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T F T Baker, C R Elrington (Editors), Diane K Bolton, Patricia E C Croot, M A Hicks

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'Willesden: Education', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 7: Acton, Chiswick, Ealing and Brentford, West Twyford, Willesden (1982), pp. 247-254. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=22616 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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A schoolhouse near the church was mentioned in 1686, and although Willesden did not feature in the list of charity schools in Middlesex in 1724 the schoolhouse was mentioned again in 1735. (fn. 19) It had presumably disappeared, however, before Richard Freelove, by will dated 1776, gave £200 to erect and endow a charity school and a special vestry in 1777 passed a resolution to build a school. Nothing was done, however, until 1809 when a parish school was opened in Willesden, Freelove's gift being used to build a schoolroom and voluntary contributions to finance it. (fn. 20) The farmers feared that it would 'render the children of the poor unfit for useful and contented labour.' (fn. 21) It opened as a Sunday school, attended in 1819 by 90 children, and by 1818 a National day school for 80 children was also held there. (fn. 22) The poor were then said to possess sufficient means of education, although the parish could scarcely support the school. (fn. 23) The Independents opened a Sunday school at Chapel End in 1820, (fn. 24) described in 1833 as an infants' school where 40 boys and 30 girls were instructed at their parents' expense. The National school was by then wholly a day school, attended by 43 boys and 37 girls and financed by endowment and school pence. The Independents also had a day school for 16 boys and girls and there were two day schools at which 36 boys were educated, all three financed by school pence. (fn. 25) Willesden National school was still considered adequate to meet the educational needs of all the district in 1846, (fn. 26) although the vestry had in 1843 taken a decision to build a school in Kilburn for the poor. During the later 19th century the different hamlets and districts within Willesden began to acquire their own National schools. Kilburn was the first with St. Paul's, opened in 1847 and replaced in 1867 by Holy Trinity. The early nonconformist schools closed but a Wesleyan school was opened in Harlesden in 1871 and a Roman Catholic school in Kilburn in 1872.

In 1870 there was accommodation for 726 children in three public schools. All were said to be connected with the Church or the National Society. (fn. 27) By 1875 the three National schools provided accommodation for 1,078 children, the Wesleyan and Roman Catholic schools for 382, and other National schools on the borders of the parish (St. Augustine's, Kilburn, and St. John's, Kensal Green) for 589, a total in all of 2,049 places. The Education Department served notice on Willesden parish that 350 more places were needed. (fn. 28) Within a year the accommodation had risen to 3,319 but the increase was mainly due to the schools outside Willesden, especially the Kilburn schools of St. Augustine's and St. Luke's (opened for 620 children in 1876). By 1882 there were 4,577 places and another 432 were being built. The Education Department refused in 1877 to consider St. Luke's or St. John's, Kensal Green, as Willesden schools, arguing that there was a deficiency of accommodation and that a school board was necessary. It made an order for the compulsory formation of a school board in Willesden in 1882. (fn. 29)

The churches, which had formed an association to fight against the imposition of a school board, continued their opposition with some success for another decade. They dominated the board and prevented the opening of a board school. (fn. 30) Instead a number of new Church schools were established in the rapidly growing but poor districts of Willesden: Brondesbury in 1878, Willesden Green and St. John's, Kilburn, in 1882, Stonebridge in 1883, and Neasden in 1884. The Church Extension Association, working through the Anglican community of the Sisters of the Church, which was based in Kilburn Park Road, opened four schools: Gordon Memorial in Kilburn in 1887, Keble Memorial and the People's College in Harlesden, and Princess Frederica in Kensal Rise in 1889. A Roman Catholic school opened in Harlesden in 1887 and a Protestant school in Kilburn in 1891. Generally, however, the nonconformists became the driving force behind the movement for board schools.

The Anglicans had the patronage of the largest landowners in the area, the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and All Souls College, who often donated sites and subscriptions for new schools, but they lacked a wealthy middle class to which they could appeal for donations. They complained of the enmity of the Education Department and of the Metropolitan Railway Co. which leased land at Neasden on advantageous terms to nonconformists while demanding the full rent from Anglicans. (fn. 31)

The Education Department refused grants to Church schools, and although it failed in its attempt to close All Souls school it compelled Willesden to open a temporary board school in the Wesleyan lecture hall in Harlesden in 1885 and to build its first board school there in 1891. Before it was superseded in 1904 Willesden school board opened another 12, mainly large, schools and several special schools. The 15 voluntary schools provided 10,217 places and the board schools another 10,876. (fn. 32)

In 1904 Willesden U.D. became an autonomous part III authority under the 1902 Education Act and a council education committee replaced the school board. (fn. 33) Under pressure from the Board of Education, (fn. 34) the council had opened another 13 schools by 1916 and although those and the 13 former board schools included some which were temporary, there were still 20 council schools in existence by 1919, providing accommodation for 19,396 children, compared with 7,094 places in the 12 non-provided schools. Another 1,177 Willesden children were educated in London public elementary schools, just outside the borders. Willesden also maintained special schools for physically handicapped and mentally defective children. Only in secondary education was the provision inadequate. (fn. 35)

There was a higher grade department for boys at St. Andrew, Willesden Green, after 1892. Willesden U.D.C. agreed in 1909 to contribute to the enlargement of Brondesbury and Kilburn high school for girls (opened 1892) (fn. 36) and made grants for scholarships there and to Kilburn grammar school for boys and, after 1922, to the Roman Catholic Convent of Jesus and Mary for girls. (fn. 37) In 1926 a Central school was established at Pound Lane. Secondary education was, however, primarily the responsibility of the county, which took over Kilburn grammar school in 1908, aided (and in 1938 took over) Brondesbury and Kilburn high, and in 1924 opened Willesden county grammar school.

