Subsidy Roll 1319
Bassishaw ward


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Eilert Ekwall

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'Subsidy Roll 1319: Bassishaw ward', Two Early London Subsidy Rolls (1951), pp. 258-261. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Warda de Bassieshawe, Bassishaw ward.

Parish: St. Michael Bassishaw.

Alderman: Richard Constantyn [CripI 5].

[Mem. 13.]

1 t De Willelmo atte Halle xviij.d. (fn. 1)
2 t De Willelmo de Croydone x.d. (fn. 2)
3 t De Johanne le Carpenter vj.d. ob. q. 3
4 t De Johanne de Depham ij.s. vj.d. (fn. 4)
5 t De Juliana Selkwomman vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 5)
6 t De Martino le Girdeler xiij.d. ob. q. 6
7 t De Waltero le Taillour vj.d. ob. q. 7
8 t De Johanne de Dallingg' Juniore xl.d. (fn. 8)
9 t De Henrico Boriuel xiij.s. iiij.d. (fn. 9)
10 t De Nicholao de Caustone xx.d. (fn. 10)
11 t De Simone Robes xiij.d. (fn. 11)
12 t De Isabella le Gros vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 12)
13 t De Galfrido de Norhamptone vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 13)
14 t De Ricardo le Lyndraper xl.d. (fn. 14)
15 t De Simone le Hoder' x.d. (fn. 15)
16 t De Galfrido le Purser' vj.d. ob. q. 16
17 t De Waltero le Wodemongere x.d. 17
18 t De Willelmo de Kent vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 18)
19 t De Ricardo le Baker' iij.s. viij.d. ob. q. (fn. 19)
20 t De Johanne de Reynham vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 20)
21 t De Waltero Caluari vj.d. ob. q. (fn. 21)
22 t De Cristina Pulsak' ij.s. viij.d. (fn. 22)
23 t De Rogero Cauendissh v.s. iiij.d. (fn. 23)
24 t De Alano Lorfeuere x.d. (fn. 24)
25 t De Johanne de Aylesham v.s. iiij.d. (fn. 25)
26 t De Laurencio le Botoner iiij.or s. iiij.d. (fn. 26)
27 t De Willelmo le Brochere xx.d. (fn. 27)
28 t De Margareta de Norhamptone di.mar. (fn. 28)
29 t De Gilberto de Berkyngg' xiij.d. ob. q. (fn. 29)
30 t De Simone Dode xiij.d. ob. q. (fn. 30)
31 t De Edmundo de Seint Alban iiij.s. iiij.d. (fn. 31)
32 t De Roberto de Hakebourne vij.s. (fn. 32)
33 t De Johanne Poyntel Nailer' xiij.d. ob. (fn. 33)
34 t De Galfrido de Caumpes v.s. (fn. 34)
35 t De Willelmo de ffurniual vj.d. ob. (fn. 35)
36 t De Bartholomeo de Hyndringham xl.d. (fn. 36)
Summa .iiij. li. ix.s. vij.d. ob. q. prob[at]ur


