Lincoln wills
1532 (April)


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'Lincoln wills: 1532 (April)', Lincoln Wills: volume 3: 1530-1532 (1930), pp. 227-230. URL: Date accessed: 28 November 2014.


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1532 (April)

The testament of James Hertly [of Fosdyke].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 333d.]

3 April, 1532. I Jamys Hertly of Fossedyke make orden and constitute my testament and last will. My body to be buryed within the churche yerde of All Halloys, with that that the lawe will to be my mortuary. To the high altare ther for tithes forgotten iiijd. To the Sepulcre light ther ijd. To the Plough light ther ijd. I will that a candell of a li. of wax be founde be my executors to burne afore our Lady of Piete in the church of Fossedyke sex yerys next aftyr my departyng. To Agnes my wyff ij mylch kyne, viz. a rede rogeled and a blak, with a burlyng red dowed. I wyll that my house that I bought of John Londe be solde be the councell of Nicholes Puluertofte, and the halffe of the money receyvyd therof to be yeven to Agnes my wyff, the other halff I will that it be by the mynde of the same Nicholes bestowyd and wayred in catall and the proffet therof yerely cumyng to go to the use of my chyldren Thomas and Margaret to the cum to laufull age, equally to be devydyd betwyxt them by the same Nicholes. To Margaret my doughter the best matterys and coverlet that was her mothers, a brasse pot with a lypout, [etc.]. To Thomas my sonne. To William my sonne a brasse pot that was his whyte moders, [etc.]. To Nicholes Pulvertofte my moll hall. The resydue of all my goodes I gyff unto William my sonne, whome I make my executor. Thes wytnes, Nicholes Puluertofte to be supervisor and for hys labor iijs. iiijd.; John Stykney; and Thomas Barret; with sir Thomas Pytfelde preste curate of the same towne.

Proved before P., at Boston, 9 April, 1532.

[Lincoln Diocesan Registry, Inventories, 1508–50, No. 14.]

Inuentarium omnium et singulorum bonorum Jacobi Hartley nuper defuncti factum tercio die Aprilis Anno domini millesimo quingentesimo tricesimo secundo appreciatorum per Thomam Trece Rogerum Welby Johannem Stickney et Petrum Ascoby de eadem viros fide dignos prout sequitur:

In the Hall
Furst a hangingeviijd.
Item iiij tablesxvjd.
Item ij formes ij paire of tristellsviijd.
Item a chaire and ij stolesvjd.
Item a choppinge stockeijd.
Item a standinge cupbordxijd.
Item iij bras pottesiiijs.
Item iij pannesxxd.
Item xiij platteres and dishesvs.
Item iiij salsersxijd.
Item a pewder pottiiijd.
Item v salsersxijd.
Item vj candelstikesijs.
Item v bacon flitchesvs.
Item ij quoshingesiiijd.
Item iij table clothesijs.
In the Perloure
Item a bed and all thinges perteynynge to itvjs.viijd.
Item a matteresijs.
Item iij couerledesiiijs.
Item x yeardes blanketvjs.viijd.
Item all his apparellxxxijs.
Item iij paire of lynon shetesvjs.viijd.
Item vj pillowesiijs.viijd.
Item ij broken coffersxijd.
Item an old chestiiijd.
Item a table and ij tristellesiiijd.
Item a bed that he died iniiijs.
Summa partis iiijl. xiiijs.
In the Chambere
Furst a bed as it standeth iiijs.
Item a paire of bed stockesviijd.
Item whetexvjd.
Item a saweiiijd.
Item a paire of cleves and iij horse lockesviijd.
Item ix hespes of yarnevjs.
In the Mylkehouse
Item ix pewder dishes and plattersiiijs.
Item ij salsers and a saltsellervjd.
Item xij mylke pannes and vij pipnesxijd.
In the Kytchyne
Item ij bras pottesijs.
Item iij pannes and axxd.
Item a deske for dishesxijd.
Item iiij tubbes ij bottes a barell and ij cheise fattesxxd.
Item xx treyne dishesvjd.
In the Yearde
Item pailes and order woodvjs.
Item a carte and all thinges to ytxs.
Item a plouegh and all thinges to ytvjs.viijd.
In Qwycke Catall
Item an old horsexs.
Item vj kyne and a burlingeiijl.xiiijs.iiijd.
Item iij swyneiiijs.
In the Feilde
Item iij stonge wheatevjs.
Item iij stonge beanesiiijs.
Summa partis vijl. vjs. iiijd.
Summa totalis xijl. iiijd.
Dettes that he oweth
Furst to maister Wolmer for ij mayres and rentxlijs.
Item to maister Treceviijs.xd.
Item to Beile baleyvjs.viijd.
Item to John Londevs.
Item to William Armondeijs.iiijd.
Item to sir Stephen Haithnesxviijd.
Item to maister Wolmer for willowesvjs.viijd.
Item to maister Wolmer for rent at Mich' was a twelmonnethxls.

The testament of Jenyt Mawtby [of Langton by Wragby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 288.]

