Roger Whitley's Diary
July 1691


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Transcribed by Michael Stevens, Honor Lewington

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'Roger Whitley's Diary: July 1691', Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697: Bodleian Library, MS Eng Hist c 711 (2004). URL: Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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July 1691

July. 1st. Wednesday, Huson came about 8, went about 10 to Chester (the gardner with him) came back after I was in bed.

2.Thursday, Lightfoote came at 11 about his lease; went before 12; G.Mainwaring came as we were going to dinner; Vicars after we were sate downe; Streete, Minshall, Baskervile, Baroby & Bolland when we had almost dined; Vicars went about 4; the rest went to bowles; past 5 came 2 gentlemen (English Irish) who lay at Tarvyn, & came thither to drink the waters at Duddon; they all went past 7 but Minshall stayd all night. Huson went home.

3.Friday, Huson came about 8; Burges brought a buck from Shotwick; Roger & Minshall dined at Utkington; about 2 one Powell came from Frodesly about money Roger owes, he went before 3; about 4 Sir William Aston's servant: came to see us; Daintye & Hignet came about a lease at 5.

4.Satorday, Huson went to Chester past 10 & the gardner; Shore came about 1; to speake about a trained soldyer for Shorley; stayd not; about 8 (whilest at supper) came Mainwaring (from London), Latham with him & Minshall; stayd all night.

5.Sonday, I went to church with daughters, sisters, Bidolph, &c. received the Sacrament,&c. in the evening Morgan came to us; then Huson: they stayd all night.

6.Monday, Mainwaring, my daughters & 2 sisters went to Aston; Huson & Morgan to the Receipte at Carnarvon (about one o'clock),&c. Bidolph, Roger, Latham, Minshall went to shoote.

7.Tuesday, Bidolph & his 2 daughters went to Elmehurst about 7; Latham & Minshall went past 8; the barber came to trimme us past 7; dined with us; went past 4; George Johnson came to talk of Soughall fish; a Northop post boy brought me a letter from Morgan. Mainwaring & Roger went to Bromley's in the evening.

8.Wednesday, Mainwaring & Roger went to Chester past 9; one Hall came about 11 to offer an estate to be sold in Lancashire; he stayd not; about 6 Taylor, Brooks, & Perry came to treate of the mortgage & cole work of Hawerdon, they went past 7; cosen Judith Brereton came in the evening; stayd all night; Mainwaring retorned past 9; Rogr: past 11.

9.Thursday, Tomkinson went to Brombrow & Shotwick past 7; Profet went with the cart to Dysert past 10; in the evening Farington & Doe came with Mainwaring from Bromley's; supt, stayd all night; Tomkinson retorned about 7.

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Jul: 10. Friday, Farington & Doe went past 9; Lee of Darnehall came to us while we were at dinner; stayd till past 5; past 4 came Crew, his lady & Sherwood; stayd till 7.

11.Satorday, Cadwallader brought a buck from Frodesly; Tomkinson went (past 10) to Chester; retorned about 6;.

12.Sonday, I was not at church; daughters were, in the morning; about 6 in the evening came Morgan & Nat. Lee, stayd all night; Huson came about 9.

13.Monday, Morgan went towards Mold past 10; Donald trimmed me; Mr Gerard & his wife, G.Mainwaring & his wife, Anderson & his; Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Deane, Angell, Jackson & his wife dined with us; they all went in the evening; then Lightfoote & his brother came, I sealed his lease, &c.

14.Tuesday, Mainwaring & Lee went to Namptwich before 8; Huson & Tomkinson to Shotwick past 10; retorned past 9 at night; Huson went home past 11; cosen Whitley came in the evening; stayd all night; Birket & Fernehall (the Butcher) came before 6, went past 7.

15.Wednesday, Huson went from home (towards Frodesly) Brooks came past 10 about Major Brooks mortgage & colliery at Hawerden; stayd not; Roger & daughter Mainwaring went to church (being fast day) Tomkinson went to Staffordshire;.

