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'Surnames beginning 'V'', London Inhabitants within the Walls 1695 (1966), pp. 299-302. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Surnames beginning 'V'

V-, Bryan; Sar, w, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 8)

Vadery, Jas, ser, Allhallows the Great (page 7)

Vager, Wm, physician; Ann, w; Sar, d, Allhallows, Staining (page 11)

Vagor, Esther, St Katharine Cree (page 19)

Vaile, Wm, footman, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 22)

Vaims, Mary, ser, St Dionis Backchurch (page 12)

Vainewrite, Thos, ser, St Mary at Hill (page 13)

Vale, Wm, ser, St Gregory by St Paul's (page 21)

Valentia, Isaac, £600; Rac, w, St Katharine Cree (page 27)

Valentin, :
Eliz, ser, St Botolph, Billingsgate (page 6)
Thos; Mary, w, Allhallows, London Wall (page 24)

Valerio, Sam, Allhallows, London Wall (page 36)

Vallans, Alice, St Andrew Hubbard (page 6)

Vallerd, Thos, ser, St Mildred, Poultry (page 12)

Valliant, John, ser, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 54)

Van, :
Mary, St John the Baptist (page 14)
Sary, St John the Baptist (page 14)
Wm, St Benet Sherehog (page 5)

Van Amstell(?), Sar, Allhallows, London Wall (page 18)

Vanberchin, Hen, bach, £600, St Christopher le Stocks (page 14)

Vanbroke, Peter; Eliz, w, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 12)

Vanbrooke, Carlton, ser, Allhallows the Less (page 2)

Van Brussingham, Sebastian, bach, St Andrew Hubbard (page 8)

Vandacheler, John; Mary, w; Dan, s; Susa, d, St Mary Bothaw (page 7)

Vandan, John, bach, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 105)

Vandananker, Martin; Mary, w, St James, Garlickhithe (page 3)

Vandeancher, Rob, ser, St Bartholomew by the Exchange (page 3)

Vandenancor, :
Martin, app, St Mary le Bow (page 13)
Mary, ser, St Katharine Cree (page 26)

Vandenbend, John; Cath, w; Thos, s; Eliz, d; Elishimon, s, Allhallows the Great (page 18)

Vandenburgh, :
-, bach, St Ethelburga (page 10)
Tobias, ser, St Martin Orgar (page 10)
Wm, bach, £600, St Martin Orgar (page 8)
Wm, jr, bach, £600, St Martin Orgar (page 8)

Van den Busch, Jasper, £600; Ann, w; Annamare, d; Susa, d; Ango-neto, ?d; Eliz, d; Mary, d; Jasper, d, Allhallows the Less (page 2)

Vandepost, Adrian; Mary, w, St Mary at Hill (page 13)

Vanderer, Dan, ser, St Mary Colechurch (page 2)

Vandermarsh, Alady [sic], St Dionis Backchurch (page 9)

Vandermash, :
Agnes, St Martin Orgar (page 3)
John, St Martin Orgar (page 3)
Peter, bach, £600, St Martin Orgar (page 3)

Vanderminder, Jac, Dutchman; Ellenor, w; Wm, s, St Andrew Undershaft (page 3)

Vanderpoll, Kath, ser, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 110)

Vandersprett, John; Ann, ?sis; Wm pee [sic], ?bro, St Benet Fink (page 9)

Vandertin, Gerrard; Mary, w; Mary, d; Aletta, d, St Martin, Vintry (page 1)

Vanderveldin, Dot; Francis, s, Allhallows, Barking (page 28)

Vane, Vaine:
-, wid; John, s; Anne, d, St Mary, Aldermary (page 14)
Mary; -, d, St Mary, Aldermary (page 17)
Mary, ser, St Antholin (page 4)
Sar, ser, St Martin, Ludgate (page 7)

Vanhatten, John, merchant, £600; Lydia, w; John, s; Kath, d, St Mary Bothaw (page 7)

Vanhitterne, Abigall; Deb, ?sis, St Michael, Cornhill (page 20)

Vanhope, Phil; Mary, d; Ann, d, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 126)

Vanhove, Frederick Hen; Audrey, w, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 44)

Vanhoven, Eliz, ser, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 31)

Vanhusells, Hertroy, Allhallows, London Wall (page 18)

Vanittren, Godfrey, ser, St Gabriel, Fenchurch (page 2)

Vanlanderkin, Herman; Phellis, w; Jas, s; Eliz, d; Mary, d, Allhallows, London Wall (page 14)

Van Lettneen, Gysbent, ser, Allhallows, Staining (page 12)

Van Ome, John, St Mary Woolnoth (page 13)

Vanor, Isaac; Kath, w, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 7)

Vansitter, Mary, wid, St Michael, Cornhill (page 20)

Vansittern, Peter, £600; Susa, w; Rob, s; Peter, s; Wm, s; Susa, d, St Andrew Undershaft (page 17)

Vargan, Thos, app, St Mary, Aldermary (page 19)

