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'Archdeacons: Surrey', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 2: Monastic cathedrals (northern and southern provinces) (1971), pp. 94-95. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Occ. together with Ralph archdcn. of Winchester, 11 Oct. 1158 (Cart. Winch. no. 459). But perhaps an error for Robert (below).

M. Robert de Inglesham (fn. 1)

First occ. [1155 × 59] (Cart. Winch. no. 453(1); Two Carts. of Bruton and Montacute (Somerset Record Soc. viii) no. 109). (fn. 2) Last occ., as Robert archdcn. of Surrey, 27 March 1178 (Records of Merton Priory, ed. A. Heales (1898) app. p. xvii), but perhaps to be identified with R-archdcn. of Surrey who occ. [1189 × 96] (Mon. Ang. vi(2) 937). (fn. 3) Also clk. of Richard of Dover, abp. of Canterbury (1174-84) (Misc. D. M. Stenton p. 60; cf. ibid. p. 51 n. 4). Became archdcn. of Gloucester by Feb. 1187, where last occ. 1190, and had been succeeded before Sept. 1191 (see below p. 107).

M. Amicius

Presum. not appd. until after c. 1191 when occ. as bp.'s clk. (Reg. S. Osmund, ed. W. H. Rich Jones (Rolls ser. lxxviii) 1 243). (fn. 4) First occ. as archdcn. 5 Jan. 1192 (cart. of Lanthony: P.R.O., C.115/K1/6681 fo. 3r). Last occ. 1215 (C.P.R. 1301-7 p. 339). D. before 26 Oct. 1216 (Records of Merton Priory, ed. A. Heales (1898) app. p. xxix), perhaps before Nov. 1215, when he had been succeeded in office (see below).

M. Peter

Occ. twice only: as Peter, archdcn. of Surrey, [Jan. × Nov. 1215] (H. M. Colvin, White Canons in England (Oxford, 1951) p. 351, for date see ibid. p. 179); and as M. P-, archdcn. of Surrey, 4 Sept. 1216 (Rot. Litt. Pat. p. 182).

M. Geoffrey

Occ. once only, [1205 × 38] (C.Ch.R. v 35). (fn. 5)


First occ. Dec. 1227 × Dec. 1228 (Rot. H. de Welles, ed. W. P. W. Phillimore (Canterbury and York Soc. i, iii, iv) 11 29). Last occ. July 1243 (C.P.R. 1266-72. p. 723). Also preb. of London. Not to be confused with Luke the chapl., archdcn. of Norwich (above p. 64).

M. Walter de Bronescomb (fn. 6) alias of Exeter

First occ. 16 Apr. 1245 (Reg. Roff. p. 13) and presum. to be identified with W- archdcn. of Surrey who occ. 1 Apr. 1245 (Cart. Winch. no. 453(4)). Bp. of Exeter, el. Feb. 1258, cons. March.

M. Peter de Sancto Mauro (fn. 7)

Coll. by Aymer, bp.-el., before June 1258 and left England June 1258 (Reg. Urbain IV no. 1042). Restored 18 March 1264 (see below p. 95).

M. Oliver de Tracy (fn. 1)

Royal coll. 20 Jan. 1259 (C.P.R. 1258-66 p. 10). Occ. 11 March, 15 June 1259 (Close R. 1256-59 pp. 368, 395), and 3 Feb. 1260 (Ann. Wint. pp. 98-9). Depr. by pope before May 1261 (Reg. Urbain IV no. 1042).

M. Richard de Sancto Gorono (fn. 2)

Coll. by bp. John, after June 1262 (Reg. Urbain IV no. 1042). Depr. by pope 18 March 1264 (ibid.).

M. Peter de Sancto Mauro (fn. 3) (again)

Restored by pope 18 March 1264 (Reg. Urbain IV no. 1042). Also official of court of Canterbury 1282 (I. J. Churchill, Canterbury Administration (1933) 11 237). Last certain occ. 30 Dec. 1295 (C.C.R. 1288-96 p. 503). D. before 11 Nov. 1296 (Reg. Pontissara 1 80). Commem. 23 June (St. Mary Overy, Southwark, obit.: B.M., Cotton MS. Faust. A. viii fo. 46r).

M. Thomas de Skerning (fn. 4)

Coll. by bp. 11 Nov. 1296 (Reg. Pontissara 1 80). D. before 12 March 1301 (ibid. p. 105). Presum. to be identified with archdcn. of Suffolk (above p. 68).


1 ?Inglesham, Wilts.
2 Temp. Turstin, sheriff of Hants; cf. H. E. Salter, Facsimiles of Early Oxford Charters (Oxford, 1929) no. 18 and note.
3 For the date of this document, see H. M. Colvin, White Canons in England (Oxford, 1951) p. 89. If this identification is correct, Robert did not res. the archdcnry. of Surrey after 1178, as suggested by C. N. L. Brooke (Misc. D. M. Stenton pp. 51-2). His appearances without title after 1178 may not be significant; he also occ. without title during his period of office before 1178 (e.g. Reg. Roff. pp. 350, 410-11).
4 Cf. Carte Nativorum, ed. C. N. L. Brooke and M. M. Postan (Northants Record Soc. xx) p. 169, for his connection with Benedict, abbot of Peterborough.
5 Temp. Peter des Roches, bp. of Winchester (above p. 86).
6 ?Branscombe, Devon.
7 ?Bratton St. Maur, Somt.
1 He was nephew of Richard earl of Gloucester (C.P.R. 1258-66 p. 10).
2 ?Gorran, Cornwall.
3 See above p. 94 n. 7.
4 ?Scarning, Norf.