Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
Middlesex, St James Clerkenwell, Alley


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: Middlesex, St James Clerkenwell, Alley', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 23 October 2014.


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Middlesex, St James Clerkenwell, Alley

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
Wright, Valentine2.0010.000.3025.00
Eakmes, Weekly0.000.001.20100.00
Hicks, John2.8014.000.000.00
Kilgrave, Alexander2.4012.000.3025.00
Welch, - (Mr)0.804.000.000.00
Simonds, John0.804.000.000.00
Lowine, James0.603.000.000.00
Bentley, John0.603.000.000.00
Page, Josiah2.4012.000.3025.00
Paulson, John1.407.000.000.00
Wright, John1.
Cockerell, Nathaniell0.603.000.000.00
Hodges, Anthony1.
Morris, - (Widow)
Wright, - (Widow)0.804.000.000.00
Whitinge, Benjamin2.0010.000.3025.00
Groves, John0.804.000.000.00
Bishop, George1.
Hopper, John (Mr)2.0010.000.3025.00
Venner, Richard2.0010.000.000.00
Tillson, Nathaneill2.4012.000.000.00
Property assessed: hse+shd. Comment: And for ye shedd.
Parker, William0.804.000.000.00
Comment: And Dearmore.
F...., William1.
Dorutter, Ann0.804.000.000.00
Terrill, Thomas0.804.000.000.00
Bullock, Samuell0.804.000.000.00
Petty, - (Mr)
Foreman, William0.603.000.000.00
Hurst, Samuel1.
Tulke, Thomas0.603.000.000.00
Younge, - (Mr)0.603.000.000.00
Twyforde, - (Mr)0.804.000.000.00
Collins, Richard (Mr)3.6018.002.40200.00
Cooke, William2.4012.000.000.00
Flack, Anthony3.6018.000.000.00
Holt, Mary (Mrs)4.0020.000.3025.00
Harris, Susannah1.809.000.000.00
Clarke, - (Mrs)2.4012.000.000.00
On behalf of: Dacres, Lady.
Hudson, William1.
Danby, Henry1.608.000.000.00
Rymmes, Elizabeth0.804.000.000.00
Ogle, - (Widow)
Dormer, - (Mr)12.0060.006.00500.00
Comment: Note 51/7/Commiss'r.
Gath, - (Madam)8.0040.006.00500.00
-, -
Comment: Madam Gath's daughtr.
Mellish, - (Madam)
Lisle, - (Lord)10.4052.0012.001000.00
Assites, Thomas (Mr)3.0015.001.20100.00
Stansfeild, Ely (Mr)2.4012.000.000.00
Hide, Joseph (Mr)5.2026.001.20100.00
-, -7.0035.000.000.00
On behalf of: Allison, Mr. Comment: Empty.
Moore, _ (Mr)5.2026.002.40200.00
Mann, Robert (Mr)3.6018.000.000.00
Property assessed: hse. Comment: Robert Manns house.
Cotton, Thomas (Mr)5.2026.006.00500.00
Keyes, Morris (Mr)5.2026.002.40200.00
Hardinge, James (Dr)5.0025.000.000.00
Property assessed: hse. Comment: Dr J Hardinges house.
-, -5.0025.000.000.00
On behalf of: Drougheda, Countess. Comment: Empty.
Norwood, Edward (Mr)5.2026.002.40200.00
Wright, - (Lady)10.4052.000.000.00
Isteed, - (Justice)7.0035.000.000.00
Property assessed: hse. Comment: Justice Isteeds hse.
Drury, Robert6.4032.000.000.00
Hambleton, Nicholas1.809.000.000.00
Pearson, Josiah1.206.000.3025.00
Satchell, John3.6018.000.000.00
Phipps, John (Mr)3.6018.000.000.00
Adams, Bartholomew3.6018.000.000.00
