August 1654
An Ordinance for ejecting Scandalous, Ignorant and insufficient Ministers and Schoolmasters.


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C.H. Firth, R.S. Rait (eds)

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'August 1654: An Ordinance for ejecting Scandalous, Ignorant and insufficient Ministers and Schoolmasters.', Acts and Ordinances of the Interregnum, 1642-1660 (1911), pp. 968-990. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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August, 1654

[28 August, 1654.]

Commissioners in the several Counties.

Whereas by the continuance of divers scandalous and insufficient Ministers and Schoolmasters in many Churches, Chappels and Publique Schools within this Nation, the more effectual Propagation of the Gospel, and setlement of a godly and painful Ministery is much obstructed, and no Authority now in force for removing such Ministers and Schoolmasters; For remedy thereof, Be it Ordained by His Highness the Lord Protector, by and with the consent of His Council, That the persons hereafter named, shall be, and are hereby appointed and constituted Commissioners for and within the respective Counties within England and Wales, for the ends and purposes hereafter in and by this Ordinance expressed and directed; That is to say,


For the County of Bedford, Samuel Brown Serjeant at Law, John Harvey, John Okey, Richard Edwards, Peter Neal, John Neal, Joseph Barbor, St. John Charnock, John Cockayn, Edmund Wingate, Samuel Bedford, Francis Astrey, Richard Wagstaff, Gaius Squire, Edward Cater, Esquires; Peter Malory Gent. John Crook, John Grew of Bedford.


For the County of Berks, Philip Lord Wharton, Samuel Dunch of Puzey, Cornelius Holland, Arthur Eelin of Bradfield, Trapham of Abington, Thomas Wood of Windsor, Stroud of Ruscum, Esquires; Major Richard Fincher of Cheetly, Mr. Angel Bell of Ockingham, Mr. Nutkin of Ockingham, Major Francis Allen of Abington, Mr. Mills of Hungerford, Robert Stanton, Samuel Bellingham of Redding, Esquires; Colonel Christopher Whitchcot Governor of Windsor, Samuel Wightwick Esquire, Mr. Cook of Wallingford, Mr. Rusden of Wallingford, Mr. Thomas Fettiplace, Thomas Cox of Stanford, John Collins of Betterton, Robert Lush of Sparshalt, Andrew Keep of West-Hendred, Philip Allen of Wantage, Thomas Stanton of Upton, George Lampole of Redding, Esquires.


For the County of Bucks, Philip Lord Wharton, Philip Skippon Major General, Isaac Pennington Alderman of London, Richard Ingoldsby, Thomas Scot, Christopher Eggleton, John Deveril Anthony Ratcliff, George Fleetwood, Esquires; William Grange of St. Leonard, Thomas White, Esq; Henry Whitbread, William Scot Esquire, Richard Baldwin Gentleman, William Grimesdale Gent. Francis Russel, Edmond West, Simon Main, Richard Beke, Esquires.

Cambridge and Huntingdon, with the Isle of Ely.

For the County of Cambridge and Huntington, with the Isle of Ely, Henry Lord Cromwel, Henry Lawrence Lord President of His Highness Council, John Disbrow, Edward Mountague, John Thurloe, Stephen Phesant, Esquires; Pickering of Cambridge, Richard Tyms Alderman of Cambridge, Alderman French, Robert Castle Esquire, Thomas Bendish, Joseph Eversden, Richard Stain Doctor of Physick, Francis Russel Esq; Edward Leeds of Croxton Gent. Isaac Disbrow, John Lowry, Henry Pickering Esquire, Mr. Bryan Alderman of Cambridge, Samuel Spauding, Robert Vinter, Griffith Lloid, Gentlemen, Nicholas Pedley Esq, Gervase Fulwood, Doctor Syncots, Ralph Mallory.


For the County of Chester; Humphrey Mackworth Esq; Sir William Brereton Baronet, Sir George Booth Baronet, Sir Henry Delves Baronet, Robert Duckenfield Esquire, Thomas Manwaring, Jonathan Brewen, Henry Birkenhead, John Crew of Utkinton Esquires; Mr. John Ratcliff of Chester, William Tuchet Esq; John Lee of Booth Esq; Robert Gregg, James Gartside, Nicholas Goulborn, Calven Bruen Alderman of Chester, Peter Leigh Alderman of Chester, Richard Green Esq; Richard Wright Gent. Edward Bradshaw Major of Chester.


For the County of Cornwal; Francis Rous, Anthony Rous Hugh Bascowen, Esquires; John Moyl, Anthony Nicol, Richard Carter, Andrew Taevil, Thomas Ceely, John Thomas, Richard Penwarn, Robert Bennet, Esquires; John Fox of Pendennis, Thomas Howel of Truro, Peter Ceely, Chattey of Truro.

Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland, and Westmerland.

For the Counties of Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland and Westmerland, Philip Lord Wharton, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, George Fenwick, Charls Howard Esquires; Henry, Ogle, Robert Fenwick, Ralph Salkield Esquires; William Webb, Andrew Crisp, Edward Nelson, Thomas Craister of Carlisle, John Wood of Cockermouth, Cuthbert Studholm, Thomas Langhorn, William Thompson, William Brisco Esq; John Middleton, Anthony Smith of Durham, Thomas Lacy of Sunderland, Thomas Huntley, Robert Sharp, Robert Lilburn Esquire; Alderman Legard of Newcastle, Mr. Johnson of Newcastle, William Garnet of Oasterton, William Applegarth, James Cock of Kendal, John Archer of Kendal, Christopher Lister Esq;

Derby and Nottingham.

For the Counties of Derby and Nottingham, Sir Francis Burdet Baronet, Sir Samuel Sleigh Knight, John Ferrars, James Abney, Thomas Sanders Esquires; John Gell junior Esq; Nathanael Hallows Esq; Robert Mellor, Edward Gell, Jervis Bennet, Nathanael Barton, Edward Mould, John Spateman, Edward Charleton, Edward Whaley Esq; Gervase Piggot Esq; Edward Cludd, William Wightman of Stoke, Thomas Linley, Charls White, John Oddingsels, Christopher Wilson of Newark, Thomas Bristow of Elston Gent. Richard Trueman, Philip Lacock of Stoke Esquire.

Devon and Excester.

For the County of Devon and Excester; John Disbrow, Arthur Upton, Thomas Reynal, Thomas Sanders, John Blackmore, James Erisie, John Elford, Henry Hacsel, John Copleston, John Serl, William Morris, John Plea of Dartmouth, Christopher Ceely, Justinian Peard, Esquires; Martin Parris of Plimouth, John Wallacomb, Rowland Widdon, Thomas Bamofield, James Pearl, John Row of Crediton, Christopher Marcin, John Champneys, William Fry, Robert Roll, William Yeo of Plimouth, William Bastard, Esquires.

Dorset and Pool.

For the Counties of Dorset and Pool; Sir Anthony-Ashley Cooper Baronet, William Sydenham Esq; Sir Walter Earl Knight, John Bingham, Dennis Bond, John Trenchard, Henry Henley, John Whiteway, Thomas Moor, John Bushrod, Walter Foy, Esquires; Edward Butler, James Dewey, Edward Chick, John Lea, Jeremy Pothecary, George Skutt, William Thornhul, James Mew Gent.

York East-Riding, and Kingston upon Hull.

Thomas Lord Fairfax, John Lambert Major General of the Army, Walter Strickland Esquire, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal; Sir William Constable Baronet, Sir William Strickland, John Lawson Esq; Mr. Stillington, Mr. Bryan Dawson, Captain Bradford, Richard Darley Esq; William Coulson, Thomas Hudson and James Nelthrop Aldermen of Beverly, Thomas Ness, Robert Leppington, Edward Atkinson, Timothy Lun, Hugh Bethel Esq

West-Riding and City of York.

