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6 January, 1643/4Declaration and Order exempting the University of Cambridge from the Ordinance for sequestering estates of Delinquents. [L.J., vi., 368–9; Husband, pp. 409–10.] Vol. i., p. 363.
9 January, 1643/4An ordinance touching the Excise of Flesh victuals and salt. [L.J., vi., 372–3, 374; Husband, pp. 410–11.] Vol. i., p. 364.
10 January, 1643/4Ordinance for pressing and levying mariners, sailors, etc., for the defence of the kingdom. [L.J., vi., 373, 4; Husband, p. 412.] Vol. i., p. 366.
20 January, 1643/4An Ordinance for recruiting and regulating the Forces of the Eastern Association under the Earl of Manchester. [L.J., vi., 385–7; Husband, pp. 413–5.] Vol. i., p. 368.
22 January, 1643/4An Ordinance for regulating the University of Cambridge and for removing scandalous ministers in the University and in the counties of the Eastern Association. [L.J., vi., 389; Husband, pp. 415–6.] Vol. i., p. 371.
22 January, 1643/4Ordinance preventing the adjournment of the term of the Courts of Justice, and the conveyance of records, etc., to Oxford. [L.J., vi., 390.] Vol. i., p. 372
29 January, 1643/4Ordinance for appointing High Sheriffs and for altering the terms of the oath administered to them. [L.J., vi., 396.] Vol. i., p. 373.
30 January, 1643/4Ordinance for officers of the Courts of Justice, lawyers, etc., to take the Covenant. [L.J., vi., 403; Husband, p. 416.] Vol. i., p. 374.
30 January, 1643/4Ordinance amending the Ordinance of 28th August, 1642 (against the importion of currants) in favour of the Levant Company. [L.J., vi., 404.] Vol. i., p. 375.
1 February, 1643/4Ordinance for the present recruiting and payment of the army under the immediate command of the Lord General. [L.J., vi., 407.] Vol. i., p. 375.
5 February, 1643/4Ordinance for the defence of Poole, Plymouth, and Lyme. [L.J., vi., 409.]
5 February, 1643/4Ordinance enjoining the taking of the late Solemn League and Covenant throughout the kingdom of England and the Dominion of Wales: with instructions. [L.J., vi., 411–2; Husband, pp. 420–1, under date 2nd February.] Vol. i., p. 376.
13 February, 1643/4Ordinance for Sir Thomas Middleton to raise forces within the counties of Flint, Denbigh, Montgomery, Merioneth, Carnarvon, and Anglesey. [L.J., vi., 424–5; Husband, pp. 432–3, under date 20th February.] Vol. i., p. 378.
16 February, 1643/4Ordinance for appointing for a period not exceeding three months, a Committee of both Houses to join with the Committee and Commissioners of Scotland, for the better managing the affairs of both nations, in accordance with the late Covenant and Treaty. [L.J., vi., 430.] Vol. i., p. 381.
17 February, 1643/4Ordinance for raising a new loan and assessment in the County of Middlesex for the defence of the county and of the Cities of London and Westminster and for the preservation of Uxbridge. [L.J., vi., 431–3; Husband, pp. 429–31, under date 13th February.] Vol. i., p. 383.
22 February, 1643/4Ordinance for taking and receiving the accounts of the whole Kingdom. [L.J., vi., 437–9; Husband, pp. 434–6.] Vol. i., p. 387.
26 February, 1643/4Ordinance for the free importation of Bullion (cf. Ordinance August 26th, 1643.) [L.J., vi., 441. p. 436, under date of 24th February.] Vol. i., p. 391.
26 February, 1643/4Ordinance for Excise money raised in Hull to be employed for that Garrison. [Husband, p. 457.]
27 February, 1643/4Ordinance empowering the Lord Fairfax to remove scandalous ministers in Yorkshire and replace them by able, learned and godly divines. [L.J., vi., 442; Husband, p. 437.] Vol. i., p. 391.
27 February, 1643/4Ordinance empowering the Lord Fairfax and Sir Thomas Fairfax to press soldiers in Yorkshire.
27 February, 1643/4Ordinance for selling all ships and goods taken by reprisal and belonging to the State. [L.J., vi., 444.] Vol. i., p. 392.
29 February, 1643/4Order for Reformado officers to be paid out of customs on currants. [L.J., vi., 446; Husband, pp. 457–8.] Vol. i., p. 393.
4 March, 1643/4Ordinance to regulate the Duty on Tobacco for one year (cf. Ord. December 23, 1643). [L.J., vi., 449.] Vol. i., p. 394.
