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J.M. Lee, R.A. McKinley

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'Index: A-J', A History of the County of Leicestershire: Volume 5: Gartree Hundred (1964), pp. 347-356. URL: Date accessed: 30 August 2014.


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NOTE. The following abbreviations have been used: adv., advowson; Abp., Archbishop; Alex., Alexander; And., Andrew; Ant., Anthony; Bart., Bartholomew; Ben., Benjamin; Bp., Bishop; b., born; cast., castle; Cath., Catherine; chant., chantry; chap., chapel; char., charities; Chas., Charles; Chris., Christopher; ch., church; coll., college; Ctss., Countess; Dan., Daniel; dau., daughter; D. and C., Dean and Chapter; d., died; Dchss., Duchess; Edm., Edmund; Edw., Edward; Eliz., Elizabeth; fam., family; fl., flourished; Fred., Frederick; Geof., Geoffrey; Geo., George; Gilb., Gilbert; Hen., Henry; ho., house; hosp., hospital; Humph., Humphrey; hund., hundred; ind., industry; Jas., James; Jos., Joseph; Kath., Katharine; Laur., Laurence; Lawr., Lawrence; man., manor; Marg., Margaret; m., married; Mat., Matthew; Mic., Michael; Nat., Nathaniel; Nic., Nicholas; nonconf., nonconformity; par., parish; Pet., Peter; Phil., Philip; pop., population; rly., railway; Revd., Reverend; riv., river; Rob., Robert; Rog., Roger; Rom. Cath., Roman Catholicism; Sam., Samuel; sch., school; Sim., Simon; s., son; Steph., Stephen; Thos., Thomas; Vct., Viscount; Vctss., Viscounests; Wal., Walter; w., wife; Wm., William.

Abbe, le, Alex., Geof., fam.,

Abbot (Abbott), Agnes, John, Rob., - (fl. 1710), fam.,


Abingdon (Berks.),

Abrahams, John,

Acaster, Sir Rog. de,

Acton, John, Thos.,

Ada, dau. of Ralph,

Adcock, Ric., Wm.,

Addington, Steph.,

Ælmar (fl. 1060),

Ælric, son of Meriet,


Aikin, John,

Ailesbury, Earl of, see Bruce

Ailmar (fl. 1066),

Aimore, John,

Air Ministry,

Alcester (Warws.), abbey and abbot of

Aldwinckle, Ann, n, John (fl. 1672), John (fl. 1736), n; fam.,

Alexander, Commander F. J., Capt. John, - (13th- cent. miller),

Alferd (fl. 1060),

Alford (or Griffith), Mic.,

Alfreton (Derbys.),

Allen, Bridget, Surg.-Gen. F. F., John, Wal., - (17th-cent. moulder),

Allexton, n,

Allfrey, H. C.,

Allicock (Alycock), Hen., Revd. Wal.,

Allinson, Eliz., Revd. John,

Allston, Sir Thos., n

Alselin, Geof.,

Alsop, Geo., n; Nat. (d. 1710), Nat. (d. 1737), fam.,

Alvesteyn, John de, n

Alwin (fl. 1086),

Alwold (fl. 1060),

Alycock, see Allicock

Amelia (d. 1786), dau. of George II,

American Civil War,

Amersham (Bucks.),

Ancient Buildings, Soc. for the Protection of,

Andover (Hants),

Andrew (Andrewe), Thos., Wm.,

Andrews (Andrewes), Ant., Edw., Ric., Thos. (fl. 1664), Thos. (fl. 1702), fam.,

Angell, B. J., J. B.,

Annable, John,

Annaly, Baron, see White

Ansketil (fl. 1130),

Ansketil (de Saucy),

Ansketil, Rob. fitz,


Anvers, fee of,

Apetoft, Lawr. of,

Apley (nr. Bridgnorth, Salop.),

Arbury (Warws.),

Archil (fl. 1060),

Arkwright, Chas.,

Armstrong, Revd. Chas.,


Arnold, Edm., Edw. (of St. Neots), Rob.,

Arsic, Rob., Sybil,

Arthingworth (Northants.),

Asborne, Alice, see Smith; Edw.,

Ashby, Geo. (fl. 1608), Geo. (d. 1653), fam.,


Ashby Legers (Northants.),

Ashe (Asshe), Dorothy, see Fitzrandolf; John, Lancelot,

Ashley (Northants.),

Ashton, H. C., John,

Asshe, see Ashe

Associated Electrical Industries,

Astley (Eastley), And., Eliz., see Harcourt; Ric., Thos. of (fl. 1250), Thos. (fl. 1350), Thos. (fl. 1395), Wm. of (fl. 1411), Wm. (fl. 1500), fam.,

Aston Flamville,

Astwick (Astwyk), Agnes, m. (1) John de Drayton (2) John Campion, Alice, see Dumar; John de,

Atkins, John, Revd. Rob.,

Attewell, Joan, see Barnak; John, Wm., fam.,

Aubigny (Aubeney, Aubeny), Isabel d', m. Rob. de Ros, Wm. d' (fl. 1130), Wm. (fl. 1235), fam.,

Aumale, Edw., Duke of (d. 1415),

Aumale, Earl of, see Forz, de

Aumale, honor of,

Austin, Joan,

Avalon, Hugh of, Bp. of Lincoln,

Avon, riv.,

Axholme (Lincs.),

Aylesbury, Sir John,


Aylworth, Wm.,

Aynsworth, Wm.,

Azo (fl. 1086),

Babington (Babbington), Sir Ant., Eliz., see Ormond; Hen., John, Wm.,

Bache, Rog.,

Badley, Edw., Ric.,

Baggrave (in Hungarton),


Baillie, E. F. , Lt.-Col. F. D. M., Col. J. W.,

Baker, L. P., - (fl. 1827), n

Bale, Edm., Frances, Geo., John (d. 1570), John (d. 1621), Sir John (fl. 1633), Rob., Wm., fam.,

Balliol, de, Agnes, n; Dervorguilla, Ingelram, n; John,

Bankhart, S. N.,

Barber, Miss - (19th-cent. school-mistress),

Barbor, Gabriel,

Barclay, Alex. Chas.,

Bardi (fl. 1060),

Bardolf, Anne, m. (1) Sir Wm. Clifford (2) Sir Reynold Cobham, Beatrice, see Warenne; Doun, Eliz., m. John, Vct. Beaumont, Hugh, Lord Bardolf (cr. 1299), Isabel, Joan, m. Sir Wm. Phelip, John, n; Rose, see Hanselin; Thos. (fl. 1171), Thos. (d. 1329), Thos. (d. 1331), Thos. Lord Bardolf (d. 1408), Wm. (d. 1276), Wm. (fl. 1278), Wm., Lord Bardolf (d. 1386), Wm. (d. 1389), fam.,

Barfield, - (19th-cent. sculptor),

Barfoot, Emmanuel, Geo.,

Barford, Kath., see Skeffington; Rob.,

Barham, Diana, Baroness (d. 1823),


Barker, Thomasin, m. And. Collin, n; - (fl. 1890), n


Barnack (Northants.),

Barnak (Bernak), Alice de, Edm., Eliz., m. Wm. Neil, Emma, Hugh de, Joan (d. 1420), Joan, m. John Attewell, John (fl. 1330), Sir John (d. 1409), John (d. 1415), Marg. de, Mary, m. Rob. de Stonham, Mary, see Engaine; Rob., Sir Wm., fam.,

Barnard, D. J. J., Edw., fam.,

Barnes, Thos.,

Barrett fam.,

Barrow upon Soar, n,

Barry, Geo.,

Barton, John of,

Barton Seagrave (Northants.),


Basingges, de, John, Thos.,

Basingstoke (Hants),

Basset, Agnes, m. Wm. de Meynell Ralph de St. Lo, Alan, Amice, see Foxton; Chris., Joan, m. Wm. of Gumley, Maud, see Ridel; Ralph (d. c. 1127), Ralph (d. 1258), Ralph (d. 1265), Ralph (d. 1291), Ralph (d. 1341), Ric. (d. c. 1154), Ric. (d. 1276), Ric. (d. 1400), Thos. (d. 1291), Thos. (fl. 1346), fam.,

Bates J.,John,

Bath (Som.),

Bathurst, Edw., Geo., Hen., Earl Bathurst (d. 1794), Judith, Moses,

Baud, John, Nic. de, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1327), Sir Wm. (fl. 1361), n, fam.,

Baunfield, Rob. de,

Bawdes, Chas., Eliz., see Boyville; John, Rob.,

Bayle, Thome,

Beasley, Sam.,

Beauchamp, de, Guy, Earl of Warwick (d. 1315), Marg., Ctss. of Warwick (d. 1406), Ralph, Ric., Earl of Warwick (d. 1439), Rob., Thos., Earl of Warwick (d. 1242), Thos., Earl of Warwick (d. 1401), Wal. (fl. 1130), Wal. (fl. 1223), Wm. (fl. 1240), Wm. (fl. 1292), Wm., Earl of Warwick (d. 1298), fam.,

