The Diary of Thomas Burton
15 January 1656-7


History of Parliament Trust



John Towill Rutt (editor)

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'The Diary of Thomas Burton: 15 January 1656-7', Diary of Thomas Burton esq, volume 1: July 1653 - April 1657 (1828), pp. 351. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Thursday, January 15, 1656–7.

The Grand Committee upon the Excise Bill sat, and dispatched all till they came to the polling clause. (fn. 1) Some cried for the question, to throw it out, but there it sticks. Colonel Briscoe told me, that Mr. Godfrey and others thought that the clause debated upon in the Scotch Bill, viz. that no taxes nor public impositions should be laid upon the people of this commonwealth, but by common consent in Parliament, would do better in this Bill than in any other, for this must have an affirmative from his Highness. Others might be more likely to receive a negative. I wrote in the office.

I know not what Committees sat this afternoon, for I was upon visits to Mr. Speaker, who was loth to be seen, and with Cousin Hilton till past eight, and came home in the rain, &c.


1 See supra, pp. 292, 293.