5 March, 1643/4Ordinance concerning the repayment of money to the Merchant Adventurers. (cf. 7 Oct., 1643.) [L.J., vi., 451.]
5 March, 1643/4Ordinance for paying the army under Lord Fairfax by means of a sum owed to the Merchant Adventurers, the repayment of which was postponed by the preceding Ordinance. [L.J., vi., 451.]
7 March, 1643/4Ordinance for upholding the Government and Fellowship of merchants of England trading into the Levant Seas. [L.J., vi., 445–6; Husband, pp. 439–40.] Vol. i., p. 395.
19 March, 1643/4Further Ordinance empowering the Levant Company to import currants. (cf. Ord. 26 Aug., 1642, and 30 Jan., 1643–4.) [L.J., vi., 474; Husband, p. 440.] Vol. i., p. 396.
21 March, 1643/4Order for Free Trade to Sunderland and Blithe and to carry corn for our Brethren of Scotland. [L.J., vi., 480–1; Husband, pp. 305–6.] Vol. i., p. 397.
26 March, 1644Ordinance (amending that of 1st Feb., 1643–4) for the speedy completing and maintaining of the army under the immediate command of the Earl of Essex. [L.J., vi., 514–7; Husband, pp. 442–7.] Vol. i., p. 398.
26 March, 1644Ordinance providing that inhabitants of the Cities of London and Westminster, the Hamlets of the Tower, Borough of Southwark, and other places within the lines of Communication, and Weekly Bills of Mortality, shall contribute the value of one meal in the week for the auxiliary forces now being raised. (Ordinance of the Weekly Meal.) [L.J., vi., 488–90; Husband, pp. 467–9.] Vol. i., p. 405.
26 March, 1644Ordinance empowering Sir William Brereton to take subscriptions and command forces in the County of Chester and adjacent parts. [L.J., vi., 486–8; Husband, pp. 469–72.] Vol. i., p. 409.
30 March, 1644Ordinance for raising and maintaining 3,000 Foot, 1,200 Horse, and 500 Dragoons to be commanded by Sir William Waller as Serjeant Major General of the forces under the Earl of Essex and of all other forces in the associated counties of Southampton, Surrey, Sussex, and Kent.
2 April, 1644Ordinance for the defence of the town of Northampton. [L.J., vi., 496–7.]
3 April, 1644Ordinance to raise £20,000 by loan to enable Sir William Waller to follow up his victory over Hopton. [L.J., vi., 498.]
3 April, 1644Ordinance for the making of salt petre to continue for two years from the 25th March, 1655, of. [L.J. vi., 498–9; Husband, pp. 477–8.] Vol. i., p. 418.
8 April, 1644Ordinance for the better observation of the Lord's Day. [L.J., vi., 507–8; Husband, pp. 478–80, under date April 6.] Vol. i., p. 420.
8 April, 1644Ordinance for felling 600 Timber Trees in His Majesty's Forest of Waltham for the use of the Navy. [L.J., vi., 506–7; Husband p. 482.] Vol. i., p. 422.
8 April, 1644Ordinance continuing for a year the rates and charges of Excise and new Impost expressed in the Ordinance of 11th September, 1643. [L.J., vi., 507; Husband p. 481.]
16 April, 1644Ordinance (removing an exemption in that of 2nd October, 1643) permitting the felling of timber trees in the woods of several Delinquents for the use of the Navy. [L.J., vi., 520–1; Husband, pp. 482–3.] Vol. i., p. 423.
16 April, 1644Ordinance empowering the Committee of Both Kingdoms to prepare, by Friday, 26th April, 1644, Propositions for a safe and well grounded peace. [L.J., vi., 519.] Vol. i., p. 425.
17 April, 1644Ordinance continuing for four months the Ordinance regarding the defence of Hertfordshire, dated 18th December, 1643. [L.J., vi., 523; Husband, p. 483.]
25 April, 1644Ordinance extending (up to Wednesday, 1st May) the time for preparing Propositions for a Peace (cf. Ord. of 16th April). [L.J., vi., 528.]
9 May, 1644Ordinance concerning Escheators. [L.J., vi., 544.] Vol. i., p. 425.
9 May, 1644Futher Ordinance for the demolition of monuments of Idolatry and Superstition in Churches (cf. Ord. 26th August, 1643). [L.J., vi., 546; Husband, p. 487.] Vol. i., p. 425.
