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William Farrer (editor)

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'Additions and corrections', Final Concords for Lancashire, Part 3: 1377-1509 (1905), pp. VII. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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Additions and Corrections,

to Part II. of Lancashire Fines, being Volume XLVI. of this Society's Publications.

p. 5; note, line 2, for "daughter," read "sister."

p. 10; line 20, Richard de Hole elsewhere appears as Richard de Hale.

p. 59; note, line 2, delete "first"; lines 2–3, delete "issue; secondly," and substitute "issue Elizabeth, who married Adam de Hindley, and had a daughter Margery, wife of."

p. 86; lines 18 and 30, for "Richard," read "Robert."

p. 127; note, line 11, for "daughter," read "grand-daughter."

p. 129; note, line 4, after "father," read "or brother"; lines 8 and 9, for "Emma," read "Ellen."

p. 136; note, line 13, for "three lozenges in bend," read "a bend fusilée." The deed referred to is now in the possession of Ralph Assheton of Downham Hall, Esq.

p. 182; note, lines 3–4, delete from "being" to "1358," and substitute "and brother of Thomas Molyneux of Cuerdale."

to Part III. of Lancashire Fines, being this Volume.

p. 33; line 16, for "Cuerdale," read "Cuerdley."

p. 36; line 4, after "Preston," add "[Rishton]."

p. 63; line 27, after "Keuerdale," add "[Cuerdley]."

p. 87; line 14, for "Joan," read "John."

p. 92; line 25, for "John," read "Thomas."

p. 117; line 18, for "Matilda," read "Margaret."

p. 127; line 16, for "Cokerham," read "Cokersand."

p. 135; line 10, delete "the said."

p. 154; line 28, for "son," read "daughter."

p. 159; line 2, for "Guncliff," read "Cuncliff [Cunliffe]."