Beauclerk, Wm. Aubrey de Vere, Duke of St. Albans (d. 1849),

Beaudesert (Staffs.),

Beaufort, Marg., Ctss. of Richmond (d. 1509),

Beaumanor (in Woodhouse),

Beaumont, Arabella, Admiral Basil, Cath., see Farnham; Christina, Eliz. (w. of John, Vct. Beaumont), Eliz. (w. of Wm. Beaumont), Sir Geo., Hen. de, Hen., Lord Beaumont (fl. 1331), Hen., Lord Beaumont (d. 1413), Sir Hen. (fl. 1681), John, Vct. Beaumont (d. 1460), John (fl. 1550), Nic., Rob., Earl of Leicester (d. 1118), Rob., Earl of Leicester (d. 1168), Sir Thos. (d. 1614), Thos. (son of Nic.), Thos. (fl. 1780), Wm., Lord Beaumont (d. 1507), Sir Wm. (d. 1675), fam., and see Bertie

Bedeworth, Joan de,

Bedford, Ctss. of, see Russell (Lucy)

Bedford, n


Bek, Constance, Wal.,

Beler, Rog. (d. 1326), Rog. (s. of Rog.),

Belgrave, Geo., Joan, see Farnham; Rog. de, fam.,


Bell, Chas., Ric.,

Bellairs, Geo., Jas. (fl. 1765), Jas. (fl. 1791), Jas. (later Stevenson), Wm., fam.,

Bellamy, John,

Bellers, John,

Bellowe, John,

Bellville, Emma, Frank A., Rupert,

Belper, Baron, see Strutt

Belton (Rut.),


Belvoir, honor of,

Belvoir, prior and priory of,

Bendeng, Burgia de,

Bendish, Wm.,

Bennet, Abbot of Selby,

Bennett, Barwell Ewins,

Bennion, C., Chas.,

Bent, Anne (formerly Newton), Chris., Steph., Wm. (fl. 1627), Wm. (fl. 1688),

Bere, - (19th-cent. schoolmaster),

Bereford, de, Margery, Osbert, Wal., Wm., fam.,

Berege, Ric.,

Beresford, Jas.,

Bergersh, Bart. de,

Berkeley, Eliz., Hon. Geo., n; Thos. (d. 1443), Thos. (b. 1444), Wm., Lord Berkeley (d. 1492), fam.,

Bernak, see Barnak

Bernard, Adam,

Bernasconi, - (fl. 1819), n

Berners, Lord, see Wilson (Hen. Wm.)

Bernstein, H.,

Berridge, John, Wm., fam.,

Berry, Geo., John, Rob.,

Bert, Thos.,

Bertie, Montagu, Lord Beaumont (d. 1666),

Bertram, Rob.,

Béthune (Pas-de-Calais), advocate of,

Beumys, Wm.,

Bevingtons, Messrs. (19th-cent. organbuilders),

Bewell, Ant.,

Bewicke, B. E. S., Mrs. B. E. S., Ben. (d. 1730), Ben. (fl. 1770), C. J., Calverley (d. 1774), Calverley (fl. 1848), Calverley Theodore, Mrs. E. E. T., Eliz., see Fenwicke; fam., n,

Bewpas, Thos.,

Beyerley, Wm.,

Billers, Wm.,

Billesdon, n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., cross, earthwork, estates, fairs, Feast, fox-hunting, houses, ind., inn, local govt., man., market, mill, nonconf., parsonage, poor relief, pop., roads, schs., Vicar of, workho.,

Billesdon, Board of Guardians,

Billesdon brook,

Billesdon Coplow,

Billesdon R.D.C.,

Billesdon Union,

Bingley, Rob., Thos. Pendock, n

Binington, Hugh de,

Bird, Alfred, Frances, see Pickering; John (fl. 16th cent.), John (fl. 1851), Mary, Thos., fam.,

Birdyt, Wm.,

Birkhead, Jos.,


Bisbrook (Rut.),


Blaby, Hugh de,


Black, Wm.,

Black Death,

Blackerby, Sam.,

Blakesley, Laur., Thos.,

Blaket, Sir John, Marg., see Hastings

Bland, I. G.,

Blaston, de, Rob. (fl. 1250), Rob. (fl. 1346), Thos. (fl. 1279), Thos. (fl. 1323), Thos. (fl. 1374), fam.,

Blaston, n, adv., agric., chap. of St. Giles, chap. of St. Michael, char., chs., Hall, houses, local govt., mans., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, sch.,

Bliss, Jane, John, n, Phil. (d. 1714), Phil. (d. 1775), Phil. (fl. 1775),

Blois, Wm. of, Bp. of Lincoln,

Blondus, Rob.,

Blount (Blund, Blunt), Humph., John, Lord Mountjoy (d. 1485), Rog., Miss - (fl. 1850),

Blyth, honor of,

Bodley, G. F.,

Bold (Bolde), John, Phil.,

Bolton, F. G.,

Bolton (Yorks.),

Bond, Edw.,

Bonney, Hen. Kaye, Archdeacon of Lincoln,

Bonville, Eliz., see Martell; John, Wm.,

Booth, A. E.,

Bootheway, Hen.,

Bordeni, Rog. de,

Bordman, Sam.,

Borough, Eliz., John (or St. John), Ric., Thos.,

Borowe, John, Rob.,

Bossu, Rob. le,

Boston (U.S.A., Mass.), n

Bosworth, Chas., Geo., Joan, m. John de Lodbrok, Mary, Ric. de (d. by 1218), Ric. de (d. by 1247), Rog. de, Thos. de, Wal. de,

Bosworth, Husbands, n, n, adv., agric., airfield, boundaries, canal, char., ch., coach traffic, earthwork, fair, fox-hunting, Hall, houses, inns, local govt., mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., rectory ho., roads, Rom. Cath., schs., water supply, workho.,

Bosworth, Market,

Bosworth Psalter,

Bothall (Northumb.),

Botreaux, Isabel, see Moels; Wm. de, fam.,

Boughton (Northants.),

Bourcher, John,

Bourne (Lincs.),

Bowden, Great, adv., agric., boundaries, bridge, canal, chant., char., ch., Green, Gunsbrook, houses, ind., inns, local govt., man., mills, nonconf., Old Rectory, poor relief, pop., rly., rectory ho., roads, schs., sewage disposal, stocks, street lighting, water supply, workho., and see St. Mary in Arden

Bowden, Great, royal soke of,

Bowden, Little (in Market Harborough),

Bowes, John, Martin,

Bowlker, Revd. C. A. C.,

Bowman fam.,

Boys, Cecily, see Doseville; Guy de,

Boyville (Boyvill), Alice, see Murdak; Anne, m. Hen. Sothill, Eleanor, Eliz. (fl. 1417), Eliz., m. John Cockayne, Eliz., m. John Bawdes, Hugh, John (d. before 1356), n; John (d. 1377), John (d. 1467), Marg., Mary, see Maunsell; Ric., Thos. (d. before 1308), n, Thos. (d. 1404), Thos. (fl. 1413), Wm. (d. 1292), Wm. (d. 1311), n; fam.,

Brabazon, le, Ada, Amice, see Mowsley; Beatrice, Mat., Rog. (fl. 1268), Rog. (d. 1317), Rog. (fl. 1345), Sarah, Thos. (fl. 1270), Thos. (fl. 1330), Wm., fam.,

Bracker, Austin,

Bradgate, John, Lucy, Ric.,

Bradley (in Medbourne),

Bradley, prior and priory of,

Bragg, Sir W. H., n; Wm.,

Braithwaite, G. V. L.,

Braken, Nic.,

Brampton, Hen. de, fam.,

Brampton (Northants.),

Branteston, Wm. de,

Branthwayte, Ric.,

Brasted (Kent),

Brauncepath, Eliz. (later Isham), John, Marg., see Harrington; Ric., Thos., Wm.,

Braunston (Rut.),

Bray, Thos., W.,

Braybrook, de, Alice, Christine, m. John Latimer, Christine (w. of Hen.), see Ledet; Hen., Ivo, Rob.,

Braybrooke (Northants.),

Breaute, Nic. de,

Brecknock, Petronella, m. Zachary Wragge,

Breedon, John, Mary,

Breedon-on-the-Hill, Vicar of,

Breitmeyer, Col.,

Bret, Wm.,

Bretayne, John de, Earl of Richmond (d. 1334), John de, Earl of Richmond (d. 1341),

Bretton (Breton, Bretun), Dr. Clement, Revd. Everard, Ralph,

Brian, see Bryan

Brid, Thos.,

Bridges, John, n

Bridgwater and Shepheard, Messrs. (architects),

Bright, Eliz., Revd. John,

Bringhurst, de, Ada, m. Hen. Norwich, Alice, m. Wal. de Wingfield, Geof., Rob. (d. before 1249), Rob. (fl. 1277), Rob. (fl. 1332), Theobald, Wm., fam.,

Bringhurst, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., electricity supply, houses, local govt., mans., nonconf., pop., rly., reservoir, roads, schs., water supply, and see 'Abegrave', Drayton, Easton (Great), Prestgrave

British Glues and Chemicals Ltd.,

British Museum,


Brocas, Bernard, Eliz., (w. of Wm.), see Dexter; Eliz., m. Sir Rob. Cotton, Frances, m. Edw. Hazlerigg, Frances, m. Sir Geo. Turpyn, Mary, Susan, Wm.,