9 May, 1644Ordinance empowering the Committee of the Militia of the City of London to send auxiliaries to Sir William Waller and the Earl of Essex. [L.J., vi., 546–7; Husband, pp. 487–8.] Vol. i., p. 426.
10 May, 1644Ordinance for raising and maintaining Horse and Foot for the garrison of Gloucester, and for the counties of Gloucester, Hereford, Monmouth, Glamorgan, Brecknock and Radnor. [L.J., vi., 548, but not printed in L.J.; Husband, pp. 489–91.] Vol. i., p. 428.
13 May, 1644Ordinance for the maintenance of the forces of the Eastern Association under the command of the Earl of Manchester. [L.J., vi., 552; Husband pp. 492–3, under date 15th May.] Vol. i., p. 432.
15 May, 1644Ordinance giving relief from prejudice and inconvenience caused by the stoppage and delay of Writs of Error and ordering that such Writs shall be sealed with the Great Seal. [L.J., vi., 552–6; Husband, p. 494.] Vol. i., p. 434.
21 May, 1644Ordinance for paying monies to Sir Thomas Middleton for the furtherance of the public service in North Wales. [L.J., vi., 563–3.] Vol. i., p. 435.
23 May, 1644Ordinance (following the temporary Ordinance of February 16, 1643–4) appointing a Committee of both Houses to join with the Committees and Commissioners of Scotland, for the better managing the affairs of both nations, in accordance with the late Covenant and Treaty. [L.J., vi., 564–5.] Vol. i., p. 436.
25 May, 1644Ordinance for the better execution of the former Ordinances for the sequestration of the estates of Delinquents and Papists. [L.J., vi., 569–70; Husband, pp. 496–8.] Vol. i., p. 437.
28 May, 1644Ordinance for the Excise of Hull to be paid to Lord Fairfax for support of the Garrison there. [L.J. vi., 571–2; Husband, p. 499.]
28 May, 1644Ordinance enabling the Solicitor General to perform the duties of the Attorney General during his absence. [L.J., vi., 571, not printed in L.J; Husband, p. 499.] Vol. i., p. 441.
28 May, 1644Ordinance for repayment to Captain William Edwards the moneys due to him for the service of the State, and for his better enabling to proceed in the said service. [L.J., vi., 572.]
3 June, 1644Ordinance to prevent the embezzlement of Prizes taken by the Fleet and concerning the payment of Prize money. [L.J., vi., 576; Husband, p. 501.] Vol. i., p. 442.
5 June, 1644Ordinance for the repayment of £22,000 to be advanced for the navy. [L.J., vi., 579; Husband, p. 500, under date May 28.]
10 June, 1644Ordinance for associating the counties of Pembroke, Caermarthen, and Cardigan. [L.J., vi., 585–6; Husband, pp. 501–2, under date 8th June.] Vol. i., p. 443.
10 June, 1644Ordinance appointing Serjeant Major General Richard Browne to command the forces in the counties of Oxford, Bucks and Berks, for the reduction Oxford. [L.J., vi., 585; Husband, p. 503, under date, June 8th.] Vol. i., p. 445.
13 June, 1644Ordinance for raising monies for maintenance of the Forces in the county of Salop. [L.J., vi., 586–7; Husband, pp. 504–6.] Vol., i., p. 446.
15 June, 1644Ordinance continuing for four months the Ordinance of 30th March, 1644, for the association of the counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. (cf. Ord. of 4th Nov., 1643.) [L.J., vi., 593; Husband, pp. 507–8.] Vol. i., p. 450.
15 June, 1644Ordinance that certain persons within the City of London and the parts adjacent who cannot themselves bear arms are to find substitutes and arm for the Militia of London. [L.J., vi., 593; Husband, pp. 508–9.] Vol. i., p. 452.
18 June, 1644Ordinance empowering the Committee of the Militia of the City of London to send forces to serve under Major General Browne in the counties of Oxon, Bucks and Berks. [L.J., vi., 596; Husband, pp. 509–10.] Vol. i., p. 454.
22 June, 1644Ordinance for the payment of the armies of the Lord General and Sir William Waller. [L.J., vi., 602.]
25 June, 1644Ordinance appointing members of Committee in the counties of Oxon, Bucks and Berks to put in execution ordinances for the raising of money and forces in these counties. [L.J., vi., 605–7; Husband, pp. 510–12, under date 27th June.] Vol. i., p. 455.
29 June, 1644Ordinance excluding members of either House of Parliament that have deserted the Parliament and adhered to its enemies. [L.J., vi., 610, Husband; p. 513.] Vol. i., p. 458.