Thomas Lord Fairfax, John Lambert Major General of the Army, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, Colonel John Bright, Alderman Thomas Dickenson, Alderman Stephen Watson, Alderman Geldard, Colonel Charls Fairfax, Captain Henry Westby, Mr. John Penrose, Mr. Washington, Mr. John Wadsworth, Mr. John Iscot, Mr. Marmaduke Rivers, Master John Vincent of Warnsworth, Mr. Ashton of Arnolds-biggon, Mr. Stanhop, Mr. Dineley, William Farror of Ewood, William Ingleby of Ripley, Alexander Johnson, Mr. William Drake, Captain George Byard, Thomas Bourchier, Robert Smith, Jeremy Dickson.

North Riding

North Riding: Thomas Lord Fairfax, John Lambert MajorGeneral of the Army, Sir Thomas Widdrington Knight, one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, Sir John Bourchier, Thomas Wastall Esquire, Francis Lassells Esquire, George Lord Eure, William Ascough, Captain Nicolas Conyers, Captain Thomas Davill, Master Thomas Harrison.


For the County of Essex; Dudley Templer Esq; Dionysius Wakering Esq; Robert Crane Gent. John Fenning Gent. Sir Thomas Honywood, Sir William Masham, William Masham Esq; Henry Mildmay of Graces, Oliver Raymond, Gobert Barrington, Thomas Cook of Pedmarsh, Carey Mildmay, Richard Herlackenden, Arthur Barnadiston, Robert Maidston, John Brewster, John Meade, Hezekiah Haines, Esquires; Joachim Matthews; Esq; Henry Barrington Esq; Herbert Pelham Esquire.


For the County of Glocester, and for the City and County of the City of Glocester; Nathanael Stephens, Adrian Scroope, Thomas Hodges, John Stephens, John Dorney, Giles Hancock, Jasper Clutterbuck Esquire, Sylvanus Wood Gent. John Wade, John Grofts, Thomas Purey Esq; William Webley, Anthony Kingscot Esquire.


For the County of Hereford; Sir Robert Harley, Edward Harley, John James, John Scudamore of Kenchurch, Thomas Rawlins, Wroth Rogers, John Flacket, John Patteshall of Puddlestone, Sylvanus Taylor Esquires; Thomas Eatan Gent. John Ashton of Ludlow in Shropshire Gent. Priamus Davies Esquire, John Chelmeld Gent. Thomas Blaney Gent. Richard Reed Gent. William Botterell Esquire Thomas Seabourn, William Lane, Francis Pember Gent.


For the County of Hertford; Henry Laurance Lord President of His Highness Council, Sir John Wittronge, John Fiennes, John Marsh, Francis White, Esquires; Isaac Puller Esquire, William Turner of Hertford, Alban Cox, Master Combes the yonger of Hemsted, Colonel Washington, Thomas Nicholl, William Leman Esq; Ralph Gladman Gent. William Packer Esq; William Hickman Gent.


For the County of Kent; Philip Lord Viscount Lisle, Henry Oxenden of Dean, Esquire; Thomas Foach of the Isle of Thanet Esq; Thomas Kelsey Esq; Peter Peek, Thomas St. Nicolas of Ash, Esquires; John Boys of Betshanger Esq; Thomas Wilson of Sandwich Gent. William Cullen of Dover Esq; John Dixwell, Thomas Scot of Canterbury, Esquires; Thomas Munnings, Robert Maskall of Canterbury, Edward Ower Gent. Whittington Wood of Canterbury Esq; James Sceat of Tenterdeane, Robert Gibon, Richard Beale, Lambert Godfrey, Esquires; Sir Thomas Stiles Knight and Baronet; Charls Bowles of Rochester Esq; Master Kennet of Lye, Master Lancaston of Rumney, Ralph Welden Esquire.


For the County of Lancaster; Sir Richard Houghton, Gilbert Ireland Esq; Thomas Fell, Thomas Birch, William Ashurst Richard Haworth, Edward Robinson, Esquires; William West Gent. Jerijah Aspinwall, Randal Sharpless, George Piggot, John Sawrey Gent. Charls Worsley, John Wiggan Esquires.


For the Counties of Leicester and Rutland; Henry Lord Cromwel, Sir Arthur Hesilrige Baronet, Francis Hacker, Peter Temple Esquires; Master John Prat, Master John Godman, William Hubbard Gent. Mr. William Stanley, Mr. Edmund Craddock Alderman of Leicester; Mr. Samuel Wanley the Elder, Mr. Anthony Major of Leicester, Mr. John Horton, Thomas Cockran, Gent Palmer, Henry Smith, Edward Smith Esq; Evers Ermine Esq; Robert Horsman, Edward Horsman Esquires; William Shield Esq; Benjamin Norton, John Weaver Esquires.


For the County of Lincoln; Nathanael Fiennes Esquires William Savile of Newton Esq; Edward Rossiter, Thomas Coppledick of Harrington, John Archer Esquires; Nehemiah Rawson of Bickwood Esq; Robert Yearborough Esquire, Mr. Wilsby of Spaulding, Philip Mounton Esquire, Humphrey Walcott of Lincoln Esquire, Master Thomson of Roxby, Theophilus Hart Gent. Thomas Hall of Dannington Esquire, John Disney Gent. Mr. Harvey of Lincoln, Master Marshal of Lincoln, William Berrey of Grantham Esquire, Master Matthias Browne of Harbling, Mr. Thomas Law, Mr. Whyteing, Mr. Tilson junior, Alderman of Boston, James Berrey, Francis Clinton, alias Fiennes Esquire, Master Cole of Stamford, Samuel Cust of Boston.


For the County of Middlesex and City of Westminster; Sir Gilbert Pickering Baronet, Philip Skippon Esq; Sir James Harrington Knight and Baronet, Sir William Roberts Knight, Edmund Harvey, Edward Whaley, William Goffe Esquires, John Humphreyes, Richard Downton, Daniel Proctor, Paul Wittoll, Walter Bigg, John Brown, William Bosvile, John Baldwyn, Maurice Thomson, John Stone, Francis Bloomer Esquires, John Barkstead Lieutenant of the Tower, Edward Cresset, Justinian Paget, John Downes, Henry Scobell Esquire, George Evelyn Gent.


For the City of London; Sir Thomas Viner Knight Lord Mayor, Philip Skippon Major General, Isaac Pennington, Thomas Andrews, Robert Tichburne, Tempest Milner, Aldermen of London, William Steel Serjeant at Law Recorder, John Sadler Esq; Maurice Gethings, Thomas Staines, Master Ashurst, John Strange, Mr. Barret, John Langley, John Stone Esquires; Alderman Pack, Alderman Riccot, Stephen Eastwick Alderman Abraham Babington, William Hobson, Charls Doyley, William Puckle of Broadstreet, William Thompson Alderman, Francis Warren of New-Fishstreet-hill, Mark Coe, Richard Lloid Maurice Thompson.


For the County of Monmouth; Richard Lord Cromwel, Philip Lord Viscount Lisle, Philip Jones Esquire, Henry Herbert, William Blethin, John Nicolas, Francis Blethyn, Roger Williams, Edward Herbert, Christopher Catchmay, Robert Jones, Rice Williams, William Packer, Samuel Jones, John Morgan, Thomas Evans Esquires.


For the County of Norfolk; Henry Lawrence Lord President of His Highness Council, Philip Skippon Esq; Hezekiah Haynes, Charls-George Cock Esq; Sir John Hobbart Knight and Baronet, Sir Thomas Hogan, Robert Wood, Edward Ward, Tobias Fryar, Henry King, Edward Bulwer of Heyden, John Reynes, Ralph Woolmer, Roger Harper, Joshua Green, and Thomas Scot of Lyn, Thomas Barret, Nicholas Salter of Norwich, Isaac Preston of Yarmouth, Mr. Dunn, Mr. Thomas Garret, Thomas Russel of North-Basham Esq; Edward Creamer of Snetsham Esquire, Martin Hastings of Hindringham Esq; John Toft of Norwich.