Brockett, Edw.,

Broderers' Company of London,

Brokesby, Bart.,

Bromley, Eliz., Rog., Wm.,

Brooke, And., Anne, Sir Basil, Sir Carlistene, Hen., Mary, see Parr; Rog., Sir Thos.,

Brooke (Rut.), priory of,

Brooks, Mrs. Timothy,

Broome J. E.,

Brotherton, Thos. of, Earl of Norfolk (d. 1338), n

Broughton, Ann, Eliz., see Stonham; John (fl. 1436), John (d. 1518), John (d. c. 1518), Kath., m. Lord Wm. Howard, fam.,

Broughton Astley,

Brown (Browne), Abraham, Anne, Francis, Capt. Giles Gore, J. D., n; John, John Suffield, Mary (d. 1746), Mary, m. E. A. Burnaby, Rowland, n, Thos. (fl. 1601), Thos. (fl. 1701), Wm. (fl. 1605), Wm. (d. 1814), fam.,

Brown (W. Talbot) and Fisher, Messrs. (architects),

Broxholme, John,

Bruce, Anne, Rob., Earl of Ailesbury (d. 1685), Thos., Lord Bruce, later Earl of Elgin (d. 1663), fam.,

Brudenell, Adeline, Ctss. of Cardigan (b. 1824), Dorothy, Edm. (fl. 1461), Edm. (d. 1590), Edm. (fl. 1635), n, Edw., Eliz. (fl. 1580), Eliz., Ctss. of Cardigan (d. 1745), Frances, m. Jos. Pippin, Geo., Jas., Earl of Cardigan (d. 1811), Jas. Thos., Earl of Cardigan (d. 1868), Mary, Philippa, Ric., Sir Rob. (d. 1531), Rob., Earl of Cardigan (d. 1837), Thos. (d. 1549), Thos. (fl. 1610), Thos. (d. 1707), Wm., fam.,


Brutzer, Revd. H. W.,

Bryan (Brian), John, Ric. (fl. 1758), Ric. (d. before 1803), Wm. (fl. 1813), Wm. (fl. 1850), fam.,

Brydges, Jas., Duke of Chandos (d. 1744),

Brygge, Thos.,

Bubbenhill, Wm. de,

Buchan, earls of, and see Comyn

Buci, Rob. de,

Buck, Sam.,

Buckby, Long (Northants.),

Buckingham, Duke of, see Villiers

Buckley, Wm.,

Bugby, Geo., Wm. (fl. 1654), Wm. (fl. 1716),

Bugeor, And.,

Bullivant, Revd. Hen., Revd. Hen. Everard, John, fam.,

Bulmer, John de, Tiffany, see Morwic

Bunney, Jos., Mrs. - (fl. 1799),

Bunninge, Zacheus, n, n


Burdegale, Maud, Oliver de,

Burden, Geo.,

Burdett (Burdet, Burditt), Anna, Hen., John (fl. 1413), John (fl. 1737), Ric. (fl. 1279), Ric. (fl. 1599), n; Rob. (fl. 11th cent.), Rob. (fl. 1279), Theophilus, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1170), Wm. (fl. 1271), Wm. (fl. 1599), Wm. (fl. 1664), Wm. (fl. 1788), fam.,

Burgh, de, Anne, m. (1) Theobald Ward (2) Rob. Chiselden, Eliz., m. Theobald de Verdon, n, Marg., Wm.,

Burghley, Rob. de, fam.,

Burghley by Stamford (Northants.),

Burke, Edm.,

Burnaby (Burneby), Alice, Edwyn And., Evelyn, G. A., Geo., John, Margery, m. Rob. Heryerd, Mary, Rob., Sarah, Thos., fam.,

Burrough, Hen., Ric., Rob. (formerly de Stockton), St. John, Thos., Sir Wm. (fl. 1388), n; Wm. (fl. 1658), fam.,

Burrough on the Hill, n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., earthwork, fox-hunting, houses, ind., inn, local govt., man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., race meeting, rly., rectory ho., roads, schs., water supply,

Burrows, Wm.,

Burso, Thos. de,

Burton, Eliz., John, Thos. (d. 1382), Thos. (fl. 1382), Sir Thos. (d. 1655), Sir Thos. (fl. 1685), Sir Wm. (d. 1375), Wm. (fl. 1401), Wm. (d. 1645),

Burton (Staffs.), abbey of,

Burton Agnes (E.R. Yorks.),

Burton Lazars, n,

Burton on the Wolds, n

Burton Overy, adv., agric., boundaries, canal, char., ch., earthworks, houses, ind., inn, local govt., mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., rectory ho., roads, sch., workho.,

Burwash (Suss.),

Bushby (Busceby), Anne, m. Ant. Keck, John de, Wm., fam.,

Bushby (in Thurnby), agric., chap., char., estates, houses, mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., sch.,

Busli, Rog. de,

Buswell, Rog., fam., n

Buterus (fl. 1086),

Butler, A. J., A. J. Agard, Henrietta Sophia, Ralph, Rose, see Verdon; Sarah, n; Theobald, Wm.,

Buttle, Revd. W. F.,

Buttriss, Sim.,

Buzzard, Wm.,

Byllem, Ric.,

Byron, Anne Isabella, see Milbanke; Augusta, m. Wm., Earl of Lovelace, Geo. Gordon, Lord Byron (d. 1824), Lucy, m. (1) John Crewe (2) Edm. Turnor (3) Wm. Frowde, n

Cade, Ant.,

Cailli, Emma, Thos. de,

Calcote, John, Wm. (fl. 1430), Wm. (d. 1559), fam.,

Caldecott (Rut.),

Cambridge, Christ's Coll. n, St. John's Coll., Univ. of,

Camden, Vct., see Hicks

Campanett, John,

Campion (or Power), Agnes, see Astwick; John, fam.,

Camville, de, Isabel, Ric., Rog., Wal., fam.,

Canford School (Dors.),

Cant, John,

Canterbury, Abp. of, see Kilwardby, Laud, Pole (Reginald), Sudbury, Theobald, Wake

Cantilupe, de, Geo., Milisent m. (1) de Montalt (2) Eudo la Zouche, Wm. (d. 1239), Wm. (d. 1250),

Cape, Wm.,

Cardigan, earls of, and see Brudenell

Care, Brian,

Carlton, East (Northants.), n,

Carlton Curlieu, n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., n, Hall, houses, mans., mills., nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, sch., n

Carpenter, Thos., Wm.,

Carpenter and Ingelow, Messrs. (architects),

Carr, Frances,

Carter, Eliz., Rob., fam.,

Cartledge, W.,

Cary, John,

Catesby, Anne, see Seaton; Edw., Emma, see Cranford; Eusby, Geo., John, Lettice, Mic., Nic., Ric., Rob., Wm.,

Catesby (Northants.), priory of,

Catlyn, Rob.,

Cave, Brian, Charnel, Eliz., John, Lucy, Ric., Thos. (fl. 1540), Thos. (fl. 1589), Sir Thos. (d. 1776), Wm. (fl. 1582), Wm. (fl. 1638), Wm. (d. 1713), Wm. (d. before 1769), fam.,

Cawkwell, Rob.,

Cecil (Cecill, Cecyll), Brownlow, Earl of Exeter (d. 1793), Thos., Wm., Wm. Thos. Brownlow, Marquess of Exeter (d. 1956),

Celestin III, Pope,

Chacombe, Hugh de,

Chaddesden, Hen. de, Nic. of,

Chaddesden (Derbys.),

Chalfont Electrical Products,

Challoner, Francis,

Chamber, Jos.,

Chamberlain (Chamberlayne), Edw., Francis, Harriet, m. Nat. Dance, Hen., Ivole, John (fl. 1508), John (d. 1638), John (fl. 1646), John (fl. 1758), Leonard, Ralph le (fl. 13th cent.), Ralph (fl. 1343), Ric., Thos. (fl. 1781), Thos. (fl. 1840), n, Wm. (fl. 1508), Wm. (fl. 1825), fam.,

Chambers, John, Wm.,

Chambre (Chaumbre), Eleanor, Geo., John, Thos.,

Chancellor, Lord,

Chandos, Duke of, see Brydges

Chaplin, C. W., fam.,

Chapman, Edw., Hen., Thos. (fl. 1589), Thos. (fl. 1770), Wm., fam.,

Charitable Uses, Commissioners for,

Charity Commissioners, n,

Charles I, King,

Charles II, King,

Charnel, Margery, Maud, m. Laur. Trussell, Thos., fam.,

Charnells, Joan, Wm. de,

Charyte, Wm., Prior of Leicester,

Chater, Edw.,

Chaumbre, see Chambre

Chaundeler, Wm.,

Chaworth, de, Joan, m. John Ormond, Thos. (fl. 1257), Thos. (d. before 1315), Sir Thos. (d. 1370), Sir Thos. (d. 1459), Thos. (d. 1485), Wm. (fl. 1235), Sir Wm. (d. c. 1398), fam., n

