
cooper, William3.2016.000.000.00
Thursby, Isaac1.407.000.000.00
Cunningham, Katherine1.407.000.000.00
-, -2.8014.000.000.00
Property assessed: stbs.
Forscue, Thomas2.0010.000.9075.00
Edwards, Thomas4.0020.000.6050.00
Alsopp, - (Widow)4.0020.000.000.00
Dee, William5.6028.001.20100.00
Kater, Hannah1.407.000.000.00
Green, - (Widow)1.809.000.000.00
Anthony, Edward2.8014.000.000.00
Ashby, Thomas3.2016.000.000.00
Willis, - (Widow)
Stanly, James3.2016.000.000.00
Scott, Richard10.0050.003.60300.00
Comment: Assessor.
Stoner, - (Mr)
Occupation: bookkeeper.
Andrews, Uriah10.0050.001.20100.00
Guillard, Claudius3.6018.001.20100.00
Taylor, William1.
Ladyman, - (Widow)2.2011.000.3025.00
Marshall, Thomas1.
Abbington, John3.8019.000.000.00
-, -4.8024.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Byfeild, Thomas1.407.000.000.00
Austin, Richard1.407.000.000.00
Yeomans, Francis1.407.000.000.00
Muckland, William1.407.000.000.00
Gatehouse, Jeremiah1.407.000.000.00
Dove, - (Widow)1.407.000.000.00
-, -
Comment: Empty.
Browne, Abraham1.407.000.000.00
Collington, Jonathan1.
Flower, William5.6028.001.20100.00
Peck, Thomas16.0080.001.20100.00
Bignall, William0.000.000.6050.00
Comment: Lodger.
Bignall, William1.
Property assessed: bcstb. Comment: Lodger-a backstable.
Yeomanson, - (Widow)3.4017.000.000.00
Barron, Arthur (Esquire)10.0050.006.00500.00
Comment: Commissioner.
Barron, - (Mrs)
Naylor, William3.6018.001.20100.00
Comment: Assessor.
Prouting, Humphrey3.2016.000.000.00
French, James3.6018.001.20100.00
Gutteridge, Edmund6.0030.000.6050.00
Rivers, Thomas1.206.000.3025.00
Banks, Thomas1.
Scott, Richard1.407.000.000.00
Mathews, John1.407.000.000.00
Perry, - (Widow)1.407.000.000.00
-, -0.804.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Brightridge, Mathew3.6018.000.000.00
Eades, Thomas11.0055.001.20100.00
Comment: Assessor.