For the County of Northampton; Sir Gilbert Pickering Baronet, Sir John Dreydon Baronet, John Crew of Stene Esquire, John Thornton, Edward Farmer of Daventry, Peter Whaley of Northampton, Thomas Brooks of Great Okeley Esq; John Cleypool of Narborough Esquire, Thomas Pentlow of Wilby, William Boteler of Owndle, Alexander Blake of Peterburgh, John Brown of Kettering, Robert Guy of Isham, John Woodford of Northampton, Rush worth of Northampton, Mr. Grindon of Blacheley.


For the County of Oxon; William Lord Say and Seale, Nathanael Fiennes Esquire, Sir Charls Wolseley Baronet, John Fiennes, Adrian Scroope, Walter Elwood Esquires; Mr. Berry of Oxford, Thomas Appletree; John Vue of Watlington, Gent. Master Beale of Banbury, Tobias Garbrand Doctor of Physick, John Carey of Dickley, Gent. William Whateley of Banbury, Gent. Master George Blunt of Wiggington, Mr. William Allen of Banbury, John Nixon Alderman of Oxford, Thomas Weeks, Matthew Martin, Mr. Francis Webb of Bodicoate, Master Elisha Coles, Hunt, Gent. John Goddard Doctor of Physick, Doctor Crosse of Magdalene Colledge, Master Stephens of Oxford.


For the County of Salop; Humphrey Mackworth Esquire, John Corbet, Creswel Taylor, Robert Corbet, Thomas Mackworth, Thomas Barker, Roger Evans, Lancelot Lee, Thomas Ketilby, Samuel Moore, Thomas Hunt, Rowland Hunt, Charls Langford, Edward Cresset, John Downes Esquires, Captain Richard Smith, John Ashon, Gent. William Botterel Gentleman, Richard Cheshire Alderman of Shrewsbury, Richard Henage, Gentleman; Richard Piggot of Shrewsbury, Gentleman.


For the County of Stafford; Sir Charls Wolseley Baronet, John Swinfen junior, Adshead, John Lee of Rushall, Henry Stone, William Bendy junior, Thomas Bagnal Esq; William Turton Gent. Zachary Babington, Thomas Sanders Esq; Thomas Whitgrave Esq; William Gent Gentleman, George Bellot, John Chetwood Esquires, Master Mott, Master Myners, Master Saxon, John Ley, Thomas Fox of Tamworth, Gent. Alexander Wightwick Esq;


For the County of Somerset and City of Bristol; John Disbrow Esq; Robert Blake, Adrian Scroope, Esquires; Alexander Popham Esq; Sir Thomas Wroth, Mr. James Powel Richard Aldworth, Robert Aldworth, Thomas Gorges, John Gorges, Esquires; John Buckland, Richard Jones, Thomas Syderfin, Esquires; Sir John Horner, Henry Henley, Robert Hunt, John Carey of Castle-Cary, Doctor Palmer, John Preston, Roger Hill of Rounsford, Esquires; George Milward of Shepton Mallet, Gent. Henry Bonner, Thomas Hipsley, John Hagget, Esquires; Luke Hodges, John Harrington, John Sealy of Bridgwater.


For the County of Southampton, and the Town and County of Southampton; Richard Lord Cromwel, William Sydenham, Richard Major, Esq; John Lisle, one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, Richard Norton, Richard Whithead, John Buckley, Esquires; Nathanael Whetham, Governor of Portsmouth, Sir John Dingley Knight, William Bowerman, Thomas Bowerman, Francis Rivet, Robert Goffe, John Hildesley, John Pitman, Esquires; Richard Moore, Peter Legay, George Searle, Samuel Bull, Thomas Chase, Captain Newman, John Greenowes, Mr. Horwood of the City of Winchester, John Waterman, Daniel Hersent.


For the County of Suffolk, James Hubland, Robert Brewster, Francis Brewster, Thomas Bacon, John Gurdon, William Gibbs, Robert Gurdon, Joseph Brand, Esqs. Sir Thomas Barnardiston, Giles Barnardiston Esq; John Clerk of Bury St. Edmonds, Francis Theobald Gentleman, Nathanael Bacon, Francis Bacon Esqs; Samuel Moody of Bury St. Edmunds, Humphrey Mosely Esq, Barnaby Bowtel Esq; Henry Samson of Framlington, Edward Barker of Aye, Mr. Woodall of Woodbridge.


For the County of Surrey, Philip Lord Viscount Lisle, John Lambert Major General of the Army, William Sidenham Esq; Sir Richard Onslow, Arthur Onslow Esq; Robert Tichburn Alderman of London, Sir William Brereton, Francis Drake Esq; Sidrack Brice, John Blackwel, Robert Goodwin, John Corbet, George Tompson, Lewis Audley, William Molins, Walter St. John, Francis Allen, Esqs; John Blackwel junior, James Shirly Abraham Babington, Tarlton, John Rushworth, Esqs.


For the County of Sussex, Anthony Stapley Esq; John Stapley, Nathanael Studley, William Cawley the elder, Arthur Betsworth, Anthony Shearly, Esqs; John Poling, John Love Gentleman, William Polhil of Burrish, Mr. Got, Herbert Morley, John Fagg of Wiston, William Freeman of Cowfold, Richard Knowles of Waterfield, Edward Cook of Fieldplace, William Hays of Hawsted, Esqs; John Holloway of North-Chappel, Edward Prat, Anthony Hilton, Richard Manning, Thomas Thorncomb, Thomas Ballard, Gent. Mr. Burdit, Mr. Bret, Mr. Russel, John Busbridge.


For the County of Warwick, William Purefoy Esq; Richard Lucy, Thomas Willoughby, Joseph Hawksworth, Esqs; Walden Willington, Mr. John St. Nicholas, John Hawford Esq; Mr. Thomas Basnet, Robert Beke, Esq; William Thornton Matthew Bridges, Esqs, Mr. William Cliff, George Wills Gent. John Brook of Stratford upon Avon, Francis Smith of Cleyton Gent. Thomas Fish.


For the County of Worcester, John Wilde Serjeant at Law, Sir Thomas Rous, Gervase Buck in the Colledge Esq; Nicholas Lechmer of Hundley Esq; William Collyn of the Colledge Gent, Francis Franck of Worcester Gent. Robert Stirrup of Worcester Gent. Henry Philips of Worcester Gent. Nicholas Blick of Bramsgrove Gent. Thomas Young of Handley Gent. John Butler of Bramsgrove Gent. John Hayler of Bewdley Gent. John Bridges Esq; Edward Elvins Alderman of Worcester, Thomas Foly, Barker, John Corbet, Pit of Keen, Henry Broad, Talbot Badger, Esqs; Thomas Martin Gent. Edmond Giles the yonger, Thomas Roberts Gent. John James Esq;


For the County of Wilts, Sir Anthony-Ashley Cooper Baronet, Thomas Grove Esq; George Cooper Esq; George Howe of ColeBarwick Esq; William Coles of Downton, Gabriel Martin, Edward Mitchel of Chittern, William Sadler, William Shute, Esqs; Mr. William Blisset, Mr. Humphrey Ditton and Mr. Richard Phelps of Salisbury, Mr. Tho. Hunt and Mr. Tho. Baily of Marlborough, Mr. William Temple of Bishopstrow, Mr. Middlecot of Warminster, Sir John Evelin, Alexander Popham Esq; Alexander Thistlethwait, Mr. James Hely, William Ludlow of Claringdon, Esqs.

Anglesey, Carnarvon, Montgomery, Denbigh, Merioneth, and Flint.

