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'Lincoln Wills: 1513', Lincoln Wills: volume 1: 1271-1526 (1914), pp. 52-55. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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[Richard Colle of Gosberton, a.d. 1513.]

[1545–46 &c., ii., 127.]

1513, Aprill 20. I Richard Colle of Gosberkirke make my testament, etc. My body to be buried in the church yarde of Peter and Paule of gosberkirke, and that that the law requireth to be my mortuarie. I will to the Highe Aultare in the same churche for forgotten tythes vjd. I will to the parelinge of the same aultare vjd. To everye aultare in the same church iijd. I will to the church worke of the same church xijd., or els a cheise. To our lady of Lincoln ower the highe aultare ijd. To the fatherles and motherles children of St. Katherins without Lincoln ijd. To the church worke of Pinchbeeke a fole of two yeare. I will that a trentall be done for me and my good freendes with in the church of Gosberkirke. The Residue of my goodes not witt nor given, I give it to my mother, whome I ordain my [blank] that she may dischardge it for the helth of my soule. Theise being witnes, Sir Richard Smithe and Richard Burne, with other.

Adm. granted 26 May, 1513.

[John Weste of Toft by Newton, a.d. 1513.]

[1543–56, 67.]


1 June, 1513. I John West of Tofte by Newtonne make my testament, etc. My bodie to be buried in the churchyard of St. Peter the Apostle of the same, with my mortuary as is due. To the hie altar of the same for oblacions forgotten xijd. To oure mother churche warke of Lincoln xijd.; and to every one of the iiij orders of the freers of Lincoln iiijd. To Sir Richard Jenetsonne (fn. 1) iiijd. To Margarete my daughter one red cowe, two ewes and ij lambes, etc. To Agnes my daughter a white cowe, ij ewes and ij Lambes, etc. The residue of my goodes I give unto my exequutors, that is for too witt, Alice my wief, Thomas West and Walter West my sonnes, that thei maie dispose it for the weale of my soule and to paie my debtes. Thes witnes, Sir Richard Jenetsonne, (fn. 1) Roberte Bailie and Richard Chapman of Toft aforsaid.

[Proved] at Lincoln, before the commissary, 27 March [no year given].

[John Winslowe of Easton, a.d. 1513.]

[1543–56, 67d.]


11 July, 1513. I Johnne Weynslowe of Estonne make this my present testamente and last will, etc. My bodie to be beried in the southe Ile of the churche of Stoke, and for my mortuarie as the lawe and custome requirethe. To oure Ladies warke of lincoln iiijd. To the hie altar for my tiethes forgotten iiijd. To Margerie my daughter xx sheepe and iiij kie and a bed and a brasse potte and ij paire of sheetes and two candlestickes. To Joane my daughter xxtie sheepe and iiij kie and my best bed, ij paire of sheetes and a greate keyst and a panne and my wief best gowne. To Elizabeth my daughter xx sheepe and iiij kye and a bed, ij paire of sheetes, my wiefes best gerdull. The residue of my goodes I give to Herry my sonne, whome I make my exequutor, that he maie paie my debtes and devide it unto my oder children and for the healthe of my soule and his mother soule, and all cr'en soules after the discrecion of Sir Will'm Wentworthe, Sir Johnne Langar, Johnne Teyd, whome I make my supervisors. Thes beinge witnes, Shir Edwarde Pratte, Shir Johnne Muston, Will'm Barker, Will'm Stansall, Johnne Scherchawe, with oder mo.

This is the last will of me Johnne Wenslowe of Estonne. I will that Thomas my sonne have my house as it is sett in Estonne with the purtenance therto belonginge to him and to his heires and to his assignes. And if he departe without issue, I will it remaine unto my daughters. And if thei depart without issue, I will it be sold and done for me and theim.

Sir William Wainewright, rector of the north part of the parish church of Stoke, and John Tyde of the same, administrators of the goods of John Wenslowe, late of Eston, deceased, etc., have to exhibit the inventory this side the feast of St. Michael the Archangel next to come.

[No probate act.]

[John Gregby of Spalding, a.d. 1513.]

[1506 &c., 25.]

22 September, 1513. I John gregby of spaldyng make my testament, etc. To be buryed in the church of saynt mare and saynt nicholis of spaldyng afore saynt fath. And my mortuar' after the costom of the countre. To the hye awter of spaldyng for tythes forgotten iijs. iiijd. To our moder church of Lincoln xijd. To the orphans at saynt katerens of lincoln vjd. I will that Sir John my son have in redy money vl. To William gregby my son xxxl. and my Red hows as it standes to gyff and to sell. To Rich' my sonn xxxl., and ij howses standyng in wyndesouer with a yerd sted to gyff and to sell. To Kateryn my daughter xx mark, and the hows that William Wylson dwells in to gyff and to sell. To every on of them a bed redy to lige in. I will that ylke of them be others heyres; and yf the dye without issue of ther bodes lawfully begotten, I will it be disposyd in dedes of charyte For them it cam of. I will that a prest syng for me a holl yere in the parish church of spaldyng, and he to have for his stipend viij marke. To Agnes my wyff the hows that I dwell in on the condicion she kepe hyr sole, and yf she be maried I will it be sold and the money to fynd a prest to syng for my sole and my frendes and benefactors in the forsaid parich church of spaldyng by the sigh of my superuisors. To my wyff all the gold and sylver that she hase in hyr one kepying. The residew of all my guddes I gyff unto Agnes my wiff, whom I make my executric'. I gyff Ric' lytwith xs. to helpe my wyff and see my will performyd; and I make Jamys dalton supervisor, and he shall have vjs. viijd. for his labur. Wytnes, Ric' lytwith, James dalton, John Horner and Ric' trouth, with other.

