The Common Paper
List of Assistants, July 1569


London Record Society



Francis W. Steer (editor)

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'The Common Paper: List of Assistants, July 1569', Scriveners' company common paper 1357-1628: With a continuation to 1678 (1968), pp. 71-72. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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List of Assistants, July 1569

Thassistence agreed upon at or Dynner kepte at the waxchanndelers hall the xijth Daie of Julie A° D'ni 1569 whose names are hereunder wrytten that is to saie

Thorn's Wytton & Anthony Bonde then Wardens

The assistance: Will'm Blackwell, Thom's Godfrey, Thorn's Went, John

Norden, Barthilmew Brokesby, Thom's Atkinson, Stephen Alexander, John Dalton, Jeffry Caldwell.

Admitted into the assistance the Daie and yere above saide: Peter Baker, Thorn's Brende, Anthony Higgens, Rauff Haull. (fn. 1)


1 The meaning of this record is doubtful; the arrangement of the names in the manuscript could mean that all the thirteen men were taken in as assistants on this day.