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2 January, 1642/3Ordinance for the Parliament Forces to drive the King's from Brill in Buckinghamshire. [L.J., v., 523.]
9 January, 1642/3Instructions for Sir William Brereton, Sir George Booth, and the rest of the Deputy Lieutenants of Chester. [L.J., v., 539.] Vol. i., p. 55.
9 January, 1642/3A Declaration and Ordinance for the Defence of the County of Lincoln. [L.J., v., 538.] Vol. i., p. 58.
10 January, 1642/3An Ordinance for Raising Forces in the County of Wilts. [L.J., v., 542.] Vol. i., p. 60.
14 January, 1642/3An Ordinance for assessing the Counties of Northampton, Leicester, Derby, etc. [L.J., v., 554; Husband, i., 891.] Vol. i., p. 61.
14 January, 1642/3Ordinance for stopping the coal trade to Newcastle, etc. [L.J., v., 555.] Vol. i., p. 63.
17 January, 1642/3Order for assessing persons in the County of Devon towards the charge of the Army there. [L.J., vi., 560.] Vol. i., p. 64.
17 January, 1642/3Order to pay money to the Deputy Lieutenants of Devonshire. [L.J., v., 560.] Vol. i., p. 65.
21 January, 1642/3Ordinance against removing the Term to Oxford. [L.J., v., 567; Husband, i., 896.] Vol. i., p. 65.
21 January, 1642/3Ordinance concerning the Customs [L.J., v., 567]; for the continuance of the ordinance of concerning the subsidy of Tonnage and Poundage from 1 March, 1643, to 25 March, 1644.
26 January, 1642/3Ordinance for assessing Lancashire for the relief of Manchester, etc. [L.J., v., 573.]
27 January, 1642/3Ordinance for the Somersetshire men to have their own contribution-money already raised for maintenance of the Forces raised there. [L.J., v., 575; Husband, i., 898.] Vol. i., p. 67.
27 January, 1642/3Ordinance for the Assessment of the Malignants in Somersetshire. [L.J., v., 576; Husband, i., 900.] Vol. i., p. 69.
30 January, 1642/3Ordinance for new Loans and Contributions, etc., for Ireland. [L.J., v., 580; Husband, i., 204.] Vol. i., p. 70.
3 February, 1642/3An Ordinance for the better raising and levying of Mariners, Sailors and others for the present guarding of the Seas, etc. [L.J., v., 585; Husband, i., 915.] Vol. i., p. 73.
3 February, 1642/3Ordinance for raising Forces and Money in the County of Wilts. [L.J., v., 587.] Vol. i., p. 74.
8 February, 1642/3An Ordinance for the Earl of Warwick to command the Fleet. [L.J., v., 593.] Vol. i., p. 76.
8 February, 1642/3Ordinance for assessing divers persons in London according to the Ordinance of 29 November. [L.J., v., 594.] Vol. i., p. 77.
11 February, 1642/3An Ordinance for securing Hampshire by raising men and money. [L.J., v., 601.]
11 February, 1642/3An Ordinance to appoint Sir William Waller Serjeant-Major-General of the Forces in Gloucestershire and other adjacent counties, and for paying his army. [L.J., v., 602.] Vol. i., p. 79.
13 February, 1642/3Order concerning the City and County of Exon. [L.J., v., 604.]
13 February, 1642/3Ordinance for seizing the effects of persons in Nottingham who have been in arms against the Parliament. [L.J., v., 604.]
15 February, 1642/3Ordinance for a public confession to be used at the Fast. [L.J., v., 607; Husband, i., 917.] Vol. i., p. 80.
21 February, 1642/3Ordinance for sequestering the profits of St. Margaret's, Lothbury. [L.J., v., 616.] Vol. i., p. 82.
21 February, 1642/3Ordinance for sequestering the profits of St. Martin's in the Vintry. [L.J., v., 616.]
21 February, 1642/3Ordinance for rating sea coal. [L.J., v., 615; Husband, i., 921.] Vol. i., p. 83.
23 February, 1642/3Ordinance for Mr. Nathaniel Fiennes to raise a regiment of Horse. [L.J., v., 618.] Vol. i., p. 84.
24 February, 1642/3Ordinance for raising money for the maintenance of the Army by a Weekly Assessment. [L.J., v., 619; not entered; Husband, i., 932.] Vol. i., p. 85.
