Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
Middlesex, St Giles in the Fields, Cock and Pye fields, [White Lion Street] from the Greyhound Tavern


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: Middlesex, St Giles in the Fields, Cock and Pye fields, [White Lion Street] from the Greyhound Tavern', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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Middlesex, St Giles in the Fields, Cock and Pye fields, [White Lion Street] from the Greyhound Tavern

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
Winscot, - (Mr)6.0030.000.000.00
Browne, John1.608.000.000.00
Putrick, Thomas1.
Odom, William3.6018.000.000.00
Smith, Thomas2.0010.000.6050.00
Randall, William2.2011.001.20100.00
Fuller, James2.4012.000.3025.00
Sheldon, William2.1010.500.3025.00
Wyat, Richard2.0010.000.000.00
Wilson, Christopher2.4012.000.6050.00
Wilson, Thomas2.4012.000.000.00
Baker, Nicholas4.0020.001.20100.00
Robins, - (Widow)
Evelyn, Ambrose1.206.000.3025.00
Smith, Christopher1.356.750.000.00
Monck, Richard3.2016.000.000.00
Jeffreys, Henry0.804.000.000.00
Maybanke, Christopher1.608.000.000.00
Cobb, Robert2.4012.000.000.00
Leas, John2.0010.000.000.00
Riddle, Giles3.2016.001.80150.00
Phillips, William3.6018.002.40200.00
Hill, John2.6013.001.20100.00
Barker, Elisha2.2011.000.000.00
Stackhouse, Christopher3.6018.001.20100.00
Rogers, Robert1.809.000.000.00
Bacon, Robert0.804.000.000.00
Lawrence, Abell6.2031.000.6050.00
Walsingham, - (Widow)2.8014.000.6050.00
Williams, Robert1.608.000.000.00
Pitchford, Thomas2.4012.001.20100.00
Marriot, Bartholomew3.2016.001.20100.00
Atwood, William0.000.000.6050.00
Mayles, John2.0010.000.3025.00
Burd, - (Widow)1.608.000.000.00
Long, Lawrence4.0020.000.6050.00
Herrington, Anthony1.809.000.000.00
Smith, Robert1.
Stanton, Thomas3.6018.000.8066.67
Brattar, John2.8014.000.000.00
Meater, Nicholas2.0010.000.000.00
Harvey, John3.2016.001.20100.00
Porter, John1.608.000.000.00
Eades, Richard2.0010.001.20100.00
Goulding, James1.407.000.000.00
Burgin, Joseph1.005.002.40200.00
Cope, - (Mr)
Spencer, James1.608.000.000.00
Cooke, William3.2016.000.000.00
Morke, Andrew1.608.000.000.00
Devenish, James1.
Jones, - (Mr)
Suyer, William1.
Hall, Ralfe2.2011.000.000.00
Comment: And Earle.
Dison, William1.608.000.000.00
Baggs, William1.
Fearnhead, William2.4012.000.000.00
Hopkins, - (Widow)0.402.000.000.00
Pendleton, - (Mr)
Apling, Francis1.608.000.3025.00
Judkin, John1.407.000.000.00
Hayes, - (Mr)0.804.000.000.00
Gason, Thomas2.4012.000.3025.00
Neve, John1.608.000.6050.00
Byland, Christopher1.507.500.000.00
Clements, William1.507.500.000.00
King, James1.809.000.000.00
Kensey, Peter2.0010.001.20100.00
Beachampt, Thomas1.809.000.6050.00
Reede, George2.2011.000.000.00
Storrer, - (Widow)
Beck, Henry2.0010.000.000.00
Brind, William4.6023.001.80150.00
Brind, John1.
Farnheard, William4.0020.000.6050.00