For the Counties of Anglesey, Carnarvan, Montgomery, Denbigh, Merioneth and Flint, Humphrey Mackworth Esq, Hugh Price, Evan Lloid, Robert Griffiths, Richard Price, Thomas Lloid, Lewis Price of the County of Montgomery, Esqs; George Twistleton, John Carter, Thomas Ball, Gerald Barbar of the County of Denbigh, Esqs; Ralph Weld Gent. John Kinaston Esq; Edward Thomas Gent. William Speed Gent. Samuel Swanwich Gent. John Jones Esq; of the same County, Thomas Dymock, Andrew Ellis, Luke Lloid of the County of Flint, Esqs; Thomas Mason Esq; Daniel Matthews Gent. John Maddocks of Hanmer parish in the same County, Gent.

Pembrook, Cardigan, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Brecon and Radnor.

For the Counties of Pembrook, Cardigan, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Brecon and Radnor, the Lord Henry Cromwel, Philip Earl of Pembrook and Montgomery, Philip Lord Viscount Lisle, Philip Jones Esq; Bussey Mansel, Edw. Thomas, Edward Prichard, John Price, Rowland Dawkins, Edward Stradling, John Nicholas Governor of Chepstow, John Herbert, John Galer, Evan Lewis, John Bowen, Henry Morgan, Robert Thomas, Jenkin Franklen, Rice Powel, John Daniel, Sir Erasmus Philips, Sir Hugh Owens, James Philips, Arthur Owen, Samson Lort, Jenkin Lloid, James Lewis, Esq; John Lloid de Vairdriff, Richard Brewn, Hector Philips, Rowland Gethings, Abel Griffiths, Griffith Bowen, David Morgan, Edward Games, Sylvanus Taylor, Esqs; John Walsam, John Williams, John Dancy, William Jones, William Watkins, Thomas Watkins, David Morgan, Gent.

The Commissioners shall call before them the persons, and receive Articles.; What shall be adjudged Scandal.

And the said Commissioners for the respective Counties aforesaid, or any five or more of them, are hereby authorized and impowered to call before them, or any five of them, any publique Preacher, Lecturer, or other persons formerly called Parsons, Vicars or Curats, setled, or which hereafter shall be setled in any Benefice, commonly called, A Benefice with cure of Souls, or publique Lecture having any stipend or salary legally annexed, or belonging thereunto; and all and every School-masters, who are or who shall be ignorant, scandalous, insufficient, or negligent in their several and respective places: And shall and may receive all Articles or Charges which shall be exhibited against them, for ignorance, insufficiency, scandal in their lives and conversations, or negligence in their respective callings and places, and proceed to examination and determination of such offences, according to the Rules and Directions hereafter specified, viz., such Ministers and School-masters shall be deemed and accompted scandalous in their Lives and Conversations, as shall be proved guilty of holding or maintaining such Blasphemous and Atheistical opinions as are punishable by an Act, Entituled An Act against several Atheistical Blasphemous and excrable opinions, derogatory to the Honour of God, and destructive to humane Society, or guilty of prophane cursing or swearing, Perjury, subornation of Perjury, such as shall hold, teach, or maintain any of those Popish opinions, required in the Oath of Abjuration (mentioned in an Ordinance of Parliament of the 19 of August, 1643) to be abjured, or be guilty of Adultery, Fornication, Drunkenness, common haunting of Taverns or Ale-houses, frequent quarrelling or fighting, frequent playing at Cards or Dice, prophaning of the Sabbath day, and such as do or shall allow the same in their Families, or countenance the same in their Parishioners or Scholars; such as have publiquely and frequently read or used the Common-prayer Book since the first of January last, or shall at any time hereafter do the same; such as do publiquely and prophanely scoff at, or revile the strict profession or Professors of Religion or Godliness, or do incourage and countenance by word or practice any Whitson-Ales, Wakes, Morris-Dances, May-poles, Stage-plays, or such like Licentious practices, by which men are encouraged in a loose and prophane Conversation; such as have declared, or shall declare by Writing, Preaching, or otherwise publishing their disaffection to the present Government. Such Ministers shall be accounted negligent, as omit the publique Exercises of Preaching and Praying upon the Lords-day (not being hindred by necessary absence or infirmity of body) or that are or shall be Non-resident; such Schoolmasters shall be accounted negligent as absent themselves from their Schools, and do wilfully neglect their duties in teaching their scholars.

Who shall be judged ignorant and insufficient.; Ministers Assistant.

And such Minister and School-master shall be accounted ignorant and insufficient, as shall be so declared and adjudged by the Commissioners in every County, or any five of them, together with any five or more of the Ministers hereafter nominated in this present Ordinance, to be assistant to the said Commissioners, viz.


For the County of Bedford, Francis Walsal, Dr. of Divinity, Mr. Linford of Sutton, Mr. Thomas Aspine, Mr. Isaac Bedford, Mr. Heward of Hawns, Mr. John Cole of Clophil, Mr. Lawry of Bletso.


For the County of Berks, Mr. Fowler of Redding, Mr. Woodbridge of Newberry, Mr. James Baron of Hendred, Mr. Johnson of Lockin, Mr. Hughes of Hinton, Mr. Tide of Abbington, Mr. Stephens of Appleton, Mr. Lee of Brightwell, Mr. Bateman of Ockingham.


For the County of Bucks, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Butler, Mr. Dobson, Mr. Luff, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Gladman, Mr. Bennet, Mr. Beverly of Quainton, Mr. Marriot.

Cambridge and Huntingdon, with the Isle of Ely.

For the Counties of Cambridge and Huntington, with the Isle of Ely, Dr. Samuel Bolton Master of Christ Colledge in Cambridge, D. Lazarus Seamen Master of Peter-house, Mr. Robert West, Mr. Coldwel of Wisbich, Mr. Sheldrake of Levinston, D. Warner of Balsam, Mr. Jephcot of Sotham, Mr. John Nye of Cottenham, Mr. Bradshaw of Willingham, Mr. Hayes of Papworth, Mr. Lee of Outwel, Mr. Wells of St. Ives, Mr. Isham of Hammerton, Mr. Meryl of Kimbolton, Mr. Vintner of Keyston, Mr. Williams of Pidley, Mr. Taylor of Huntington, Mr. Halsey of Hurst, Mr. Wallis of Broughton, Mr. Cooper of Elton, Mr. Spencer Minister of Shelton.


For the County of Chester, Mr. Thomas Langley of Heldstretnam, Mr. Samuel Langley, Mr. Nathanael Lancaster of Taperley, Mr. Samuel Eaton, Mr. James Mar bury, Mr. William Manwaring, Mr. Newcomb of Gawsworth, Mr. Pemberton, Mr. Peertree, Mr. Glendal of Chester, Mr. Thomas Upson, Mr. Silito of Laughton.


For the County of Cornwal, Mr. Jasper Hicks of Lanrake, Mr. Tinkham of Truro, Mr. Thomas Peters of Milor, Mr. Caswel of St. Germans, Mr. Toms of St. Stephens, Mr. John Wills, Mr. Thomas Travers, Mr. Robert Jagoe, Mr. Welsteed of St. Ives, Mr. George Highes of Plimouth, Mr. Debridge, Mr. Mawl of Foy, Mr. Powell of Clements, Mr. Martin of Plimouth, Mr. Hancock.

Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland and Westmerland.

For the Counties of Cumberland, Durham, Northumberland and Westmerland, Mr. Wells of Newcastle, Mr. Hamond of Newcastle, Mr. Prideaux of Newcastle, Mr. Theophilus Polwheele, Mr. Richard Gilpin, Mr. Mathias Simpson, Mr. Comfort Star, Mr. Roger Baldwin, Mr. Thomas Troyt, Mr. George Larkham, Mr. William Hepkins, Mr. Herris, Mr. Halsey, Mr. Lane, Mr. Lepthorn, Mr. Trurin, Mr. Smith of Kirkby-Langsdale, Mr. Walker of Kendal.

