Grant for Hessian troops in 1730
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'Grant for Hessian troops in 1730: Votes for and against', The History and Proceedings of the House of Commons : volume 8: 1733-1734 (1742), pp. 372-382. URL: Date accessed: 18 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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A LIST of the Members who voted for granting the Sum of 241,259 l. 1s. 3d. for defraying the Expence of 12,000 Hessian Troops, in the Pay of Great Britain, for the Year 1730.

For the BILL.

Alston Sir Rowland.
Andrews Townshend, Esq.
Arscot Arthur, Esq.
Anstruther Sir John.
Anstruther Col, Philip, Esq.
Arundel Hon. Richard, Esq.
Ashe Edward, Esq.

Bacon Sir Edmund (Gillingham)
Bacon Waller, Esq.
Baker Capt, Hercules, Esq.
Barrington Sir John.
Beauclerk Lord William.
Berkeley Hon. Henry, Esq.
Bladen Thomas, Esq.
Bladen Martin, Esq.
Bowles William, Esq.
Bradshaigh Sir Roger.
Bridgman Sir Orlando.
Bristow Robert, Esq.
Brodie Alexander, Esq.
Brooksbank Stamp, Esq.
Brudenell Hon. James, Esq.
Burchett Josiah, Esq.
Burrard Paul, Esq.
Burrell Peter, Esq.
Butler James, Esq.
Byng Hon. Pattee, Esq.
Byng Hon. Robert, Esq.

Campbell John Esq. (Pembrokeshire)
Campbell Daniel, Esq.
Cambell Sir James.
Campbell Col. John.
Campbell John, Jun. Esq.
Carey Walter, Esq.
Carnarvan Marquis of.
Castlemain Richard Lord Visc.
Caswell Sir George, Knt.
Cavendish Lord Charles.
Churchill Brigadier General Charles.
Clavering John, Esq.
Clayton William, Esq.
Clerke Sir Thomas, Knt.
Clifton Sir Robert.
Clutterbuck Thomas, Esq.
Cockburn John, Esq.
Cope Col. John, Esq.
Cope Sir John.
Copleston Thomas, Esq.
Corbet William, Esq.
Cornwallis Hon. John, Esq.
Cornwallis Hon. Stephen, Esq.
Cracherode Anthony, Esq.
Crispe Thomas, Esq.
Croft Sir Archer.
Crosse John, Esq.
Crowle George, Esq.
Cunningham Henry, Esq.

Darcy Sir Conyers, Knight of the Bath.
Dalrymple Capt. John.
Dalrymple Col. William.
Docminicque Paul, Esq.
Doddington George, Esq.
Douglas Col. John, Esq.
Douglas Archibald, Esq.
Drake Sir Francis Henry.
Drax Henry, Esq.
Drummond John, Esq.
Ducket Major William.
Dunbar Patrick, Esq.
Duncombe Anthony, Esq.

Egdecombe Richard, Esq.
Edwards Samuel, Esq.
Egerton Col. William.
Erle Giles, Esq.
Erle Capt. William Rawlinson.
Erskine Capt. Thomas.
Evans Capt. Richard.
Evelyn John, Esq.
Eversfield Charles, Esq.
Eyles Sir John.
Eyles Sir Joseph.
Eyles Capt. Francis.

Fane Francis, Esq.
Farrington Thomas, Esq.
Finch Hon. Henry, Esq.
Finch Hon. William, Esq.
Fitzwilliams Lord Visc.
Forbes Duncan, Esq.
Fortescue William, Esq.
Frankland Sir Thomas.

Gage Lord Visc.
Gage Sir William, Knight of the Bath, and Bart.
Gibson Thomas, Esq.
Glenorchy Lord Visc.
Goddard John, Esq.
Gould Nathaniel, Esq.
Gould John, Esq.
Grant James, Esq.
Gregory George, Esq.
Griffith Capt. John, Esq.
Grimston William, Lord Visc.

Hales Sir Thomas.
Hales Thomas, Esq.
Hamilton Alexander, Esq.
Hamilton Lord Arichibald.
Harris John, Esq.
Harrison George, Esq.
Harrison Thomas, Esq.
Hedges John, Esq.
Herbert Hon. Robert, Esq.
Heron Patrick, Esq.
Hervey Lord John.
Hinxman Joseph, Esq.
Hoghton Sir Henry.
Holland Rogers, Esq.
Hoste James, Esq.
Hotham Sir Charles.
Howard Col. Charles, Esq.
Howarth Sir Humphry, Knt.
Hucks William, Esq.
Hucks Robert, Esq.
Hughes Edward, Esq.
Huxley George, Esq.

Jacomb Robert, Esq.
Jenison Ralph, Esq.
Jennings Sir John, Knt.
Jessop William, Esq.

Ingram Hon. Henry, Esq.

Kelsal Henry, Esq.
King Hon. John, Esq.
Knatchbull Sir Edward.
Knight John, Esq.
Knight Bulstrode Peachey, Esq.
Knollys Henry, Esq.

