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'List 15: Prebendaries: Apesthorpe', Fasti Ecclesiae Anglicanae 1066-1300: Volume 6: York (1999), pp. 54-56. URL: Date accessed: 20 April 2014. Add to my bookshelf


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Preb. evidently consisted of hamlet of Apesthorpe (Notts.). Apesthorpe not in Domesday Book, but prob. part of abp.'s manor of Laneham (Notts. Domesday (Alecto edn., 1990) fo. 283).

Augmentation of preb. to T[hurstan] and his successors gr. by abp. 26 Sept. 1143 × 1147: 20 bov. in Barkston and Grimston (par. Kirkby Wharfe) and tithe of demesne and the mill of [North] Milford (all W.R., all Ilbert de Lacy's in 1086, Yorks. DB fos. 315v, 379) (EYC I no. 155, cal. EEA V no. 83).

Preb. not included in Extents of c. 1295.


1291 £10 (Taxatio p. 297b).



Archdcn. of Nottingham by 1128 to after 1135 (list 12). Provost and preb. of Beverley by 1142 (Beverley Fasti p. 4). Occ. as T., provost of Beverley, holding this preb. 26 Sept. 1143 × 1147, and receiving augmentation in consideration of his expenses in coming to York (EYC I no. 155, cal. EEA V no. 83; (fn. 132) see notes on preb. above).

? William de Malapalude (fn. 133)

Occ. not can., with York and Rouen witnesses at Rouen late 1171 (Lay Folks' Mass Book pp. xlv-xlvii = Cal. Docs. France no. 29 = EEA XX no. 87). Occ. holding land in Grimston, prob. par. Kirkby Wharfe, and therefore perhaps this preb., 1197 × 1201 (Yorks. Deeds VIII, ed. C. T. Clay (YRS cii, 1940) p. 182). Also preb. Wetwang in 1190s (list 47). Not can. 1189 × 98 (EYC V no. 290). Occ. as can. 10 Aug. 1189 × 17 Aug. 1191 (ULL Fuller Collection II/17/1), 1191 × 94 (YMF I nos. 36-7), after 1197 (EYC VI no. 110), after March 1201 (ibid. II no. 1261, V 148, IX no. 112) and issued ch. 1184 × 1203 (ibid. V no. 332). Friend of Gilbert Foliot (GFL no. 261 and note).

M. Stephen de Ecclesfield (fn. 134)

First occ. without title, pres. by abbot of St Albans to Wingrave (Bucks.) 3 July 1223; res. 1229 (Rot. Welles II 61, 76). Occ. as this preb. 1238 × 41 (YMF I no. 18). Occ. as can. frequently. Made gift to Guisborough for soul of William of Laneham (lists 18, 26), archdcn. of Durham, before 1249 (Cart. Guisborough II no. 704). Excused court appearance through illness 25 June 1254 (Close Rolls 1253-4 p. 141). Still alive 1255, before 25 March (Reg. Gray p. 122). D. or res. as this preb. before 19 Oct. 1255 (CPR 1247-58 p. 429).

M. Simon of Rochechouart

Kg.'s kinsman, (fn. 135) royal coll. to this preb. in succession to M. Stephen de Ecclesfield, s.v., with mandate to install, 19 Oct. 1255 (CPR 1247-58 p. 429; cf. p. 424, of 30 Aug. 1255). Occ. as preb. of York 1266 × 68 (Cheney, 'Letters of Wickwane' p. 640). Abp. of Bordeaux, cons. 4 Sept. 1275, d. 29 Oct. 1280.

M. Thomas de Wythen

Archdcn. of Nottingham by c. 16 March 1262; last occ. 13 June 1272 (list 12). Archdcn. of York by 11 Jan. 1277; evidently still alive and in office 6 July 1281 (list 9). D. or res. as this preb. before 13 Feb. 1283 (Reg. Wickwane p. 332).

M. Walter of Gloucester

Abp.'s coll. to archdcnry. of York and preb. Apesthorpe in succession to M. Thomas de Wythen 13 Feb. 1283 (Reg. Wickwane p. 332). Res. preb. before 9 Nov. 1283 (ibid.). Presum. transf. to unident. preb. (list 50).

Gerard de Grandisson (fn. 136)

Papal chapl., rector of Fishlake (W.R.) 2 March 1269 (Reg. Giffard pp. 160-1). Nephew of Odo de Grandisson, gr. 50m. p.a. by abp. in expectation of a preb. 8 March 1283 (Reg. Wickwane p. 329). Abp.'s coll. to this preb. in succession to M. Walter of Gloucester 9 Nov. 1283 (ibid. p. 332). Not to be identified, as in 1 Fasti IV 27, 107, with Gerard de Grandisson, archdcn. of Dorset and preb. of Salisbury, who became bp. of Verdun, prov. 1275, cons. 1276, who was his elder brother. Cousin of John de Grandisson, preb. Masham (2 Fasti VI 23, 66), and of Gerard de Vuippens, archdcn. of Richmond (list 13).

M. Louis de Beaumont (fn. 137)

Preb. Strensall, coll. 28 Feb. 1286, but had been succeeded by 21 Aug. 1292 (list 42). Also treas. of Salisbury (1 Fasti IV 23, 54, 59); preb. of Le Mans and Wells (2 Fasti VIII 45; see disp. for plurality 30 Sept. 1291, CPL I 544 = Reg. Nic. IV no. 6172). Voted by proxy at el. of dean of York 1312 (Reg. Greenfield I 72). Bp. of Durham, prov. 9 Feb., temps. 4 May 1317, cons. 26 March 1318 (2 Fasti VI 107). This preb. vacant by his cons. ('Vacant benefices 1316-19' p. 146; 2 Fasti VI 29).


132 Dr Burton's note argues that the beneficiary was probably T[hurstan], and cannnot have been T[homas Becket] as identified by Farrer, who was followed by Clay (YMF II 4). 'Thomas', when abbreviated, is normally 'Th', while 'Turstinus' is invariably 'T'.
133 From a bourgeois family of Rouen, where there still exists a rue Malpalu; see Delisle-Berger, Introduction pp. 100-1 n., 490-1, and I nos. 171, 172, 357, 420; see also EYC V 251 n. 2. Four men of the same family were members of the Rouen cath. chapter: Nicholas, can. c. 1184-1202, Philip can. 1206-c. 1208, Richard can. 1185-99 and dean 1200-6, and Roger can. 1202-3 (Spear, 'Chanoines de Rouen pp. 150, 159; idem, 'Doyens de Rouen' pp. 105-6).
134 For a note on his career, see Biog. Camb. p. 204.
135 Younger son of Aimery VIII, vicomte de Rochechouart (Haute Vienne, France) and Margaret of Limoges, great-great-granddaughter of kg. Henry I. Cf. Aimery de Rochechouart, rector of Skipwith 1266 × 79 (Reg. Giffard p. 94); cf. Comp. Peer. IV 199, Reg. Wickwane pp. 27, 45.
136 Grandson, on lake Neuchâtel. He was nephew of kg.'s counsellor, Odo de Grandisson; see Comp. Peer. VI 69.
137 Son of Louis vicomte of Beaumont (Maine) and therefore cousin of queen Eleanor (Comp. Peer. II 59 n.). For his career, see DNB. Presum. a relative of M. Charles de Beaumont, unident. preb. (list 51).