4 March, 1642/3Explanatory Ordinance. [L.J., v., 637.] Vol. i., p. 100
4 March, 1642/3Ordinance for the defence of Taunton. [L.J., v., 637.] Vol. i., p. 100.
6 March, 1642/3Order for Relief of Maimed Soldiers and their Families. [L.J., v., 640; Husband, i., 951.] Vol. i., p. 102.
7 March, 1642/3Order for intrenching and fortifying the City of London. [L.J., v., 641; Husband, i., 953.] Vol. i., p. 103.
13 March, 1642/3Ordinance for allowing one third part of Prize goods to the Captors. [L.J., v., 647; Husband, i., 955.] Vol. i., p. 104.
24 March, 1642/3Ordinance for raising money for the defence of Exeter. [L.J., v., 669; Husband, ii. 8.]
25 March, 1642/3Ordinance for the Commissioners of the Customs to repay themselves £20,000. [L.J., v., 672; Husband, ii. 11.] Vol. i., p. 104.
27 March, 1643Ordinance for sequestering notorious Delinquents' Estates. [Passed March 27, Gardiner, G.C.W. i. 100; and noted as agreed to in L.J., v., 672, but not entered; printed by Husband in pamphlet form with date March 31 and in his vol. ii., p. 13, with date April 18.] Vol. i., p. 106.
31 March, 1643Ordinance for raising money weekly in Hertfordshire. [L.J., v., 683; Husband, ii., 25.] Vol. i., p. 117.
5 April, 1643Ordinance to provide Mariners for supplying the Navy. [L.J., v., 693; Husband, ii., 25.] Vol. i., p. 123.
5 April, 1643Order for securing £40,000 borrowed from the City of London. [L.J., v., 693; Husband, ii., 27.]
10 April, 1643Ordinance for raising money in the Isle of Wight. [L.J., v., 708; Husband, ii., 30.] Vol. i., p. 124.
10 April, 1643Ordinance for associating the Counties of Warwick, Stafford and Salop. [L.J., v., 708; Husband, ii., 32.] Vol. i., p. 124.
11 April, 1643Ordinance for the repayment of £2,600 out of the assessment of Dorsetshire. [L.J., v., 710–11; Husband, ii., 29.]
11 April, 1643Ordinance for the Explanation of the Weekly Assessment in London. [L.J., v., 713; Husband ii., 32.] Vol. i., p. 128.
11 April, 1643An Additional Ordinance for sequestering Delinquents, Estates in Devon. [L.J., v., 711; Husband ii., 32.] Vol i., p. 129.
12 April, 1643An Ordinance giving power to the Committee for the Militia of London to raise regiments of Volunteers. [L.J., v., 715; Husband, ii., 34.] Vol. i., p. 130.
12 April, 1643An Ordinance giving power to the Mayor of Plymouth to seize corn. etc., for that town. [L.J., v., 715; Husband, ii., 35.] Vol. i., p. 131.
12 April, 1643An Ordinance assessing persons in Yarmouth for the defence of the town. [L.J., v., 715; Husband, ii., 35.] Vol. i., p. 132.
13 April, 1643An Ordinance to prevent the Judges, Officers, and Ministers of the Court of King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer, from repairing to Oxford to keep the next term there. [L.J., vi., 9–10; Husband, pp. 39–40.] Vol. i., p. 133.
18 April, 1643Ordinance for Lord Gray's forces quartered at Watford to join the Earl of Essex, out of the Bounds of their Association. [L.J., vi., 11; Husband, p. 38.]
20 April, 1643An Order for raising a regiment of Volunteers, under Sir John Wittewrong, in the County of Hertford, to serve out of the Limits of their Association. [L.J., vi., 13; Husband, p. 41.]
25 April, 1643An Ordinance for Collections to be made for relief of Captives in Algiers. [L.J., vi., 19; Husband, p. 46.] Vol. i., p. 134.
25 April, 1643An Order, engaging the public faith, to secure repayment of money, etc., advanced for the support of the army under Sir William Waller. [L.J., vi., 19; Husband, p. 45.] Vol. 1., p. 135.
29 April, 1643Order for sequestering the estates of Delinquents in Devon. [L.J., vi., 23–24; Husband p. 47.] Vol. i., p. 136.
2 May, 1643Further Order for the execution of Martial Discipline in the Trained Bands in the Cities of London and Westminster and in the County of Middlesex. [L.J., vi., 26–27; Husband, p. 154–5.] Vol. i., p. 137.