1. Perhaps William atte Halle 1332 S [ColemSt, 2s. 8d.], 1341 LBF 66 (brewer, surety with J. Baltrip, who was a juror in Bas 1336-7 Cor 179). The Hall will be the Guildhall.
2. William de Croidon, cutler 1320 LBE 132. A number of spear-heads of his were seized for debt. - Croydon Sr.
4. John de Depham 1304 LBB 144 (appr. of Adam de Horsham, mercer), 1309-10 LBD 103 (late appr. of Adam de Forsham, mercer, adm. Cheap), 1311 LBD 147 (mercer), 1346 LBF 145. - Deopham Nf.
5. Possibly identical with Gilian de Parys 1292 S [Bas 14] or (and) Juliana de Bassieshawe 1321 LBE 158 (indicted with illegal trade on Cornhill). For Selkwoman see Appendix.
8. John de Swiftlynge, appr. of John de Dallynge, mercer, adm. Bas 1310-11 LBD 131, J. de Dallyngge junior 1318 LBE 100, 1320 ib. 134 (mercer), J. de Dallyng 1332 S (1 m.), J. de Dallyngge senior, mercer 1349 Will (of Bas). John came from Swefling Sf and took the surname of his master.
9. Occupation and surname obscure.
10. Nicholas de Caustone 1324-5 LBE 198, 1332 S (1 m.), 1341-2 LBF 71 (witness Bas), 1346 ib. 144, N. de Causton, mercer 1340 Cl. - Cawston Nf, but Causton may be a master's surname.
11. Perhaps Simon de Bureford, called Robechon, late appr. of John de Bureford (pepperer), adm. Bas 1311 LBD 157. Robechon is a hypocoristic form of Robert.
12. Gros (ME gros 'thick, stout') is a well-evidenced surname in London.
13. Perhaps connected with no. 28.
14. Perhaps Richard de Hakeborn 1332 S (8s. 9¾d.). Cf. no. 32.
15. A Simon le Hodere was a witness in St. Stephen Walbr in 1320 (LBE 130). Cf. CripI 104.
18. Very likely William de Kent 1321 LBE 157 (a fripperer indicted with illegal trade on Cornhill).
19. He may have been a baker, but cf. Richard le Bakere, ferroun (ironmonger) 1304-5 LBB 147, surety of Adam de St. Alban [Cheap 108]. Cf. ColemSt 1.
20. Perhaps John de Renham, cordwainer 1298, 1299-1300 Mayors 5, 62. - Rainham Ess, K, Raynham Nf.
21. Cf. 1292 S [Qu 38].
22. Pulsak, a nickname, apparently meaning 'who pulls a sack'.
23. Roger de Cavendysch 1310-11 CW 217. He got shops in St. Stephen Coleman St, which adjoins Bas, by the will of Geoffrey de Bradelee, girdler. He may have been a girdler like the testator and Geoffrey de Cavendish (e.g. 1310 LBD 119) or a mercer like Walter [Cheap 26], another legatee of G. de Bradelee. - Cavendish Sf.
24. OF orfevre 'goldsmith'.
25. John Rak' de Eylesham, mercer, adm. 1312 LBD 170, J. de Ailesham 1320 LBE 129, J. de Aylesham 1328 LBE 232 (senior and junior, wardens of mercers), 1345 Will (mercer, a tenant in St. Michael). He made bequests to the churches of Marsham near Aylsham and Cawston (both Nf). He was a sheriff 1343-4, and alderman of Aldersgate 1342-5.
26. Laurence le Botoner, mercer 1308 LBC 169, 1309-10 LBD 182, L. le Botener 1332 S (8s. 10¾d.), L. le Botoner 1335 (1336) Will (owner of tenements in Bas). - Cf. 1292 S [BroadSt 65].
27. Very likely William de Dalby 1323-4 Will. He left houses in St. Michael to Elena wife of Ralph le Sporiere. Brochere is held to have meant 'spitmaker' and 'spurrier'.
28. Doubtless the widow of Philip de Norhampton [1292 S, Bas 5].
29. Gilbert de Berkyng 1325-6 Cor 140 (juror Bas). - Barking Ess.
30. Evidently connected with John Dode, ironmonger and Chamberlain, who was of Bas and whose will was enrolled in 1318. Thus probably an ironmonger. - OE Dodda fn.
31. Possibly connected with Michael de St. Alban, ointer (chandler), who was a juror for Bas in 1275 (RH 403) and was living in 1284 (LBA 158). - St. Albans Hrt.
32. Robert de Hakbourne 1317-18 LBE 82 (witness St. Pancras), R. de Hakebourne 1324-5 ib. 198, 1342 ADA 1910 (mercer, a tenant in Bas). Cf. 1292 S [Cordw 13]. - Hagbourne Brk.
33. John Poynter (le Poyntere) 1325-6 Cor 140, 147 (juror Bas), J. Poyntere 1333 CW 390 (tenant of shops in Bas). Poyntel is probably an error for Poyntere, which will be a derivative of point 'a kind of nail' (1590 OED) and mean 'nail-smith'. Cf. Stephen le Cloer 1292 S [Bas 3].
34. Geoffrey de Caumpes 1318 LBE 100 (surety of the executors of J. Dode; cf. no. 30), 1320 ib. 128. Very likely a former apprentice of Richard de Caumpes, ironmonger [1292 S, Bas 1].
35. William Furnival 1327 LBE 276 (juror Cheap), W. Furnyval 1328 ib. 234 (warden of tailors and linen-armourers), 1339 LBF 36 (witness Bas), W. Furnivall 1332 S (8d.). - An old Norman family name, generally derived from Fourneville in Calvados.
36. Bartholomew de Hindringham 1320 LBE 128, B. de Hyndringham 1320 Lib Cust 392 (juror). - Hindringham Nf.