The Diary of Thomas Burton
16 January 1656-7


History of Parliament Trust



John Towill Rutt (editor)

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'The Diary of Thomas Burton: 16 January 1656-7', Diary of Thomas Burton esq, volume 1: July 1653 - April 1657 (1828), pp. 351. URL: Date accessed: 26 November 2014.


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Friday, January 16, 1656–7.

The Grand Committee for religion, sat both forenoon and afternoon; (fn. 1) but it rained terribly, so I stirred not out all day.


1 The most important business of this Committee, Whitlock has thus preserved:— "January 16. At the Grand Committee for religion. Ordered, that it be referred to a sub-committee, to send for, and advise with Dr. Walton, Mr. Hughes, Mr. Castle, Mr. Clark, Mr. Poulk, Doctor Cudworth, and such others as they shall think fit, and to consider of the translations and impressions, and to offer their opinions therein to the Committee, and that it be especially commended to the Lord Commissioner Whitlock to take care of this business." In consequence of this order, "February 6, there was a great meeting of learned men, at Whitlock's house at Chelsea. This Committee often met, and had the most learned men in the oriental tongues to consult with, in this great business, and divers excellent and learned observations of some mistakes in the translation of the Bible in English; which yet was agreed to be the best of any translation in the world. Great pains were taken in it, but it became fruitless by the Parliament's dissolution." Whitlock adds, "February 16, Dr. Walton published the Polyglot Bible." It appears that the Protector, as the Parliament had done before, remitted the duty on the paper imported for this work. "Chartam a vectigalibus immunem habuimus," says Dr. Walton, at the conclusion of his preface.