The Common Paper
Form of oath for Wardens


London Record Society



Francis W. Steer (editor)

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'The Common Paper: Form of oath for Wardens', Scriveners' company common paper 1357-1628: With a continuation to 1678 (1968), pp. 74. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Form of oath for Wardens

[p. 296 transcript] Sacru' Gardianor' in Guyhald'

Yee shall swere that ye shall wele and truly ov'see the Craft of Scryvaners Wherof yee bee chosen wardeyns for the yere and alle the good rules and ordenannces of the same Craft that been' approved here by this Court yee shall kepe and doo to be kept And all the defautes that yee fynde in the same Craft doon' to the Chamberleyn of this Citee for the tyme beyng yee shall Wele and truly present Sparyng no man for favour ne grevyng no personne for hate Extorcion' ne wrong under colour of your office shall yee noon' Doo neither Do no thing that shal be agenst the peas or profite of oure sov'ain lorde the king or the Citee ye shall consent but for alle tymes that yee been' in office wele and laufully aftir the lawes and custumes of this Citee yee shall Doo so god you help and alle seyntes and by the book'.