Four council schools and one Roman Catholic school were opened between 1927 and 1930 but no new schools were opened thereafter until the 1950s. Following the Hadow report, eight council and two Church schools were organized into senior and junior departments between 1927 and 1932, and another seven and two respectively between 1932 and 1938.

In 1946 Willesden education committee drew up a development plan for 13 secondary modern, (fn. 38) 5 grammar, and 2 secondary technical schools but the committee, even at that early stage, adopted the principle of comprehensive education and set out a plan for converting the existing schools in two stages into six fully comprehensive schools. (fn. 39) The first stage was implemented in 1967 when some senior schools became fully comprehensive, others were reorganized as junior and senior high schools, others were closed or amalgamated, and one new comprehensive, Willesden high, was opened. The second phase took place 1971-3 when the junior and senior high schools were amalgamated, more schools were closed, especially those in board and early council school buildings, and three new large comprehensives were opened. By 1978 there were ten comprehensives. (fn. 40)

There were 34 primary schools in 1978, mostly successors to board and council schools founded before 1930. They included six of the eleven Church of England schools which had existed in 1900, seven Roman Catholic, and one Jewish school. Eight new primary schools had been opened since 1950 and many of the older schools were accommodated in new buildings.

Public schools.

The general sources are those indicated above, p. 44, with the addition of Grange Mus., gen. files, schools (Origin of Schs. in Willesden, 1953), and the same abbreviations are used.

All Souls C.E., Harlesden. Abortive attempt to found sch. 1856. Nat. sch. for 150 G and I opened 1867 in iron bldg. adjoining temp. church of All Souls. 1874 a.a. 60 G and I. Sch. pence 1874 (1d. and 2d.). Iron classroom opened 1882 for 138 I. By agreement B attended Harlesden Wesleyan sch. until 1882. New sch. built 1883 in Station Rd. for 589 BGI. 1890 a.a. 466. Financed by parl. grant and vol. contributions. Reorg. from 1927 into JM and I; closed 1932.

Anson Primary, Anson Rd., Cricklewood. Opened 1952 for JM and I. Huts added. Roll 1978: 326.

Aylestone High, Aylestone Ave., Brondesbury. Opened 1956 as sec. mod. for 500 SM. Reorg. 1967 as S high sch. and extended 1971 as comprehensive for 1,650 SM. Roll 1978: 1500.

Braintcroft Primary, Warren Rd., Brentwater Estate. Opened 1928 as council sch. for 494 JM and I. Reorg. and extended 1932 for 414 JM, 504 I. 1936 a.a. 400 JM, 424 I. Roll 1978: 475 JM, 246 I, 60 nursery.

Brentfield Primary, see Gibbons Rd.

Bridge Rd. Primary, Neasden. Opened 1913 as temp. council sch. for 400 M and I. Replaced 1915 by permanent council sch. for 1200 BGI. 1919 a.a. 228 B, 232 G, 258 I. Reorg. by 1932 into JB, JG, I, and 1942 into JM, I. Nursery unit added 1978. Roll 1978: 327 JM, 138 I, 28 nursery.

Brondesbury C.E., see Christ Church.

Brondesbury And Kilburn High, Salusbury Rd., Kilburn. Formed 1967 as comprehensive for SM by amalg. of Brondesbury and Kilburn high for G and Kilburn grammar for B. Reorg. 1973 as comprehensive. Acquired former Brondesbury synagogue for extra accn. 1975. Roll 1978: 850 SM.

Brondesbury And Kilburn High For G, Salusbury Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1892 as G demonstration sch. for ladies' training college (later called Maria Grey). Aided by Willesden U.D.C. and Mdx. C.C. from 1909. (fn. 41) Taken over 1938 by Mdx. C.C. as grammar sch. for G. In 1940 Maria Grey moved to Twickenham and part of sch. bldg. destroyed in war. Rebuilt 1951. Amalg. with Kilburn grammar for B 1967 as Brondesbury and Kilburn high.

Buller Rd. Temp., Kensal Green. Opened 1901 as bd. sch. for 172 B in hall belonging to Baptist chapel. Closed 1908. (fn. 42)

Cambridge Rd. Temp., Kilburn. Opened 1905 as council sch. for 150 B in Methodist Free Church Sunday sch. Superseded 1912 by Percy Rd. (fn. 43)

Cardinal Hinsley R.C. High, Harlesden Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1958 as vol. aided R.C. sec. mod. for B. Reorg. 1967 as comprehensive and extended. Roll 1978: 900 B.