Varlett, Eliz, ser, St Gregory by St Paul's (page 28)

Varnam, Jane, St Gregory by St Paul's (page 35)

Varnon, Thos, ser, St Mary Woolnoth (page 7)

Varnum, John, merchant; Jane, w; John, s, St Mary Mounthaw (page 3)

Varsey, John, ser, St Mary Woolnoth (page 4)

Varum, John, ser, St Katherine, Coleman (page 24)

Vasmore, Mary, St Mary, Aldermary (page 3)

Vass, Mary, ser, St Michael, Crooked Lane (page 10)

Vaston, Wm, £600; Sar, w; Benj, s; Sar, d; Mary, d, St Katharine Cree (page 6)

Vaugham, :
Mongommery, app, St Katharine Cree (page 5)
Peter, bach, £600, St Matthew, Friday Street (page 1)

Vaughan, :
Abigall, St Bartholomew by the Exchange (page 19)
And; Eliz, w, St Katharine Cree (page 14)
Anne, ser, St Ethelburga (page 14)
Anne, wid; Eliz, d, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 4)
Cath, ser, St Katharine Cree (page 24)
David, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 4)
Eliz, ser, St Gregory by St Paul's (page 26)
Gartitude, Christ Church (page 34)
Margery, St Michael, Crooked Lane (page 14)
Mary, St Gregory by St Paul's (page 18)
Mary, ser, St Christopher le Stocks (page 14)
Ric, St Martin, Ludgate (page 4)
Sar, ser, St Andrew Undershaft (page 17)

Vaus, Sam, St Dionis Backchurch (page 24)

Veale, :
Adam; Mary, w, St Dunstan in the East (page 21)
Adam, app, St Dunstan in the East (page 22)
John, St Katharine Cree (page 17)
Ric; Eliz, w; Mary, d; Ann, d, St Katharine Cree (page 16)

Velin, Mat, ser, St Magnus the Martyr (page 7)

Velle, Jone, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 4)

Venable, :
Martha, ser, St Gabriel, Fenchurch (page 8)
Mary, ser, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 2)

Venables, :
David, £600; Mary, w, St Matthew, Friday Street (page 3)
Kath, St Katherine, Coleman (page 4)
Ste, goldsmith, £50 p a; Eliz, d; Thos, s; Ste, s, St Mary, Woolchurch (page 6)

Vendmund, Eliz, ser, St Andrew Undershaft (page 17)

Veners, John, Allhallows, Bread Street (page 5)

Veniad, Mineleer, St Katharine Cree (page 15)

Venicombe, John, nurse child, Allhallows the Great (page 9)

Venn, John, ser, St Gregory by St Paul's (page 1)

Venner, :
Eliz, St Katherine, Coleman (page 7)
Eliz; John, s; Mary, d; Gustavus, s, St Martin, Vintry (page 4)
Mary, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 12)
Mary, wid, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 14)

Vennor, John, bach, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 25)

Venter, Eliz, ser, St Faith under St Paul's (page 5)

Ventris, Hen, leatherseller; Mary, w; Adam, s, St Michael, Wood Street (page 6)

Ventura, Sylvester, ser, St Lawrence Pountney (page 4)

Verbecq, Mary, wid, Allhallows the Less (page 8)

Vercy, Ric, ser, St Benet Fink (page 17)

Vere, Veare, Veere:
Job; Anne, w, Allhallows, Honey Lane (page 4)
Ralph, app, Allhallows, Barking (page 20)
Sam, ser, St John Zachary (page 4)
Susa, £600, wid, St Benet, Paul's Wharf (page 1)
Wm, St Martin, Vintry (page 18)
Wm, woodmonger; Mary, w; Wm, s; John, s, St Andrew by the Wardrobe (page 10)

Verer, Dorcas, wid, St Mary Woolnoth (page 11)

Veres, Rac, wid; Samson, s; Joyce, his w; Hester, his d; Grace, his d, St Andrew Undershaft (page 6)

Vergent, Eliz, ser, St Anne, Aldersgate (page 12)

Vergood, Francis, bach, St Christopher le Stocks (page 12)

Verney, :
Eliz, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 73)
Francis; Cath, w; Sam, s; Grace, d, Allhallows, Staining (page 10b)
John; Susa, w, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 17)

Vernon, Virnon:
Anne, St Mary, Aldermanbury (page 2)
Anne, ser, St Martin Outwich (page 2)
Elenor, ser, St Leonard, Foster Lane (page 2)
Eliz, St Bartholomew by the Exchange (page 2)
Eliz, ser, St Michael, Cornhill (page 19)
Han, Allhallows, London Wall (page 4)
Mary, St Mary, Aldermanbury (page 2)
Mat, app, St Martin, Ludgate (page 10)
Sar, wid; Eliz, d; Martha, d, St Helen (page 6)

Vernum, Wm; Cath, w; Wm, s, St Leonard, Eastcheap (page 1)

Vertue, :
John; Sar, w, St Michael, Crooked Lane (page 21)
Martha, ser, St Gabriel, Fenchurch (page 2)

