Coombe and Harnham


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'Prebendaries: Coombe and Harnham', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 4: Salisbury (1991), pp. 63-64. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Coombe Bisset (Wilts.) a royal manor 1086 (DB I 65b). Churches of Coombe Bisset and Harnham (Wilts.) gr. to cath. by Henry I 1107 × 35 (RSO I 201-2, cal. Regesta II no. 1972), conf. by Henry II 1158 (RSO I 204).

Preb. prob. in existence by c. 1150 (Psalter list), certainly by Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227 (app. 1). Preb. consisted of the two churches of Coombe Bisset and Harnham and land in Boscombe (Wilts.). (fn. 3) Called preb. of Coombe, Harnham and Boscombe 1281 (C. 502), but preb. of Coombe and Harnham 1291 (Taxatio p. 182a).

Subdcn.-preb.; cantoris side; term of residence: Jan.-March.


1220s 20m.; 1226 25m.; c. 1284 15m.; 1291 £13 6s. 8d.


M. Luke of Winchester, des Roches (fn. 1)

Can. by 26 Apr. 1220, preb. Ruscombe Southbury in 1223 (list 51). Occ. this preb. Oct. 1226 × Feb. 1227 (app. 1). Also archdcn. of Surrey (Winchester dioc., 1 Fasti II 94). Transf. to preb. Hurstbourne, instal. 13 Jan. 1231 (RSO I 388-9; list 38).

M. Thomas of Warwick (fn. 2)

Bp.'s clk., occ. 20 Apr. 1230 (Cart. Lacock no. 4). Coll. to this preb. in succession to M. Luke of Winchester, instal. by proxy 13 Jan. 1231 (RSO I 388-9). Occ. as can. twice only: 15 Dec. 1232 (HMC Var. Coll. I 341) and 19 Oct. 1233 (Sar. Chs. p. 229).

[? Peter de Cumba

See below, list 66.]

M. Geoffrey de Meleborn alias Brito (fn. 3)

Not can. when occ. prob. latter half of 1262, ? c. Nov. (cart. De Vaux fos. 41v-42r; cf. ibid. fo. 26r, of 21 Feb. × 1 Nov. 1262). First occ. as can. Dec. 1262 (Sar. Chs. p. 336). Occ. frequently. Occ. this preb. before 24 June 1281 (C. 502) and May-June 1284 (app. 2). Last occ. 11 July 1287 (HMC Var. Coll. I 355). Does not occ. 10 May 1288 (app. 3). D. before 2 Feb. 1290 (IV/M/chi 7). Commem. 27 Oct. (Sar. Stats. p. 12).

M. Thomas de Ripton

Can. by 1262, preb. Beminster I by 1284 (list 18). Had been succeeded in preb. Beminster some time before 3 March 1298 (ibid.), so presum. transf. to this preb. by that time. D. as this preb. by 11 Aug. 1298 (Reg. Gandavo II 577-8). Commem. 11 Aug. (Sar. Stats. p. 10).

M. Richard de Bello

Transf. from preb. Grantham Australis (list 32). Coll. this preb. 11 Aug. 1298 (Reg. Gandavo II 577-8). Transf. to preb. Highworth by 13 Sept. 1305 (ibid. I 166-7; 2 Fasti III 58).


3 Prob. the land in Boscombe held by William of Eu 1086, DB I 71d; cf. Durnford, list 29. Not Ruscombe as wrongly given in Reg. Gandavo II 823 and Jones, Fasti p. 375.
1 Nephew of Peter des Roches, bp. of Winchester (1205-38) (for whom see I Fasti II 86), called 'de Rupibus' in PRO, E.210/11304, and Book of Fees pp. 1365, 1417.
2 For his career, see Biog. Ox. III 1987-8; but note that he was chapl. to bp. Robert de Bingham, not to bp. Richard Poore. He is presum. to be identified with M. Thomas of Warwick who occ. in Lincoln dioc. 12 Nov. 1220, Rot. Welles II 103.
3 ? Milbourne, Dorset. As 'Brito' he occ. 15 and 23 Dec. 1262, PRO, C.84/2/40; Sar. Chs. p. 337 (identity with Meleborn established by comparison with Sar. Chs. p. 336, cf. ibid. n. 3). He occ. as 'de Brutun' 22 Apr. 1265, Niger fo. 59r-v, and 'li bretun' 4 Jan. 1266, cart. De Vaux fo. 42r.