Derby and Nottingham.

For the Counties of Derby and Nottingham, Mr. John Rawlinson Senior, Mr. Emanuel Barne, Mr. Joseph Swetnam, Mr. Walter Taylor, Mr. Peter Watkinson, Mr. Edmund Barton, Mr. John Baylston, Mr. John Hieron, Mr. Thomas Bakewell, Mr. Thomas Shelmardine, Mr. Frith of Mansfield, Mr. Samuel Coats of Westbridgford, Mr. Laurence Palmer of Gedling, Mr. Vere Harcourt of Plumtree, Mr. Cook of Sibthorp.

Devon, and City of Excester.

For the County of Devon and City of Excester, Mr. George Hughs of Plimouth, Mr. Ferdinando Nicols, Mr. Ford of Excester Mr. Anthony Hartford, Mr. Sanders of Hostleworthy, Mr. Bartlet of Excester, Mr. Yeo of Newton, Mr. Bartlet of Beddiford, Mr. Herring of Maston, Mr. John Row, Mr. Jonathan Hanmore of Barnstable, Mr. Francis Sourton of Honyton, Mr. William Trevethick, Mr. Lewis Stickley of Excester, Mr. John Chishul.

Dorset and Pool.

For the County of Dorset and Pool, Mr. William Ben, Mr. Stanley Gowre, Mr. William Allen, Mr. John Hardy, Mr. Walter Burges, Mr. John Trortle, Mr. John Eaten, Mr. Constance Jessop, Mr. John Loder, Mr. Thomas Chaplin, Mr. George Thorn, Mr. William Hussie, Mr. Jeremy Turner, Mr. Wats of Morecreechel.

York and Kingston upon Hull.

For the East-Riding of the County of York, and Kingston upon Hull, Mr. Luddington of Cowscots, Mr. Aty of Agnes-Burton, Mr. William Hyde of Wighton, Mr. Peter Clerk, Mr. Robert Johnson, Mr. Micklethwait, Mr. Hame of Flamborough, Mr. Fowler of Thwing, Mr. Garthwait of Carnaby, Mr. Crozer of Bridlington.

York City.

For the West-Riding and City of. York, Mr. Fisher of. Sheafield, Mr. Boles of York, Mr. Morehouse of Castleford, Mr. Smal wood, Mr. Marshal of Woodchurch, Mr. Roots of Halifax, Mr. Herring of York, Mr. William Stiles of Leeds, Mr. Calvert.

For the North-Riding, Mr. Philip Nesbet, Mr. Mannors, Mr. Dove of Appleton, Mr. Peter Clerk, Mr. Calvert, Mr. Boles, Mr. Herring.


For the County of Essex, Mr. Stalham of Tarling, Mr. Willis of Ingerston, Mr. Sams of Cogshall, Mr. Sparrow of Halsted, Mr. Glover of Finchinfield, Mr. Peck of Pritlewel, Mr. Warren of Hatfild-Broadock, Mr. Martin Holbech of Felstead, Mr. Matthew Newcomen of Dedham.


For the County of Gloucester, and County of the City of Gloucester, Mr. Alexander Gregory of Cirencester, Mr. Giles Wortman, Mr. William Mew of Effington, Mr. Anthony Palmer of Borton of the Water, Mr. Helm of Winchcomb, Mr. William Tray of Odington, Mr. William Beal of Stow of the Wold, Mr William Fowler of Walsterley.


For the County of Hereford, Mr. Woodriff, Mr. Lowe, Mr Boyer, Mr. Briton, Mr. Primrose; Mr. Woodward of Richards Castle, Mr. John Beal, Mr. Smith, Mr. Voyle.


For the County of Hertford, Mr. Philip Goodwyn, Mr. John Warren, Dr. John Lightfoot of Munden-magna, Mr. Samuel Tomlin, Mr. Thomas Mocker, Mr. Thomas Halseter, Mr. John Young, Mr. Isaac Bedford, Mr. Nathaniel Eels, Mr. Tutty, Mr. Slater, Mr. John Pointer, Mr. Daniel Dike, Mr. Lee of Hatfield.


For the County of Kent, Mr. John Davis of Dover, Mr Player, Mr. Taylor and Mr. Durant of Canterbury, Mr. French of Stroud, Mr. Steed, Mr. Samuel Selliard, Mr. Crump, Mr. Bright, Mr. John Swan.


For the County of Lancaster, Mr. Herl, Mr. Hollinworth, Mr. Anger, Mr. Herrick, Mr. Latham, Mr. Thomas Johnson, Mr. Ambrose, Mr. Harrison, Mr. Gee, Mr. Michael Briscoe.

Leicester and Rutland.

For the Counties of Leicester and Rutland, Mr. Simon Peck, Mr. Thomas Doughtey, Mr. Thomas Laurey, Mr. Richard Pike, Mr. Pits, Mr. Henry Peirce, Mr. John Yaxley, Mr. Nicolas Keystyn, Mr. William Sheffield, Mr. Samuel Blackerby, Mr. Maurice Boheme, Mr. Barry of Costmore, Mr. Beacham of Seaton, Mr. Rowel of Little-Casterton, Mr. Johnson of Timwell, Mr. Levit of Ashwel, Mr. King of Okeham, Mr. Wells of Baroden.


For the County of Lincoln, Mr. Edward Reyner, Mr. Scortreth of Lincoln, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Naylor of Boston, Mr Male of Falkinham, Mr. Ram of Spaulding, Mr. Reynold of Heytin, Mr. Finch of Bellow, Mr. Hanford-Knollis, Mr. Moreton of Billingborn and Hirbling, Mr. Law of Wiberton, Mr. Angel of Grantham, Mr. Whiting, Mr. Northan of Harlaxton, Mr. Beck of Rippinhal, Mr. Brown of Stanford, Mr. William How of Gedney.

Middlesex, and City of Westminster.

For the County of Middlesex, and the City of Westminster, Mr. Robert Malthus, Mr. Perkins, Mr. Symmer of Cheswick, Mr. Isaac Knight, Mr. Thomas Gilbert, Mr. Willis, Mr. Rolls of Thistleworth, Mr. Price of Staines, Mr. Kentish of Kattern, Mr. Williams of Wappin, Dr. Spurstow of Hackney, Mr. John Bond, Master of the Savoy, Mr. Sanger, Mr. Philip Ny, Mr. Obadiah Sedgwick, Mr. Bates of Dunstans in the West.


For the City of London, Lazarus Seaman Dr. of Divinity, Dr. Drake, Mr. Samuel Clerk, Mr. Matthew Barber, Mr. Gouge of Sepulchres, Mr. Abraham Molin, Mr. Richard Vines, Mr. Griffith of the Charterhouse, Mr. Jacomb, Mr. Sheffield, Mr. Rutton, Mr. Bragg, Mr. Arthur Jackson, Mr. John Bond, Mr. Sanger, Mr. Philip Ny, Mr. Obadiah Sedgwick, Mr. Joseph Caril, Mr. Cooper


For the County of Monmouth, Mr. Walter Craddock, Mr. Henry Walter, Mr. George Robinson, Mr. Roger Charnock, Mr Francis Syms, Mr. George White, Mr. Thomas Barns, Mr. Abbats


For the County of Norfolk, Mr. William Bridges, Mr. John. Brinsley of Yarmouth, Mr. John Martin of Edgfield, Mr. John. Money of Wymandham, Mr. Timothy Armitage of Norwich, Mr. Charles Franck of Thetford, Mr. Nathaniel Brewster of Alby, Mr. Edmund Broom of Southrep, Mr. Breniter, Mr. Samuel Smith of Sistern, Mr. Richard Wells of Takenham, Mr. Harmer of Saxingham, Mr. Israel Shipdem of Swafham, Mr. Thomas Thorrowgood, Mr. Johnson of Lynn, Mr. Edward Corbet, Mr. Collings of Norwich, Mr. Peck of Hingham, Mr. Hogon of Lyn, Mr. John Newton of Great Dunham, Mr. William Hall of Heveringham.