Carlton Vale I, Kilburn. Opened 1913 as council sch. for 400 G, 416 I. 1927 a.a. 363 G, 371 I. 1938 a.a. 217 G, 296 I. Reorg. 1939 into sec. mod. for G, I. Sec. mod. 1967 became J high and amalg. 1972 with Percy Rd. as South Kilburn high when bldgs. became Carlton community centre. I sch. moved to new bldgs. 1970. Roll 1978: 151 I, 23 nursery.

Chamberlayne Wood Primary, Chamberlayne Rd., Kensal Rise. Opened 1904 as council sch. for 400 B, 400 G, 420 I. 1919 a.a. 359 B, 358 G, 269 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 320 SB, 320 SG, 400 I, and between 1936 and 1938 into SM, I. 1938 a.a. 274 SM, 218 I. S sch. became sec. mod. under 1944 Act, J high 1967 and closed 1970. I sch. reorg. 1977 as JM and I. Roll 1978: 270 JM and I, 30 nursery.

Christ Church C.E., Willesden Lane, Brondesbury. Sch. for 60 G and I opened 1878 by vicar in hired premises. School pence 1878 (2d. to 4d.). Joined Nat. Soc. 1887. Permanent sch. opened 1889 for 120 I. 1890 a.a. 58 I. Financed by parl. grant and vol. contributions. Sch. for 62 B, 62 G built next to it 1893. (fn. 44) 1908 a.a. 68 B, 63 G, 128 I. By 1919 accn. 152 B, 152 G, 110 I. 1927 a.a. 144 B, 144 G, 105 I. Reorg. between 1932 and 1936 into JB, JG, I and by 1948 into JM and I. (fn. 45) Roll 1978: 196 JM and I.

College Rd. Temp., Kensal Rise. Opened 1913 (fn. 46) as council sch. for 400 M. 1919 a.a. 400 M. 1927 a.a. 282 M. Closed 1929.

Convent Of Jesus And Mary R.C. High, Crown Hill Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1888 as private R.C. day and boarding sch. for G. Bldgs. erected 1887-96. Became day sch. for G 1939. Reorg. under 1944 Act as grammar sch. for SG. Vol. aided status from 1952. Reorg. 1956 as bilateral grammar and sec. mod. for G. (fn. 47) Extended 1959. (fn. 48) Reorg. 1966 as comprehensive. Additions 1972, 1978. Roll 1978: 1,000.

Convent Of Jesus And Mary R.C. I, Park Ave., Willesden Green. Opened 1908 as private R.C. sch. (below, private schs.). Reorg. 1967 as state-aided I sch. Roll 1978: 280 I.

Disraeli Rd. Temp., Acton Lane, Harlesden. Opened 1900 as bd. sch. for 180 M. Reorg. 1902 for 190 I. Closed 1916. (fn. 49)

Dollis Hill Temp. Opened 1929 as council sch. Closed 1930.

Donnington Primary, Uffington Rd. Opened 1972 for JM and I. Roll 1978: 218 JM and I, 18 nursery.

Dudden [Dudding] Hill Lane. Opened 1897 as bd. sch. for 1,250 BGI. 1906 a.a. 399 B, 386 G, 437 I. Reorg. by 1938 into 1,100 SB, SG, I. 1938 a.a. 323 SB, 301 SG, 265 I. Under 1944 Act SB, SG became sec. mod. which closed 1964. I closed 1960, replaced by Northview. Bldgs. taken over by Willesden College of Technology.

Furness Primary, Furness Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1908 as council sch. for 1,256 SM, JM, I. 1919 a.a. 351 SM, 329 JM, 344 I. Reorg. 1925 as BGI. 1938 a.a. 262 B, 242 G, 268 I. Part bombed and rebuilt after war. Reorg. 1949 into JM, I. Roll 1978: 378 JM, 244 I.

Gibbons Rd., Stonebridge. Opened 1902 as bd. sch. for 800 M, 418 I. 1927 a.a. 549 M, 312 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 480 SM, 350 I. 1938 a.a. 397 SM, 228 I. Under 1944 Act SM became sec. mod.; I moved 1949 to temp. accn. in Conduit Way. Hall built 1959 and name changed 1960 to Brentfield I. Sec. mod. merged 1969 into Sladebrook high which continued to use old bldgs. I sch. rebuilt in Meadow Garth and reorg. 1975 as JM and I. Roll 1978: 213 JM and I.

Gladstone Park Primary, Sherrick Green Rd., Dollis Hill. Opened 1914 as temp. council sch. Reopened 1915 as permanent council sch. for 400 M. 1919 a.a. 352 M. New bldg. and reorg. 1937 for 300 JM, 280 I. 1938 a.a. 242 JM, 174 I. Extension built 1976. Roll 1978: 330 JM, 256 I.

Gordon Commercial. Recorded 1890 for 233 G and I, a.a. 98.

Gordon Memorial C.E., Cambridge Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1885 by Sisters of the Church for I in bldg. belonging to Methodist chapel. New bldg. 1887 for 1,240 BGI. 1890 a.a. 277 B, 274 G, 432 I. Financed by parl. grant and vol. contributions. 1938 a.a. 136 B, 109 G, 99 I. Closed 1953 and bldgs. acquired by St. Mary's R.C. sch. (fn. 50)

Harlesden C.E., see All Souls.

