House of Commons Journal Volume 7
27 August 1659


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 7: 27 August 1659', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 7: 1651-1660 (1802), pp. 769-770. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Saturday, 27th August, 1659.

State of the Government.

THE House, according to former Order, was this Day resolved into a Grand Committee, upon the Government.

Mr. Speaker left the Chair.
Mr. Garland took the Chair.
Mr. Speaker resumed the Chair.

Mr. Garland reports from the said Grand Committee, That the said Grand Committee desire the Leave of this House to fit again on Tuesday next.

Resolved, That this House be resolved into a Grand Committee, on Tuesday Morning next: And that Mr. Speaker do forbear to take the Chair.

Letters read.

A Letter from the Lord Lambert, from Chester, the 23th of August 1659, with a List of the Prisoners then taken, were read.

A Letter from the Lord Lambert, from Chirk-Castle, touching the Surrender of that Castle, dated the 24th of August 1659; and Articles of Agreement, made between Colonel Jerome Zankey, and others, on the Parliament's Part; and Colonel Robert Broughton, and others, appointed by Thomas Middleton Esquire, Governor of Chirque-Castle, on the other Part; were read.

Colonel Morley reports, from the Council of State, The Substance of a Letter from Chester, of the Four-and-twentieth Instant:

Which was read.

Grant to Creed, &c.

Resolved, That Major Creed, and Lieutenant-Colonel Duckenfield, have Five hundred Pounds given between them: And that the Council of State do see the same paid, accordingly.

The House adjourns till Three a Clock.

Saturday, August 27th, 1659. Afternoon.


ORDERED, That the Proceedings of the Commissioners for the Militia, in the respective Counties, Cities and Places of this Commonwealth, for the Raising of Money, or charging the People with Horse, Foot, or Arms, upon the Act for Settling the Militia in England and Wales, be forborn, until the Parliament take further Order: And that the Monies, raised by the Commissioners for the Militia in the said several Counties, Cities, and Places, be continued in the Treasurers Hands of the respective Counties, Cities, and Places, until the Parliament take further Order: And that the said respective Commissioners for the Militia do give an Account, What they have done upon the said Act, or upon any Commission from the Parliament, or Council of State, unto the Council of State.

Ordered, That this Order be forthwith printed and published.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to send this Order into the several and respective Counties, Cities, and Places in the Commonwealth.

Ordered, That the Council of State do bring in the Report, touching the Militias, upon Friday next.

Surrender of Chirque Castle.

Resolved, That this House doth approve of the Articles made upon the Rendition of Chirque-Castle.

Ordered, That Major-General Lambert, the Commander in Chief in Lancashire, and Parts adjacent, be, and is hereby authorized and required to seize and secure, or cause to be seized and secured all the Arms and Ammunition in the several Counties of Lancashire, Cheshire, Derbyshire, and Parts adjacent, of all such Persons as have not assisted to suppress the Rebellion raised in those Parts; and that the same be preserved, and safely kept, for the Advantage and Benefit of the State: And that the said Major-General Lambert do give an Account to the Parliament, or Council of State, of the said Arms and Ammunition; and in whose Hands or Custody they were taken.

Sequestering Estates.

Mr. Say reports, Some Alterations to the Act for Sequestrations: Which Alterations were, upon the Question, agreed unto, and amended at the Table, by the Clerk.

And the said Bill, so amended, being put to the Question, was agreed unto; and, upon the Question, passed.

Ordered, That this Act be forthwith printed and published.

Ordered, That the Council of State do take care, that the said Act be forthwith sent into several Counties of this Commonwealth.

Tryals at Stafford.

An Act for to make good all Tryals, which shall be had at Stafford, on Friday the Eighth of September 1659, as if the same had been tried upon the 17th of August 1659, was read the First and Second time.

Resolved, That the said Bill be now read the Third time.

The said Bill was read the Third time; and, upon the Question, passed. And it is

Ordered, That the said Act be forthwith sent to the Judges accordingly.


Resolved, That the Bill of Assessment of One hundred Twenty thousand Pounds a Month be read on Monday Morning next; the first Business.

Resolved, That Chirque-Castle be demolished, and made untenable; and that Major-General Lambert do see it demolished, and made untenable accordingly.

Garrisons, &c.

Ordered, That it be referred to the Council of State, to see what Inland Garisons and Castles, within this Commonwealth, are fit to be demolished, and made untenable; and report their Opinion therein to this House.

Grant to Coke.

Ordered, That the Lord Whitlock, and Mr. Martin, do bring in a Bill for settling Lands now in the Occupation of Mr. Unton Croke, viz. Little Battington Farm, and Detford Farm, with the Tenements thereto belonging, in the County of Wilts, late the Lands of Thomas Mompesson Esquire; on him the said Unton Croke, for Service by him done to the State; and that the Commissioners for Sequestrations do forbear to sequester the said Lands in the mean time.

Sir G. Booth.

Sir Henry Vane reports, The Examination of Sir George Booth.

Ordered, That these Examinations of Sir George Booth be referred to the Council of State: And that Sir Henry Vane, and Sir Arthur Hesilrig, do proceed in the Examination of the said Sir George Booth, and any other Persons as they shall think fit, concerning this Business; and report their Examinations to this House: And that the Council of State do preserve these Examinations for the Use of the Parliament.

In the 7th Line, betwixt the Words "Counties" and "as," the Words, "in England and Wales" to be added.

In the 15th Line, the Word "have" be omitted; and in 14th Line inserted, before the Word "raised."

In the 15th Line, these Words, "the same," added betwixt the Words "contrived" and "or;" and these Words, viz. "which have been pardoned, or otherwise discharged or," added betwixt the Words "been" and "disposed."

In the 36th Line, the Words in that Line beginning with "as also to seize;" and so to the 44th Line, to the Word "secured;" omitted.

In the 49th Line, betwixt the Words "and" and "shall," the Word "knowingly" added.

In the 50th Line, the Blank there filled up with the Word "One."

In the 51th Line betwixt the Words "Estate" and "of," "or Knowledge of the Delinquency," added.