16.Thursday, Bingley & Selly came about sheep; Taylor & Brookes came about 11; dined, went at 2; Mainwaring retorned past 8.

17.Friday, I went in the evening to the shooting at Bromley's; there was Mainwaring, Roger, cosen Whitley, Hignet, Birket, &c. I spent 6d in the house (there were the plaisterers) went home with Mainwaring left the rest behinde us; past 10 came cosen Whitley, Roger & Birket but I was gone to my chamber.

18.Satorday, I sealed a Release of the Trust to sister Whitley (which Birket brought) Roger went to Chester about 11; Birket soone after him; about 4 came Mr Taylor, Major Brooks & his cosen; I delivered up the mortgage of his Estate; had Bonds for 200 li: they went past 6; Roger came from Chester past 10.

19.Sonday, I was not at church; but Mainwaring & Roger was, daughter & sister,&c. no company.

20. Monday, 2 Butcher's came from Chester to see my sheep; Ned Morgan came past 11; dined with us; went with Roger & Mainwaring a shooting in afternoone; past 5 came Crew & a yong gentleman (a stranger) with him; Mainwaring came to them; they went neare 8; Roger & cosen Morgan came to supper; Roger's daughter, her mayde, Hickman & Cadwallader came from Shrewsbery about 11.

21.Tuesday, Mainwaring went to Edisbury's; Roger, Ned Morgan & Houseman to shoote at Frodsham (past 10) retorned about 9; Tomkinson retorned about 12; Minshall came about 9; also Huson. Pickmore came with Roger from Frodsham.

22.Wednesday, Holland the plaisterer came to me about work; Huson & Tomkinson went (about 6) to Mold faire; Donald came to trimme us; dined with us; at dinner came Hucknull; they went a shooting past 3; Minshall came back with Roger & Ned Morgan & Hignet about 8; went to Chester; Hignet supt, went past 9; Tomkinson retorned from Mold past 8; Hickman & Cadwalader went about 2.

23.Thursday, Roger & Ned Morgan went past 10 to shoote; dined at Tarvyn; then to Chester where Roger stayd all night; soe did Mainwaring. Tomkinson went to Chester, came back past 8.

24.Friday, Angell came past 11; went (my sister with him) past 6; Mainwaring Roger and Ned Morgan came about 12 from Chester.

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July: 25. Satorday, Mainwaring went early to Namptwitch; retorned late at night; Ned Morgan went to Chester after dinner; Morgan Whitley came past 9.

26.Sonday, I was not at church, Mainwaring, daughter, Roger went in the morning; Kircome (& another Gentleman) dined with us; went at 6; Huson came at 7.

27.Monday, Mainwaring went early (before 8) towards Knotsford & Peover; Morgan went in the evening to Chester; Crosse came about his accounts; dined in the buttry with Yates & Huson; went in the evening; Vernon of Utkington came for a warrant against: them that had stole some bees; about 7 I went with daughters, Roger, sisters,&c. to Bromleys & stayd there till 9;.

28.Tuesday, Huson & Tomkinson went to Shotwick (past 9) Hardwar came to speake with me but I did not see him; Donald came about 9 to trimme us; about 12 came Yong of Chester & Cook (a Londoner) to offer land to sell at Boughton; they dined, went past 2; Donald before 3; Roger, daughter Mainwaring,&c. went before 3 to Utkington; a man came with a letter from Sir James Poole for some venison; Houseman writ to Cokson about it: 29.Wednesday, about 11 came Ned Burrows, Lightfoote & Deane, & Dob; they dined with us, went about 3; Roger went to shoote at Bromley's; Tomkinson came back past 8.

30.Thursday, past 10, I sent Houseman to visit St John Crew, Sir Thomas Delves,&c. at Utkington; he retorned past 9; then came Ned Burrows, stayd all night.

31.Friday, I sent my cart to Shotwick for wooll, wood, &c. Burrows went to fish & came back past 1; Sir William Aston's man came to see us about 12; Mainwaring retorned from Peover about 7; Huson came about 9; also Oswald & another from Dysert.