Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
City of London, Tower Ward, Dice Key Precinct, -


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: City of London, Tower Ward, Dice Key Precinct, -', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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City of London, Tower Ward, Dice Key Precinct, -

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
Mayo, Hugh5.6028.001.20100.00
-, -4.8024.000.000.00
Comment: Empty.
Joye, Peter8.0040.006.00500.00
Contone, Moses0.000.003.00250.00
Bellamy, John6.0030.000.000.00
Property assessed: vlts. On behalf of: Gooday, Esq.
Jarrett, Jonathan7.0035.001.20100.00
Bellamy, John14.0070.000.000.00
Bellamy, - (Mrs)
Comment: His mother.
Bellamy, -
Comment: Her 3 daughters.
Waters, Francis4.0020.000.6050.00
Comment: And son.
Travis, John9.2046.001.80150.00
Poole, William2.8014.000.3025.00
Laws, John3.2016.000.3025.00
Bird, John8.0040.002.40200.00
Elwick, Thomas8.0040.002.40200.00
Jackson, John9.0045.001.20100.00
Harvey, George7.6038.002.40200.00
Rogers, Thomas10.0050.002.40200.00
Comment: ?assessor/commis'ner.
Western, Thomas12.0060.006.00500.00
Comment: Junior.
Medford, Michael8.0040.002.40200.00
Wootten, Mathias3.2016.000.000.00
Browne, Thomas10.0050.001.80150.00
Westerne, Thomas (Esquire)0.000.0012.001000.00
Westerne, Max[imilian]12.0060.006.00500.00
Sleep, - (Widow)8.0040.001.20100.00
Comment: And son.
Wright, John6.0030.000.000.00
Bellamy, Adam9.2046.004.80400.00
Delamott, Peter70.00350.001.20100.00
Property assessed: key+whs. Comment: Dice Key + warehouss.
Little, John10.0050.004.80400.00
Turpin, - (Widow)7.2036.000.000.00
Coale, William4.0020.001.20100.00
-, -3.0015.000.000.00
Property assessed: hse+clr. Comment: Empty.
Turnett, James4.8024.000.3025.00
Terrell, Francis6.0030.001.80150.00