Charter of exemption from tolls throughout Soctland (1235)


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J.D. Marwick (editor)

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'IX: Charter of exemption from tolls throughout Soctland (1235)', Charters and Documents relating to the City of Glasgow 1175-1649: Part 2 (1894), pp. 13-14. URL: http://british-history.ac.uk/report.aspx?compid=47939 Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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IX. Charter by King Alexander II. to the Bishop of Glasgow and his successors, of exemption from toll throughout Scotland. Cadihow, 13 October 1235.

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Alexander Dei gracia Rex Scottorum, omnibus probis hominibus tocius terres sue, salutem. Sciatis quod concessimus venerabili patri in Christo Willelmo episcopo Glasguensi, cancellario nostro, ut pise et successores sui episcopi Glasguenses et eorum homines nativi et sui quieti sint de tolneo dando per totum regnum nostrum, tarn in burgis quam extra, de propriis catallis suis et de omnibus aliis que ad usus suos proprios emerint. Quare firmiter prohibemus ne quis ipsos contra hanc concessionem nostram vexare presumat super premissis tolneum ab eis exigendo vel aliquam vexacionem eis inferendo, super nostram plenariam forisfacturam. Testibus, Waltero filio Alani senescallo justiciario Scocie, Waltero Cumin comite de Meneteth, Waltero Olifard iusticiario Laodonie, Alano hostiario, Rogero Auenel, Dauid Mariscallo. Apud Cadihou, tercio decimo die Octobris anno regni domini regis vicesimo primo.


Alexander, by the grace of God King of Scots, to all good men of his whole land greeting. Know ye that we have granted to the venerable father in Christ William bishop of Glasgow, our chancellor, that he and his successors, bishops of Glasgow, and their bondmen and belongings be quit of paying toll throughout our whole kingdom, as well within as without burghs, for their own goods and for all other things which they shall have bought for their own use. Wherefore we straitly forbid that any one presume to trouble them upon the premises contrary to this our grant, by exacting toll from them, or by causing them any annoyance, upon pain of our full forfeiture. Witnesses, Walter son of Alan steward justiciar of Scotland, Walter Cumin earl of Meneteth, Walter Olifard justiciar of Lothian, Alan the door-ward, Roger Auenel, Danid Mariscall. At Cadihow, the 13th day of October, in the year of the reign of our lord the King the twenty-first.