1 July, 1644Ordinance appointing members of Committees to execute several Ordinances of Parliament in the counties of Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, the cities of Bristol and the Town and County of Poole. [L.J., vi., 612–3; Husband, pp. 514–5.] Vol. i., p. 459.
3 July, 1644Ordinance for defending the counties of the Eastern Association by the better regulation of the Trained Bands and by raising new forces of horse and foot. [L.J., vi., 614–5; Husband, pp. 516–8.] Vol. i., p. 462.
8 July, 1644Ordinance creating new Excise duties upon alum, copperas, hats, silks, stuffs, hops, saffron and starch, &c. [L.J., vi., 624; Husband, pp. 519– 20.] Vol. i., p. 466.
10 July, 1644Ordinance (explaining Ordinance of February 22nd, 1643–4) for taking and receiving the accounts of the Kingdom. [L.J., vi., 627; Husband, pp. 523 –4.] Vol. i., p. 468.
10 July, 1644Ordinance to raise £3,000 for the Forces in Lancashire. [L.J., vi., 627; Husband, pp. 520–1.]
10 July, 1644Ordinance for settling the Militia for the defence of the county of Leicester. [L.J., vi., 627–8; Husband, pp. 521–2.] Vol. i., p. 470.
12 July, 1644Ordinance for raising a standing army of 10,000 foot and 3,050 horse in the eastern and southern counties to be ready to march on July 20th and to continue only for two months. [L.J., vi., 629–30; Husband, pp. 524–6.] Vol. i., p. 472.
15 July, 1644Ordinance for raising forces for the defence of the county of Wilts and the garrison of Malmesbury. [L.J., vi., 637–8; Husband, pp. 526–8.] Vol. i., p. 475.
15 July, 1644Ordinance for the defence of the Isle of Wight; to continue for four months only. [L.J., vi., 636–7.]
19 July, 1644Ordinance for pressing 1,000 soldiers in London to serve under Major-General Browne, and for levying 500 soldiers in each of the counties of Bucks, Berks, and Oxon. [L.J., vi., 641–2.] Vol. i., p. 478.
19 July, 1644Ordinance for regulating the proceedings of the Committee of both Kingdoms. [L.J., vi., 641.] Vol. i., p. 479.
20 July, 1644Ordinance for the provision of turf and peat for the cities and suburbs of London and Westminster. [Husband, pp. 529–30; mentioned in L.J., vi., 640 under date July 17th, but no order to enter it.] Vol. i., p. 481.
2 August, 1644Ordinance for Captain Richard Swanley to land forces in Wales for the assistance of Major General Langharne. [L.J., vi., 650; Husband, p. 531.]
3 August, 1644Ordinance for the disposition of monies from the additional Excise (c.f. Ord. of 8th July, 1644) in payment of handicraftsmen and for other purposes. [L.J., vi., 657; Husband, p. 531.] Vol. i., p. 484.
3 August, 1644Ordinance for the better regulation of the Excise of Flesh within the cities of London and Westminster, suburbs and lines of communication. [L.J., vi., 656; Husband, pp. 532–3.] Vol. i., p. 484.
7 August, 1644Ordinance for establishing and maintaining a garrison in the town of Lyme Regis. [L.J., vi., 664.]
7 August, 1644Ordinance for the Commissioners of Excise to repay themselves £10,000 advanced to the Lord General. [L.J., vi., 664.]
9 August, 1644Ordinance for continuing (until both Houses give a contrary order) the Ordinance of 18th Dec. 1643 with regard to Hertfordshire. [L.J., vi., 665.]
10 August, 1644Ordinance securing for four months longer the payment of interest on £10,000 lent by the Merchant Adventurers for the army under Sir William Waller. [L.J., vi., 667.]
16 August, 1644Ordinance for the establishment of Martial Law within the Cities of London and Westminster and the lines of communication. [L.J., vi., 673–4; Husband, pp. 534–6, under date August 17th.] Vol. i., p. 486.
19 August, 1644Ordinance for associating the counties of Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, and the Cities of Bristol and Exeter, and the town and county of Poole, for the defence thereof (cf. Ord. July 1st, 1644.) [L.J., vi. 677–80; Husband, pp. 537–42.] Vol. i., p. 489.
21 August, 1644Ordinance for the Commissioner of Excise to advance £10,000 for the army of Sir William Waller. (cf. Ord. 5th March 1643–4, and 10th August 1644.) [L.J., vi. 684.]