Lane Sir Richard, Knt.
Leathes Carteret, Esq.
Lee William, Esq.
Lewis Thomas, Esq. (Radnor)
Liddel George, Esq.
Lloyd Major Philip.
Lloyd Salusbury, Esq.
Lookyer Charles, Esq.
Longueville Charles, Esq.
Lumley Hon. James, Esq.
Lumley Hon. John, Esq.
Lyttleton Sir Thomas.

Malpas Lord Visc.
Manners Lord William.
Martin Thomas, Esq.
Metcalfe James, Esq.
Micklethwaite Lord Visc.
Middleton Gol. John, Esq.
Mill Sir Richard.
Milner Sir William.
Monro Sir Robert.
Monson George, Esq.
Moore Robert, Esq.
Morgan Col. Maurice, Esq.
Morrice Humphrey, Esq.
Morton Hon. Matthew Ducie, Esq.
Murray John, Esq.

Nelthorp James, Esq.
Nicoll Charles Gounter, Esq.
Norris Sir John, Knt.
Norton Col. Thomas, Esq.

Onslow Col. Richard, Esq.
Orlebar John, Esq.
Owen William, Esq.
Oxenden Sir George.

Palmerston Lord Visc.
Papillon David, Esq.
Parker Sir Philip.
Parsons Henry, Esq.
Pearse Thomas, Esq.
Pelham Hon. Henry, Esq.
Pelham Thomas, Esq. (Lewis)
Pelham Thomas, Esq.
Pelham James, Esq.
Pelham Thomas, Jun. Esq.
Percival Lord Visc.
Piers Col. William, Esq.
Pitt Thomas, Esq.
Plumtree John, Esq.
Polhill David, Esq.
Pottinger Richard, Esq.
Powlett Lord Harry.
Powlett Lord Nassau.
Powlett Norton, Sen. Esq.
Powlett Col. Charles Armand, Esq.
Powlett William, Esq.
Pulteney Col. Henry, Esq.

Read Sir Thomas.
Reade Col. George, Esq.
Rich Sir Robert.
Roberts Gabriel, Esq.

St. Quintin Matthew Chitty, Esq.
Sabine Lieutenant General.
Saunders Sir George, Knt.
Sayer Exton, L. L. D.
Scrope John, Esq.
Scott James, Jun. Esq.
Scott Col. James, Esq.
Selwyn John, Esq.
Selwyn Charles, Esq.
Shelley Sir John.
Sheppard Sir James, Knt.
Sinclair Col. James, Esq.
Sloper William, Esq.
Smelt Leonard, Esq.
Stanhope Charles, Esq.
Stert Arthur, Esq.
Stiles Benjamin Haskins, Esq.
Strickland Sir William.
Sutherland Hon. William, Esq.
Sutton. General Richard, Esq.

Talbot Charles, Esq.
Thompson Edward, Esq.
Thornhill Sir James, Knt.
Tilson Christopher, Esq.
Towers Thomas, Esq.
Townshend Hon. Horatio, Esq.
Townshend Hon. William, Esq.
Townshend Hon. Thomas, Esq.
Treby George, Esq.
Trelawney Sir John.
Trenchard George, Esq.
Turner Sir Charles, Knt. and Bart.
Tyrrel Brigadier James.

Verney Hon. John, Esq.
Vincent Henry, Esq.

Wade General George,
Wager Sir Charles.
Walpole Sir Robert.
Walpole Horatio, Esq.
Walter Peter, Esq.
Westby Wardell George, Esq.
White Thomas, Esq.
Whitworth Francis, Esq.
Willis John, Esq.
Williams Sir Nicholas, Bart.
Williams Hugh, Esq.
Willis Sir William.
Willis Sir Charles, Knight of the Bath.
Winnington Thomas, Esq.
Withers Charles, Esq.
Wyndham Col. William, Esq.
Wynn Thomas, Esq.

Yonge Sir William, Knight of the Bath.
York Sir Philip, Knt.

Against the BILL.

Abdy Sir Robert.
Acton William, Esq.
Aislabie William, Esq.
Annesley Francis, Esq.
Astley Sir John.
Aston Sir Thomas.
Austen Sir Robert.

Bacon Thomas Sclater, Esq.
Bacon Sir Edmund, Bart.
Bagot Sir Walter Wagstaff. (Garboldisham)
Banks Joseph, Esq.
Barker Sir William.
Barnard John, Esq.
Bateman Lord Visc.
Bathurst Peter, Esq.
Bathurst Benjamin, Esq.
Belfield John, Esq.
Berkeley Hon. George, Esq.
Bertie Hon. James, Esq.
Bold Peter, Esq.
Bond John, Esq.
Boone Charles, Esq.
Boothe Robert, Esq.
Bootle Thomas, Esq.
Boscawen Hon Hugh, Esq.
Bramston Thomas, Esq.
Bromley William, Esq.
Bromley William, Jun. Esq.
Browne John, Esq.