For the County of Northampton, Mr. Gyfford of Gayton, Mr. Daniel Rogers of Wotton, Mr. Ball of Northampton, Mr. Pearn of Wilby, Mr. Floid of Woodford, Mr. Resbury of Oundle, Mr. Cawthorn, Mr. Wilson of Peterburgh, Mr. William Hodges of Tickmarsh, Mr. Stephen Fowler of Creek, Mr. Timothy Dodd.


For the County of Oxon, John Owen, Thomas Goodwin, Doctors of Divinity, Mr. Thankful Owen, Mr. Samuel Wells Minister of Banbury, Mr. John Taylor Minister of Broughton, Christopher Rogers Doctor of Divinity, Mr. Ambrose Upton, Mr. Peter French, Prebends of Christ Church, Doctor Wilkinson of Christ Church, Doctor Stanton, Warden of Corpus Christi, Dr. Robert Harris, Master of Trinity Colledge, Mr. Ralph Button, Mr. Brice of Henley, Mr. Owen of Remnam, Mr. Francis Howel Mr. Henry Cornish.


For the County of Salop, Mr. Thomas Paget, Mr Francis Talents, Mr. Heath, Mr. James Smith, Mr. Samuel Smith, Mr. Thomas Gilbert, Mr. Francis Boughey, Mr. Thomas Porter, Mr. Samuel Hildersham, Mr. Andrew Pairsons, Mr. Samuel Campion, Mr. Rowland Nevet, Mr. Samuel, Mr. George Bartlet, Mr. John Sadler, Mr. Bartlet Fraysel, Mr. Bryan, Mr. Wright of Preston in the Wilmores, Mr. Francis Wright Mr. George Lawson of the Moore.


For the County of Stafford, Mr. Burdel Minister of Walshal, Mr. Burgess Minister of Sutton-Cofield in Warwickshire, Mr. Butler Minister of Leichfield, Mr. Blake Minister of Tamworth, Mr. John Greensmith Minister of Colwich, Mr. Machin, Mr. Cleyton Minister of Wolverhampton, Mr. Sharp Minister of Burton, Mr. Sound of Newcastle under Line, Mr. Not of Sheriffnals, Mr. Taylor.


For the County of Somerset, and City of Bristol, Mr. George Newton of Taunton, Mr. John Moor of Aller, Mr. John Bennet of Southpetherton, Mr. William Thomas of Ubley, Mr. Francis Roberts of Wrington, Mr. Richard Fairclough of Mells, Mr. Richard Allen of Ditchet, Mr. Richard Allen of Batcomb, Mr. Thomas Lee of Chard, Mr. William Ball, Mr. Elford of Westmunckton, Mr. Stubs of Wells, Mr. John Devenish of Westonzoiland, Mr. Parker of Bruton, Mr. Bat of Creech, Mr. Cross of Chew, Mr. Ralph Farmer, Mr. Knowles, Mr. Hassard.


For the County of Southampton, and Town and County of Southampton, Mr. Whitfield, Mr. James Terry, Mr. Henry Bartlet, Mr. Symonds of Southweek, Mr. Awdley of Clandfield Mr. Cox of Bishops-stoak, Mr. Robert Webb, Mr. Merriet of Cliedsden, Mr. Downs, Mr. Nathaniel Robinson, Mr. Robert Dingley, Mr. Edward Buckler, Mr. John Martin, Mr. Robert Tuchyn, Mr. Barns, Mr. Sparks, Mr. Langley of Titherly.


For the County of Suffolk, Mr. Philips of Wrentham, Mr. Marshal of Ipswich, Mr. Ward of Ipswich, Mr. Hudson of Capel, Mr. Mot of Stoke next Neyland, Mr. Brunning of Seymore, Mr. Gurnal of Lavenham, Mr. Faircloth of Ketton, Mr. Gibbons of Bury, Mr. Burrel, Mr. Cook of Glempsford.


For the County of Surry, Mr. Richard Bifield, Mr. Reyner of Eggham, Mr. George Farrold, Mr. Gery, Mr. Iohn Arthur of Clapham, Dr. Temple of Battersea, Mr. Parks of Morelack, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Wright of Charlwood, Mr. Noel of Ockley, Mr. Brisco, Mr. Plot, Mr. Peter Sterry.


For the County of Sussex, Dr. Chenel of Petworth, Mr. Anthony Hilton of Billingsworth, Mr. William Speed, Mr. Cufley of Arundel, Mr. Pickering, Mr. Maynard of Mayfield, Mr. Vinter, Mr. Hawksworth, Mr. Smith, Mr. Stafford, Mr. Chatfield of Horsham, Mr. Simons, Mr. Osborn, Mr. Corbet of Chicester, Mr. Dorrand.


For the County of Warwick, Dr. Bryon, Dr. Grew of Coventry, Mr. Wills of Brumingham, Mr. Burges of Sutton-Cofield, Mr. Blake of Tamworth, Mr. Walden, Mr. John Trap, Mr. Alexander Bean, Mr. Dooley of Alveston, Mr. Butler and Mr. Richard Venner Warwick.


For the County of Worcester, Mr. Richard Baxter of Kidderminster, Mr. Benjamin Baxter of Upton, Mr. Giles Collyer of Blockley, Mr. Hopkin of Eversham, Mr. Bramage of Kemsey.


For the County of Wilts, Dr. Chambers, Dr. Chaldcote, Mr. Adonyram Byfield of Collingborn, Mr. John Strickland, Mr. William Ayres of Salisbury, Mr. Profit, Mr. Hughes of Malborough, Mr. Hunton of Westbury, Mr. Peter Inch of Dinchead, Mr. Hounsel of Chilton, Mr. William Clifford of East-Knoyl, Mr. John Priaulx of Fovant.

Anglesey, Carnarvon, Montgomery, Denbigh, Merioneth and Flint.

For the Counties of Anglesey, Carnarvan, Montgomery. Denbigh, Merioneth and Flint, Mr. Ambrose Mostin, Mr. Morgan Lloid, Mr. Edward Boles of Harding, Mr. Steel of Hanmer, Mr. Robert Fog, Mr. Orlando Fog, Dr. John Ellis, Mr. William Jones, Mr. Ellis Rowlands, Mr. Matthew Jenkin, Mr. Jonathan Roberts, Mr. Stephen Lewis, Mr. James Quarrel, Mr. Rowland Nevet of Oswestree in the County of Salop, Mr. Samuel Barklay of Clungunis, Mr. George Lawson of Moor in the County of Salop.

Pembrook, Cardigan, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Brecon and Radnor.

For the Counties of Pembrook, Cardigan, Glamorgan, Carmarthen, Brecon and Radnor, Mr. Walter Cradock, Mr. Bedwel, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Miles, Mr. Griffiths, Mr. Nicholas, Mr. Samuel Jones, Mr. David Davies, Mr. Miller, Mr. French, Mr. Higgs, Mr. Love, Mr. Philips, Mr. Charls Price, Mr. Powell of St. Lythans, Mr. Larvar, Mr. Davies, Mr. Warren, Mr. Jenkin Jones, Mr. Swain, Mr. Richard Powel, Mr. Abbot of Abergeny, Mr. White of the County of Monmouth, Mr. Lucas of Preistign.

How the Commissioners shall proceed.; Judgements shall be entred.

