Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694
Middlesex, St Mary Whitechapel, Wapping Whitechapel, Blackmore Alley


Centre for Metropolitan History



Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes

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'Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694: Middlesex, St Mary Whitechapel, Wapping Whitechapel, Blackmore Alley', Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4: The City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex (1992). URL: Date accessed: 23 October 2014.


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Middlesex, St Mary Whitechapel, Wapping Whitechapel, Blackmore Alley

Tax assessment £Rental value £Tax assessment £Stock value £
Swan, John0.603.000.000.00
Dunkin, William0.603.000.000.00
Watkins, - (Widow)0.402.000.000.00
Holsey, Thomas1.407.000.000.00
Veere, Charles14.0070.0024.001999.99
On behalf of: Bondall [?]. Comment: see note 57/19.
Browne, - (Widow)1.809.000.000.00
Wray, Thomas2.0010.000.3025.00
Latham, Susan1.206.000.3025.00
Winington, John2.0010.000.000.00
Player, Phillip3.2016.000.3025.00
Hooke, Giles14.0070.004.80400.00
-, -3.2016.000.000.00
Property assessed: 2hse. On behalf of: Flides, Mrs. Comment: Empty.
Pratt, Edward0.804.000.000.00
-, -0.804.000.000.00
Comment: [no name given].
Barnes, - (Widow)1.608.000.000.00
Bradlys, - (Mr)
Property assessed: shp.
Goodin, Richard2.0010.000.000.00
Webb, Richard2.4012.000.6050.00
Blundell, George2.4012.000.000.00
Taylor, George2.4012.000.6050.00
Harwell, Magnus2.4012.000.000.00
Saunders, William14.0070.003.60300.00
Page, - (Madam)
Property assessed: gr.
Kingstone, Daniel3.6018.002.40200.00
Smith, Nicholas2.8014.000.6050.00
Boyce, John2.8014.000.3025.00
Abbott, Richard2.6013.000.000.00
Fryer, - (Mr)0.804.000.000.00
Property assessed: whs.
Wilson, - (Widow)
Page, - (Madam)1.608.000.000.00
Property assessed: yrd.
Veale, - (Mr)1.608.000.000.00
Property assessed: mth.
Turner, William4.8024.001.80150.00
Property assessed: +2hse.
Jorden, William2.8014.000.000.00
Singleton, Alice3.2016.000.000.00
Kelly, - (Widow)3.2016.000.6050.00
Moore, Humphrey1.809.000.000.00
Curlace, David1.
Plowright, - (Widow)2.0010.000.000.00
Struton, Mary0.603.000.000.00
Fuller, - (Widow)
Mason, John0.603.000.000.00
Hickman, Jane0.804.000.000.00
Wooden, Edward0.402.000.000.00
Hasewood, - (Widow)0.402.000.000.00
Leach, Robert0.603.000.000.00
Peters, John0.603.000.000.00
Atkinson, John0.804.000.000.00
Ricketts, - (Widow)0.804.000.000.00
White, Marke0.804.000.000.00
Comment: & Chris' Coultis.
Hine, - (Widow)0.603.000.000.00
Lane, - (Widow)0.603.000.000.00
Albery, William0.603.000.000.00
Anderson, Rowland0.804.000.000.00
Drewry, Thomas0.603.000.000.00
Northum, Josias0.603.000.000.00
Dixon, Mary0.804.000.000.00
Smith, William0.603.000.000.00
Browne, Thomas0.402.000.000.00
Trumball, Thomas0.402.000.000.00
Read, George0.402.000.000.00
Nightingall, - (Widow)0.402.000.000.00
Wootton, Silvester0.603.000.000.00
Hadwell, William0.402.000.000.00
Forker, - (Widow)0.804.000.000.00
Gentleman, John0.402.000.000.00
Pickett, Ralph1.809.000.000.00
Ogle, Cuthbert2.0010.000.3025.00
Burroughs, Anthony1.
Doubleday, Jed'2.0010.000.000.00
Gabb, William2.8014.000.000.00