Cæsar Charles, Esq.
Carew Sir William.
Cavendish Lord James.
Charlton St. John, Esq.
Chetwynd Lord Visc.
Chetwynd John, Esq.
Child Francis, Esq.
Child William Lacon, Esq.
Cholmondeley Charles, Esq.
Clarke George, L. L. D.
Clayton Sir William.
Coffin Richard, Esq.
Compton Hon. George, Esq.
Cotton Sir John Hynde.
Curzon Sir Nathaniel.

Davers Sir Jermyn.
Devereux Hon. Price, Esq.
Digby Hon. Edward, Esq.
Douglass William, Esq.
Drewe Francis, Esq.
Duff William, Esq.
Dundass Robert, Esq.
Dutton Sir John.

Ellys Sir Richard.
Elton Sir Abraham.

Finch Hon. John, Esq. (Maidstone)
Finch Hon. John, (Higham Ferrers)
Foley Richard, Esq.
Fortescue Hon. Theophilus, Esq.
Fox Stephen, Esq.
Furnese Sir Robert.
Furnese Henry, Esq.

Gower Hon. Baptist Leveson, Esq.
Gower Hon. William Leveson, Esq.
Grosvenor Sir Richard.
Grosvenor Thomas, Esq.
Guidott William, Esq.
Gybbon Philip, Esq.

Hall Charles, Esq.
Hanbury John, Esq.
Hardress Sir William.
Harley Edward, Esq.
Harvey Michael, Esq.
Hawkins Philip, Esq.
Heathcote Sir William, Bart.
Heathcote George, Esq.
Horner Thomas Strangeways, Esq.
Howe Lord Visc.
Howe John, Esq.

Jekyll Sir Joseph, Knt.

Inchequin Earl of.

Kemys Edward, Esq.

Laroche John, Esq.
Lawson Gilfrid, Esq.
Lawson Sir Wilfrid.
Lee Sir Thomas.
Lewen George, Esq.
Limerick Lord Visc.
Lisle Edward, Esq.
Lister Thomas, Esq.
Lowe Samuel, Esq.
Lowther Sir James.
Lowther Sir William.
Lutterel Alexander, Esq.
Lutwyche Thomas, Esq.
Lyster Richard, Esq.

Mansel Hon. Bussy, Esq.
Masters Thomas, Esq.
Master Legh, Esq.
Meadows Sidney, Esq.
Meredith Sir Roger.
Middleton Robert, Esq.
Morpeth Lord Visc.

Newland William, Esq.
Nightingale Joseph Gascoigne, Esq.
Noel Hon; Thomas, Esq.
Noel Sir Clobery.
Noel William, Esq.
Norris John, Esq.
Northmore William, Esq.

Oglethorp James, Esq.
Ongley Samuel, Esq.

Packington Sir Herbert Perrot.
Page John, Esq.
Parsons Humphrey, Esq.
Perrot Henry, Esq.
Peytoe William, Esq.
Philips Erasmus, Esq.
Pleydell Edmond Morton, Esq.
Plumer Richard, Esq.
Plumer Walter, Esq.
Powlett Norton, Jun. Esq.
Price Uvedale, Esq.
Pulteney Daniel, Esq.
Pulteney William, Esq.

Rashleigh Jonathan, Esq.
Reynell Richard, Esq.
Rolle John, Esq.
Rowney Thomas, Esq.
Rudge Edward, Esq.
Rashout Sir John.

Sambroke John, Esq.
St. Aubin Sir John.
St. John Hon. John, Esq.
Sandys Samuel, Esq.
Saunderson Hon. Sir Thomas Lumley, Knight of the Bath.
Scawen Thomas, Esq.
Sebright Sir Thomas Saunders.
Shepheard Samuel, Esq.
Shippen William, Esq.
Shirley Hon. Robert, Esq.
Shuttleworth Richard, Esq.
Slingsby Sir Henry.
Stanley Sir Edward.
Stapleton Sir William.
Stonehouse Sir John.

Talbot John Ivory, Esq.
Taylor Joseph, Esq.
Trelawney Edward, Esq.
Tremayne Arthur, Esq.
Turner Cholmley, Esq.
Tynte Sir Halswell, Bart.

Vane Lord Visc.
Vane Hon. Henry, Esq.
Vaughan William Gywn, Esq.
Vernon Captain Edward.
Vyner Robert, Esq.

Walcot John Esq.
Walden Lord Henry.
Waller Edmund, Esq.
Waller Harry, Esq.
Wardour William, Esq.
Ward John, Esq.
Weaver John, Esq.
Winford Thomas Geers, Esq.
Wortley Hon. Edward Montagu, Esq.
Wright George, Esq.
Wyndham Thomas, Esq.
Wyndham Sir William.
Wynn Watkin Williams, Esq.

York John, Esq.