The Common Paper
List of Assistants, 1554/5, and those admitted, 1562/3


London Record Society



Francis W. Steer (editor)

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'The Common Paper: List of Assistants, 1554/5, and those admitted, 1562/3', Scriveners' company common paper 1357-1628: With a continuation to 1678 (1968), pp. 73. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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List of Assistants, 1554/5, and those admitted, 1562/3

S'm to t xviij li xiij s ix d

Thassistence agreed upon at or supper kepte at the waxchanndelers hall the xx° Day of January A° D'ni 1554. whose names be'n hereunder declared. Viz'

Richard Mannsell and Thomas Pierson then Wardeyns

Assistence: Will'm Blakwell, John Lee thelder, John Melsh'm, John Hulson, Anthony Wayte, John Stubberd, Thomas Godfray, Bartilmew Brokesby, Thomas Atkinson, Thomas Wente, Will'm Pierson, Thom's Wytton', John Norden, John Rusborough, (fn. 1) Anthony Bonde. (fn. 2)

Admytted into the Assistence at the Supper holden at Wexchandelers hall the xxiij of January 1562: Antony Bonde, (fn. 1) Wylliam Owtered, (fn. 1) Geffrey Caldwell, John Dalton.


1 Name struck through. All the names except Bonde in the first group and Caldwell and Dalton in the second have 'mort' written against them in a different hand.
2 The names are in a column bracketed together and the word Vacat' is written against the bracket. Each name is prefixed by 'It'm by', which is omitted here. The individual sums have been converted from Roman to Arabic figures.