Vesey, Veasey:
Eliz, ser, St Mary at Hill (page 1)
Eliz, spin, St Mary Colechurch (page 7)
John; Mary, w; John, s; Peter, s; Mary, d, St Augustine (page 8)
Martha, St Michael, Wood Street (page 10)
Ralph, bach, ser, St Michael, Cornhill (page 2)

Vesse, Lawrence; Sar, w, St Margaret Pattens (page 5)

Vessy, Sturny, ser, St Andrew by the Wardrobe (page 7)

Veyardoe, Deb, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 12)

Vezey, John; Eliz, d, St Dunstan in the East (page 25)

Vial, Joshua, bach, St Alphage (page 12)

Viccars, Hen; Anne, w; Humph, s, St Mary Colechurch (page 11)

Vickeridge, :
Eliz, St Lawrence Jewry (page 5)
John, bach, St Lawrence Jewry (page 5)
Susa, St Lawrence Jewry (page 5)

Vickers, :
Anne, wid; Sam, s, St Anne, Aldersgate (page 16)
Chas, ser, St James, Garlickhithe (page 17)
Eliz, wid; Sar, d, St Martin Orgar (page 7)
Francis; Eliz, w; Francis, s; Mary, d, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 2)
Geo; Sar, w; Sar Willia, grand-d, St Margaret, New Fish Street (page 2)
Jaine, Christ Church (page 65)
Peter; Mary, ?w; Mary, d, Allhallows, London Wall (page 29)
Ric, ser, St Martin Orgar (page 8)
Thos, £600, widr, St Martin Orgar (page 9)
Thos, ser, Allhallows, Staining (page 13b)

Viett, Mary, ser, St Helen (page 8)

Viges, Frances, ser, St Katherine, Coleman (page 30)

Vigures, John, schoolmaster; Joa, w; Rob, s; Eliz, d; Mary, d, St Katharine Cree (page 19)

Villers, John; Mary, w; Eliz, sis, St Dunstan in the East (page 6)

Vinadine, Frances, ser, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 14)

Vince, Eliz, ser, St Margaret Pattens (page 3)

Vincent, :
Dan, ser, St Edmund, Lombard Street (page 2)
Eliner, ser, St Mildred, Bread Street (page 8)
Geo; Ann, w, Allhallows, Barking (page 34)
Geo; Jud, w, St Augustine (page 8)
Joa, ser, St Mary le Bow (page 12)
Joa, wid; Edw, s; Joa, d, St Mary at Hill (page 10)
John; Eliz, w, St Ethelburga (page 12)
John; Eliz, w, St Mildred, Bread Street (page 10)
Kath, ser, St Michael, Wood Street (page 3)
Martha, ser, St Alban, Wood Street (page 11)
Nat, St Martin, Ironmonger Lane (page 6)
Sar, wid, St James, Garlickhithe (page 20)
Susa, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 16)
Thos, Allhallows, London Wall (page 17)
Thos, ser, St James, Garlickhithe (page 23)

Vincet, Han, ser, St Margaret Pattens (page 1)

Vine, Ellinor, ser, Allhallows, Barking (page 26)

Viner, :
John, ser, St Mary at Hill (page 5)
Wm; Joa, w, St Andrew Undershaft (page 10)

Vines, :
-, wid, St Mary le Bow (page 11)
Geo, glover, ?£600; Sar, w, St Mary le Bow (page 11)

Vinion, Thos, £600; Eliz, w, St Mary at Hill (page 1)

Viole, John, bach, ser, St Lawrence Jewry (page 14)

Violett, Wm, ser, St Michael, Crooked Lane (page 17)

Vipont, Mary, ser, St Michael, Queenhithe (page 13)

Vivers, :
John, bach, barber, St Michael, Bassishaw (page 2)
John, ser, St Mary Woolnoth (page 4)

Vizard, Ric, St Anne, Blackfriars (page 102)

Voice, :
Gamaliel, bach, St Margaret, Lothbury (page 16)
John; Mary, w; Sar, d, St Augustine (page 1)
Wm, St Michael, Cornhill (page 5)

Vollet, David; Susa, w; Eliz, d, St Benet Fink (page 2)

Vos(s), :
Adam; Jane, w, St James, Duke's Place (page 9)
Thos, Allhallows, Lombard Street (page 5)
Villoughby; Eliz, w; Eliz, d, St James, Garlickhithe (page 13)

Vowell, John; Joan, w, St Katherine, Coleman (page 3)

Vowells, Jos, ser, St Mildred, Poultry (page 16)

Voysden, John; Eliz, w, St Magnus the Martyr (page 9)

Vuadell(?), Thos; Jeane, w; John, s; Thos, s; Ant, s; Jeane, d; Mary, d; Eliz, d, St Lawrence Jewry (page 21)

Vybert, John, bach, St Martin Orgar (page 2)

Vye, Thos, bach, St Mildred, Bread Street (page 4)