Harlesden Primary, Acton Lane, Harlesden. Opened 1891 as first bd. sch. for 350 M, I. Financed by parl. grants and vol. contributions. Expanded 1900 to 472 M, I. 1908 a.a. 298 M, 178 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 380 JM and I. 1932 a.a. 332 JM and I. Roll 1978: 280 JM and I.

Harlesden R.C., see St. Joseph, Harlesden, R.C.

Harlesden Wesleyan (Willesden Junction), Craven Park Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1871 for 129 BG next to Wesleyan chapel. Financed by subscriptions and sch. pence (3d. and 4d.). Agreement with All Souls to take B only. 1880 a.a. 83 B. Parl. grant but closed 1882 for lack of funds. (fn. 51)

Harlesden Green, see People's College.

Holy Trinity C.E., Kilburn. Opened 1867 as Nat. sch. for 220 B in bldgs. of St. Paul's, Kilburn, Nat. sch. in Edgware Rd. Nat. sch. for 440 G and I opened 1868 in Canterbury Rd. 1890 a.a. 148 B, 96 G, 129 I. Financed by parl. grants, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (1s. 5d.). B closed 1925. 1927 a.a. 99 G, 122 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 340 B. Council acquired site 1937 in exchange for one in Alpha Place. Closed 1939 and demol. early 1950s.

John Kelly High, Crest Rd., Neasden. Opened 1958 as sec. mod. for B, G. Reorg. 1967 as comprehensives for SB, SG. Additions made 1970 and 1974. Roll 1978: 660 B, 1,000 G.

Keble Memorial C.E., Crown Hill Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1889 by Sisters of the Church for 150 B, 180 G, 250 I. 1890 a.a. 90 B, 95 G, 100 I. Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (7s.). 1919 a.a. 173 B, 230 G, 129 I. Reorg. 1955 as JM, I. Control passed 1965 to London Diocesan Bd. of Educ. Vol. aided. Modernized and extended 1973. Roll 1978: 250 JM, 180 I.

Kensal Green Temp. Opened 1896 for B, 1897 for G, in bldgs. belonging to St. John's parish. Closed 1898.

Kensal Rise Primary, Harvist Rd. Opened 1898 as bd. sch. for 1,270 BGI. 1908 a.a. 396 B, 399 G, 440 I. Reorg. 1930 into 400 JB, 400 I, and by 1936 into 1,200 JB, JG, I. 1938 a.a. 248 JB, 219 JG, 325 I. Reorg. 1977 into JM, I. Roll 1978: 251 JM, 162 I, 16 nursery.

Kilburn Grammar, Salusbury Rd. Opened 1898 in Willesden Lane as choir sch. by vicar of St. Paul's, Kilburn. Moved 1900 to Salusbury Rd., (fn. 52) opposite Brondesbury and Kilburn high for G, and became grammar sch. for B. Roll 1900: 120. Acquired by Mdx. C.C. 1908 and enlarged 1927. (fn. 53) Damaged in war and rebuilt 1951-2. Amalg. with Brondesbury and Kilburn high for G 1967 as Brondesbury and Kilburn high.

Kilburn Orphanage, see Percy Rd. Orphanage.

Kilburn Park, Kilburn Park Rd. Opened 1907 by council for 150 G, 174 I in premises of Kilburn Protestant sch. 1927 a.a. 318 GI; 1938 a.a. 190 GI. Moved to new site in Malvern Rd. 1972. Roll 1978: 217 JM.

Kilburn Park, Percy Rd. BGI sch. opened 1879 in rooms under chapel of Bible Christians. Financed by sch. pence (3d.). Roll 1880: 90 BGI.

Kilburn Protestant, Kilburn Park Rd. Opened for BGI in bldgs. of Kilburn Protestant and Evangelical church 1900. (fn. 54) Financed by vol. contributions and sch. pence (1d.). Taken over by council 1907 as Kilburn Park sch.

Kilburn R.C., see St. Mary R.C.

Kilburn St. Paul, see St. Paul, Kilburn.

Kilburn Trinity, see Holy Trinity.

King Albert Belgian, Wrentham Ave., Kensal Rise. Opened 1916 by council for M children of Belgian refugees. Closed 1919.

Leopold Primary, Leopold Rd. Opened 1897 as bd. sch. for 1,250 BGI. 1908 a.a. 438 B, 445 G, 460 I; 1932 a.a. 270 B, 231 G, 270 I. Reorg. by 1936 into 550 SM, 400 I. 1938 a.a. 365 SM, 247 I. After 1944 Act SM became sec. mod. and closed 1966 when pupils transferred to Willesden county and bldg. used as annexe for St. Joseph's, Harlesden, R.C. I reorg. 1976 into JM and I. Roll 1978: 115 JM and I.

Lower Place, Barretts Green Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1915 as council sch. for 800 M, I on site next to temp. sch. (fn. 55) (see below). 1919 a.a. 351 M, 241 I; 1936 a.a. 197 M, 112 I. Reorg. by 1938 for 556 JM and I. 1938 a.a. 189 JM and I. Closed 1977. (fn. 56)

Lower Place Temp., Barretts Green Rd., Harlesden. Opened 1902 as bd. sch. for 680 BGI and closed 1915.