Cherlecote, Wm. de,

Cheseldene (Cheseldyn, Chiselden), Anne, see Burgh; Edw., Rob., Wm.,

Cheshire, Group Capt., Leonard,

Chesney, Rob. de, Bp. of Lincoln,

Chester, Bp. of, see Ferne

Chester, Earl of, see Hugh, John the Scot

Chester, honor of,

Cheswardine (Salop.),

Chetwynd, Frances, see Hazlerigg; Joan, see Maunsell; John, Rob., Wal., Wm.,

Chetwynd-Talbot, Chas. John, Vct. Ingestre (later Earl of Shrewsbury, d. 1877),

Chevrecurt, Rob., Wal. de,

Cheyne, Hugh, John, Rog., Thos., fam.,

Chichester, Frances, Lady (fl. 1630),

Chigwell (Essex),

Child, Hen., n; Ivo le, n; John (d. c. 1284), John (fl. 1302), Rob., Wm. de,

Chipstead (Surr.),

Chiselden, see Cheseldene

Chokes, honor of, n

Christian, Geo.,

Church Building Soc.,

Church Commissioners,

Church of England Children's Soc.,

Church Land Charity,

Church Society, The,

Churchill, Sarah, Dchss. of Marlborough (d. 1744),

Churchill, Vct., see Spencer

Cioches, Gunfrid de,

Civil Defence Corps, Leicestershire Division,

Clare, John of,

Clarke (Clark, Clerk), Alan, Dunstan, Edm., Eliz., Jas., John le, Mat., Rog., Revd. Slaughter, Zachary, fam.,

Clarke and Philips, Messrs. (bankers),


Clayton and Bell, Messrs. (glassmoulders),

Clerk, see Clarke

Clifford, Anne, see Bardolf; Sir Wm.,

Clinton, Edw., Earl of Lincoln (d. 1585), Joan, see Meynill; Thos., Wm. de, Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1354), n

Clipston (Northants.),

Clitheroe, Rob.,

Clitheroe (Lancs.),

Close, Maxwell Hen.,

Clough, Jas.,

Coats, Maj. A., Jas.,

Coats (J. and P.) Ltd.,

Cobe, Timothy,

Cobham, Anne, see Bardolf; John de, Lord Cobham (d. 1355), Sir Reynold,

Cochrane, Arthur G.,

Cockayne (Cokeyn), Edm., Eliz., see Boyville; John,

Cocks (Cockes), Chas. (fl. 1717), Chas., Lord Somers (d. 1806), Humph., John Somers, Lord Somers (d. 1841), Thos.,

Cogan, Eliz.,

Cokeyn, see Cockayne

Colborne, John, Kath.,

Cole, B. W., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Cole Orton,

Coleman, Alice, Anne, B. F., Chris., Hen. (fl. 1524), Hen. (fl. 1643), Hen. (fl. 1672), Hen. (d. 1779), Hen. (fl. 1855), n; Revd. J. S., Jane, see Smith; John, Leonard, Ric., Rob., Sam., Thos. (fl. 1604), Thos. (fl. 1780), fam.,

Coles (Colles), Ann, Chris. (fl. 1638), Chris. (fl. 1668), Wm., - (fl. late 17th cent.), n

Coleshull, Ric.,

Coley, see Colly

Colinson, Wm.,

Colles, see Coles

Collett, Anne,

Colley, see Colly

Collin, And., n; Thomasin, see Barker; Wm., fam.,

Collins (Collyns), Ric., n; T. A., Thos., Wm., n

Colly (Coley, Colley), Ant., Eliz., see Kebell; John,

Collyns, see Collins

Colquit, Edw.,

Coltman, Wm., fam.,

Colville fam.,

Comyn, Alex., Earl of Buchan (d. 1290), Eliz., see Quency; John, Earl of Buchan (d. 1308),

Conant fam., n

Conduitt, John,

Constable, Jane, see Sothill; Sir John,

Conyers, Sir Baldwin, n; Edw., n; John (fl. 1553), John (fl. 1750), Sarah, n

Cook (Cooke), E. E., Revd. J. G., n, John (fl. 1381), John (d. 1867), Kenelm, Wm.,

Cookes' Farms Ltd.,

Coope, Ant.,

Cooper, Christian, David, Geo., John,

Co-operative Wholesale Soc. Ltd.,

Coopers (of Bedford), Messrs.,

Coplow brook,

Coplow Hill,

Corah, Alfred, Mrs. Alfred, Eliz., Thos.,

Corbet (Corbett), Amice, Edw., Louisa Mary, see Isham; Ric. (fl. 1236), Ric. (d. 1301), Rob., Thos. (fl. 1301), Thos. (s. of Thos.),

Corby (Northants.),

Corby and District Water Co.,

Cornwall, Edm., Earl of (d. 1300), Ric., Earl of (d. 1272), and see Eltham

Corrance, Revd. F. T., John, fam.,

Corringham (Essex),

Cort, Ben.,

Cosby, n


Costobadie, H. P.,

Cotes, John,

Cotterstock (Northants.),

Cottesloe, Baron, see Fremantle

Cottingham (Northants.),

Cotton, Eliz., see Brocas; Francis, Geo., Lucy, see Harvey; Rob. (fl. 1540), Sir Rob. (d. 1631), Sam., Thos. (fl. 1565), Thos. (fl. 1583), Thos. (fl. 1607), Thos. (fl. 1658), Wm., fam.,

Couci, Aubrey de, Earl of Northumbria,

Coulton, Geo., Revd. Ric., fam.,

Coventry, John de,

Coventry, Charterhouse, St. Mary's Priory,

Coventry and Lichfield, Bp. of, see Herrick (Rob.), Stretton (Rob. de)

Cowesby, Edw., Isabel,

Cowper, Rob.,

Cox (Coxe), John, Wm. (fl. 1633), Wm. (d. 1758),

Crabtree, Wal. R.,

Cradock, Edm., John, Jos. (d. 1759), Jos. (d. 1826), Wm.,

Cradock-Hartopp, Sir Edm., Sir John Wm., Sir Wm. Edm., fam.,

Cragg, Revd. Jos.,

Cranbury (Hants),

Cranford, de, Emma, m. John Catesby, Geof., John, Juliana, Nic., Rob., Wm., fam.,

Cranford (Northants.),

Cranoe, n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., cross, houses, inn, man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, schs., water supply,

Cranwell, Ric.,

Crawford, W. S.,

Creake, North (Norf.), abbey of,

Creke (Northants.),

Cressing Temple (Essex),

Crevequer, de, Alice, Dan., Hamon, Rob. (fl. 1119), Rob. (fl. 1204), Rob. (fl. 1261), fam.,

Crewe, John (d. 1684), n; John (fl. 1733), Lucy, see Byron; Sir Randolph, fam.,

Crewe (Ches.),

Crichel, Long (Dors.),

Crick, Eliz., F. W., John (d. 1730), John (d. 1775), John Throne, Martha, Patience, see Sims; Thos. (d. 1864), Thos. (fl. 1870),

Crioill, Joan, John de,

Croft, Dorothy, see Harvey; Thos., Wm.,


Cromwell, Eliz., Gregory, Lord Cromwell (d. 1557), Hen., Maud, Oliver, Ralph, Lord Cromwell (d. 1454), Thos., Earl of Essex (d. 1540), Thos. (fl. 1595),

Croppehull, John de, Margery, see Verdon, de

Crosley, Rog.,

Cross, Alex., Thos.,

Cross and Son, Messrs. (clock-makers),

Crossburrow Hill,

Croxton, South,

Croxton Kerrial,

Croyland (Lincs.), Abbot of,

Crumwell, Ralph de,

Cullen, Chas., Vct. Cullen (d. 1802),

Cunard, Sir Bache, Edw.,

Cureton, Job,

Curly, Alice, m. Pet. de Nevill, Rob., Wm., fam.,

Cursham, F. L.,

Curtis (Curties), J., T. A.,

Curzon, John, Rob. de, Thos. (fl. 1317), Thos. (fl. 1400), Thos. (fl. 1532), Wm., fam.,

Cute, Rog.,

Dain, Hen. Bennett (later Ewins),

Dain and Smith, Messrs. (architects),

Dalby, Hugh of, Wm.,

Dalby, Little,

Dalby, preceptory of,

Dale, Anne, Chas., Rog.,

Dalyngrigge, Alice, see Neville; Sir Edw.,

Dan, see Dand

Danby, Sir Chris., Margery, see Scrope

Dance, Harriet, Nat. (later Holland),

Dand (Dan), Eliz., m. Rob. Foster, John (d. 1630), John (d. 1717), Wm. John, fam.,

Danet, Phil.,

Daubeney, Oliver,

Daundelyn fam.,

Daunsey, John, Marg., see Ward

Davenport, Dorothy, Isaac, Marg., Ric., Thos.,

Daventry (Northants.), priory of St. Augustine,

David I, King of Scotland,

Davie, see Davy

Davies (Davis), Eliz., m. Sir Thos. Cave, Dr. Griffith, Revd. John, Rice, - (fl. 1798),

