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'Prebendaries: Holcombe', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: volume 7: Bath and Wells (2001), pp. 56-57. URL: Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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Holcombe [Burnell] (Devon): royal manor TRE and in 1086 (DB I 101c).

Churches of Holcombe and 'Lameia' gr. as preb. by Ralph son of Bernard before 1189 (Cal. I 19; other lay donors ibid.; cf. ibid. pp. 19-20 for gifts to church of Holcombe before it became preb.). Both conf. by kg. 26 Nov. 1189 (ibid. p. 309) and by pope 5 June 1190 (PUE II no. 256).

Valuations 1291 £1 13s 4d, including vicarage 6s 8d (Taxatio pp. 143b, 154b, 155a); 1299 4m (Cal. I 256).


M. Henry of Chichester

Clerk, adm. and inst. to church of Holcombe by bp. of Exeter at request of dean and chapter of Wells 5 Oct. 1214 × 1219 (EEA XII no. 224). (fn. 176) Occ. as can. twice: 8 Apr. 1219 (Chart. Bath II 22 (no. 105)) and 18 Aug. 1221 (EEA XIX no. 270). Perhaps the same as Henry of Chichester who was commem. at Exeter 19 June (Exeter Cath. Libr. MS 3625 fo. iiiv). Unlikely to be identified with can. of Chichester of this name, who occ. 29 June 1267 (1 Fasti V 59-60) and was possibly archdcn. of Lewes 1272 × 79 (ibid. p. 25), or with chanc. of Lincoln who occ. after Nov. 1264 and last occ. Apr. 1270 (ibid. III 17, 90, 96). (fn. 177)

M. Godfrey Giffard

Adm. to this preb. by proxy 3 Sept. 1263 (Reg. Bronescombe II no. 500). Exch. 13 May 1264 for Dultingcote (list 37).

M. John de Chishull (fn. 178)

Clerk of Peter Chaceporc archdcn. of Wells, papal disp. to hold an addit. benefice 7 Feb. 1251 (CPL I 273 = Reg. Innoc. IV no. 5389). Royal gr. of this preb., s.v., 13 May 1264 (CPR 1258-66 p. 317). Presum. res. before 10 Dec. 1265 (Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 6; and below). Royal chanc. 1263-5, treas. of exchequer 1270- 1 (Tout, Chapters VI 5, 19). Archdcn. of London by 15 Jan. 1263 (1 Fasti I 11, 40); dean of London by 29 Oct. 1268 (ibid. p. 7). Provost of Beverley 1265-74 (Beverley Fasti p. 7). Bp. of London, el. 7 Dec. 1273, temps. 15 March 1274, cons. 29 Apr., d. 7 Feb. 1280 (1 Fasti I 4).

M. Hugh de la Mote

Bp.'s coll. to this preb. in succession to John [de Chishull], 10 Dec. 1265 (Reg. Giffard (Bath) pp. 6-7). Exch. with John de Holteby for bursal preb. 1 Feb. 1266 (ibid. p. 7; unident. preb., list 67).

M. John de Holteby

Exch. bursal preb. with M. Hugh de la Mote, bp.'s coll. to this preb. 1 Feb. 1266 (Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 7; unident. preb., list 67). Coll. to preb. Buckland Dinham 20 Oct. 1266 (list 15).


Seneschal of bp. of Exeter, coll. to this preb. 20 Oct. 1266, but did not accept (Reg. Giffard (Bath) p. 7).]

M. William of Cahors

As M. William, archdcn. of Cahors, he had bp.'s coll. to this preb. in succession to M. John de Holteby, 18 Nov. 1266, at request of cardinal Ottobono, papal legate in England (Reg. Giffard (Bath) pp. 7-8). As M. William de Cathurco, occ. as can. 8 Jan. 1267 (Chart. Bath II 67 (no. 319)).

M. Bonetus de Sancto Quintino

Inst. to this preb. 25 Oct. 1276 (Reg. Bronescombe II no. 1196). Presum. related to M. Nicholas de Sancto Quintino, can. (unident. preb., list 67), M. Robert of St Quentin, can. (list 67), and M. Walter of St Quentin, archdcn. of Taunton (lists 12, 48, 67).

Next identified preb. is M. Adam de Murimuth, who res. before 20 May 1340 (2 Fasti VIII 51).


176 The terminus ad quem is given by bp. Jocelin's style, 'Bath and Glastonbury', list 1.
177 See Biog. Ox. I 414 and correction ibid. II p. xiv.
178 For his career, see ibid. III 2161.