Malorees Primary, Christchurch Ave., Brondesbury. Opened 1953 as council sch. for JM and I. Reorg. 1958 into JM, I. Extensions 1969. Roll 1978: 310 JM, 185 I.

Mora Primary, Mora Rd., Cricklewood. (fn. 57) Opened 1907 as council sch. for 400 B, 400 G, 400 I. 1919 a.a. 315 B, 306 G, 188 I; 1936 a.a. 350 B, 316 G, 331 I. Reorg. 1937 for 400 SM, 380 JM, 400 I. After 1944 Act SM became sec. mod. which closed 1958 when John Kelly schs. opened. New block added 1950s and nursery unit 1978. Roll 1978: 240 JM, 142 I, 31 nursery.

Neasden C.E. Opened 1884 as Nat. sch. for 168 M in St. Saviour's mission church at junction of Neasden Lane with Quainton St. Iron room for I added 1889. 1890 a.a. 109 M. Permanent sch. for 106 I added 1893. Financed by parl. grant and vol. contributions. 1908 a.a. 127 M, 58 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 224 JM and I. 1932 a.a. 164 JM and I; 1938: 99 JM and I. Closed 1945.

Neasden High, Quainton St. Opened 1973 as SM comprehensive in new bldgs. Roll 1978: 785 SM.

Neasden Temp. Opened 1927 as council sch. for 40 I. 1932 a.a. 64 I. Closed 1937.

North-West London Jewish, 180 Willesden Lane, Brondesbury. Opened 1945 as vol. aided Jewish sch. for JM and I in Minster Rd. (Hampstead) and moved to Willesden Lane 1958. (fn. 58) Roll 1978: 253 JM and I, 26 nursery.

Northview Primary, Northview Cres., Neasden. Opened 1960 as council sch. for I to replace Dudden Hill Lane. Extended and reorg. for JM and I 1973. Roll 1978: 215 JM and I, 38 nursery.

Oldfield Primary, Oldfield Rd. Opened 1907 as council sch. for 1,200 BGI. (fn. 59) 1919 a.a. 355 B, 355 G, 335 I; 1927 a.a. 237 B, 277 G, 268 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 346 SM, 354 JM. Reorg. by 1936 for 380 JM, 380 I. 1938 a.a. 336 JM, 290 I. Reorg. after 1964 into JM and I. Roll 1978: 349 JM and I.

Our Lady Of Grace R.C. Primary, Dollis Hill. Opened 1967 as vol. aided R.C. sch. for JM and I in Dollis Hill Lane. Bldgs. extended 1972 and sch. reorg. for JM. Separate sch. for I opened at junction of Dollis Hill Ave. and Edgware Rd. 1972. Roll 1978: 300 JM, 238 I.

Our Lady Of Lourdes R.C. Primary, Wesley Rd., Stonebridge. Opened 1973 as vol. aided R.C. sch. for JM and I in part of bldgs. formerly occupied by Wesley Rd. sch. Roll 1978: 330 JM and I, 38 nursery.

Peel Rd. R.C., Kilburn. Opened 1868 in Hampstead part of Kilburn by church of Sacred Heart, Quex Rd. As St. Joseph's, reopened 1872 for 150 G, 120 I in Peel Rd. 1890 a.a. 120 G, 84 I. Closed c. 1892 when St. Mary R.C. opened. (fn. 60)

People's College, Manor Park Rd., Harlesden Green. Opened 1889 as higher grade and elementary sch. for 200 G, 50 I by Church Extension Assoc. in temp. iron bldg. 1890 a.a. 84 GI. Reorg. by 1894 for 341 M. Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (30s.). Closed c. 1895. (fn. 61)

Percy Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1912 as council sch. for 400 B. 1927 a.a. 372 B; 1938 a.a. 256 B. Extended 1939. Became sec. mod. under 1944 Act. Became J high 1967 and amalg. 1972 with Carlton Vale sec. mod. as South Kilburn high.

Percy Rd. Orphanage, Kilburn. Opened 1865 by C.E. New bldg. 1872. Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (2d.). 1882 a.a. 30 G, 20 I; 1894 a.a. 87 M. By 1906 an R.C. orphanage. 1906 a.a. 40 M.

Pound Lane, Willesden Green. Opened 1903 as bd. sch. for 860 M, 418 I. 1908 a.a. 790 M, 390 I; 1938 a.a. 411 M, 164 I. Reorg. 1927 as selective central sch. for 480. (fn. 62) Reorg. after 1944 Act as sec. mod. Amalg. 1967 with Willesden county as Willesden high.

Princess Frederica C.E., College Rd., Kensal Rise. Opened 1889 as Nat. sch. for 1,805 BGI by Sisters of the Church. 1894 a.a. 762 BGI. Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (2s.). Accn. reduced 1906 to 1,320 BGI. 1908 a.a. 388 B, 376 G, 303 I; 1938 a.a. 163 B, 164 G, 191 I. Reorg. by 1948 into JM, I. Control passed 1965 to London Diocesan Bd. of Educ. Extended and modernized 1975. Reorg. 1978 into JM and I. Roll 1978: 300 JM and I.