Davy (Davie), Jas., Rob.,

Dawe, John,

Dawson, A. P., Thos.,

Day, John,

Deacon, Abraham, John, Wm.,

Deacons, Messrs. (hosiers),

Deene (Northants.),

Dell, John,

Denbigh, Earl of, see Fielding

Dent, Mrs. B. M. Edwards, Edw., Francis, Hen. (d. c. 1724), Hen. (d. 1774), John (d. 1595), John (fl. 1619), John (d. 1789), Revd. John Hen., n, n, Wm. (d. 1584), n, Wm. (fl. 1691), n; Wm. (d. c. 1740), Wm. (d. 1774), Wm. (d. 1823), fam., n,

Denton, John de,

Depopulated villages,

Derby, earls of, see Ferrers

Derby, Eliz. m. Edw. Eyton, Everard, Libaeus, Thos., Wm., fam.,



Derman, see Dorman

Desborough (Northants.),

Despenser, Hugh le, Earl of Winchester (d. 1326),

Dethick (Derbys.),

'Devenport', 'Widow', n

Devereux, Jonathan, Wal.,

Dexter, Eliz., m. Wm. Brocas, Marg. (w. of Wm. I), Marg., m. (1) John Mitton (2) Wm. Vowe, Rob., Thos., Wm. I, Wm. II, fam.,

Dickinson, Revd. Chas., Frances,

Dictionary of National Biography ,

Digby, Everard (fl. 1466), Everard (fl. 1517), Sir Everard (d. 1606), John de (fl. 1272), John (fl. 1302), John (fl. 1520), Kenelm (fl. 1547), Sir Kenelm (d. 1665), Mary, see Parr; Rob. de, Rose, see Prestwiche; Wm. (fl. 1499), Wm. (fl. 1553), fam.,

Dilkes, John,

Dimock, Chas., Mary, see Needham; fam.,

Dingley (Northants.), preceptory,

Diocesan Board of Patronage,

Dixon, Joan, John, Ric., Wm.,

Dod fam.,

Doddridge, Phil.,

Dodds, Revd. H. L.,

Doe, Jolland de,

Dolby, Chapman, Edwin,

Domesday Survey,

Donington, Castle,

Dorman (Derman), Mary, Maud, Wm., fam.,

Dormer, Hen., n,

Dorset, Marquess of, see Grey

Doseville, Cecily, m. Guy de Boys, Hugh, John, Marg., see Kirkby; Margery, m. Edm. Trussell, Rob., Wal.,

Doughty, Thos.,

Douglas, Sholto John, Earl of Morton (d. 1884),

Dove, riv.,

Downhall, Wm., n

Drakelowe, Alice, see Wileby; Eliz., Thos. (fl. 1360), Thos. (s. of Thos.),

Dransfeld, Ralph,

Draycott, Wm.,

Drayton, Agnes, see Astwick; John de,

Drayton (in Bringhurst), agric., chap., ch., houses, inn, local govt., mans., mill, nonconf., pop., sch., workho.,

Drayton, Fenny, n

Driby, de, Joan, John,

Drury, Eliz., see Sothill; Hen., Sir Wm.,

Dublin, Univ. of, n

DuBois, Arnold, John, Wm., fam.,

Dudley, Ambrose, Earl of Warwick (d. 1589), Edm., Eliz., see Grey; John, Duke of Northumberland (d. 1553), John, Vct. Lisle (d. 1554), Rob., Earl of Leicester (d. 1588),

Dumar, Alice. m. John Astwick, John, Ric. de (or Pancevolt), Rob.,

Dummer, Harriet, m. Thos. Chamberlayne, Thos. (d. 1765), Thos. (d. 1781),

Dummer, East (Hants),

Duncan, Alex., Mrs. Alex., Alex. Lauderdale,

Duncombe, Sir Chas.,

Dunstable (Beds.),

Dunton Basset,

Duport, John,

Durrad, John (d. 1726), John (fl. 1741), Thos.,

Durweston (Dors.),

Dwyer, Thos.,

Dynham, Joan, see Ormond; John, Lord Dynham (d. 1500), Thos., n,

Eames, - (fl. 1917),

Earp, John, Wm.,

Easby (Yorks.), abbey of St. Agatha,

Eastburn, C. F.,

Eastley, see Astley

Easton, Great (in Bringhurst), agric., char., ch., estates, houses, ind., local govt., mans., mills, nonconf., pop., schs., workho.,

Easton on the Hill (Northants.),

Easton by Rockingham, see Easton, Great

Easton upon Welland, see Easton, Great

Eaton (Eyton), Edw., Eliz., see Derby; Thos.,


Eayre, Jos. (of St. Neots), Thos. (of Kettering),

Ecclesiastical Commissioners, see Church Commissioners

Eden, Sir Fred.,

Edgley, Wm.,

Edith, queen of Edw. the Confessor,


Education, Board of,

Edward the Confessor,

Edward I, King,

Edward II, King,

Edward III, King,

Edward IV, King,

Edward VII, King,

Edward, Prince of Wales (d. 1376),

Edward, Prince of Wales, (later Edward V),

Edward, Prince of Wales (later Duke of Windsor),

Edwards, Francis, Gerard-Anne, Gerard Noel (later Noel), Jane, see Noel; Mary, Rob., fam.,

Edwin (fl. 11th cent.),


Eiresbie, Laur.,

Ekins, John,

Eldridge, Thos.,

Eleanor of Castile, queen of Edward I,

Elgin, Earl of, see Bruce

Elizabeth I, Queen, n

Elkington, Thos.,

Elliot, J. E.,

Ellis, Revd. Edw.,

Elly, Sam.,


Elrington, Edw.,

Eltham, John of, Earl of Cornwall (d. 1336),

Ely, Bp. of, see Kirkby (John de), Ridel (Geof.)

Emkyn, Agnes, John,


Endis, de, see Hendeshovere, de

Engaine, Joan, see Greinvill; Sir John de (fl. 1250), John (fl. 1320), Mary, m. (1) Sir Wm. Barnak (2) Thos. la Zouche, Sir Thos., fam.,

Entwistle (Entwhistle, Entwysell), Francis, Kath., see Ward; Thos., fam.,

Erdington, Eliz., see Tolthorp; Giles de, Marg., Sir Thos. (d. 1395), Sir Thos. (d. 1434), Sir Thos. (d. 1467),

Ermine Street, I

Erneis (fl. 1086),

Ernsby, Ric.,

Errick, see Herrick

Eske, Mrs. F. W.,

Eslington (Northumb.),

Esseby, de, Joan (fl. 1265), Joan, m. Alan St. Clare, John, Marg., see Imayne; Maud, see Trussell; Rob. I, Rob. II, Rob. III, Wm. I, Wm. II, fam.,

Essex, Earl of, see Cromwell (Thos.)



Ethelred, King of Mercia (d. 704),

Eustace (fl. 1130),

Evans, Dorothy, - (fl. 1798),

Evans (W. D.) Ltd.,

Everett, Hen., T. Ellis,

Everingham, Adam de,

Evesham (Worcs.), abbey of,


Ewins, Cath. Barwell, Chas., Hen. Bennett Ewins Barwell (formerly Dain),

Exeter, Earl of, seeCecil

Exeter, Marquess of, see Cecil

Exeter (Devon),

Exton, John, n; Thos., n

Exton (Rut.),

Eye, riv.,

Eye brook,

Eye Kettleby,

Eyre, Maria,

Eythorpe (Bucks.),

Eyton, see Eaton

Fairfax, Wm., fam.,

Falkner, Eliz., R. A.,

Farmer, Geo., - (17th-cent. husbandman),

Farndon, East (Northants.),

Farnham, Cath., m. Thos. Beaumont, Joan, m. (1) Geo. Belgrave (2) Clement Saunders, John, Rob., Thos.,

Farrer, Ric. (d. 1772), Revd. Ric. (fl. 1804),

Faunt, Ant., Barbara, Eliz., m. Geo. Halford, Geo., Hen., Wal., Wm. (d. 1559), Wm. (d. 1574), fam.,

Favell, Chris.,

Fawcett (Fawssett), Christian Ann, J. B.,

Fawdon (Northumb.),

Fawke, Wm.,

Fawkes, John,

Fawssett, see Fawcett

Fell, John, Dean of Christ Church, Oxford,

Fellow, Rob.,

Fellowes, Rob.,

Felton, Rob.,

Fenwicke, Eliz. (d. 1772), Eliz., m. Ben. Bewicke, Revd. G. G. C., Revd. Geo. (d. 1726), Revd. Geo. (d. 1760), Revd. Geo. C. (d. 1893), n, Revd. Geo. Owsley (d. 1863), n, Revd. John, Kezia, Maria, Mary, Revd. Wm., fam.,

Fenys, Wm. de,

Ferne, Hen., Bp. of Chester,

Fernie, Mrs. C. W. B.,

Fernie Hunt,

Ferrers, de, Hen. (fl. 1086), Hen., Lord Ferrers of Groby (d. 1343), Hen., Lord Ferrers of Groby (d. 1388), Isabel, Marg., Ctss. of Derby (fl. 1277), Margery, n; Rob., Earl of Derby (d. 1279), n; Wm., Earl of Derby (d. 1247), Wm. (fl. 1277), Wm. (fl. 1380), fam., and see Grey

