May 1645
Ordinance for a Committee to reside with the Army in Ireland.


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C.H. Firth, R.S. Rait (eds)

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'May 1645: Ordinance for a Committee to reside with the Army in Ireland.', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 (1911), pp. 677. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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May, 1645

[3 May, 1645.]

Whereas, by the Votes and Resolutions of both Houses of Parliament, of the 11th of April, 1644, it is Ordained, That Committees be nominated and appointed, by the joint Advice of both Kingdoms, of such Numbers and Qualities as shall be by them agreed on, to be sent with all convenient Speed to reside with the British and Scottish Forces in Ireland, under the Command of the Right Honourable the Earl of Leven, and to be enabled with all ample Instructions, by the joint Advice of both Kingdoms, for the Regulation of the said Forces, and the better carrying on of that War; and whereas the Parliament of Scotland hath appointed Committees, and have sent some of them to reside there, for the Purposes aforesaid, in Pursuance of the said Votes: The Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament do nominate, ordain, and appoint, Arthur Annesley Esquire, Sir Robert King Knight, and William Beale Colonel, or any Two of them, to be a joint Committee with the said Committees and Commissioners of Scotland, to advise, consult, and direct, concerning the carrying on and managing of the War in that Kingdom, for the best Advantage thereof, wherein they are to observe and follow such Instructions, Orders, and Directions, as they shall herewith, or from Time to Time hereafter, receive from both Houses of Parliament, or from the Committee of both Kingdoms residing at Westminster Provided, That this Ordinance shall continue for Eight Months, and no longer.