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J. G. Jenkins (editor)

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'Note on Staffs Record Society volumes used', A History of the County of Stafford: Volume 8 (1963), pp. XXIII-XXIV. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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Vol.PagesSubject–matter or title of article
i1–144Pipe Rolls, 1130, 1155–89.
"145–240Liber Niger Scaccarii, 1166.
ii (1)1–177Pipe Rolls, 1189–1216.
"177–276Staffs. Deeds, 1072–c. 1237.
iv(1)1–217Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1219–72.
"218–63Final Concords, 1218–72.
V(1)123–80Pleas of the Forest, 1262–1300.
V(2)Heraldic Visitations.
vi(1)1–28Stone Priory Cartulary.
"37–300Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1271–94.
vii (1)1–192Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1293–1307.
"193–255Subsidy Roll, 1327.
vii (2)'History of the Swynnerton family.'
x(1)1–78Pleas coram rege, de banco, and before itinerant justices, 1307–26.
"79–132Subsidy Roll, 1332–3.
xi127–292Final Concords, 1327–1547.
"293–336Cartulary of Augustinian Priory of Trentham.
xii (1)1–173Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1341–59.
"177–235Final Concords, mixed counties including Staffs., 1492–1558.
xiii1–204Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1360–87.
"207–300Final Concords, 1559–73.
xiv (1)165–217" 1573–80.
xv1–126Pleas de banco and before itinerant justices, 1387–1412.
"129–98Final Concords, 1580–9.
xvi1–94Extracts from the Chester Plea Rolls, 1329–1411; pleas coram rege and before itinerant justices, 1385–1412, with Gaol Delivery Rolls, c. 1334–c. 1357, Indictments c. 1366, and Coroners' Roll 1–13 Henry IV.
"95–226Final Concords, 1589–1603.
xviii (1)1–21" mixed counties including Staffs., 1589–1602.
New Series i'The Gresleys of Drakelowe.'
New Series iii1–70Final Concords, 1607–12.
"71–120'Notes on earlier Swynnertons of Eccleshall and Chell.'
New Series iv1–28Final Concords, mixed counties including Staffs., 1603–25.
New Series vi (1)1–60" 1616–18.
"89–162Pleas coram rege and de banco, 1474–85.
New Series vii191–236Final Concords, 1619–21.
New Series viiiSecond Register of Bishop Robert de Stretton, 1360–85.
New Series ix1–241Chancery Proceedings, 1558–79 (A-D)mdash;arranged alphabetically under names of petitioners.
"245–68'Parentage of Sir James de Audley.'
New Series x (1)11–70Final Concords, 1622–5.
"71–188Star Chamber Proceedings, temp. Henry VII-VIII.
New Series x (2)Lichfield Episcopal Register, sede vacante and Bishop Robert de Stretton, 1358–85.
New Series xi231–70Inquests on Staffs. Estates of the Audleys, 1273, 1276, 1283, 1299, 1308.
New Series xiiChetwynd's History of Pirehill Hundred (part I).
1910207–94'Notes on Staffs, families.'
19111–25Liberate Rolls, Henry III.
"112–376Inquisitions post mortem and ad quod damnum, 1223–1326.
"378–414Testa de Nevill and other Feodaries.
"415–48Staffs. Deeds, 1200–1327.
1912209–59Transcripts of documents mentioned in Public Record Office Lists and Indexes.
1913217–76Newcastle Cartulary of early 14th Century.
"277–302Early Rolls of Arms and Armorial Seals of Staffs.
1915Staffs. Incumbents and Parochial Records, 1530–1680.
1917–18Staffs. Members of Parliament, 1213–1603.
1919191–289Gregory King's Notebook, 1679–80.
1920 and 1922Staffs. Members of Parliament, 1603–1780.
1923293–302'Forest Pleas in Staffs. Pipe Roll, 1166–7.'
192659–150Chancery Proceedings, 1558–79 (D-H).
1929Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1581–9.
1930" 1590–3.
193161–99'Inclosure of Open Fields and Commons in Staffs.'
1932Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1594–7.
1933 (1)Staffs. Members of Parliament, 1780–1841.
1934 (1)1–157'Geographical aspects of the development of transport in North Staffs., 18th century.'
1935Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1598–1602.
1938203–63'Account of Briefs collected in Bilston Chapel, 1685.'
193971–158Muniments of the Marquess of Anglesey (part II).
1940Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1603–6.
1941116–24Militia Roll for Pirehill Hundred (c. 1685).
1948–9Quarter Sessions Rolls, 1608–9.
1950–1265–301'Downfall of Gower Interest in Staffs. Boroughs, 1800–30.'
4th Series, iOrder Book of County Committee, 1643–5.
4th Series, ii71–99List of Staffs. Recusants, 1657.