2 May, 1643A Further Ordinance for Colonel Oliver Cromwell and others to seize goods and chattels of Malignants in Cambridgeshire. [L.J., vi., 26; Husband, pp. 44 and 155.] Vol. i., p. 138.
2 May, 1643Order for Sir Walter Earle to command the militia in Dorset. [L.J., vi., 26; Husband, pp. 154–5.]
2 May, 1643Order for the indemnity of the inhabitants of Barnstaple, for fortifying their town. [L.J., vi., 27.]
3 May, 1643Order for preventing disorderly assemblies in Dorset, Somerset, Wilts, etc. [L.J., vi., 30; Husband, p. 156.] Vol. i., p. 139.
3 May, 1643Order to depute two Persons in every county to see the Ordinance for the weekly Assessment put into Execution. [L.J., vi., 28–29; Husband, pp. 156–7.] Vol. i., p. 139.
4 May, 1643Order for Garrisons in Hampshire to be paid out of the King's revenues in that County. [L.J., v., 31–32; Husband, pp. 158–9.] Vol. i., p. 141.
5 May, 1643Order for burning the Book of Sports. [L.J., v., 32; Husband, pp. 159–60.]
6 May, 1643Order for the repayment of monies lent by the City of London. [L.J., vi., 34–5; Husband, pp. 161–2.] Vol. i., p. 143.
6 May, 1643Order explaining Ordinance of 28 November, 1642, concerning the assessment. [L.J., vi., 34: Husband, p. 162.]
7 May, 1643An Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of money throughout the whole of England and dominion of Wales: members of both Houses excepted. [L.J., vi., 34, but not entered; Husband, pp. 169–75.] Vol. i., p. 145.
10 May, 1643Order to redress the Abuses in taking Horses for supply of the Army. [L.J., vi., 39–40; Husband, pp. 164–5.] Vol. i., p. 155.
10 May, 1643Ordinance following Commission granted by the Earl of Essex to Colonel James Mauleverer to levy and raise a regiment of harquebussers, pledging public faith for repayment of monies, etc., lent to him. [L.J., vi., 40; Husband, p. 163.] Vol. i., p. 156.
10 May, 1643Order for the speedy levy of assessments under Ordinances of 3rd and 7th May, 1643, and 30th January, 1642/3, and Act for a Contribution towards the Relief of Ireland. [L.J., vi., 40–41; Husband, p. 165.]
10 May, 1643Ordinance as to the levy of the weekly assessment in Southwark, etc.
16 May, 1643Further Ordinance (amending that of May 3) for suppressing riots in Dorset, Somerset, and Wilts. [L.J., vi., 48.]
17 May, 1643Ordinance for the sequestration of the jurisdiction of William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. [L.J., vi., 50; Husband, p. 178.] Vol. i., p. 157.
17 May, 1643Ordinance (amending that of 30 January, 1642–3) for the contribution for the relief of Ireland, authorizing Commissioners to receive the money. [L.J., vi., 50–51; Husband, pp. 178–9.] Vol. i., p. 158.
18 May, 1643Ordinance exempting estates of Earl of St. Albans from former Ordinance for sequestration of Papists' estates: on account of his services in Ireland. [L.J., vi., 63.]
18 May, 1643Ordinance amending Ordinance of 7 May for the raising and levying of money by allowing sums raised in the Eastern Association to be applied to the maintenance of the army of the Association. [L.J., vi., 53; Husband, p. 181.] Vol. i., p. 160.
24 May, 1643Ordinance authorising Colonel Walter Long to take and collect such moneys as have been formerly by him and others assessed and as yet unpaid, in Essex, Hertford, and Bedford, by a Commission from the Earl of Essex. [L.J., vi., 61; Husband, p. 182.] Vol. i., p. 161.
26 May, 1643Order for £10,000 a year to be paid to the Earl of Essex out of the estates of Delinquents. [L.J., vi., 64–5.]
26 May, 1643Ordinance transferring the County of Huntingdon from the Midland Association to the Eastern Association. [L.J., vi., 63; Husband, p. 183.]
29 May, 1643Further Ordinance for seizing horses for the use of the Army, amending that of 10 May. [L.J., vi., 69; Husband, p. 184.] Vol. i., p. 162.