Chase, Stephen (Mr)3.6018.001.20100.00
Denham, Shadrah3.6018.000.000.00
Lowe, Nathaniell3.0015.000.6050.00
Arnold, George (Esquire)8.0040.0072.005999.98
Harris, - (Mr)2.4012.000.6050.00
Castle, - (Mr)3.6018.000.3025.00
Aylesbury, - (Earl)40.00200.000.000.00
Harrison, - (Mr)13.0065.0012.001000.00
Joell, - (Mr)3.6018.000.000.00
Starr, John (Mr)2.0010.001.20100.00
Comment: Collector.
Browne, - (Mr)
Property assessed: hse. Comment: Mr Brownes house.
Vaniere, Claudius (Mr)1.608.000.6050.00
Brittaine, Thomas1.407.000.000.00
Bunce, William5.6028.001.20100.00
-, -3.0015.000.000.00
On behalf of: Dowley, Charles Esq. Comment: Empty.
Hall, Sarah (Mrs)1.809.006.00500.00
Welstead, Elizabeth (Mrs)2.0010.000.000.00
Timms, Peter (Mr)2.0010.000.000.00
Ilford, Thomas2.4012.000.000.00
Hodgkis, Thomas (Mr)2.4012.002.40200.00
Comment: Collector.
Hatfeild, Elizabeth (Mrs)2.4012.002.40200.00
Gynn, Jeffery (Mr)2.6013.001.20100.00
Dynn, - (Captain)2.4012.002.40200.00
Comment: Commissioner.
Hawkines, - (Mr)2.8014.000.000.00
Harrsion, - (Mrs)2.8014.000.000.00
Rammage, Thomas (Mr)2.4012.000.000.00
Hardinge, James (Dr)3.6018.000.000.00
Shorter, John3.0015.000.000.00
Newton, James6.0030.001.20100.00
Comment: Senior.
Newton, James3.6018.000.6050.00
Comment: Junior.
Kingston, Ralph2.8014.001.20100.00
Comment: And others, note51/8.
Cross, Thomas (Mr)2.4012.000.000.00
Northrope, Goddard (Sir)2.6013.006.00500.00
Comment: Commissioner.
Gibbs, Aron (Mr)2.6013.001.20100.00
Wookey, John2.6013.000.000.00
Savage, - (Dr)2.6013.006.00500.00
Scott, John1.407.000.000.00
Welsh, William1.
Mulford, - (Mr)
Wilkes(o)n, Jarvis3.0015.001.80150.00
Bolson, Robert2.4012.001.20100.00
Mitchell, Francis0.603.000.000.00
Nash, James0.603.000.000.00
Betts, Simon1.608.000.000.00
Comment: And for Humphreys.
Gladman, John1.407.000.000.00
Bellafeild, Silas1.
Warrinner, Robert0.402.000.000.00
Taylor, Isaac (Mr)5.0025.001.20100.00
Comment: And for 2 more.
Drinkwater, - (Widow)
Comment: And for Toplady.
Drinkwater, - (Widow)
Comment: And for Hawes.
Drinkwater, - (Widow)
Comment: And for part Munday.
Isles, William0.804.000.000.00
Sutton, John1.608.000.000.00
Clifford, Samuell1.005.000.6050.00
Warner, - (Mrs)2.0010.000.000.00
Comment: See note 51/9.
Gray, John4.0020.000.000.00
Property assessed: hse. Comment: For Pinkses house.
Rayment, Robert (Mr)8.0040.000.6050.00
Comment: And for Mr Lunt.
Rayment, Robert (Mr)4.0020.000.000.00
Comment: And for Mr Knight.
Rayment, Robert (Mr)0.603.000.000.00
Comment: And for Mr Bearne.
Lock, Stephen (Mr)4.0020.002.40200.00
Mayce, Edward (Mr)16.0080.001.20100.00
Comment: See note 51/10.
Todd, Henry2.0010.001.20100.00
Goddinge, John3.2016.000.000.00
Comment: And for Block Alley.
Yates, Joseph6.0030.000.000.00
Comment: For Cork Alley.
Bunn, Edward6.0030.000.000.00
Comment: &part Bull Head All'.
Timms, - (Mr)6.0030.000.000.00
Comment: & part Bull Alley.