The Register
Waverton; Blencogo


Institute of Historical Research



Francis Grainger & W.G. Collingwood (editors)

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'The Register: Waverton; Blencogo', Register & Records of Holm Cultram (1929), pp. 39-40. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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101. (C. p. 72).—Roger de Wylton and Ada his wife quitclaim on oath to Holm abbey all rights in common pasture in Great Waverton, and all the land they could have claimed from Adam f. Gamell and Lambert f. Lambert de Waverton in the same vill outside the great wood. [Roger f. Robert de Wilton is named in St. Bees (p. 558), first quarter of the 13th century. Lambert de Waverton occurs (P.R.) 1232–54; and Gamel de Waverton is the first of the owners of the place in John Denton's Accompt (p. 66). The date is perhaps c. 1230.]


102. (C. p. 72).—Adam f. Dolfin de Langerigg, by desire of his wife Cristiana, grants to Holm abbey half an acre arable in Blencoggou on the west of that ploughed field (cultura) called Affenam. They swore before a chapter at Wiggeton to make this gift binding. [For 'affenam' or 'ofnume,' an enclosure, see no. 107 and C. & W. Trans. N.S. xxi, 153, 168; xxiv, 33f. Adam dates (Wetherhal, no. 89) 1250–60.]

102a. (H. 2).—Adam f. Adam f. Ketill grants to Holm four acres in Blencogou … [the rest wanting. Adam seems to have been son of Adam f. Ketill de Newton f. Odard de Wigton (No. 191), and to date after 1200.]