The Chronicle of the Grey Friars


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J.G. Nichols (editor)

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'The Chronicle of the Grey Friars: John', Chronicle of the Grey Friars of London: Camden Society old series, volume 53 (1852), pp. 2-3. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Johannes Rex

Kynge Johan, brothar unto Rychard, was crownyd upon the Assencion daye, the yere of our Lord God Mlclxxxxix.

Pi.°. In this furst yere he lost Normandy and Angeoy, and every ploughe lond tasked at iijs for to gete it a gayne.

ij°. A°. Thys yere was chosyn by the wyse men of the citte of London xxxv. men, and sworne to mayntayne the assies in London.

iiij°. A°. Thys yere felle gret raynes, and gret thunder, lytenyng, and hayle-stones as grete as eggys, that dystroyd cornes [and] fruttes; and fowlles seying (fn. 1) flyeng in the eyer berynge burnynge coles, and brent many huses (sic). And that yere the londe was enterdyted.

vj°. A°. Thys yere began the order of Freer Prechars. And then was a grete wynter of frost and colde that lastyd from new-yeres daye unto our lady day the Annunciacion.

vij°. A°. This yere alle pleys longynge un to the crowne ware pletyd at the tower of London.

ix°. A°. Thys yere the londe was interdytyd. And this same yere was borne Henry the [eldest] sonne to kynge John. And this yere beganne the names of mayeres and shreffys in the citte of London.

xj°. A°. Thys yere the londe was reconciled, and the interdyction relesyd.

xiij°. A°. Thys yere was grete dyscencione betwene the kynge and hys lordes; and Lewys the kynges sonne of France dyd moch harme in Ynglond. Southewarke the bregge with moch of the citte was brent.

xv°. A°. Thys yere at Candelmas the kynge sheppyd at Porthesmothe, and sayled to Peytoe. (fn. 2)

xvj°. A°. Thys yere beganne the Freer Minors in Ynglond.

xvij°. A°. Thys yere this king John was powsynd at Worster; and whane he hade raynyd xvij. yeres he dyde, and is burryd there in the monkes before the hye auter.


1 This word should be seen. Compare a similar passage in Nicolas's Chronicle of London.
2 Poictou.