The Common Paper
Money lent to Queen Mary, March 1558


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Francis W. Steer (editor)

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'The Common Paper: Money lent to Queen Mary, March 1558', Scriveners' company common paper 1357-1628: With a continuation to 1678 (1968), pp. 73. URL: Date accessed: 27 November 2014.


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Money lent to Queen Mary, March 1558

[p. 294 transcript] Tempore [Joh'es, deleted] Thom's Went & Willi'm Pierson'

Money Lente unto owne Late Soveraigne Ladie Marie Late Quiene of Englande the xxjth Daye of Marche in Anno d'ni Milli'mo qui'gentesimo lviij° by the Company of the Scriveners as foloweth'

Firste Lente by Thomas Godfray vli.

Thomas Pierson, 5li.; (fn. 1) Humfrey Broke, 5li; Thomas Brende, 10li.; Thomas Atkynson, 5li.; Bartylmewe Brokesby, 5li.; Thomas Wytton, 5li.; Richarde Mannsell, 3li. 6s. 8d.; John Norden, 5li.; Peter Baker, 5li.; John Hulson, 3li. 6s. 8d.; John Lee thelder, 5li.; John Russheboroughe, 5li.

661i. 13s. 4d.

All whyche severall som'es were Repaid unto the lenders therof the viijth daye of M'che 1559 by John Norden and Bartylmewe Brokesbye Scryveners then Wardens of the said Companye.


1 The names are in a column bracketed together and the word Vacat' is written against the bracket. Each name is prefixed by 'It'm by', which is omitted here. The individual sums have been converted from Roman to Arabic figures.