Ferrun, John le,

Fielding, Basil, Earl of Denbigh (d. 1800), Sarah, Ctss. of Denbigh (d. 1814),

Filgeriis, Wm. de,

Fillongley (Warws.),

Finch-Hatton, Geo. Wm., Earl of Winchilsea (d. 1858),

Firmadge, Anne, - (sculptor, fl. 1780),

Fish, Augustine, Henrietta, John,

Fisher, Nic.,

FitzBeauchamp, Wm.,

FitzParnell, Amice, m. Sim. de Montfort, Marg., m. Saer de Quency, Rob., Earl of Leicester (d. 1204),

Fitzrandolf, Agnes, m. Marmaduke Wyvill, Dorothy, m. Lancelot Ashe, Eliz., see Scrope; Eliz., m. Nic. Strelley, Sir Ralph,

FitzReynold, John, Pet. (fl. 1314), Pet. (fl. 1329), Reynold,

FitzRoger, Hen., Wm.,

FitzUrse, Reynold,

Fleckney, de, Ivo, John, Ric.,

Fleckney, n, n, adv., agric., boundaries, chap., char., ch., electricity supply, houses, ind., Land Soc., local govt., man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., schs., sewage disposal, water supply,

Fletcher, Bart., E. S. B., John, Jos.,

Flint, Wm.,

Flore, see Flower

Flore (Northants.),

Flory (Flury), Ernald, Hen., John de, fam.,

Flower (or Flore), John, Rog.,

Flude, Thos.,

Flury, see Flory

Foliot, R.,

Folville, Eustace de,

Food, John,

Foresters, Ancient Order of,

Forsell, J. A. R.,

Fortescue, Sir Francis, Grace, see Manners; Sir John, Maria Alethea, fam.,

Fortrey, Anne (d. 1733), Anne (fl. 1752), see Whalley; Wm. (d. 1722), Wm. (d. 1783), n, fam.,

Forumere, Gregory de,

Forz, Thos. de, Earl of Aumale (d. 1269),

Foster, Eliz., see Dand; John (fl. 1377), John (fl. 1399), Rob., fam.,

Foston, n,

Foulkes, Revd. John,

Founneshore, Thos.,

Fowke, Lady Anne, Sir F. G., Sir F. T., Sir Thos.,

Fowler, Anne, m. John Noel, Barbara, see Harvey; John, Thos., Wm.,

Fox, Geo., n; J., Joan, see Olney; Ric., fam.,

Foxton, Amice, m. Alan Basset, Beatrice, m. Ric. of Middleton, Geo., Hen. de, Mat., Ric. I of, Ric. II of, Rob. of, Sim. of,

Foxton, n, adv., agric., airfield, boundaries, bridges, canal, char., ch., houses, ind., local govt., man.ho., mans., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory, schs., vicar of, vicarage ho., workho.,

Foxton, honor of,

Framland, hund. of,

Framland wapentake,

Frampton, Agnes,

Francis, Agnes, see Richardson; John, Thos., fam.,

Frane (fl. 1086),

Franklin, Ric., n

Franks, John, Thos., Wm.,

Freeman (Freman), Anne, n; Edw. Ric. (fl. 1610), Ric. (fl. 1631), Rob., n; fam.,

Freer, Chas. Thos., John, Rob., W. T., Wm., fam.,

Freman, see Freeman

Fremantle, John Walgrave Halford, Baron Cottesloe (succ. 1956), T. F., Baron Cottesloe (d. 1956),

French, John, n

Frewen Turner, Edw., John, Thos., Mrs. - (fl. 1855), fam.,

Friday, Ralph (fl. 1180), Ralph (fl. 1412), fam.,

Frier (Fryer), R., Rob.,

Frisby, J. Brankin, J. R., Ralph of,

Frisby (Joseph) Ltd., n

Frisby, agric., boundaries, chap., char., estates, houses, nonconf., poor relief, pop., sch.,

Frisby on the Wreak,

Frowde, Lucy, see Byron; Wm., n

Fryer, see Frier

Fryville, de, Alex., Baldwin, Joan, see Marmion; fam.,

Fule (fl. 1086),

Fuller, Sam., Dean of Lincoln,

Furness, Marmaduke, Vct. Furness (d. 1940),

Furnival, C., N.,

Fusche, Amice la, m. John Lestrange,

Fyndern, John, Wm.,

Gainsborough, earls of, and see Noel

Galby (Gaulby), n, adv., agric., boundaries, char., ch., n, estates, houses, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., sch., water supply,

Gamble, Hen., John, Mat., Wm.,

Gand, Gilb. de,

Gardiner (Gardner), C., N., Ric., - (fl. 1890),

Garendon, abbey of,

Garrick, David,


Gartree, hund. of,

Gartree bush,

Gartree road, I

Gartree wapentake,

Gaulby, see Galby

Gaunt, Blanche of, John of, Duke of Lancaster (d. 1399), n, Phil. de,

Gaylarde, John,

Gebhardt, Hermann,

Gentlemen's Magazine,

Geoffrey (fl. 1086),

Geoffrey venator,

George III, King,

George IV, King,

Gibbons, Wm.,

Gilbert (fl. 1086),

Gilbert, Thos., - (fl. 1606),

Gill, - (17th-cent. benefactor),

Gillam, Thos.,


Girbert (fl. 1086),

Glen, Great (Magna), adv., agric., almsho., boundaries, bridge, canal, char., ch., fair, houses, ind., inns, local govt., man., market, mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rly., schs., workho., and see Stretton, Great

Glenfrith Hosp. (in Great Glen),

Glooston, adv., agric., char., ch., houses, inn, man., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, Roman villa, schs., n; Wood,

Glover, John, Sam., Sarah Jane,

Goadby, agric., boundaries, chap., char., ch., houses, man., nonconf., poor relief, pop., sch., n

Gobert, John,

Gobion, Eliz., m. Thos. Paynel, Hugh, Margery, Ric., fam.,

Goddard (Godard), Hen. L., Jos., Thos. (fl. 1610), Thos. (fl. 1820), Wm. (fl. 1610), Wm. (fl. 1820), - (fl. 1728), fam.,

Goddard and Paget, Messrs. (architects),

Goderich, John, Wm.,

Godric (fl. 1086),

Godwin (fl. 1086),

Goiz, de, Brian I, Brian II,

Goldington, Pet. de, fam.,

Goldsmith, Oliver,

Goodacre (R. J. and J.), Messrs. (architects),

Goodman, Edw., Everard (fl. 1600), Everard (d. 1687), Jane, Revd. Jeremiah, John (fl. 1494), John (d. 1728), John (d. 1768), Mary, Valentine, Wm. (d. 1543), Wm. (fl. 1679), fam.,

Goodwin, Sarah,

Goodyere, Sir Hen.,

Goosey, Isabel,

Gore, John Benedict,

Goscote, East, hund. of,

Goscote, West, hund. of,

Gotham (Notts.),

Gould, Gulielmus,

Gower, W.,

Gracedieu (in Belton),

Grand Junction Canal,

Grand Union Canal,

Grant, David, K.,

Grantham, Frances,

Grantham (Lincs.),

Gravesend, Ric., Bp. of Lincoln,

Great Eastern Railway,

Great Northern Railway,

Greaves, Jos.,

Green (Greene), Geo., Sir Hen. (d. 1369), Hen. (fl. 1397), Hen. (d. 1680), Hen. (fl. 1793), Hen. (of King's Norton, fl. 1847), Hen. (of Rolleston, d. 1861), J. H., John (d. before 1758), n; John (fl. 1804), Maud, Sir Raymond, Ric., Rob. (fl. 1521), Rob. (d. 1791), Rob. (fl. 1791), Sir Thos. (d. 1391), Sir Thos. (fl. 1391), Sir Thos. (fl. 1475), Thos. (fl. 1786), Wm. (fl. 1381), Wm. (fl. 1510), Wm. (fl. 1863), fam.,

Greenwood, Jas.,

Greinvill (Greyvill), de, Eustace, Gilb., Joan, m. Sir John de Engaine, fam.,

Grendon, de, Rob., Rog.,

Grentemesnil, de, Hugh,

Grey, Cicely, Marchioness of Dorset (d. 1530), Edw., Lord Ferrers of Groby (d. 1457), Edw., Vct. Lisle (d. 1492), Eliz., Lady de Ferrers (fl. 1459), Eliz. (fl. 1492), Eliz., Baroness Lisle (d. 1519), Eliz., Baroness Lisle, m. (1) Edm. Dudley (2) Arthur Plantagenet, Frances, Dchss. of Suffolk (d. 1559), Geo. Harry, Earl of Stamford (d. 1883), Harry, Earl of Stamford (d. 1768), Hen., Duke of Suffolk (d. 1554), Humph., Sir John (fl. 1435), John, Vct. Lisle (d. 1504), Lord John (d. 1569), John (d. 1610), Kath., Ctss. of Stamford (d. 1905), Marg., see Swillington; Mary, Reynold, Thos., Marquess of Dorset (d. 1501), Thos., Marquess of Dorset (d. 1530), Thos. (fl. 1543), Thos. (fl. 1667), Wm., fam.,

