House of Commons Journal Volume 8
23 November 1660


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 8: 23 November 1660', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 8: 1660-1667 (1802), pp. 188-191. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Friday, 23d November, 1660.


Deane Forest.

ORDERED, That the Committee to whom the Bill for the Forest of Deane was referred, be and hereby is revived: And that they do meet this Afternoon, in Mr. Speaker's Chamber.

Buller's Claim.

Mr. Clifford makes Report from the Committee for publick Debts, upon the Case of Colonel Anthony Buller, as Governor of Scilly Island; as followeth;

The Sum that the Committee, in Honour and Justice, conceive ought to be paid to Colonel Anthony Buller, is Three thousand Four hundred Thirty-six Pounds Sixteen Shillings and Ten-pence.

The Sum that this Committee have left to the Consideration of this honourable House, that he further claims, is Two thousand Nine hundred Sixty seven Pounds Ten Shillings and Nine-pence.

The Sum that he stands engaged for to others, and of which, by the Opinion of this Committee, he ought to be indemnified, is Three thousand Five hundred Fiftythree Pounds Six Shillings and Seven Pence.

The Particulars whereof are as followeth; viz.

To Robert Cam and Comp. for Corn taken up for Relief of the Garison: For which they have an Ordinance of Parliament2,8151810
To James Clerke of Tiverton, Principal 66£. 18s. 4d.108--
To Humphry Windham, Principal 50£.70--
To Jacob Poulson, Malt, 75£.95--
To Mr. Pym of St. Mallo-
To Pyppm of Houghton, 30£.40--
To Mr. Opy of Plimouth, 40£.60--
To Mr. Jennings33779

Resolved, That this House doth agree with the Committee, that the Sum of Three thousand Four hundred Thirty-six Pounds Sixteen Shillings and Ten-pence, reported from the Committee for publick Debts, to be due to Colonel Anthony Buller, as a Debt, which they conceive ought in Honour and Justice to be paid him, be allowed and satisfied to the said Colonel Anthony Buller accordingly.

Resolved, That the said Sum of Three thousand Four hundred Thirty-six Pounds Sixteen Shillings and Tenpence be and hereby is charged on the Receipt of Excise, arising by Foreign Commodities imported; and paid to the said Colonel Anthony Buller, or his Assigns, in Course, next after the Sums shall be satisfied, which have been charged on the Receipt of Excise by Order of this Parliament. And the Commissioners for the Excise are impowered and required to satisfy the same accordingly. And this Order, with the Acquittance of the said Colonel Buller, or his Assigns, testifying the Receipt thereof, shall be, to the said Commissioners, a sufficient Warrant and Discharge.

Resolved, That the Lords Concurrence be desired herein: And Mr. Clifford is to carry it to the Lords.

Endowing Vicarages.

Resolved, That, on Tuesday next, the Report from the Committee to whom the Bill for endowing of Vicarages is referred, be made and taken into Consideration.

Langhorne's Petition.

Ordered, That the humble Petition of Rowland Langhorne Esquire, be read, in the First Place, To-morrow Morning.

Supply by Assessment.

Sir Hennage Finch, his Majesty's Solicitor General, reports from the Committee, a Bill for raising of Six Months Assessments, at the Rate of Seventy thousand Pounds by the Month, to commence from the First of January 1660: Which was read the First and Second time; and, on the Question, committed to a Committee of the whole House.

Ordered, That if the said Committee shall find any Persons, named Commissioners in the former Act for Assessments, unfit to be so continued; or that it may be necessary to appoint additional Commissioners in any Counties; they do, in such Case, present their Opinion, and fit Names, to the House.

That it be referred to the same Committee, to insert, into the Bill, a Clause by way of Declaration for satisfying the People of this Kingdom, that the laying of these Six Months Assessments is from a present Necessity to take off the Burdens which do now lie upon the Kingdom, in order to their future Ease; and not with Intention, that this way of charging the People shall for the future be continued.

Ordered, That this House be resolved into a Grand Committee for this Business, on Monday Morning next.

Wards and Liveries.