30 May, 1643Order empowering the Committee at Haberdashers' Hall to cess estates in London and twenty miles round that have not paid their due proportion of assessment under the Ordinance of the Twentieth part. [L.J., vi., 71; Husband, p. 185.] Vol. i., p. 163.
30 May, 1643Ordinance for the prevention of the smuggling of prohibited goods. [L.J., vi., 71–2; Husband, p. 191–2.] Vol. i., p. 163.
30 May, 1643Ordinance for the peace of the County of Kent, and for enabling them to associate with the City of London or any other Counties adjacent [L.J., vi., 72–5; Husband, pp. 185–189.] Vol. i., p. 165.
30 May, 1643Further Ordinance against removing the term to Oxford (cf. Ord. of 21 Jan., 1642–3.) [L.J., vi., 70; Husband, ii., 190.]
1 June, 1643Further Ordinance for the speedy raising of money, appointing members of new Committees. (cf. 30 Jan., 1642–3, 3 May and 10 May, 1643.) [L.J., vi., 76–7; Husband, pp. 193–5.] Vol. i., p. 168.
5 June, 1643Ordinance to raise £100 weekly for the defence of Southwark, and appointing a Committee. [L.J., vi., 81–2; Husband, pp. 196–7.]
5 June, 1643Ordinance for raising forces for the reduction of Newcastle, with Propositions accepted by both Houses. [L.J., vi., 82–3; Husband, pp. 197–9.] Vol. i., p. 171.
9 June, 1643Ordinance for a Covenant to reveal plots against the Parliament to be taken by all who are lovers of their country. [L.J., vi., 87; Husband, pp. 204–5 and 227–8.] Vol. i., p. 175.
10 June, 1643Further Ordinance (amending that of 17th May) to sequester the jurisdiction and temporalities of Archbishop Laud. [L.J., vi., 89; Husband, p. 207.] Vol. i., p. 176.
12 June, 1643Ordinance appointing Sir Thomas, Middleton Commander-in-Chief of the Counties of Denbigh, Montgomery, Flint, Merioneth, Carnarvon, and Anglesey. [L.J., vi., 90–92; Husband, pp. 211–13.] Vol. i., p. 177.
12 June, 1643Ordinance for an assembly of Divines to settle the doctrine of the Church. [L.J., vi., 92–4; Husband, pp. 208–210.] Vol. i. p. 180.
12 June, 1643Ordinance appointing the Earl of Denbigh as Commander-in-Chief of the Counties of Warwick, Worcester, Stafford, Salop, etc., and to succeed Lord Brooke as Lord Lieutenant of the County of Warwick. [L.J., vi., 92.]
14 June, 1643Ordinance for correcting and regulating abuses of the Press. [L.J., vi., 96–7; Husband, pp. 213– 16.] Vol. i., p. 184.
24 June, 1643Ordinance for raising and paying Forces for the Defence of the Isle of Wight. [L.J., vi., 106– 7; Husband, pp. 226–227.] Vol. i., p. 187.
5 July, 1643Ordinance for paying the Scottish Army in Ireland, by arrangement with members of the Company of the Merchant Adventurers. [L.J., vi., 122– 123.] Vol. i., p. 188.
10 July, 1643Ordinance for securing the town of Lynn and the adjacent country in case the Popish Northern Army should force a passage through Lincolnshire into Norfolk. [L.J., vi., 126–7.] Vol. i., p. 190.
10 July, 1643Ordinance for the indemnity of the Mayor of Hull and others for seizing the forts, and the persons of Sir John Hotham and Sir Edward Rhodes, and Captain Hotham. [L.J., vi., 126; Husband, pp. 229–30.] Vol. i., p. 190.
10 July, 1643Ordinance forbidding Judges and Ministers of the law to execute their commissions or hold Assizes or Gaol Delivery during the Summer Vacation. [L.J., vi., 126; Husband, p. 230.] Vol. i., p. 191.
12 July, 1643Order for raising forces in the Parts of Holland in the County of Lincoln. [L.J., vi., 129; Husband, pp. 230–1.]
12 July, 1643Order confirming the Office of Chief Butler of England and Wales to Sir William Waller. [L.J., vi., 130.]
14 July, 1643Ordinance for the encouragement of Adventurers to make new subscriptions for towns, cities, and lands in Ireland [L.J., vi., 131, not entered; Husband, pp. 233–6.] Vol. i., p. 192.