And the Commissioners in this present Ordinance authorized, shall and may grant out Warrants under the Hands and Seals of them the respective Commissioners, or any five of them, to be directed unto the person faulty as aforesaid, or against whom such Articles, Charge or Information shall be prepared or exhibited, requiring his appearance before the said Commissioners, or any five of them, at a certain day and place in the said warrant mentioned, to answer the said Charge or Articles respectively. And after notice of the said Warrant personally given to the party so convented or articled against, or left at his dwelling place, or ordinary place of aboad, and that notice proved by Oath to have been made or given by the space of five days before the day of appearance in the said warrant mentioned (no just cause being shewed and proved to excuse the not appearing). And likewise after answer made by such as shall appear upon summons, or default of appearance, or answer after such summons proved as aforesaid, Then the said Commissioners, or any five of them, are hereby enabled and authorized to proceed to examination of Witnesses upon Oath (if the case so require) as well for, and on the behalf of the person accused or articled against for making good his answer, as for proof of the said Charge, Articles or Information; which Oaths the said Commissioners for the respective Counties aforesaid, or any five of them, are hereby authorized to administer; And after due examination and confession of the party, or proof made by the Oath of two credible Witnesses, or of one Witness with other concurrent evidence of the Charge, Articles, or Crime objected against him according to any the particulars before expressed, to eject and displace all and every such person and persons from such his and their respective Cures, Benefices, Places and Charges, as the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, upon such hearing, shall adjudge to be guilty of any the Crimes aforesaid; and shall enter their said Judgements into a Book fairly written, and to be kept for that purpose; and to Sequester as well the Houses, Gleab, Stipend, and all other profits, and fruits belonging to such Churches, Chappels, Schools, or Lectures whereof they are then possessed, allowing such convenient time for his removal out of such house as the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, shall think fit.

Proceedings against persons for ignorance or insufficiency.

Provided always, and it is further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That before the said several and respective Commissioners shall Sequester or eject any Minister or School-master for ignorance or insufficiency, such Ministers or School-masters, accused or questioned for ignorance or insufficiency, shall be examined by the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, together with the Ministers before named for the respective Counties, or any five or more of them, and if upon such examination or proof made upon Oath, it shall appear and be so declared under the hands of the said Commissioners and Ministers who shall be present at such examination and proof, or any ten or more of them, whereof five at least to be of the said Ministers, that such Minister or School-master is ignorant or insufficient, Then the said Minister or School-master shall be taken and deemed to be ignorant or insufficient, and shall for the same by the said Commissioners in this present Ordinance authorized, be Sequestred and Ejected out of such Benefice, Lecture, or School, and the said Judgement entred in their Register Book, and the reasons of such their Judgement.

Who shall nominate to places out of which persons are Ejected or Sequestred.; Such person so nominated and approved, shall hold during his life;; And shall have an Instrument to that purpose upon the Death or Resignation.; In default of such nomination it shall be in Lapse.

And be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That in all cases where any Minister or Lecturer hath been formerly Ejected or Sequestred, and is yet living and none placed before the thirtieth day of August, One thousand six hundred fifty and four, in his room, or shall be Ejected or Sequestred by vertue of this present Ordinance, it shall and may be lawful from time to time, to and for any person and persons, having the lawful right of Patronage, Election or Nomination at any time within four moneths from the eight and twentieth day of August, in case of such as are or shall be Ejected or Sequestred before that time, and within four moneths after such Ejection or Sequestration by force of this Ordinance, to nominate unto the Commissioners appointed by Ordinance for approbation of publique Preachers, a fit and able person in the place and room of such Preacher or Lecturer so displaced, who upon such approbation by the said last mentioned Commissioners, as in the said Ordinance is directed, shall and may have, hold, enjoy and receive all and every the Houses, Gleab, Tithes and other Profits and Fruits belonging to such Place, during the natural life of such person so nominated and approved, unless he shall be afterwards removed by the Commissioners authorized by this Ordinance, for any the Causes before mentioned, in as full and ample maner as such person so displaced might have received or enjoyed the same. And for that purpose in case of the death or resignation of such person so Ejected or Sequestred, the Commissioners for approbation of publique Preachers shall and are hereby authorized; upon such Nomination as is before mentioned, without any further Presentation, and upon such approbation as aforesaid, to grant unto such person admittance unto such Benefice or Lecture, by an Instrument in writing, as in other cases of Presentation they are enabled to do; and in default of such Nomination within the respective times aforesaid, the Presentation for that turn shall devolve in lapse unto the Lord Protector, and his Successors.

In what case allowance shall be made to the Minister Ejected.

Provided nevertheless, That in case the said Commissioners shall finde that such Minister so displaced hath no other temporal estate sufficient to maintain his wife or children (if he have any) and in case such Minister so displaced, shall by the time limited by the said Commissioners, leave the quiet and peaceable possession of the Houses, Gleab, or any other Lands belonging to such place, and remove his habitation out of such Parish, where the Church or Chappel from whence he was so ejected, is situate, That then the said Commissioners, or any five of them, shall allow unto the Wife and Children of such Minister so ejected or displaced for their maintenance a proportion not exceeding the fifth part of the profits of such Benefice with Cure (all Parish charges, publique Taxes and other duties being first deducted out of the whole) which the said Commissioners are hereby authorized to cause to be paid unto such Wife and children accordingly, and in default of conformity unto their order therein, from time to time to Sequester the profits of such Benefice for the payment thereof, and all Charges in and about the same, during the life of such Minister so Ejected; and the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, are hereby also impowered and authorized to place some fit and able person in such School in the place and room of him so displaced, or in the place and room of any other School-master formerly by any Authority of Parliament Ejected, Sequestred, or displaced; and so may continue to do during the life of such Sequestred or Ejected School-master, as often as the said School shall be void; which person so to be placed, shall and is hereby enabled to have, hold and enjoy all Houses, Lands or other Stipend belonging unto any such School, as full as the person so displaced ought to have done.

Ministers and School-masters so nominated and placed, shall have like title as any former Incumbent or School-master.; This Ordinance may be pleaded and given in evidence.; How possession may be obtained in case of Resistance.

And be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That all Ministers or School-masters nominated, presented, placed or setled by vertue of, or according to the true meaning of this present Ordinance, shall have the like Title to, and Interest in all the profits, dues and perquisits, belonging and appertaining to the said Parsonage, Vicarage, Ecclesiastical promotion or School and shall and may enjoy, have and make use of the same remedy in Law or Equity for recovery thereof in case of substraction, dispossession, trespass, or any other injury, as any former Incumbent, Lecturer or School-master, presented, elected, inducted, or setled in such Church, place or School had or enjoyed, or might have had, enjoyed, received or used. And all Judges and Justices of Peace are to take notice of this present Ordinance, and to allow the same to be pleaded and given in evidence, and shall award and give Judgements and Executions for such Ministers, Lecturers and School-masters, placed and setled by vertue of this Ordinance, as their case in Law requires. And if any such Minister, Lecturer or School-master nominated or recommended in the room of such ejected Minister, Lecturer, or School-master, and approved as aforesaid, cannot quietly obtain the possession of such Church Chappel or School, or the dwelling Houses thereunto belonging but shall finde resistance therein, or shall at any time be opposed or disturbed in the exercise of their Ministery or Calling in the said Churches, Chappels or Schools by the said ejected Ministers or School-masters, or by their means or procurement, or by any other person whatsoever, That in such Cases the said Commissioners respectively authorized by this present Ordinance, or any five or more of them, shall and may upon complaint to them made, make such Orders under their hands and seals to the High Sheriff, or any one or more Justice or Justices of Peace of the said County, as they shall think meet, who are hereby authorized and required to execute the same for setling the said Ministers, Lecturer, School-masters, so nominated, appointed, and approved as aforesaid, in possession of the said Churches, Chappels and Schools to which they were recommended, and for removing of all force, and preventing all disturbance and opposition, and for the binding over the Ryoters, breakers of the Peace and disturbers thereof, to the next Assizes or Quarter Sessions of the said County, or for committing them to prison, as the case shall require. And all Sheriffs, Justices of the Peace, Constables, Church-wardens, and other Officers and Ministers of Justice whatsoever, are hereby required to be aiding and assisting to the said Commissioners within their several limits, precincts and Jurisdictions in all things touching the premises.