St. Andrew C.E., Willesden Green. Opened 1882 as Nat. sch. for 170 I in mission bldg. in Chaplin Rd.; high sch. for B opened in same bldg. 1884. Nat. sch. for BGI opened 1885 at corner of High Rd. and St. Andrew's Rd. New B sch. opened 1887. Dept. for 172 G added 1889. 1890 a.a. 91 B, 107 G, 170 I. Financed by parl. grants, vol. contributions, and sch. pence (5s. 6d.). Enlarged 1892 for 270 I; 334 G, and upper grade dept. for 188 B opened 1893. (fn. 63) 1908 a.a. 400 B, 330 G, 230 I; 1927 a.a. 223 B, 214 G, 130 I. Additions to I sch. 1956 and 1977. Reorg. 1964 of B, G into JM. New sch. blt. 1974 for 320 JM in Belton Rd. Roll 1978: 160 JM, 121 I, 42 nursery.

St. George's Hall Temp., High Rd., Willesden Green. Opened 1901 as bd. sch. for B in hall of Presbyterian church.

St. John C.E., Granville Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1871 for G and I in bldgs. belonging to St. John's church. Opened 1882 as Nat. sch. in new bldg. for 314 upper M, 221 lower M, 249 I. Enlarged 1895 for 81 more children. Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, small endowment, and sch. pence (1d.). 1908 a.a. 280 B, 206 G, 210 I; 1927 a.a. 231 B, 153 G, 198 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 160 G, 272 I. 1938 a.a. 141 G, 131 I. Reorg. 1947 into JM and I. (fn. 64) New sch. blt. 1972 for 245 JM and I. Roll 1978: 117 JM and I, 27 nursery.

St. Joseph R.C., Harlesden. Opened 1887 for 170 M in iron bldg. beside R.C. chapel in Manor Park Rd. (fn. 65) Run by nuns of convent of Jesus and Mary, Crown Hill Rd.; 1890 a.a. 95 M. Financed by parl. grant and vol. contributions. Iron bldg. condemned and sch. moved to another bldg. 1897. Dept. for 86 I opened 1908 in Park Parade. (fn. 66) New premises opened on Park Parade site 1934 and reorg. for 240 M and I. 1938 a.a. 262 M and I. SB transferred 1958 to Cardinal Hinsley R.C.; SG transferred 1959 to Convent of Jesus and Mary R.C. and sch. reorg. as JM and I. Extended 1965. JM moved to Leopold annexe in Goodson Rd. 1966. Roll 1978: 760 JM and I.

St. Joseph R.C., Kilburn, see Peel Rd. R.C.

St. Margaret Clitherow R.C. Primary, Quainton St., Neasden. Opened 1973 for I. Reorg. 1977 for JM and I. Roll 1978: 230 JM and I.

St. Mary C.E., Willesden. Opened 1809 as Nat. Sunday sch. for 80 poor children in High Rd., Church End, next to vicarage. Became day sch. 1818. 1821 a.a. 65 B, 51 G. (fn. 67) New sch. built on site 1853 for 195 BG. (fn. 68) Sch. for 119 I built 1858 on site in Pound Lane given by All Souls College. (fn. 69) Sch. pence 1858 (2d.). 1880 a.a. 113 BG, 71 I. Extended 1876, 1886, 1892 for 380 B, 264 G, 280 I. Financed by parl. grant, vol. contributions, small endowment, and sch. pence (2s. 6d.). 1908 a.a. 300 B, 250 G, 190 I; 1922 a.a. 160 B, 169 G, 89 I. Reorg. 1934 for 400 JM and I. New sch. blt. 1972 in Garnet Rd. next to church. Nursery added 1978. Roll 1978: 240 JM and I.

St. Mary R.C., Kilburn. Opened 1892 for 125 M, 160 I in Granville Rd. Financed by parl. grant and vol. contributions. 1908 a.a. 135 M, 140 I; 1938 a.a. 206 M, 125 I. Acquired former Gordon Memorial sch. premises 1953 in Cambridge Rd. Reorg. 1964 into JM at Cambridge Rd. and I in new bldg. in Granville Rd. (fn. 70) New sch. built 1974 in Canterbury Rd. Roll 1978: 471 JM, 362 I.

St. Mary Magdalen R.C., Linacre Rd., Willesden Green. Opened 1928 for 300 M and I. (fn. 71) 1932 a.a. 162 M and I; 1938 a.a. 263 M and I. Reorg. by 1960 for JM and I and by 1966 for JM. Roll 1978: 360 JM.

St. Michael And All Angels C.E., Melville Rd., Stonebridge. Opened 1883 for 77 I. Sch. pence (2d.). 1890 a.a. 69 I. Financed by parl. grants and vol. contributions. Closed c. 1900.

St. Paul Nat., Edgware Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1847 as Nat. sch. for 100 B, 80 G. (fn. 72) 1866 a.a. 252 BG. Parl. grant 1866. Became part of Holy Trinity schs. 1867.

St. Saviour, see Neasden C.E.