15 July, 1643Ordinance adding names to the Committee for the Twentieth Part in the County of Sussex. [L.J., vi, 132; Husband, p. 236.]
18 July, 1643Further Ordinance for raising money for the defence of the county of Huntingdon, giving power to the Deputy-Lieutenants and Committee to receive the weekly assessments. [L.J., vi., 135; Husband, p. 239.]
19 July, 1643Ordinance for raising money for the defence of Northamptonshire. [L.J., vi., 137–8; Husband, pp. 239–40.]
19 July, 1643Order for keeping a solemn Fast and Humiliation the 21st July. [L.J., vi., 139.]
19 July, 1643Ordinance for nominating and appointing certain Commissioners to be sent to Scotland to treat and conclude divers matters concerning the safety and peace of both kingdoms, with instructions. [L.J., vi., 139, 142.] Vol. i., p. 197.
20 July, 1643Declaration or ordinance concerning the late insurrection in Kent, offering pardon to those who submit. [L.J., vi., 143; Husband, p. 242.]
22 July, 1643Ordinance appointing the Lord Fairfax governor of the town of Kingston upon Hull, in place of Sir John Hotham. [L.J., vi., 145–6; Husband, p. 242.]
22 July, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising and levying of moneys by way of charge or impost upon several commodities (Excise Ordinance). [L.J., vi., 145, not entered; Husband, pp. 267–275.] Vol. i., p. 202.
25 July, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising of a Body of Horse out of certain specified counties, to resist the outrages of the King's Army, and to be under the Earl of Manchester, who is appointed by this Ordinance, for this service, to be Commander-in-Chief both for Horse and Foot. [L.J., vi., 148–50; Husband, pp. 275–8.] Vol. i., p. 215.
27 July, 1643Ordinance appointing a Committee for the County of Surrey to raise forces for the defence of the county. [L.J., vi., 151–2; Husband, p. 278–97.]
29 July, 1643Ordinance permitting sums of money raised in the County of Huntingdon to be spent upon the defence of the county. [L.J., vi., 157; Husband, pp. 278–80.] Vol. i., p. 219.
29 July, 1643Ordinance appointing Commissioners to receive loans and subscriptions in Holland for the relief and maintenance of the army in Ireland. [L.J., vi., 158.] Vol. i., p. 220.
29 July, 1643Ordinance for the defence of London. [L.J., vi., 158–9.] Vol. i., p. 221.
1 August, 1643Ordinance ordering William Bishop of London, Thomas Turner, Doctor of Divinity, and John Juxon, Esquire, to repay a sum received, under a Decree in the Exchequer Chamber, conveying certain impropriations to the King's Majesty, who had leased them to the aforesaid. [L.J., vi., 162.]
3 August, 1643Ordinance for raising money for the maintenance of the Army, and other great affairs, by a weekly assessment upon specified counties for two months, beginning from the 3rd August, 1643. [L.J., vi., 163–70.] Vol. i., p. 223.
10 August, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising and impressing of men for the defence of the kingdom. [L.J., vi., 175–6; Husband, pp. 282–3.] Vol. i., p. 241.
10 August, 1643Ordinance appointing Committees for managing the affairs of the Associated Counties (Eastern Association). [L.J., vi., 176–7; Husband, pp. 282–3.] Vol. i., p. 242.
10 August, 1643Ordinance for payment of £10,000 to Sir William Waller out of the moneys that shall come in upon the twentieth part within the cities of London and Westminster and the places adjacent. [L.J., vi., 175.]
12 August, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising of 1,000 dragoons and £13,500 for their equipment and maintenance, in the County of Essex. [L.J., 178–9; Husband, pp. 286–7.] Vol. i., p. 245.
16 August, 1643Ordinance for seizing the estates of the rebels in Kent (cf. Ordinance of 20th July). [L.J., vi., 182; Husband, pp. 288–9.] Vol. i., p. 247.
16 August, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising of 20,000 soldiers in the counties of the Eastern Association. [L.J., vi., 182–3; Husband, pp. 288–9.] Vol. i., p. 248.
17 August, 1643Ordinance for the security of the city of London, with an oath to be taken by all persons within the cities of London and Westminster and the surburbs thereof or within the lines of communication. [L.J., vi., 184–5; Husband, pp. 288–90.]. Vol. i., p. 249.
