William III, 1695-6


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John Raithby (editor)

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'William III, 1695-6: THE TITLES OF THE PRIVATE ACTS.', Statutes of the Realm: volume 7: 1695-1701 (1820), pp. 159-160. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=46848 Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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i. An Act for enableing the Lady Katherine Fane to sell the Reversion of certaine Fee-Farme Rents given her by her Grandfather John Bence Esq[uire].

ii. An Act for enableing Sir Thomas Parkyns Baronett to sell certaine Messuages Lands and Hereditaments in Huby and Easing Would in the County of York and the settling other Lands & Hereditamens of greater Value in lieu thereof.

iii. An Act to enable Sir Thomas Pope Blount Baronett to make a Settlement upon the Marriage of his eldest Son.

iiii. An Act for vesting the Manor of Madley in the County of Salop in Trustees for certaine Purposes therein menc[i]oned.

v. An Act for the enableing Thomas Stoner Esq[uire] Son and Heire of John Stoner Esq[uire] deceased to make a Jointure and Settlement of his Estate in Marriage notwithstanding his Minority.

vi. An Act for vesting several Messuages and Lands belonging to Samuel Powell Esquire in Trustees for Payment of his Debts.

vii. An Act to enable Anthony Earle of Kent and Henry Grey his Son and Heire Apparent make a Jointure for to Jemima Wife of the said Henry Grey.

viii. An Act to enable the Lord Francis Powlett to charge his Estate with Provisions for his younger Children.

ix. An Act for vesting the Estate late of Sir Nicholas Stoughton and Sir Lawrence Stoughton Baronetts deceased in Trustees to be sold for the payment of their Debts and raiseing Portions for the Daughters of the said, Sir Nicholas Stoughton.

x. An Act to enable Richard Haynes Esquire to settle a Joynture on his now Wife and to exchange Lands with the Trustees of Thomas Stevens Esquire deceased.

xi. An Act for enableing Trustees to sell part of the Estate of Edmond Warner deceased for payment of his Debts and for preserving the rest for the benefitt of his Heire.

xii. An Act to enable John Aunger an Infant and his Mother to make a Lease of his Estate for the Improvement thereof.

xiii. An Act to enable Trustees to sell part of the Manor of Barkhamstead and to pay of the Incumbrances charged on the same and to lay out the Overplus in an Estate to be settled as the said Manor is now vested.

xiv. An Act for naturalizing Henry de Nassau and other Children of Henry de Nassau Seignior de Auverquerke.

xv. An Act to enable John Fownes Esquire to sell certaine Lands in the County of Devon which were settled on his Marriage and to settle other Lands of an equal Value to the same uses.

xvi. An Act to enable Trustees to exchange Lands of Sir James Chamberlaine Baronett and Infant lying in the Co[m]mon Hill or Feild of Salford in the County of Oxford for like quantities of Lands there in order to the making an Inclosure.

xvii. An Act to enable the Parish of St. James within the Liberty of the City of Westminster to raise upon themselves so much Money as will discharge their Debt for building their Parish Church Rectors House Vestry and other Publick Works there.

xviii. An Act to ascertaine and settle the Payment of the Impropriate Tythes of the Parish of St. Lawrence Old Jury in London to the Master and Scholars of Balliol College in Oxford and for confirming an Award made concerning the same.

xix. An Act for naturalizeing James Stanhope Esquire and others.

xx. An Act for naturalizing Salomon Eyme & others.

xxi. An Act to confirme & establish and Exchange made between Thomas Rider Esquire and Christopher Clitherow Esq[uire] of certaine Messuages in London for the Manors of Bilsington and other Lands in Kent of the like Value.

xxii. An Act to enable Trustees to fill upp Leases of the respective Estates of Bluet Wallop Esq[uire] and John Wallop Gent[er] dureing theire Minorities and to Purchase other Lands by the Fines thereby to be received to the same Uses as the Estates so to be leased are already settled.

xxiii. An Act for enabling Trustees to sell the Mannor of Pespoole in the County of Durham part of the Estate of William Midford and Infant for Payment of Debts and Incumbrances charged thereon and for preserving the rest of the said Infants Estate.

xxiiij An Act for impowering the most Noble Anne Dutchesse of Buccluch and the Right Honorable James Earle of Dalkeith her Son of the Kingdome of Scotland to grant Leases for improving a Peece of Ground in the Parish of Saint Martins in the Fields in the County of Middlesex.

xxv. An Act to enable Trustees to raise Money for the making a Wett Dock and improving the Estate of the Marquesse and Marchionesse of Tavistock att Rodderith in the County of Surrey.

xxvi. An Act to naturalize William co[m]monly called Viscount Tunbridge and other Children of the Earle of Rochford.

xxvii. An Act for the better Improvement of a House and Ground in Great Queen-Street.

xxviii. An Act to enable Trustees to sell a Messuage Garden and Outhouse in Lincolnes-Inn Fields late Sir Robert Sawyers Knight deceased and for purchasing other Lands and Tenements to be settled to the same Uses.

xxix. An Act for settling divers Lands and Rent-Charge on the Rector of the Church of Maydwell in the County of Northampton and his Successors and in lieu thereof for settling other Lands and dischargeing Tythes belonging to the said Church according to several Agreements between the Patron and the said Rector made upon the incloseing of Lands in Maydwell and afterwards with the Consent of the Ordinary confirmed by several Decrees in the Court of Chancery.

xxx. An Act for settling the Personal Estate of Richard Jones Esquire and Mary Gufford Spinster [Minors (fn. 1) ] in Trustees for the Purposes therein mentioned.

xxxi. An Act for the better supplying the Citty of Bristoll with Fresh-Water.

xxxii. An Act for erecting of Hospitals and Work-houses within the Citty of Bristoll for the better imploying and maintaining the Poor thereof.

xxxiii. An Act for making good the last Will of Sir William Barkham Baronett deceased and vesting of Lands in Trustees to be sold for Payment of his Debts and making Provision for his Children.

xxxiiij. An Act to enable Sir Charles Heron Baronett to sell Lands for Payment of a Portion and Debts.

xxxv. An Act to enable Sir Thomas Wagstaffe Knight to raise & secure a Portion for Frances his onely Daughter and Heire Apparent.

xxxvi. An Act for vesting the Moiety of the Manor of Shipton Mallett in the County of Somersett and divided Moiety of the Manor of Wells in the said County in Trustees to be sold for Payment of a Mortgage charged thereon and for making a Provision for the Maintenance of Mary the Wife of William Sandes Esq[uire] and her Children.

xxxvii. An Act for makeing the Townes of Stretton and Princethorpe a separate Parish from Wolston in the County of Warwick.

xxxviii. An Act for vesting Part of the Estate of Joseph Dawson Esq[uire] in Trustees for Payment of Debts and for a Provision for the Maintenance and Marriage of his Daughters.

xxxix. An Act for sale of Lands in Horsington in the County of Somersett part of the Estate of William Ridout an Infant for Payment of Incumbrances charged thereon and for preserving the Residue of the said Estate for the Infant.

xxxx. An Act for vesting certaine Lands of Thomas Bigg and his Wife in Chislett in the County of Kent in Trustees for Payment of Debts and making Provision for their Children.

xxxxi. An Act for revesting in His Majesty the Honor of Tutbury Forrest of Needwood several Manors Parks Lands and Offices and other Profitts thereunto belonging and for vacating certaine Letters Patents therein menc[i]oned.


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