Analysis of sources used
Collections for a History of Staffordshire


Victoria County History



M W Greenslade, R B Pugh (Editors), G C Baugh, Revd L W Cowie, Revd J C Dickinson, A P Duggan, A K B Evans, R H Evans, Una C Hannam, P Heath, D A Johnston, Professor Hilda Johnstone, Ann J Kettle, J L Kirby, Revd R Mansfield, Professor A Saltman

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'Analysis of sources used: Collections for a History of Staffordshire', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 3 (1970), pp. XXI-XXIII. URL: Date accessed: 22 October 2014.


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Vol. Pages Subject-matter or title of article
i 1-143 Pipe Rolls, 1130, 1155-89
145-240 Liber Niger Scaccarii, 1166
241-88 Register of Roger de Norbury, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, 1322-58
ii(1) 1-177 Pipe Rolls, 1189-1216
178-276 Staffordshire Chartulary, 1072-c. 1237
iii(1) 1-163 Plea Rolls, 1194-1215
166-77 Final Concords, 1196-1213
178-231 Staffordshire Chartulary, c. 1120-c. 1272
iv(1) 1-215 Plea Rolls, 1219-72
218-63 Final Concords, 1218-72
264-95 Ronton Chartulary
iv(2) Account of Parish of Church Eaton
v(1) 1-101 Burton Chartulary
105-21 Staffordshire Hundred Rolls
123-80 Pleas of the Forest, 1262-1300
vi(1) 1-28 Stone Chartulary
37-300 Plea Rolls, 1271-94
vi(2) Catalogue of Muniments of Dean and Chapter of Lichfield
vii(1) 1-191 Plea Rolls, 1293-1307
195-255 Subsidy Roll, 1327
vii(2) Account of the Family of Swynnerton
viii(1) 1-122 Military Service performed by Staffordshire tenants during the 13th and 14th centuries
125-201 Chartulary of St. Thomas' Priory near Stafford
viii(2) History of Castle Church
ix(1) 3-118 Plea Rolls, 1308-26
ix(2) Barons of Dudley
x(1) 3-75 Plea Rolls, 1308-26
79-132 Subsidy Roll, 1332-3
xi 3-123 Plea Rolls, 1327-41
127-292 Final Concords, 1327-1546
295-336 Trentham Chartulary
xii(1) 3-173 Plea Rolls, 1341-59
243-336 Chetwynd Chartulary
xiii 3-204 Plea Rolls, 1360-87
207-300 Final Concords, 1559-73
xiv(1) 3-162 Plea Rolls, 1327-83
xv 3-126 Plea Rolls, 1387-1412
xvi 229-302 Rydeware Chartulary
xvii 3-153 Plea Rolls, 1413-35
239-98 Shenstone Charters
New Series i The Gresleys of Drakelowe
New Series ii History of Weston-under-Lizard
New Series iii 123-229 Plea Rolls, 1423-57, with 1392 and 1401
New Series iv 95-212 Plea Rolls, 1456-74
New Series v 3-232 History of the Giffard Family
New Series vi(1) 91-164 Plea Rolls, 1475-85, with 1427
167-90 Inventory of Church Goods and Ornaments, 1552
New Series vi(2) History of the Wrottesley Family
New Series vii 3-187 History of the Okeover Family
239-93 Early Chancery Proceedings, Ric. II-Hen. VII
New Series viii Second Register of Bishop Robert de Stretton, 1360-85
New Series ix 3-241 Chancery Proceedings, 1558-79 (A-D)
271-89 J. H. Round, 'The Burton Abbey Surveys'
293-366 Chartulary of Dieulacres Abbey
New Series x(1) 73-188 Star Chamber Proceedings, Hen. VII and Hen. VIII
New Series x(2) First Register of Bishop Robert de Stretton, 1358-85
New Series xi 3-224 History of the Bagot Family
New Series xii Chetwynd's History of Pirehill Hundred (part I)
1910 3-85 Star Chamber Proceedings, Hen. VIII and Edw. VI
1911 3-25 Liberate Rolls, Hen. III
28-111 Final Concords, 1272-1327
115-375 Inquisitions post mortem, ad quod damnum, etc., 1223-1326
416-48 Staffordshire Cartulary, 1200-1327
1912 3-207 Star Chamber Proceedings, Hen. VII-Eliz. I
1913 3-178 Inquisitions post mortem, ad quod damnum, etc., 1327-66
219-76 Domestic Cartulary of the early 14th century
279-302 Early Rolls of Arms and Armorial Seals of Staffordshire
1914 1-183 Chetwynd's Pirehill Hundred (part II)
1915 Staffordshire Incumbents and Parochial Records (1530-1680)
1916 1-66 Wulfric Spot's Will
69-137 Staffordshire Pre-Conquest Charters
209-300 Burton Abbey Twelfth Century Surveys
1917-18 Staffordshire Parliamentary History (1213-1603)
1920 and 1922 Staffordshire Parliamentary History (1603-1715)
1921 1-39 Calendar of Salt MSS.
1923 23-44 Some Unidentified Domesday Vills
1924 The Great Register of Lichfield Cathedral, known as Magnum Registrum Album
1926 1-56 Register of Stafford and other local wills
169-76 Two Early Staffordshire Charters
1928 3-134 Ancient Deeds preserved at the Wodehouse, Wombourne
137-71 Calendar of Early Charters in the possession of Lord Hatherton
175-267 Churchwardens' Accounts, All Saints' Church, Walsall, 1462-1531
1929 Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1581-9
1930 Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1590-3
1931 3-57 Index to Marriage Bonds of Peculiar and Exempt Jurisdictions of Wolverhampton and Tettenhall
123-231 Chancery Proceedings, 1558-79 (H-P)
1933(2) History of the Mainwaring Family
1937 Catalogue of Charters and Muniments belonging to the Marquess of Anglesey (Burton Abbey)
1938 3-201 Chancery Proceedings, 1558-79 (P-Y)
1939 3-69 Lichfield Cathedral Chancellors
73-158 Calendar of the Longdon, Lichfield and other Staffordshire Charters in the possession of the Marquess of Anglesey
177-220 Priory of Black Ladies, Brewood
1941 137-47 Letters of the Civil War
1945-6 The Manor of Tyrley
1947 49-67 The Partition of Cheadle Grange
1948-9 Staffordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1608-9
1950-1 3-52 Early History of Penkridge Church
139-211 Lichfield: Growth and Function
4th Series, i The Committee at Stafford, 1643-5
4th Series, ii 3-41 The Gentry of Staffordshire, 1662-3
72-99 List of Staffordshire Recusants, 1657
4th Series, iii Registrations of Dissenting Chapels and Meeting Houses in Staffordshire, 1689-1852
4th Series, iv Cartulary of Tutbury Priory