18 August, 1643Ordinance for a speedy supply of monies within the city of London and Liberties thereof, for the maintenance of the forces for the defence of the City. [L.J., vi., 190–1; Husband, pp. 294–6.] Vol. i., p. 251.
18 August, 1643Ordinance explaining a former Ordinance for the sequestration of Delinquents' Estates, with an oath to be administered to delinquents. [Husband, pp. 294–300, under date 19th August; L.J., vi., 185, but not entered in L.J.] Vol. i., p. 254.
23 August, 1643Ordinance for the relief of Gloucester. [L.J., vi., 194.] Vol. i., p. 260.
24 August, 1643Ordinance for repayment of £50,000 advanced by the City of London. [L.J., vi., 195: Husband, p. 300.]
24 August, 1643Ordinance for fortifying the Hundred of Lovingland in the county of Suffolk and other adjacent Hundreds, for the defence of Yarmouth, etc. [L.J., vi., 196; Husband, pp. 301–2.]
25 August, 1643Ordinance (explaining Ordinance of 25th July, 1643) for raising a Body of Horse for the preservation of the Kingdom. [L.J., vi., 195–6; Husband, pp. 302–3, under date 25th August.] Vol. i., p. 261.
26 August, 1643Ordinance for the free passage of Bullion into the ports of Dover and London and into and out of the Mint. [L.J., vi., 199; Husband, p. 305.] Vol. i., p. 262.
26 August, 1643Ordinance for disposing of the Houses of persons who have avoided payment of the weekly assessment. [L.J., vi., 198–9; Husband, p. 303.] Vol. i., p. 262.
26 August, 1643Ordinance for the monoply of an engine, invented by Dominicke Petit, Peter Deliques, and Claudius Fancault, for recovering ships, lading and cannon, which have been overwhelmed in the seas and rivers of the Kingdom. [L.J., vi., 199.] Vol. i., p. 263.
26 August, 1643Ordinance for demolishing superstitions images, etc., and removing Communion Tables from the East End of Churches, before 1st November, 1643. [L.J., vi., 200–201; Husband, pp. 307–8 under date 28th August.] Vol. i., p. 265.
5 September, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising of monies to furnish magazines, and raise forces within the Hamlets of the Tower, the City of Westminster, the Borough of Southwark, and other parts of the counties of Middlesex and Surrey within the Forts and Lines of Communication and Parishes adjacent. [L.J., vi., 204–6; Husband, pp. 305–8, under date 4th September.] Vol. 1., p. 267.
6 September, 1643Ordinance empowering the Committee of the Militia of the City of London to send troops under Sir William Waller, to join the Lord General the Earl of Essex, or elsewhere under the commission of the Lord General. [L.J., vi., 20; Husband, p. 310.] Vol. i., p. 271.
6 September, 1643Ordinance to levy arrears of assessments in the County of Suffolk. [L.J., vi., 207–8; Husband, p. 310.]
6 September, 1643Order for Lieut. Colonel Owen Rowe to contract for arms to the value of £5,000. [L.J., vi., 207; Husband, p. 311.] Vol. i., p. 272.
6 September, 1643Ordinance for raising money in the counties of the Eastern Association for payment of the Earl of Manchester's army. [L.J., vi., 207; Husband, p. 312.] Vol. i., p. 273.
8 September, 1643Further Ordinance for settling the Excise, annulling the former Ordinance (that of July 22) as in many parts defective. [L.J., vi., 209; but not entered in L.J. Printed Husband, pp. 313–9, under date September 11.] Vol. i., p. 274
8 September, 1643Ordinance restricting the passage of travellers from Ireland, to prevent the coming over of Irish rebels. [L.J., vi., 210; Husband, p. 309, under date September 5.] Vol. i., p. 283.
13 September, 1643Ordinance for obtaining a loan from the inhabitants of Ipswich, for the navy. [L.J., vi., 215; Husband, pp. 319–20.] Vol. i., p. 284.
15 September, 1643Ordinance for impressing 5,000 infantry to be under the command of Sir William Waller. [L.J., vi., 216; Husband, p. 320, under date September 13.]
15 September, 1643Ordinance permitting apprentices to watermen in the Thames to serve their time under Sir William Waller without punishment or prejudice. [L.J., vi., 217; Husband, p. 321.] Vol. i., p. 285.