4 August, 1644Ordinance for a duty on Herrings to pay the expense of the convoy for protecting the Fishermen from pirates. [L.J., vi. 686–7; Husband, pp. 542–3.] Vol. i., p. 496.
29 August, 1644Ordinance amending that of 16th August for the establishment of Martial Law. [L.J., vi., 618; Husband, p. 536.] Vol. i., p. 498.
30 August, 1644Ordinance amending that of November 30th (December 1st) 1643 by permitting foreign ships to remove their own property from ports in hostility to Parliament, but prohibiting trade with such ports (while permitting it with other ports in the Kingdom.)
31 August, 1644Ordinance establishing rules for the Commissioners and Auditors of Excise and others employed in the collection of Excise. [L.J., vi., 693–4; Husband, pp. 546–7.] Vol. i., p. 501.
3 September, 1644Ordinance for Mr. Hoyle, a Member of the House of Commons, to be Mayor of York, until an election can be lawfully made. [L.J., vi., 696.]
13 September, 1644Ordinance appointing Henry Brooke High Sheriff of Chester, and regulating the administration of justice now obstructed in that county. [L.J., vi., 703–4.] Vol. i., p. 503.
14 September, 1644Ordinance securing to Nathan Wright, Francis Lenthall, and George Henly, merchants, the sum of £5,000 lent by them for the defence of Plymouth, Poole, and Lyme Regis. [L.J., vi., 706.]
23 September, 1644Ordinance increasing import and export duties by one-tenth part for six months for the relief of Plymouth. [L.J., vi., 713.] Vol. i., p. 505.
23 September, 1644Ordinance for raising Horse and Foot for the reduction of the County of Worcester. [Mentioned in L.J., vi., 711, under date 21st September; Husband, pp. 548–51.] Vol. i., p. 507.
27 September, 1644Ordinance to moderate the Excise on Aqua Vitae or strong waters. [L.J., vi., 717–8; Husband, pp. 553–4.] Vol. i., p. 511.
28 September, 1644Ordinance continuing that of 31st August, 1644, containing rules for the collection of Excise for one year from 11th September, 1644. [L.J., vi., 719–20; Husband, pp. 554–5.] Vol. i., p. 513.
30 September, 1644Ordinance for raising 1,100 horse for the Earl of Essex. [L.J., vii., 4; Husband, p. 555.] Vol. i., p. 513.
30 September, 1644Ordinance for paying the forces under Sir Thomas Middleton by means of £3,000 given for the repair of St. Paul's. [L.J., vii., 4; Husband, p. 556.] Vol. i., p. 514.
1 October, 1644Ordinance for the Lord General and all other commanders, to give obedience to the instruction of the Committee of both Kingdoms. [L.J., vii., 6.] Vol. i., p. 515.
2 October, 1644Ordinance for maintaining the Forces in the counties of the Eastern Association under the Earl of Manchester, by a weekly payment in the same counties, for four months from 1st September, 1644. [L.J., vii., 8–9; Husband, p. 551–3.] Vol. i., p. 515.
2 October, 1644Ordinance for a weekly assessment of the City and of the County of Gloucester. [L.J., vii., 8; Husband, pp. 557–8.] Vol. i., p. 518.
4 October, 1644Ordinance for sending five regiments of Trained Bands and auxiliaries from London to join the Earl of Manchester and Sir William Waller. [L.J., vii., 12–13; Husband, pp. 558–9.] Vol. i., p. 520.
4 October, 1644Ordinance for assigning certain monies, levied by the Ordinance of 26th March, 1644, to Sir William Erle for the provision of a Train of Artillery for the Lord General. [L.J., vii., 12.]
4 October, 1644Ordinance for the Ordination of Ministers pro tempore according to the Directory for Ordination, with the rules from the Directory. [L.J., vii, 13–15.] Vol. i., p. 521.
12 October, 1644Ordinance for the speedy raising of monies in the Cities of London and Westminster and adjacent parts for the maintenance of forces sent for the present expedition. [L.J., vii., 22–23; Husband, pp. 560–1.] Vol., i., p. 526.
12 October, 1644Ordinance for a weekly assessment in Northamptonshire for six months from the 9th September, 1644. [L.J., vii., 21–22; Husband, p. 562.] Vol. i., p. 528.
14 October, 1644Ordinance for raising money in the seven counties of the Eastern Association for the regiment of Lieut.-General Cromwell. [L.J., vii., 24.] Vol. i., p. 530.
