Vol. 4 - Monastic Cathedrals (Southern Province)


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Joyce M. Horn

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'Errata: Vol. 4 - Monastic Cathedrals (Southern Province)', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1300-1541: volume 12: Introduction and errata (1967), pp. 58-61. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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(Southern Province)

p. 3 Thomas de Cobham Add D.Th.
p. 7 Hugh de AngouĂȘme Add M.
Bernard Sistre Add M.
p. 8 Adam Mottrum
William Chichele Add M. and Lic.Cn.L.
Thomas Chichele Add M.
Delete M. and D.Cn.L.
Replace the entry for Thomas Winterbourne by the following entry:
M. Thomas Winterbourne D.C.L. 1467-1479.
M. Thomas Rotherham B.Th. 1467.
Winterbourne occ. 25 Feb. 1467 (Reg. Bourgchier p. 288). Rotherham occ. June (Wars of the English in France, ed. J. Stevenson (R.S. 22) 11 787). Bp. of Rochester 1468. Winterbourne d. before Feb. 1479 (Reg. Bourgchier p. 335).
p. 9 John Bourgchier
For D. before 26 Nov. . . . f. 159b). read D. 6 Nov. 1495 (Survey of . . . Cathedrals, comp. Browne Willis (London, 1742) 11 121; Reg. Morton 1 f. 159b). Delete D.Cn.L.
Hugh Peynthwyn Add M. and D.C.L.
p. 13 Ralph de Walpole Add M. and D.Th.
p. 14 John Buckingham
For El. of Buckingham, bp. of Lincoln, read El. of Buckingham
Peter de Ely For 1425. read 1426.
William Alnwyk Delete O.S.B.,
p. 15 Thomas Bourgchier For D.Th. read Sch. Th.
p. 17 Ralph de Fodringhey Add M.
p. 18 Edward Burnell Add M.
Thomas Dalby Add M.
Adam Mottrum Add M. and Lic.Cn.L.
p. 23 William de Ayremynne
For bp. of Vienne read abp. of Vienne
William Bateman or de Norwyco For D.Cn. & C.L. read D.C.L. For 1343-1355. read 1344-1355.
p. 24 William Alnwyk Delete O.S.B., For 1425-1436. read 1426-1436.
p. 26 William Spynke Add M. and B. Th.
Thomas de Skerning Add M.
Roger de Snetisham Add M.
William Bateman or de Norwyco For D.Cn. & C.L. read D.C.L.
p. 27 John Berenger Add M.
John de Middleton Add M.
William Westacre Add M. and Lic.Cn.L.
John Hals
For Bp. of Coventry and Lichfield 1495. read Bp. of Coventry and Lich-field 1459.
p. 28 Thomas de Kerdeston
Delete whole entry and insert new entry before R. de S. as follows:
M. Thomas de Kerdeston 1315.
Occ. 8 March and 30 Apr. 1315 (Select Cases . . . King's Bench, ed. G. O. Sayles (Selden Soc., 1936-58) IV 64). Will referred to 28 Sept. 1326 (CCR. 1323-1327 p. 619).
p. 29 John de Middleton Add M.
Ralph Selby For D.C.L. read D.Cn. & C.L.
p. 30 Simon de Creake Add M. and D.C.L.
Firmin de Lavenham Add M.
Gilbert de Marewell or Yarewell Add M.
Thomas de Winchester Add M.
Henry de la Zouche Add M.
p. 31 William Graa de Trusthope
For B.C.L. read B.Cn. & C.L.
Thomas Hetersete For Gillingham, Wilts. read Gillingham, Dors.
Richard Maudeleyn Add M.
Eudo de la Zouche Add D.C.L.
Clement Denston Add M. and B.Th.
John Wiggenhall For D.C.L. read D.Cn.L.
p. 32 Thomas Shenkwyn For B.C.L. read D.C.L.
John Finneys For B.C.L. read B.Cn.L.
Richard Woleman
For D. Th. read D.Cn.L.
William de Fieschi or de Flisco
For D. before 28 Feb. 1357 read Exch. declared invalid by pope 28 Feb. 1357
Francis de St Maximo
For St Maximo read Sancto Maximo
p. 33 William Graa de Trusthope
For B.C.L. read B.Cn. & C.L.
John de Ufford Add M.
John Clervaus Add M. and B.Cn.L.
Thomas de Shirford Add M.
John Thorpe Add M.
William Pykenham
For D. 7/19 Apr. read D. 6 Apr./8 May
p. 34 Richard Sampson For D.C.L. read D.Cn. & C.L.
p. 37 William Wittlesey For B.Cn. & C.L. read D.C.L. For 1360-1364. read 1361-1364.
p. 38 Thomas Brinton For D.Th. read D.Cn.L.
William de Bottlesham Add M. and D.Th.
John de Bottlesham Add Lic.Cn. & C.L.
p. 41 William Hunden Add B.Cn. & C.L.
p. 42 Henry Edyall Add M.
Maurice Griffith Add M. and B.Th., B.Cn.L.
p. 45 Henry Woodlock de Merewell For 1304-1316. read 1305-1316.
Rigaud de Asserio Add M. and D.C.L.
p. 47 Richard Fox For D.Cn.L. read D.C.L.
Henry Woodlock de Merewell
For 1295-1304. read 1295-1305. For Bp. of Winchester 1304. read Bp. of Winchester 1305.
Robert de Enford For Robert read Richard
p. 48 Thomas de Skerning Add M.
p. 49 John Catryk or Ketterich For B.Cn.L. read Lic.Cn.L.
p. 50 Philip de St Austolo or Cornewayles For St Austolo read Sancto Austolo
Philip Sapiti Add M.
p. 51 John Pakenham
For D.Cn. & C.L. read B.Cn. & C.L.
John Frost Add B.Th.
p. 56 Wulstan de Bransford (again) For 1338-1349. read 1339-1349.
John de Thoresby Add B.C.L.
William Wittlesey For B.Cn. & C.L. read D.C.L.
p. 60 Walter de Burdon Add M.
For (Lamb., Reg. Reynolds f. 3b). read (Reg. Reynolds f. 3b).
William de Birstone
For (Lamb., Reg. Reynolds f. 3b). read (Reg. Reynolds f. 3b).
Joceus de Kinebauton Add M. and D.Cn. & C.L.
p. 61 John de Uske Add M.
Richard de Ledbury Add M.
Thomas de Stratford Delete B.C.L.
William de Thirsford Add M.
Richard Winchcombe Add M.
Nicholas Herbury For 1406-1428. read 1404-1428.
For Coll. 5 Nov. 1406 read Coll. 5 Nov. 1404
Geoffrey Blythe Delete D.Th.
p. 62 Peter Carmelian Add M.
Nicholas Wooton Add M. and D.C.L.
Henricus filius Imberti Delphini de Vienna For Henricus filius Imberti
Delphini de Vienna read Henry Delphinus, son of Imber, of Vienne
John Blanchard Add M.
p. 63 Robert Inkbarrow Add M.
Richard Burton Add B.C.L.