Ordered, That a Committee be appointed to draw up, and insert into the Bill for taking away the Court of Wards and Tenures, additional Clauses for settling the Moiety of the Excise of Beer and Ale, &c. on the King's Majesty, his Heirs and Successors; in Compensation for the Court of Wards and Tenures; and in Satisfaction for Purveyance; according to the Vote of this House of the Twenty-first Instant, and for the taking away of Purveyance, so as the said Vote may be effectual: And that Mr. Prerpont, Sir John Northcot, Mr. Goodricke, Lord Howard, Mr. Bulkley, Sir Lancelot Lake, Mr. Daniel, Sir John Marsham, Sir John Fredricke, Mr. Ansley, Mr. Chafe, Mr. Secretary Morris, Sir Sal. Swayle, Mr. Pryn, Mr. Jolliffe, Sir John Potts, Mr. Powell, Sir Edm. Boyer, Serjeant Charlton, Sir Wm. Wild, Sir Fran. Gerard, Mr. Shaw, Mr. Ferrers, Sir Geo. Downing, Mr. Lucy, Serjeant Glynn, Mr. Molleneux, Sir Edw. Turner, Mr. How, Sir Wm. Doyly, Sir Hen. Finch, Mr. Westphalin, Mr. John Robinson, and all the Gentlemen of this House who are of the Long Robe, be the said Committee: And Mr. Pierpont and Mr. Solicitor General are desired to take care herein: And they are to meet in Mr. Speaker's Chamber, at Two of the Clock this Afternoon.

Northern Borders.

Ordered, That the Bill for preventing of Thefts and Robberies on the Northern Borders, being this Day reported by the Lord Howard, be read To-morrow Morning.

Disbanding the Army.

Sir William Doyly reports from the Commissioners for Disbanding the Army, a Representation of the further Progress by them made in Disbanding and Paying off the Forces since their former; dated 6 Nov. Instant; viz.

Disbanded in England.Earl of Peterburgh's Regiment9,83621
Colonel Hubbiethorne's12,08586
Earl of Oxford's15,98991
Lord Hawlye's16,510181
Sir Ant. Ashly Cooper's15,027411
Colonel Sir Edw. Rossiter's14,049107
The Ship called the Wolfe,
Disbanded in Scotland.Three Troops of the Lord Falkland's Regiment9,32368
Captain Mason's Company1,10110-
Lieutenant Colonel Lunn's Company1,08312-
In all, Disbanded£.83,498133
And so remains, to be disbanded, the several Regiments and Garisons following; viz.
The Account of these Regiments and Garisons are stated; but, for want of Money, we cannot pay them off.Col. Ingoldsbey's Regiment of Horse13,73858
Col. O'Neale's Regiment of Horse16,398-5
Life Guard of Horse6,074197
Isle of Weight3,710106
Brown Sea Castle12334
Walmer Castle4251-
Deale Castle51838
Tilbury Fort78798
Landguard Fort86712
The Account of these Regiments and Garisons are now in stating; and, by Estimate, require the several Sums here mentioned.General's Regiment of Foot13,7285-
General's Regiment of Horse18,19712-
Duke of York's Regiment of Horse14,52018-
Sir Ralph Knight's Regiment of Horse18,19712-
Tower of London704-
Eighteen Ships, which, by Estimate made up to this Day, will require the Sum of138,13210-
In all for England £.251,54911-
Scotland,Colonel Clerk's Regiment of Foot, in Part7,500--
Three Troops of the Lord Falkland's9,329--
Captain Tong's Company1,10110-
In all £.17,93010-
The Total Sum requisite to this 23 of November 1660, besides the casual Sums mentioned in our said Representation, comes to, by way of Estimate, the Sum of269,4801-
Which said casual Sums, as by our former Representation, are estimated at150,000--
Total Sum wanting £.419,4801-
He also reports the present State of Cash, viz.
The Treasurers for the Poll Bill have received, from several Counties, Cities, and Places, mentioned in their Accompt annexed, the Sum of99,578145
They have also received upon Loan, which is to be repaid out of the Two Months Assessments37,76510-
In all received137,34445
Whereof, paid by the said Treasurers130,749148
And so there remains, in Cash, no more than the Sum of £.6,59499
Against which, there is to be paid,
For Bills of Exchange accepted by the said Commissioners, and already charged upon the said Treasurers10,19779
Besides, the said Commissioners have given Credit to draw Bills of Exchange upon them, for Disbanding Three Troops of the Lord Falkland's Regiment, and Colonel Danyell's Regiment of Foot in Scotland; which may amount to20,000--
Likewise, they have given Credit for Sir Anthony Ashly Cooper, to complete the Payment of his Regiment of Horse lately disbanded; which will be2,000--
So the Total to be paid, for which the Commissioners have given Credit £.32,19779

For the rest of the Money of the Poll Bill, for other Counties, not expressed in the said Treasurer's Accompt annexed, it hath been assigned for Disbanding those Regiments of Horse and Foot, that quartered in those Counties (which, as the Commissioners are informed, are all in Effect paid) and issued for the Purpose aforesaid, except some small Sums, that are inconsiderable.

