December 1644
An Ordinance for Ordaining Ministers in the County of Lancaster.


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C.H. Firth, R.S. Rait (eds)

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'December 1644: An Ordinance for Ordaining Ministers in the County of Lancaster.', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 (1911), pp. 579. URL: Date accessed: 23 November 2014.


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December 1644

[13 December, 1644.]

Names of Persons empowered to ordain Ministers in Lancaster.; Penalty for preaching unordained.

The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament doe hereby Order and Ordain, That Master Charles Herle, Master Richard Herick, Mr. James Hyet, Mr. William Ashton, Mr. William Ward, Mr. Alexander Horrocks, Mr. Johnson of Ellenborough, Mr. John Anger, Mr. William Bell, Mr. Edward Gee, Mr. Paul Lathom, Mr. John Harper, Mr. Richard Whitfield, Mr. James Wood, Mr. Johnson of Rochdale, Mr. John Tildesly, Mr. Richard Hollinworth, Mr. John Harrison, Mr. Isaac Ambrose, Mr. James Bradshaw, Mr. Robert Bath, or any seven of them, shall have full power according to the Ordinance of the second of October, for the Ordination of Ministers pro tempore, to Ordain Ministers within the County of Lancaster: And if any person do publiquely preach, or otherwise exercise any Ministeriall Office that shall not be Ordained, or thereunto allowed by seven of the said Ministers, then their Names shall be returned to both Houses of Parliament, to be dealt with as they in their wisdoms shall think fit.