Salusbury Primary, Salusbury Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1899 as temp. bd. sch. for 744 M, 420 I in iron bldg. (fn. 73) Permanent bd. sch. opened 1902 for 860 M, 400 I. 1908 a.a. 860 M, 433 I; 1932 a.a. 597 M, 337 I. Reorg. 1936 for 400 SM, 300 JM, 460 I. 1938 a.a. 275 SM, 224 JM, 248 I. After 1944 Act SM became sec. mod. dept. which closed 1970 when children transferred to Aylestone high. Bldgs. modernized 1971-2. Roll 1978: 230 JM, 150 I (including nursery).

Sladebrook High, Brentfield Rd., Stonebridge. Opened 1969 as SM comprehensive formed by amalg. of Willesden Sch. of Building (Kilburn Polytechnic), (fn. 74) Gibbons Rd. sec. mod., and Wesley Rd. sec. mod. Opened in new bldgs. using Gibbons Rd. sec. mod. bldgs. as annexe. Roll 1978: 1,107 SM.

South Kilburn High, Stafford Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1972 as SM comprehensive, formed by amalg. of Carlton Vale and Percy Rd. J high schs. Opened for 1,200 in new bldgs. incorporating Percy Rd. premises. Roll 1978: 900 SM.

Stonebridge C.E., see St. Michael and All Angels C.E.

Stonebridge Primary, Shakespeare Ave. Opened 1900 as bd. sch. for 460 B, 460 G, 440 I. 1908 a.a. 433 B, 398 G, 411 I; 1927 a.a. 275 B, 267 G, 279 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 350 JB, 350 JG, 350 I. 1938 a.a. 255 B, 243 G, 315 I. Reorg. 1955 for JM, I. Bldgs. modernized and extended 1975-8. Roll 1978: 337 JM, 205 I.

Tubbs Rd. Temp., Harlesden. Opened 1899 as bd. sch. for 51 B in Methodist chapel bldg. Accn. increased to 190 B by 1908. 1908 a.a. 140 B. Closed 1908. (fn. 75)

Wesley Rd., Stonebridge. Opened 1910 as council sch. for 520 JM, 400 I. 1922 a.a. 433 JM, 308 I. Reorg. by 1932 for 400 SB, 400 SG. 1938 a.a. 247 SB, 211 SG. After 1944 Act became sec. mod. New bldgs. 1956. Closed 1969. Pupils transferred to Sladebrook high and part of bldgs. used by Our Lady of Lourdes R.C.

Willesden County, Doyle Gdns. Opened 1924 as SM county grammar sch. for 336 SM. Extended 1932 and 1965. (fn. 76) Amalg. 1966 with sec. mod. dept. of Leopold as Willesden county grammar-technical sch. Merged 1967 into Willesden high.

Willesden High, Doyle Gdns. Opened 1967 as SM comprehensive formed by amalg. of Willesden county with sec. mod. dept. of Pound Lane. Housed in county sch. bldgs., which were extended using Pound Lane sch. as annexe. Roll 1978: 1,600 SM.

Willesden Nat., see St. Mary C.E.

Willesden Green R.C., see St. Mary Magdalen R.C.

Willesden Junction, see Harlesden Wesleyan.

William Gladstone High, Park Side, Dollis Hill. Opened 1974 as SM comprehensive. Roll 1978: 867 SM.

Wykeham Primary, Aboyne Rd., Neasden. Opened 1930 as council sch. for 600 SM, 672 JM and I. Reorg. by 1936 for 640 SM, 624 JM and I. 1936 a.a. 496 SM, 464 JM and I. After 1944 Act SM became sec. mod. Bldgs. damaged in war and rebuilt. Sec. mod. dept. closed 1973 when Neasden high opened. Roll 1978: 452 JM and I (including nursery).

Special schools.

Barretts Green, Harlesden. Opened 1968 as sec. sch. for maladjusted in bldgs. vacated by Lower Place special sch. Roll 1978: 30 SM.

Furness Rd., Harlesden. Opened by 1910 for 60 physically handicapped children. (fn. 77) Closed between 1928 and 1933.

Granville Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1899 for mentally deficient and physically handicapped in Presbyterian mission hall. Superseded 1912 by Leinster Rd. (fn. 78)

Leinster Rd., Kilburn. Opened 1912 for 80 mentally deficient children. Moved by 1948 to College Rd., Kensal Rise. (fn. 79) Closed after 1954. (fn. 80)

Leopold Rd. Opened 1902 for 40 physically handicapped children. Closed 1928. (fn. 81)

Lower Place, Barretts Green, Harlesden. Opened c. 1947 for 160 physically handicapped on ground floor of Lower Place council sch. Moved 1968 to Grove Park, Kingsbury. (fn. 82)

Manor Primary, the Avenue, Brondesbury Park. Opened 1959 as Woodfield sch. for educationally sub-normal children in Kingsbury. (fn. 83) Reorg. 1969 and primary sch. moved 1970 to Brondesbury Park. Extended 1971 and 1977. Roll 1978: 101 JM.

Oldfield Rd. Opened 1928 for mentally deficient children. Closed by 1948. (fn. 84)

Vernon House, Willesden Lane, Brondesbury. Opened 1968 for maladjusted children. Roll 1978: 50 JM.