Greyvill, see Greinvill

Grieveson, Hen. John,

Griffin, Sir Edw. (d. 1569), Sir Edw. (d. 1620), Edw. (d. 1840), Eliz. (w. of Thos.), see Latimer; Eliz. (fl. 1569), John, Nic., Ric., Thos. (fl. 1216), Thos. (fl. 1400), Thos. (d. 1566), Thos. (fl. 1616), fam.,

Griffith (or Alford), Mic., Wm.,

Grimbald (fl. 1086),

Grimbald, Rob., n

Grimbaud (Grymbaud), Mabel, see Kirkby; Rob., Wm.,

Grocock (Groocock), John, - (18th-cent. benefactor),

Grosseteste, Rob., Bp. of Lincoln,

Gruffydd, son of Gwenwynwyn,

Grymbaud, see Grimbaud

Grymes, Ric., fam.,

Guildford, Hen.,

Guilford, earls of, and see North

Guilsborough (Northants.),

Guiness, Revd. R.,

Gumley, Joan, see Basset; Rog., Wm. of,

Gumley, adv., agric., canal, chalybeate spring, char., ch., electricity supply, estates, fox-hunting, Hall, houses, inn, local govt., man., mill, 'the Mot', nonconf., poor relief, pop., reservoir, schs., theatre, Wood,

Gunduin (fl. 1086),

Guthlaxton, hund. of,

Guthridge, John, Mary,

Gwash, riv.,

Gyes, Wm.,

Hackney, Ric.,

Hacluit, Alice, see Neville; John, Wm.,

Haddon, J. B.,

Haddon, East (Northants.),

Haddon Hall (Derbys.),

Hadham, Little (Herts.),

Hailes (Glos.),

Hakett, Ric.,

Halford, And., Anne, see Smith; Sir Chas., Eliz. (w. of Sir Wm. d. 1682), Eliz., m. John Smalley, Eliz. (d. 1833), Frances, Geo., Sir Hen. (d. 1844), Sir Hen. (d. 1868), Sir Hen. (d. 1897), Sir Jas., Joan, Mary, Sir Ric. (d. 1658), Ric. (fl. 1666), Ric. (d. 1681), Sarah, Sir Thos., Wm. (d. 1577), Wm. (fl. 1598), Wm. (d. 1628), Sir Wm. (d. 1682), Sir Wm. (d. 1695), Sir Wm. (d. 1768), fam.,

Hallaton, adv., agric., bottle-kicking contest, boundaries, Castle Hill, char., ch., cross, epidemic, n; estates, fairs, Green, Hall, houses, n, ind., inns, local govt., man.-ho., mans., market, mills, nonconf., nursinghome, poor relief, pop., rly., rectors of, rectory ho., riot, roads, schs., water supply, workho.,

Halliday, John,

Halsall, Alex. (fl. 1668), Alex. (d. 1735), Jacob, Ric.,

Halstead, n,

Hamilton, Lord Anne,

Hammond, Francis,

Hampton Court, honor of,

Hanbury, Thos. (d. 1848), Thos. (d. 1899), Revd. Wm. (d. 1778), Wm. (d. 1817), n; Wm. (d. 1868), the Misses (fl. 1900), fam.,

Hanselin, Ralph, Rose, m. Thos. Bardolf,

Hansell, R. H.,

Harbord, Chas., Edw. Vernon, Baron Suffield (d. 1853),

Harborough, earls of, and see Sherrard

Harborough, Market, adv., agric., bridges, canal, chap., char., ch., coach traffic, cross, earthwork, electricity supply, fairs, fire prevention, Folly Pond, fox-hunting, gas supply, Holy Cross Fraternity, houses, ind., inns, local govt., lock-up, mans., markets, mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rlys., roads, Rom. Cath., schs., sewage disposal, shambles, street-lighting, streets, Town Hall, U.D., water supply, workho., and see Bowden, Little

Harborough (Market) Board of Guardians,

Harborough (Market) Industrial Co-operative Soc.,

Harborough (Market) Poor Law Union,

Harborough Rubber Co.,

Harcourt, de, Agnes, Arabella, see Quency; Eliz., m. Thos. Astley, Ives, Ric. (d. 1258), Ric. (fl. 1279), Ric. (fl. 1350), Rob., Saer, Thos., Wm. (fl. 1220), Sir Wm. (fl. 1258), Wm. (fl. 1335), fam.,

Hardcastle, T. A., Thos., fam.,

Hardreshull de, Amice, Phil.,

Hardwick, Hen. de,

Hardwick (Oxon.),

Harebergh, John de,

Harefield, - (fl. 1819),

Harrington, see Harrington

Harold, Earl of Wessex (d. 1066),

Harper, Canon A. M.,

Harrald, Eliz.,

Harrington (Harington), Agnes, Sir Edw., Hen. de, Hugh de, Jas. (fl. 1558), Sir Jas. (d. 1592), Sir Jas. (d. 1614), John de (fl. 1279), John (fl. 1538), Sir John (fl. 1549), John (fl. 1594), John, Lord Harrington (d. 1614), Marg., m. Ric. Brauncepath, Ric. de, Rob. de, Wm. de, fam.,

Harris, Lt. Chas. J., Geo., John, Ric., fam.,

Harrod, Wm.,

Harrold, Wm.,

Harrowden, Little (Northants.), n,

Harryson, John, n

Hartley, John, D'Arcy,

Hartley Westpall (Hants),

Hartopp, Mrs. Burns, Edm. Cradock, Edw. (later Hartopp-Wigley), Jas. Burns, Letitia, see Wigley; Sam., - (fl. 1832), fam.,

Hartopp-Wigley, Edw. (formerly Hartopp), fam.,

Hartshorn (Hartshorne), Hen., fam.,

Hartwell, John de,

Harvey, Barbara, m. John Fowler, Dorothy, m. Wm. Croft, Eliab, Eliz., Francis, Joan, m. Hugh Hazlerigg, Lucy, m. Thos. Cotton, Mary, see Neville; Thos.,

Hastings, Agnes de, Ctss. of Pembroke (d. 1368), Amice, Edw., Lord Hastings (d. 1506), Francis, Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1561), Geo., Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1545), Geo. (d. 1604), Hen. (fl. 1235), Hen., Earl of Huntingdon (d. 1595), Sir Hen. (of Kirby fl. 1596), n; Sir Hen. (of Leicester fl. 1596), n; Hugh, Isabel see Saddington; Joan de, John de (d. 1313), John, Earl of Pembroke (d. 1389), Kath., see Montague; Lawr., n; Leonard, Marg., m. (1) Sir Rog. Heron (2) John Blaket, Nic., Ralph de (fl. 1375), Ralph (fl. 1464), Ric., Thos., Wm. de (fl. 1220), Wm., Lord Hastings (d. 1483), Wm. (fl. 1541), fam., n,

Hauville, Gilb. de,

Havers, Eliz.,

Hawes, Hen., Thos.,

Hawkes, Thos.,

Hawstead (Suff.),

Hay, W. H., Wm. de la (fl. 1277) Wm. (d. 1878),

Hayes, Jos.,

Hayford, Sam.,

Haymes, Cath., Rob. (fl. 1779), Rob. (d. 1855), Wm., fam.,

Haynes, P.,

Hayr, W. T.,

Hayward, R.,

Hazlerigg, Arthur (d. 1649), Sir Arthur (d. 1660), Sir Arthur (d. 1763), Arthur Corey, Sir Arthur Grey (d. 1890), Arthur Grey, Baron Hazlerigg (d. 1949), Arthur Grey, Baron Hazlerigg (b. 1910), Bertin (d. 1565), Bertin (fl. 1620), Dorothea (d. 1650), Dorothy (d. 1748), Edw., Eliz. (w. of Thos. d. 1680), Frances, m. Wal. Chetwynd, Frances (w. of Edw.), see Brocas; Frances Gorges, Francis, Henrietta, Hugh, Isabel (fl. 1435), Isabel (d. 1870), Joan, see Harvey; Mic., Rob. (fl. 1516), Sir Rob. (d. 1721), Thos. de (d. 1422), Thos. (fl. 1434), Thos. (fl. 1511), Thos. (d. 1600), Sir Thos. (d. 1629), Sir Thos. (d. 1647) and his w. Eliz., Sir Thos. (d. 1680), Maj.- Gen. Thos. (d. 1915), Lt.-Col. Thos. (d. 1935), Wm., fam., n,

Hazlewood, Francis, John, Kath., see Marmion; Thos., fam.,

Head, Matilda,

Headon (Notts.),

Healey, Wm.,

Health, Ministry of,

Heap, G. C., fam.,

Heard, Mary, n, n, W. H.,

Heath, John (of Great Bowden), Sir John (of Horninghold), Marg., Sir Rob.,

Heaton, Butler and Bayne, Messrs. (glass-manufacturers),

Hedderly, Thos.,

Hefford, Thos.,

Heirek, see Herrick

Helgot (fl. 1100),

Helmsley (Yorks. N. R.),

Helpston, of, Eleanor, m. Ralph Trussell, Rog.,

Hemyton, Hugh,

Hendeshovere (or de Endis), Thos. de,

Hendi, Thos. de,

Henry I, King,

Henry II, King,

Henry III, King,

Henry V, King,

Henry VIII, King,

Henry of Lancaster, Duke of Lancaster (d. 1361),

Henry, son of Henry (fl. 1305),

Herbert (fl. 1086),

Herbert the Chamberlain (fl. 1086),

Herbert the serjeant (fl. 1086),

Herbert, Albert,

Herdson, Hen.,

Hereford, John de, Earl Ralph of (d. 1057),

Herierd, see Heryerd

Herment, Wm.,

Heron, Sir Edw. (fl. 1590), Edw. (fl. 1611), Isabel, Marg.,

Herrendon, Hen.,

Herrick (Errick, Heirek, Heyrick, Heyricke), John, Myron, Ric., Rob., Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield, Thos., Tobias, fam.,