Note, That, whereas the Treasurers for the Two Months Assessments, have, as before, charged themselves to have received Thirty-seven thousand Seven hundred Sixty-five Pounds Ten Shillings, lent upon his Majesty's Letter to the City of the 20 October 1660; wherein he desired One hundred thousand Pounds might be advanced in Ten Days; and engaged his Royal Word, that not One Peny of the said Two Months Assessments should be employed to any other Use, till the Advancers were reimbursed; by which means the Commissioners cannot dispose of any Part of the same; and so the whole Business of Disbanding is at a Stand for the present: Neither do they find themselves in a Condition to satisfy the Bills of Exchange, for which their Credits are already engaged, in case those Bills should presently come upon them, as they cannot but expect.

He also reports a Particular of Monies received on the Poll Bill, until the 21 of November 1660; comprehending the Monies received, of the Nobility; the Members of this House; the Aldermen; Persons who have fined for Aldermen; Aldermens Deputies, and Common Council of the City of London; the Officers of Chancery, King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer; the several Companies of the City of London; and several Counties:

Amounting, in the Whole, to £.99,578145
On the Loan Account37,76510-
In Toto £.137,34445
Whereof, paid by Bills of Exchange and Warrants118,25232
To the Treasurers, in Part of the Second 20,000£. Warrant12,497116
Resting in Cash, to Balance6,59499
Being, besides Bills of Exchange standing out,
Paid by Assignments of particular Sums in several Counties £.59,26412

Mr. Pryn doth also report from the Commissioners for Disbanding the Army, the Desire of the said Commissioners, that the Treasurers for the Two last Months Assessments, may grant Assignations for Disbanding and Paying off the Regiments of Colonel Oneale, and Colonel Sir Richard Ingoldsby, upon several Counties and Cities; and also, that the Members serving for the Counties may be ordered to write down, that the Money may be ready with all Expedition; the said Two Regiments amounting each to Sixty-three Pounds per Diem; both, to Three thousand Five hundred and Twenty-eight Pounds per Mensem; viz.

Colonel Oneale's Regiment.
Counties ofDevon6,00711-
Gloucester City32524
Colonel Sir Rich. Ingoldsbye's Regiment.
Isle of Ely735--

Resolved, That the Monies due and arising upon the last Act for Two Months Assessments, commencing the First Day of November Instant, within the Counties of Devon, Dorset, Gloucester, Somerset, Wilts, and the Cities of Gloucester, Excester, and Bristoll, be applied to the Paying off the Monies due to Colonel Oneale's Regiment, quartering in the Parts thereabouts, for their Disbanding; and that the Members serving for those Counties and Cities do write down Letters to the Commissioners thereof, that the Money be provided with all Expedition.

Resolved, That the Money due and arising upon the Act for Two Months Assessments, commencing the First of November Instant, within the Counties of Cambridge, Isle of Ely, Huntington, Beaford, Bucks, Northampton, Leicester, Oxon, Warwicke, and Worcester, be applied to the paying off the Monies due to Colonel Sir Richard Ingoldsby's Regiment, quartering thereabouts, for their disbanding: And that the Members serving for those Counties do write down Letters to the Commissioners thereof, that the Money be provided with all Expedition.

Ordered, That the Members of the House, who serve for the City of London, do bring in, To-morrow Morning, a Particular of the Monies chargeable on the City of London, and the adjacent Counties, by virtue of the last Act of Two Months Assessments; to the Intent Order may be taken for applying the same to the Satisfaction of such Sums of Money, as have been advanced by the City, on the Credit of the said Act.

Post Office.

Ordered, That the Committee to whom the Bill for the Post Office is referred, be and hereby is revived: And that they do meet at Two of the Clock this Afternoon, in Mr. Speaker's Chamber; and to make Report to the House with all convenient Speed.

Crown Revenue.

Ordered, That on Tuesday Morning next, the House do take into Consideration the settling of a Revenue of Twelve hundred thousand Pounds per Annum on the King's Majesty.

Preston Rectory.

Ordered, That the Committee to whom the Bill concerning the appropriate Rectory of Preston in the County of Suffolke, is referred, be and hereby is revived: And that they do meet at Two of the Clock this Afternoon, in Mr. Speaker's Chamber.