Technical education.

In 1893 Willesden local committee for technical education organized classes in Willesden town hall and in 1896 Middlesex C. C. bought the St. Lawrence institute in Priory Park Road, Kilburn, and placed it at the disposal of the local committee which opened it as Willesden Polytechnic. (fn. 85) By 1898 there was an enrolment of 1,571, (fn. 86) and a new building was opened in Glengall Road, Kilburn, in 1904. A needle-trades school for girls was established there from 1910 until it moved to an annexe at the Hyde, Edgware Road, in 1952; it closed in 1962. An art school had been established as part of the polytechnic by 1919 and a school of building opened in 1925. (fn. 87) In 1934, in anticipation of the opening of Willesden College of Technology, Willesden Polytechnic was reorganized as Kilburn Polytechnic and the old St. Lawrence hall was replaced by a four-storeyed block. In 1978 there were 1,400 full-time and 4,500 part-time enrolments.

In 1934 Middlesex C. C. opened Willesden College of Technology in Denzil Road to provide the technical courses originally provided by the polytechnic, including the schools of art and building. (fn. 88) There were extensions in 1952 (fn. 89) and 1972, and in 1964 the college took over the buildings of Dudden Hill Lane school. The art school closed in 1959, (fn. 90) and in 1969 the school of building amalgamated with other schools to form Sladebrook high school. There were 8,000 enrolments in 1978.

Private schools. (fn. 91)

Mr. and Mrs. Raikes ran a boarding school at the Grove, Neasden, for the sons of gentlemen in the early 1780s. (fn. 92) There were schoolmasters at Kilburn in 1822 and 1828 and at Kensal Green in 1831. (fn. 93) In 1845 there was a preparatory school at Willesden Green, an academy and ladies' school in Kilburn, and a boys' boarding school, which still existed in 1855, at Cricklewood. (fn. 94) Kensal academy existed in 1848 at the northern edge of Kensal Green. (fn. 95) In 1851, besides the master and mistress of St. Mary's parochial school, there were two schoolmistresses in Kensal Green, a schoolmaster and schoolmistress in Kilburn, the boarding school in Cricklewood, and a dame school in Willesden Green. (fn. 96) The last was probably taught by the 'woman in the village' who provided some education in Willesden in 1857. (fn. 97) There was a temporary private school for 120 children, supported by school pence of 6d., in Kilburn in 1867. (fn. 98) In 1870 two private schools were attended by 37 boys and 51 girls. (fn. 99)

The number of schools began to multiply with the spread of building in Willesden and, especially, in Kilburn from the 1870s. There were 14 by 1872, including Claremont House in Cambridge Road, Kilburn, which still existed in 1890. There were 19 by 1880, 37 by 1890, and 40 by 1908. Most schools, in spite of their often pretentious names, were short-lived, probably small schools in private houses. Among the longer-lived were Brondesbury College, a boys' secondary school which opened in 1864 in Quex Road east of Edgware Road and had moved by 1890 to Willesden Lane, just west of Edgware Road. (fn. 1) It closed between 1919 and 1926. (fn. 2) Willesden high school in Craven Park existed from 1880 to 1906. Brondesbury Manor housed a girls' boarding school from 1882 to 1934. (fn. 3) Brondesbury and Kilburn high school for girls functioned as a private school from its foundation in 1892 until the county council took it over in 1938, as did Kilburn grammar school, founded in 1898 and taken over in 1908. (fn. 4)

Eight schools (Vernon House, (fn. 5) Bestreben high, Miss Watkins's school, Lady Margaret, and Sunbury House, respectively at nos. 163, 197, 275, 292, and 294 Willesden Lane, Roundwood College in Harlesden Park Road, Miss A. Edmonds's school in Dyne Rd., Kilburn, and A. Ferreira's school in Victoria Rd. Kilburn) flourished from c. 1902 to c. 1933. Geneva House (also called Brondesbury high) in Shoot-up Hill, Edgware Road, a girls' secondary school and kindergarten, existed from 1891 to c. 1964. (fn. 6) A private Roman Catholic preparatory school was opened by the convent of Mary and Jesus in Willesden Green in 1908. Initially a boarding and day school, it had become a day school by 1950 and entered the state system in 1967. (fn. 7)

The numbers of schools began to decline after 1910. There were 29 in 1917 and 1926, including Clark's College (c. 1917-1964) and Gladstone House (c. 1917-c. 1934) both in Shoot-up Hill, Cricklewood; in 1933 there were 15 and by 1950 only 9, including Blenheim House in Oxgate Gardens (c. 1942-1964) and St. Helen's preparatory school in Blenheim Gardens (c. 1942-1964). Hillel House, a mixed school for juniors and infants, was opened by the Zionist Federation educational trust in Chamberlayne Road in 1947 and had approximately 130 children on the books in 1978. (fn. 8) Other Jewish schools were shorterlived. By 1978 there were only two private schools in the area, Hillel House and the London Welsh school, a mixed pre-preparatory school for 30 children which was owned by the Welsh Presbyterian church and had moved to Willesden Lane from Paddington in 1962. (fn. 9)


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