[No probate act.]

[William Jonson of Whaplode, a.d. 1513.]

[1506 &c., 29. The first section is translated from the Latin.]

15 December, 1513. I William Jonson of Waplod, etc., make my testament, etc. I bequeath my body to be buried in the church of Waplod in the middle of the nave of the church before the topmost part of the cross. I bequeath in the name of a mortuary as right is. To the high altar in the said church for tithes forgotten and other things neglected xijd. To every altar in the said church iiijd. To the light of the Sacrament there iiijd. To the church work vs. To St. Mary of Lincoln xijd. To the orphans of St. Katherine without the walls of Lincoln vjd.

This is the last will of me William Johnson maide and wirten the day and yere before namyd. To Thomas Johnson my son iij acres of errabull lond lying in Wylseygate, and iiij acres pasture lately Carteres, to hym and to his assignes, and he to entre in the forsaid landes at the age of xx yere. If it happen the forseid Thomas to dysseice within the age of xx yere, then I wyll the forseid landes shall remayn to Adam my son. To the forseid Thomas my son ij kye when he shall come to thage of xx yere, orelles xvis. sterling. I will that Adam my son shall pay to Kateryn my dought' at the day of hir mareage v marke sterlinge. I will that the forseid kateryn my dought' have a hobohe the next best, ij coverlettes on newe and the other olde, the iijde parte of my brasse and pewter, on matres, on paire of flaxin sheetes, on paire of harden sheetes, a Tester, a bolster, ij pelowes of the best. To Ame my dought' on coverled, on paire of sheetes, on matres, and xls. sterling, at the day of hir mareage. If it happen the forseid Ame to dyssece before that tyme, then I will that the forsed goodes remayn with myn executors. I will that Isabell my doughter have on red coverlett, on paire of sheetes, on kowe, to be delyvered within a yere after my deceasse. I will that Sir Will'm Gyltoft have ijs. to pray for my soull and my good frendes sowles. The residew of all my goodes I give to Adam Johnson my son and to William Hill whom I orden executors. Thias Witness, Will'm Gyltoft, prest, philippe Idut, Alice Haukyne, and other moo.

[No probate act.]

[Henry Cullier of Moulton, a.d. 1513.]

[1506 &c., 41. The first section is translated from the Latin.]


4 March, 1513. I Henry cullier of Multon, etc., make my testament, etc. To be buried in the churchyard of All Saints of Multon. I bequeath for my mortuary as right requires. To the high altar there xxd. To the mother church of Lincoln iiijd. To the church of Multon for the work of the new stalls (stamnorum) iijs. iiijd. To the three lights of the aforesaid church ixd. To the light of the lantern which is carried before the sacrament at the visitation of the sick ijd. The rest of my goods I bequeath to Simon Colier and John Colier, my sons, whom I make my executors, to dispose for the health of my soul, etc.; and I make John gregby supervisor, and he shall have for his labour and good counsel xs. These being witnesses, Sir alan smyth, Robert Gunby, Richard Dannett and John Gunby.

This is the last will of me the forseid Henry colier, the day and yere above rehersyd. I will that Simon Colier my son have the mansion that he dwelles in, etc., and a cotage with a Rod of ground lyeing in the parich of spalding; and that John Colier my son have the mansion that I dewell in mysellf, etc. 26 May at Multon.

[No probate act.]

[Thomas Thorpe of Frieston, a.d. 1513.]

[1506 &c., 22d.]


1513. I Thom' Thorpe of Freston makes my testament including in the same my last will, etc. My body to beried [sic] in the church of sant James the appostell in Freston. I bequeith my best best to be my mortuarie. To Saynt James of Freston xijd. To the hye awter for tythes forgotton xijd. To the light of our lady of pety xijd. To our lady of Lincoln xijd. To our lady werk of Lincoln xijd. To the faderlys chylder of saynt cateryns of Lincoln iiijd. To Alice Thorpe my wyff iij kye, etc. To John Thorpe my son. I will that a score of my lames be sold and the money takyn for them be kepyd to the use of the said John Thorpe my son. To Alic' Thorpe my wyf viij sylver sponys, etc. I will that ij marys and ij folys and a geldyng be sold and the money takyn for them be disposyd For the helyth of my sowle and all crysten sowles. I will that a goblyt with the coveryng be sold, and the money takyn for hyt be disposyd for the helth of my sowle and all crysten sowles. To John Thorpe my sonne my landes and tenementes with the appurtenanc' in Freston and partey [sic] after my decesse, and also in Thorpe after the decesse of Alic' my wyff, the wych is her Jontre. I will that yff hyt fortune that John my sonne to decesse within age with owt heres of his body, I will that all my landes and tenements with the appurtenances in Partney be sold by my executors and with the money thereof takyn thei to fynd a prest to syng for soule and my gud frendes, the on hallf in thei church of partney and the oder hallf in the church of Freston. The residew of all my guddes I will that Alice Thorpe my wyff and Thom' Massingberd esquyer have them for to dispose for the helth of my sowle, whom I make executors, and John Thomson the baly of Freston and Syr John pynchbeke of the same overseers, and either of them to have vjs. viijd. for ther labors. Theis beyng wytnes, John Croft, priest, Robert Kerkby, Henry Steuynson, and many oder moo. xix° maij.

Proved before C2., at Lincoln, 19 May, 1514. Adm. granted to the executors.


1 or 'Jeuetson.'