Ministers not approved, to be certified.

And it is further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the said several and respective Commissioners, in this present Ordinance authorized, shall and may take a view of all the Benefices with Cure, publique Lectures and Schools within their several and respective Counties, and of the Ministers and School-masters therein placed, and where they finde any Ministers unapproved by the Commisioners authorized to approve of publique Preachers, who ought to have been approved them, to certifie their names to the last mentioned Commissioners: And where they finde that any Minister, or School-master that hath been formerly, or shall be Sequestred or Ejected, hath without authority intruded or shall intrude into the same Churches, Schools, or places from whence they were so Sequestred and Ejected, that then the said Commissioners cause such Ejected or Sequestred Incumbent, Minister, or School-master, to be forthwith removed as aforsaid, and that in that, and all other cases of Vacancy, either of any Benefice with Cure, Lecture or School within the said County, they do forthwith authorize some of the most honest and sufficient persons, in such parish where the said vacant Church or School is scituated, to receive and gather the profits, perquisits and dues belonging unto such Church or School; and that they manage, order and preserve the same for the best advantage and benefit of such School-master, and Minister, as shall by vertue of this Ordinance, or by any other lawful Authority be afterwards setled and placed in the said Church or School, saving that all necessary charges incident to the Ejecting, Sequestring or removing of the former Minister and School-master, and placing of another there, according to the meaning of this Ordinance, and the supplying of the said Churches and Schools during the vacancy with fit persons to teach and instruct both the people and Scholars, and repair of the buildings belonging to the said Schools, Parsonages, Vicarages or Curatships may be deducted out of the profits, and the residue justly and duly accompted for by such persons so authorized; unto which last mentioned purpose it shall and may be lawful for the said Commissioners to appoint and pay a Register or Clerk to be made use of in the premises, and other Officers, and to allow such Salaries, and defray such incident Charges as they shall finde requisite; the same Salaries and Charges being allowed and approved by the Trustees for maintenance of Preaching Ministers and other pious uses, and shall issue out of the moneys which shall be so raised in Vacancies as aforesaid; and to call to accompt, not onely all persons so by them authorised to gather and preserve the said Profits, Dues and Perquisits but also all other persons that have received and taken any Profits, Dues and Perquisits belonging unto any Church or Chappel, out of which any Minister hath heretofore been Ejected or Sequestred during the vacancy thereof; and in case of refusal to Accompt, or to deliver the Surplusages after the allowances and deductions made, which by this Ordinance are appointed, then to cause such persons to be committed until they accompt, and duly render and deliver such surplusage according to the true meaning of this Ordinance.

And further it is Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That all such Ministers and School-masters as have been or shall be placed by any Authority of Parliament, or of this present Ordinance, shall constantly, and from time to time keep all the Houses and Buildings belonging unto the Parsonages, Vicarages, Curatships, Lecturers and Schools wherein they have been or shall be placed as aforesaid, and the Chancels and Church-yard, usually and of right by their Predecessors repaired in such good and sufficient repair, as the same buildings were at the time of their being setled and placed therein; and for default thereof, upon Complaint made thereof by the Church-wardens, or any other Inhabitant of such Parish where such neglect of reparations shall happen, unto the Justices of the Peace at their General Quarter Sessions, or to any three of them out of the Sessions, the said Justices of the Peace are hereby impowered to send for such Minister or School-master before them, and to examine all such defects of repair upon Oath, and after proof made thereof, and of the Charge that the making such reparations must necessarily require, to set down such Order for making the said reparations as the said Justices shall adjudge to be reasonable and just; And if such order, as shall be so declared and made, after notice thereof given to such Minister or School-master, be not by them observed and performed, that then it shall and may be lawful to the said Justices of Peace, by warrant to be issued under their hands and seals, to cause to be levyed so much as by the said Justices of Peach shall be Ordered and adjudged as a requisite and necessary sum of money to defray the charges of such reparations, by distress and sale of the Goods aud Chattels of such Minister or Schoolmaster, who ought to have made the same reparations as aforesaid rendring the overplus back to the owner thereof.

No person shall keep a School or be a School-master in any place where he hath been Ejected.; Forfeiture for retaining or maintaining any such School-master.

And be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That no person after the nine and twentieth day of September, One thousand six hundred fifty and four, shall keep any School, or be a Schoolmaster within any County of England or Wales in such Town, Parish or Place where such School is situate, out of which he hath been, or shall be Sequestred or Ejected, upon pain that as well the School-master, as also the party that shall retain or maintain any such School-master, contrary to the true intent and meaning of this Ordinance, and being thereof convicted before the Justices of Peace at their General Quarter Sessions of the said County, shall forfeit each of them for every day so wittingly offending, ten shillings to the use of the poor of the Parish where such offence is committed.

The execution of this Ordinance shall not be delayed.

And be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the several and respective Commissioners by this Ordinance authorized, shall not defer the putting in execution the powers to them intrusted by this present Ordinance, and their meeting for that purpose longer then twenty days after the publication of this present Ordinance, but shall with all diligence and care forthwith endeavor the discharge of their said Trust, and from time to time appoint some one convenient place in their said respective Counties for their meetings as aforesaid, as may be most convenient for resort of such persons as shall be called before them.

The Commisioners shall take order for payment of Arrears due to any Minister who hath supplied the place of one Ejected, as any Justice Peace may do.

And be it further Ordained by the Authority aforesaid, That the said several and respective Commissioners, upon complaint made unto them by any Minister that hath been formerly placed by the late Committee for plundred Ministers, or any other Authority of Parliament, in any Church or Chappel in the room of any Sequestred or Ejected Incumbent, and now removed from thence, or dispossessed thereof by reason of the death of such Sequestred or Ejected Incumbent; or who hath been presented by any Patron since the first of April, One thousand six hundred fifty and three, and hath not or shall not obtain a Testimonial from the Commissioners for approbation of publique Preachers, as by the Ordinance appointing Commissioners for approbation of publique Preachers is directed, that there is due unto such Minister any Arrears of Tythes, or other duties whatsoever belonging to the said Churches or Chappels which have incurred while such Minister did exercise his Ministery in such Church or Chappel, That in all such Cases the said Commissioners, or any five or more of them, shall and may without requiring any such Testimonial to be produced by such Minister, summon to come before them all and every such person and persons as do or shall refuse to pay such Arrears, and proceed to hear and determine the said Complaints, and give such remedy for obtaining such Arrears, as any the Justices of Peace may do for recovery of Tythes substracted or withheld from the Incumbent by virtue of an Ordinance of Parliament, Entituled, An Ordinance for the true payment of Tythes, and other such duties according to the Law and Customs of the Realm; or as any such Justices of Peace might have done by vertue of another Ordinance of the Ninth of August, One thousand six hundred forty and seven, and Entituled, An Additional Ordinance for the true payment of Tythes and other Duties.

The Ordinance of the Ninth of August 1647 for the true payment of Tythes, revived.

And be it further Ordained by the authority aforesaid, That the said last mentioned Ordinance of the Ninth of August, One thousand six hundred forty and seven, shall be, and is hereby revived, and shall be and stand in full power, force and vertue.

This shall not enable any Delinquent, or his Heirs or Assigns, to present or nominate.

Provided, That this Ordinance or any thing therein contained, shall not extend to enable any person or persons heretofore declared a Delinquent by authority of Parliament, his or their Heirs or Assigns, to present or nominate to any Benefice or Ecclesiastical promotion, otherwise then he or they might have done before the passing of this Ordinance.