6 April, 1532. I Jenet Mawteby of Langton besyde Wragby makes my testament and last will. My body to be buryed in the churche of st Gylys off Langton, and in the name of my mortuary as the lawe dothe require. To my curat to pray for me xs. To our Lady of Lincoln xijd. To the high altare of st Gylys of Langton viijd. A trentall of messys to be done for me xs. To mr Sawtemarche and to his wyff. To William Kyddall. To my iiij doughtters. To Jenet Wadyslay my doughtter. To William Wadyslay iij chyldren. To Alice Darwyn. To John Darwyn iiij chyldren. To Margaret Hawyll. To Richerd Hawyll my sonne doughter. To William Hawyll fyve chyldren. To Charlys Hawyll my sonne and to hys wyff and hys doughter. To William Hawyll wyff. To John Wadyslay iiij chyldren. To William West ij chyldren. To Alice Ware. To Richer my sone wyffe. To William Hawyll of the nether towne. To Robert Coket. To the iiij orders of frerys to iche of the orders xijd. To every one of my godchyldren iiijd. To the churche of st Gylys of Langton iijs. iiijd. of my proper goodes, and iijs. iiijd. of my dettes that owyng me. The resydue of my goodes I will that William Hawyll and Richard Hawyll my sones dispose for the helthe of my soule, and they to have for ther labors ether of them xs. Wytnes, sir Xp'ofer Walker; Thomas Dykynson; William Hawyll; William Denys; Robert Smyth; William Warde; with other moy.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 26 April, 1532, by the executors.

The testament of John Leke [of Swallow].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 351.]

13 April, 1532. I John Leke of the parysh of Swalloy makes my testament and last will. My body to be buryed in the church yerde of st Savior in Swallo. To our Lady warke of Lincoln ijd., and to our Lady iiijd. To the high altare at Swallo for tithys forgottyn iijs. iiijd. To the churche ther xijd. To Herby churche iiijd. To the churche of Cokewolde iiijd. To Walter and Richerd my sonnys, and to my iiij doughters. To Edmunde my sonne and to ilke one of my chylder. The resydue of my goodes I will that Jenet my wyff dispose for the helthe of my soule, whome I make my executrix. Whytnes, sir Walter Curteys; Richerd Hill; William Peche; Walter Sketyll; with other mo.

Proved before P., at Croxby, 10 June, 1532.

The testament of John Rowme [of Conisholme].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 351d.]

16 April, 1532. I John Rowme of Conysholme makes my last will and testament. My body to be buryed in the churche yerde of st Peter in Conysholme. To our Lady of Lincoln iiijd. To the holy sacrament in Conysholme churche iiijd. To our Lady in the same churche iiijd. To my sonne John and to my doughter Malde. To my doughter Jenet. To my sonne Thomas. To my doughter Catheryne. To my doughter Margaret. I bequeth to one trentall for me and my brother Rawffe to be done at Conysholme xs. To my gostly father xijd. To my wyff Margaret my house and all my lande unto my eldest sone John be at laufull yeres of age. The resydue of my goodes I bequeth them to my wyff Margaret, whome I make my executrix. Thes men beyng whyttnes, sir John Smyth; John Coke; Laurence Rowme.

Proved before P., at Saltefletby, 13 June, 1532, by the executors.

The testament of W. Wynshyp [of Goxhill].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 289d.]

22 April, 1532. I William Wynchyp make my last will and testament. My body to be buryed in the churche yerde of Goxill. To the high altare xijd. To the churche of Gouxill iiijd. To our mother churche of Lincoln for reparacions xijd. To Edmund my sonne. The resydue of my goodes I gyff to Agnes my wyff, whome I make my executrix. Whytnes heroff, John Paradice prest; Robert Wynchyp; Cristofer Cok; Hugh Bell with other.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 5 July, 1532.

The testament of Robert Tayllor [of Worletby].

[L.C.C., 1520–31, f. 342.]

In Dei nomine Amen xxviijo die Aprilis the yere of our Lorde God ml fyve hundreth (fn. 1) I Robert Tayllor off Worletby beyng hole of mynde and remembraunce makes my last will and testament in thys maner foloyng. Fyrst I wyt my soule to God Allmyghty and to our Lady st Mary and to all the gloriose saintes in heven and my body to be buryed in the southe porche of the kyrke of Worletby. I wyt to the kyrke of Worletby iijs. iiijd. I wyt to our Lady of Lincoln vjd. I wyt to the high altare in Worletby kyrk xijd. The resydue of my goodes I wyt to Agnes my wyff, whome I make executor, with the oversyght of Richerde Stotterd and Thomas Phylipson the yonger. Thes wytnes, sir Robert Halton vicar there; Edward Grene; William Phylipson; et alijs.

Proved before P., at Lincoln, 21 May, 1532.


1 The rest of the date has been omitted, for the year 1500 is an impossible date, since Robert Halton was not instituted to the vicarage till 29 March, 1509. He was still vicar in 1532. 1532 is a probable date for the will.