18 September, 1643Ordinance for the relief of the distressed clergy of Ireland. [L.J., vi., 221–2; Husband, pp. 325–6.] Vol. i., p. 285.
18 September, 1643Ordinance for the payment of the Commissioners and Auditors of Excise together with an oath to be administered to them. [L.J., vi., 220–1; Husband, p. 324–5.] Vol. i., p. 287.
18 September, 1643Ordinance providing that the Commissioners of Customs shall repay themselves £30,000 advanced for the Navy. [L.J., vi., 221; Husband pp. 332–3.]
19 September, 1643Ordinance (supplementing that of 11th November, 1642) for the defence of the county of Hertford, permitting its association with the City of London or other places. [L.J., vi., 222–3; Husband, pp. 325–7.] Vol. i., p. 289.
20 September, 1643Ordinance adding Lincoln to the counties of the Eastern Association, and for the maintenance of the Army of those counties, with the names of the members of the Committees of the various counties. [L.J., vi., 224–7; Husband, pp. 327–?. Vol. i., p. 291.
20 September, 1643Declaration and Order that no one shall have any command under the Parliament unless he shall have taken the Covenant (i.e., the Solemn League and Covenant). [L.J., vi., 224; Husband, p. 327.] Vol. i., p. 298.
21 September, 1643An Ordinance for the sequestration of all revenues of the King, Queen, and Prince, in England and Wales, and Berwick-upon-Tweed, with provisions for sequestering any of the Royal officers who may refuse obedience to this Ordinance. [L.J., vi., 227–9; Husband, p. 338; printed in appendix, p. 15.] Vol. i., p. 299.
30 September, 1643Ordinance to compel the City Companies to pay their assessments according to the rates appointed by the Common Council. [L.J., vi., 236.]
2 October, 1643Ordinance to supply wood to the poor and other degrees of people in the cities of London and Westminster, and their suburbs and liberties. [Husband, pp 351–2. Not entered in L.J., vi., 241.] Vol. i., p. 303.
2 October, 1643Ordinance for fortifying the Isle of Wight. [L.J., vi., 242.]
7 October, 1643Ordinance for repayment of £30,000 to the Merchant Adventurers. [L.J., vi., 246.]
9 October, 1643Ordinance fixing the price of wines in accordance with the recent Excise Ordinance. [L.J., vi., 250; Husband, p. 355–6.] Vol. i., p. 305.
9 October, 1643Ordinance empowering the Committee in Northamptonshire to raise money for six months for the defence for the County. [L.J., vi., 249; Husband, pp. 356–7.]
9 October, 1643Ordinance for sending forces from London to the Lord General for the recovery of Reading. [L.J., vi., 249–50; Husband, pp. 358–9.] Vol. i., p. 306.
9 October, 1643Ordinance for assessing members of either House who absent themselves from Parliament or wage war upon it. [L.J., vi., 250–1; Husband pp. 357–8.] Vol. i., p. 307.
11 October, 1643Ordinance empowering the Earl of Manchester to put into execution, in the counties of the Eastern Association, former Ordinances for collecting assessments and sequestrating estates of Delinquents. [L.J., vi., 263–4; Husband, pp. 360–1.] Vol. i., p. 309.
12 October, 1643Further Ordinance for the incorporation of the Merchant Adventurers in order to the better maintenance of the woollen trade. [L.J., vi., 225; Husband, p. 361.] Vol. i., p. 310.
16 October, 1643Ordinance for the repayment of all monies that may be lent for the speedy bringing of the Scottish army into England to the assistance of the Parliament. [L.J., vi., 257–8; Husband, pp. 363–5.] Vol. i., p. 311.
17 October, 1643Ordinance that brewers shall pay the duties imposed by the Excise Ordinance before delivering their goods. [L.J., vi., 260; Husband, pp. 365–6.] Vol. i., p. 315.
23 October, 1643Ordinance for the speedy raising of monies formerly imposed but not yet paid, within the City of London and the Liberties thereof. [L.J., vi., 268–270; Husband, pp. 368–71.] Vol. i., p. 316.
23 October, 1643Ordinances giving authority to dig and search for saltpetre to make gunpowder. [L.J., vi., 270.] Vol. i., p. 320.
23 October, 1643Ordinance supplementing a former Ordinance (September 5th, 1643) for raising money within the lines of communication, by removing the exemptions allowed to members of both Houses and their servants. [L.J., vi., 271; Husband, p. 384. under date 9th November.] Vol. i., p 321.
