Corrigenda to volumes IV, V, and VI


Victoria County History



T F T Baker, C R Elrington (Editors), Diane K Bolton, Patricia E C Croot, M A Hicks

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'Corrigenda to volumes IV, V, and VI', A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 7: Acton, Chiswick, Ealing and Brentford, West Twyford, Willesden (1982), pp. 280. URL: Date accessed: 21 October 2014.


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Earlier lists of corrigenda will be found in Volumes I, III, IV, V, and VI

Vol. IV, page 169a, line 28 from end, for 'eastern' read 'western'
177b, line 15 from end, for 'north-eastern' read 'north-western'
197b, line 23 from end, for 'south-westward' read 'south-eastward'
243a, line 7, for 'vicar' read 'headmaster of Harrow School'
262a, line 10, for 'The chapel' read 'A new chapel'
Vol. V, page 12a, line 5 from end, for '1868' read '1870'
22a, line 12 from end, for 'Susanna' read 'Catherine'
229b, note 98, for 'pas.rts' read 'parts'
263a, line 26, for '1852' read '1850'
408a, s.v. Nicholl, insert 'Cath., 22' and delete 'Mrs. Susanna (fl. 1828), 22'
Vol. VI, page x, line 9, for '1900' read '1905'
9a, lines 12-13 from end, for 'c. 1931 by the London Passenger Transport Board, later London Transport' read 'in 1925 by the London General Omnibus Co. and extended in 1929-32'
9b, lines 24-5, for '1904, along the Great Northern and City Railway to Moorgate.' read '1875, over the North London Railway to Broad Street.'
9, note 64, for '222' read '223'
9, note 67, for '222' read '223'
9, note 79, for 'G. R. Grinling' read 'C. H. Grinling'
9, note 85, delete whole footnote and substitute 'M. Robbins, North Lond. Rly. (1946), 7.'
27, note 96, for '203' read '223'
32 (facing), line 1, for '1900' read '1905'
40, map, for 'Lang Lane' read 'Long Lane'
40, map, for 'Bull Lane' read 'Bulls Lane'
42a, line 6, for 'Pymmes' read 'Pymme's
46a, line 4, for 'Bull' read 'Bulls'
73, note 9, for 'B.H.L.H.' read 'B.L.H.L.'
91b, line 27, for 'North Way' read 'Northway'
106b, line 17 from end, delete 'to Fenchurch Street station'
106, note 28, for 'G. H. Grinling' read 'C. H. Grinling'
107a, line 22 from end, after 'type' insert 'in Europe'
111b, line 16 from end, for '1872' read '1863'
116, note 17, for 'wh reeotherwise' read 'where otherwise'
118a, line 25, for 'End,' read 'End.'
120a, line 2 from end, for 'a seven-storeyed tower' read 'linked seven-storeyed blocks'
121b, line 17 from end, after 'Muswell' insert 'Hill'
133a, lines 14-15 from end, for 'c. 1947' read 'in 1939'
136b, line 2 from end, for 'Pennithorne' read 'Pennethorne'
141, note 48, for 'of' read 'in'
156a, line 7 from end, after 'Schneytler' insert 'or Snetzler'
221a, s. v. Pennithorne, for 'Pennithorne' read 'Pennethorne'