The Diary of Thomas Burton
27 January 1656-7


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John Towill Rutt (editor)

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'The Diary of Thomas Burton: 27 January 1656-7', Diary of Thomas Burton esq, volume 1: July 1653 - April 1657 (1828), pp. 369-370. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Tuesday, January 27, 1656–7.

Mr. Speaker being come to the House, and the House taking notice of his weakness of body, it was

Resolved, that, in respect of Mr. Speaker's present indisposition of body, the Lord Commissioner Whitlock be desired to take the chair, to supply the Speaker's place during his absence occasioned thereby.

The Lord Commissioner Whitlock was brought to the chair by Colonel Sydenham and Major-general Howard, and, being there set, desired, since the House was pleased to command his service in that place on this occasion, that the House would be pleased to construe, with all candour, his words and actions therein; and that they will give him a freedom of minding them, and keeping them to the Orders of the House, for the service and honour of the House.

Resolved, that those ceremonies and respects that were used to the former Speaker, shall be used to the present Speaker, and that he have the profits due to the Speaker. (fn. 1)


1 Inserted verbatim, by Whitlock, in his Memorials. (1732) p. 564.