27 October, 1643Ordinance for raising £66,666 13s. 4d. by loan, for assistance to the Scottish army in its expedition into England. [L.J., vi., 279–282; Husband, pp. 371–4.] Vol. i., p. 322.
27 October, 1643Ordinance for pressing 3,000 soldiers in Lancashire [L.J., vi., 279.]
31 October, 1643An Ordinance forbidding communication with the King and Queen, for the better prevention of spies. [Husband, p. 375.] Vol. i., p. 327.
31 October, 1643Ordinance for relief of maimed soldiers and of widows and children of soldiers slain in the service of the Parliament. [L.J., vi., 286–7; Husband, p. 376–7, under date November 1st.] Vol. i., p. 328.
2 November, 1643Ordinance for the government of the plantations in the West Indies, appointing the Earl of Warwick Governor-in-Chief and Lord High Admiral of those islands. [L.J., vi., 291–2; Husband, pp. 378–9.] Vol. i., p. 331.
4 November, 1643Ordinance for associating Kent, Sussex, Surrey, and Hampshire, with list of members of Committees. [L.J., vi., 294–6; Husband, pp. 379–83.] Vol. i., p. 333.
7 November, 1643Order for London Vintners to pay Excise for Wines. [L.J., vi., 298; Husband, p. 383.] Vol. i., p. 339.
10 November, 1643Ordinance for making a new Great Seal and for annulling certain Acts under the King's Great Seal since the 22nd May, 1642. [L.J., vi., 301–2; Husband, pp. 385–6 under date 11 November.] Vol. i., p. 340.
15 November, 1643Ordinance for raising money for the defence of Plymouth, by means of a rate upon merchandise exported and imported. [L.J., vi., 305–6; Husband, pp. 386–7.] Vol. i., p. 342.
20 November, 1643Ordinance for preserving from sale and keeping for public use certain books, evidences, records and writings taken by distress or otherwise. [L.J., vi., 307–8; Husband, pp. 387–8 under date November 18.] Vol. i., p. 343.
23 November, 1643Ordinance for raising money for the defence of Southampton. [L.J., vi., 309–10; Husband, pp. 388–9.] Vol. i., p. 345. cf. Excise Ordinance and Ordinance for sequestering Delinquents' Estates.
28 November, 1643Ordinance supplementing the Excise Ordinance. [L.J., vi., 316; Husband, p. 389–90.] Vol. i., p. 346.
1 December, 1643Ordinance enabling persons approved by Parliament to set forth ships for guarding the seas, and prohibiting trade with ports in hostility to the Parliament. [L.J., vi., 319 but not printed in L.J.; Husband, p. 391–4 under date Nov. 30th.] Vol. i., p. 347.
7 December, 1643Ordinance appointing the Earl of Warwick Lord High Admiral of England. [L.J., vi., 330.] Vol. i., p. 351.
18 December, 1643Ordinance for erecting and maintaining a garrison at Newport Pagnell, in the county of Bucks. [L.J., vi., 344–5; Husband, pp. 400–02.] Vol. i., p. 352.
18 December, 1643Ordinance amending Ordinance of 14th September giving further powers to the Committee for Volunteers for Hertfordshire, enabling them to raise and maintain forces for the defence of the County. [L.J., vi., 342–4; Husband, pp. 402–4.] Vol. i., p. 356.
20 December, 1643Ordinance disqualifying anyone who has not taken the Covenant from being a member of the Common Council or holding any office in the City of London. [L.J., vi., 348; Husband, p. 404.] Vol. i., p. 359.
23 December, 1643Ordinance empowering the Committee of the Militia of London to send out forces under Major General Brown to the assistance of Sir William Waller. [L.J., vi., 352; Husband, p. 406.] Vol. i., p. 359.
23 December, 1643Ordinance (amending that of 21st September) providing for the payment to certain receivers of revenues due to the King, Queen, and Prince from sequestrated estates of Delinquents. [L.J., vi., 352; Husband, pp. 406–7.] Vol. i., p. 360.
23 December, 1643Ordinance moderating the duty on Tobacco. [L.J., vi., 352–3.] Vol. i., p. 361.
25 December, 1643Ordinance dissmising all Clerks of Record who have joined the King. [L.J., vi., 355; Husband, p. 407.] Vol. i., p. 362.