Heryerd (Herierd), Margery, see Burnaby; Ric., Rob., fam.,

Hesilrige, Revd. C. M.,

Hewett, Anne, Frances, Geo. (d. 1690), Geo. (d. 1714), Neale, Penelope, see Jesson; Wm. (fl. 1640), Wm. (d. 1766), fam., n,

Hextall, Thos.,

Heycock, John, fam.,

Heydon, Jerome,

Heygate, Thos., fam.,

Heyrick, Heyricke, see Herrick

Hicks, Baptist, Vct. Camden (d. 1629), Baptist, Vct. Camden (d. 1682), Eliz., Vctss. Camden (d. 1643),

Hickson, Wm.,

Hidson, John,

Higford, see Huggeford

Hignett, Lt.-Col. J. D.,

Hildebrand, J. B.,

Hill, Revd. John Harwood, Ric., Sam., Thos.,


Hindley (Lancs.),

Hinman, John,

Hinrich, Charlotte Mary, m. Rob. Harvard Price, Sir Hen. Bromley and Lady,

Hipwood, Edm.,

Hoby (Lincs.), n

Hodges, Anne, see Ward; Francis,

Hodgkin, Green, Wm.,

Hodgson, Eliz., Lucy,

Hogwick, Wm.,

Holand, see Holland

Holcote, Wm.,

Holdsworth, - (fl. 1799),

Holegood, Thos.,

Holiok, see Holyoake

Holland (Holand), Harriet, John de, n; Mrs. M. A., Maud (d. 1349), see Zouche; Maud (d. 1423), m. John Lovet, Sir Nat. (formerly Dance), Ric., Rob. de (d. 1328), Rob. (d. 1373), fam.,

Holled, Thos.,

Holloway, - (19th-cent. surveyor), n,

Holmes, John,

Holt, de, Amice, see Mowsley; John (fl. 1279), John (fl. 1307), Marg., Rob., Rog., Sarah, m. Rob. Lovet, Wm. (fl. 1220), Wm. (fl. 1291), fam.,

Holt, Nevill, agric., boundaries, char., ch., Hall, Hill, ind., mans., mill, nonconf., poor relief, pop., Rom. Cath., sch., Spa,

Holyland, G.,

Holyoake (Holiok), Geof. de, John,

Holyoaks (in Stockerston), agric., estates, Lodge, mill, pop.,

Hood, J.,

Hope, Adrian, Revd. Thos.,

Hopkin, Wm.,

Hornby, Wal.,

Horninghold, adv., agric., char., ch., Hall, houses, man., nonconf., poor relief, pop., roads, sch.,

Horseman, Thos.,

Horsepool, Thos.,

Horton, Agnes, Alice, And., Barbara, Eliz., Hen. of John (fl. 1345), John (fl. 1381), John (fl. 1663), John (d. 1701), John (d. 1742), John (d. c. 1751), Jonathan, Jos. (fl. 1664), Jos. (fl. 1761), Jos. (fl. 1794), Ric. (fl. 1470), Ric. (fl. 1524), Sam., Thos. (fl. 1524), Thos. (fl. 1560), Wm. (fl. 1381), Wm. (fl. 1524), Wm. (d. 1637), - (fl. 1848), fam.,

Horton (Northants.),

Horton Hall (Bucks.),

Hortop, John,

Hose (or Hussey), Wm.,


Hospitallers, Knights,

Hotham, Thos. of,

Hothorpe (Northants.), chap., char., estate, Hall, Rom. Cath.,

Hotoft, Ric., n; Wm.,

Houby, (Howeby), Ant. (fl. 1349), Ant. (d. 1422), Eliz., Ellen, m. Wm. Roskyn, Gilb. de (fl. 1302), Gilb. (fl. 1349), Maud de, Wal., fam.,

Houghton, Ralph, St. John,

Houghton on the Hill, adv., agric., air raid, boundaries, char., ch., dovecot, earthworks, estates, houses, ind., local govt., man., mills, nonconf., poor relief, pop., rectory ho., roads, schs., smithy, springs, workho.,

Housing and Local Government, Ministry of,

How fam.,

Howard, Agnes, m. Wm. Powlet, Sir Geo., Kath., see Broughton; Wm., Baron Howard of Effingham (d. 1573),

Howeby, see Houby

Howell, Joan, John,

Huard (fl. 1086),

Hubberd (Hubbord), Wm., - (18th-cent. benefactor),

Hubert, Wal.,

Hudson, Geo.,

Huggeford (Higford), John,

Hugglescoat, Jos.,

Hugh, Earl of Chester, (d. 1101),

Hugh, the Sheriff of Brampton, n

Hugh of Avalon, Bp. of Lincoln, see Avalon

Hugh of Welles, Bp. of Lincoln, see Welles

Hull, n

Humberstone fam.,


Hume, Alice, Ric.,

Humphrey (Humfrey), J. B., (fl. 1896), n, John B. (d. 1797), Lebbeus (d. 1790), Lebbeus Chas. (d. 1833), n, Lebbeus Chas. (d. 1852), Mary Anne, Wm. Cave, n, fam.,

Hungarton, and see Baggrave, Ingarsby, Quenby

Hungerford, Sir Edw., H. H. H., Mary, m. Sir Ric. Sacheverell, Sir Thos.,

Hunt, Eliz., John (fl. 1538), John (d. 1636), John (fl. 1820), John (fl. 1885), Orlando, Thos., Wm.,

Huntingdon, earls of, and see Clinton, Hastings, John the Scot

Huntingdon, honor of,

Hussey, Jane, (or Hose) Wm.,

Huswif, John,

Hutchinson, Dan., n; H. P. H.,

Ibstock, n,

Iliffe, Fred., Ric., Sim., Wm.,

Illing, Ric. de (fl. 1206), Ric. (fl. 1324), Rob., Wal., fam.,

Illston, Geof. de,

Illston on the Hill, n, n, agric., boundaries, chap., char., ch., estates, houses, inn, mans., mill, nonconf. poor relief, pop., roads, sch.,

Imayne, Marg., m. Rob. de Esseby, Rog.,

Ince, Piggott,

Inchley, Edw., Mary,

Ingarsby, Wm. of,

Ingarsby (in Hungarton),

Ingebald, and his w. Aubrey,

Ingeld (fl. 1086),

Ingestre, Vct., see Chetwynd-Talbot

Ingleby (in Saxilby with Ingleby, Lincs.),

Ingram, Mrs. - (fl. 1885),

Ireland, Duke of, see Vere (Rob. de)

Ireland (Irlond), Rob., Sam., Wm. I, Wm. II,

Ireson, Revd. Edw.,

Irlond, see Ireland

Irthlingborough (Northants.),

Isabel of France, queen of Edward II (d. 1358),

Isham, A. C., Sir Chas. Edm., Eliz. (formerly Brauncepath), Sir John, n, Sir Justinian (d. 1675), Sir Justinian (fl. 1700), Sir Justinian (d. 1818), Sir Justinian (d. 1845), Louisa Mary, m. Edw. Corbett, Rob., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Isham (Northants.),

Islip, Francis,

Jackson, Caroline, Jas. Alex., Mrs. - (of Thurnby Court),

James I, King,

James, Thos.,

Jekyll, Jos.,

Jem, Rice,

Jenkinson, Wm.,

Jennen, John,

Jenner, John,

Jennings, John (d. 1701), John (s. of John),

Jervis, Geo., John (fl. 1524), John (fl. 1572), Rob., Thos., Wm., fam.,

Jesson, Maude, Penelope, m. Geo. Hewett, R. W., Sir Wm., fam.,

Joan of Navarre, queen of Henry IV (d. 1437), n,

John, King,

John the Scot, Earl of Chester and Huntingdon,

John, son of Godwyn,

John atte Hall,

John, son of Reynold,

John, Rector of Willoughby,

Johnson, Eliz., Geof., Geo. Gibson, H. W., John (fl. 1550), John (fl. 1817), Revd. Kenelm, Mat., Ric., Rob. (d. 1810), Rob. (d. c. 1865), Sam. (lexicographer), T. Fielding, - (fl. 1638), fam.,

Johnson and Barnes, Messrs. (hosiery manufacturers),

Johnstone, Kenelm, Mary,

Joll, Lambert,

Jones, John Ellington, Wm.,

Jordan (Jurden), John, Ric., fam.,

Joy, John de,

Judith, Ctss. (widow of Waltheof, Earl of Northampton and Huntingdon),

Jurassic Way,

Jurden, see Jordan