Subscribers to the rebuilding of the tower, 1628


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'Appendix: Subscribers to the rebuilding of the tower, 1628', The records of St. Bartholomew's priory [and] St. Bartholomew the Great, West Smithfield: volume 2 (1921), pp. 535-536. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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A list of those who subscribed to the rebuilding of the tower (or steeple) of the Church of St. Bartholomew the Great in 1628, recorded on the first page of the Register commencing 1647. (fn. 1)

The names of such honorable persons and others The inhabitants of the parish of greate St. Bartholomews London, and others well disposed as have voluntarily contributed towards the reedifying of the steeple there, and the particular summes by them given. To the undertaking of which worke wee received our first incouragment from the right worll Sr Henry Martyn Knight, Judge of His Maties High Court of Admiralty, and of the Prerogative Court etc. who was pleased to give unto us the summe of Fiftie Pounds. 50l

The right Ho: Henry Earle of Holland Patron20l
The right Ho: Oliver Earle of Bolingbrooke20l
The right Ho: ffrauncis Earle of westm'land10l
The right Ho: the Lady Cycely de Laware(blank)
The right Ho: the Lady Elizabeth Say and Seal10l
The right Ho: Edward Lord Newburgh10l
Sr Heneneage ffynch Knight Recorder of London10l
Sr Gyles Eastcourt Knight and baronet"
Alice Lady Hatton widdow3l
Sr Christopher Hatton Knight of the bath10l
Sr Thomas Smith Knight of the bath"
Sr Henry Wallopp Knight5l
Sr John Smith Knight6l
Aphra Lady St leger22l
Robert Barkham Esquier2l
Anthony Low Esquier3l
Henry Osborne Esquier2l
Arthur Jarvis Esquier20l
Thomas Joslyn Esquier10l
John Anthony Doctor of Phisicke20l
Richard Glover gentleman5l
Humfrey Selwood gent2l
Thomas Gundrey gent2l
Henry Coldwell gent"
Tutcher Castle gent2l
William Scarborough gent"
Hercules Hollyland gent2l
Rich: Tirrell citizen & haberdasher of London3l
Maximilian Coult gent"
Stephen Pott citizen & of London (fn. 2) 4l
Mr Christopher Marten(blank)
Mr John Marten"
Mr William Pollard"
Mris Margaret Young widdow10s
Mr Roger Tue20s
Mr Ralph Keble20s


1 Above, p. 512. Par. Reg. 2, p. 1.
2 He bequeathed in addition 20s. in his will. Vol. I, App. I, p. 554.