18 October, 1644Ordinance concerning the Excise at Southampton, ordering that it be entered in the receipts of the Commissioners of Excise at London (cf. Ordinance 28th November, 1643, 11th September, and 8th April, 1644). [L.J., vii., 28.]
18 October, 1644Ordinance for an assessment throughout England and Wales, for the relief of the British Army in Ireland, to continue for twelve months from 1st September, 1644. [L.J., vii., 27, but not printed in L.J.; Husband, pp. 563–575.] Vol. i., p. 531.
24 October, 1644Ordinance for the Redemption of the Captives at Algiers. [L.J., vii., 33–4.] Vol. i., p. 553.
24 October, 1644Ordinance forbidding the giving of quarter to any Irishman or Papist born in Ireland who shall be taken in Hostility against the Parliament either upon the Sea or in England and Wales. [L.J., vii., 34; Husband, p. 576.] Vol. i., p. 554.
25 October, 1644Ordinance, amending that of 17th February, 1643–4, for the defence of the County of Middlesex, giving additional powers for regulating Trained Bands, raising Forces, etc. To continue in force for six months and no longer. [L.J., vii., 35–38; Husband pp. 576–80.] Vol. i., p. 555.
4 November, 1644Ordinance for the fining and banishment of Edmund Waller. [L.J., vii., 47.] Vol. i., p. 563.
4 November, 1644Ordinance for the speedy constituting of Sir Nathaniel Brent Judge of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, for the Probate of Wills and granting of Letters of Adminstration. [L.J., vii., 47– 48; Husband, pp. 582–3.] Vol. i., p. 564.
7 November, 1644Ordinance for the erection of forts against the garrison of Crowland, by the Associated Counties under the Earl of Manchester, along with the County of Northampton. [L.J., vii., 50–51; Husband, pp. 583–4.] Vol. i., p. 566.
8 November, 1644Ordinance for the due payment of Tithes and other such Duties according to the Laws and Customs of this Realm. [L.J., vii., 53–4; Husband, pp. 585–6.] Vol. i., p. 567.
14 November, 1644Ordinance for paying £5,000 out of the Excise for the Lord General's army. [L.J., vii., 64.]
14 November, 1644Ordinance amending Ordinance of 14th January, 1642, and permitting trade with Newcastle and Tynemouth. [L.J., vii., 64; Husband, pp. 586– 7.] Vol. i., p. 569.
16 November, 1644Ordinance, to free from all assessments and charges the possessions and goods of the Hospitals of St. Bartholomew, Bridwell, St. Thomas, and Bethlem. [L.J., vii., 67; Husband, p. 587.] Vol. i., p. 570.
26 November, 1644Ordinance for Free Trade with the plantations in New England. [L.J., vii., 75.] Vol. i., p. 571.
26 November, 1644Ordinance to fell timber in Delinquents' Estates in Sussex and Hants for the repair of the fortifications in Plymouth. [L.J., vii., 75.]
2 December, 1644Ordinance for raising £66,666 13s. 4d., by way of Loan, for the better enabling of our Brethren of Scotland for our assistance and defence. [L.J., vii., 84; Husband, pp. 588–9.] Vol. i., p. 571.
3 December, 1644Ordinance for the raising of money to pay the Fortifications and Guards, and for other necessary uses, for the safety of the Cities of London and Westminster and the parts adjacent. [L.J., vii., 85–6; Husband, pp. 589–92.] Vol. i., p. 574.
5 December, 1644Ordinance for the continuance for one month of the Ordinance for Martial Law within the Cities of London and Westminster, or the Lines of Communication (cf. Ordinance 16th August, 1644, and 16th September, 1644). [L.J., vii., 88.]
6 December, 1644Ordinance continuing for a year from 9th January, 1644–5, the Excise of Flesh-Victuals and Salt (cf. Ord. 9th January, 1643–4, and 3rd August, 1644). [L.J., vi., 88–90; Husband, p. 592.]
Vol. i., p. 571.
7 December, 1644Ordinance for payment for the provision of Saltpetre and Ammunition. [L.J., vii., 91.] Vol. i., p. 578.
8 December, 1644Ordinance for the relief of certain widows of officers and soldiers, who are in extreme want. [L.J., vii., 91–2.]
12 December, 1644Ordinance amending that of 7th December for payment for ammunition. [L.J., vii., 95.]
13 December, 1644Ordinance continuing for six months the Ordinance of 15th July, 1644, for the defence of the Isle of Wight. [L.J., vii., 98; Husband, p. 593.]
13 December, 1644Ordinance ordaining certain ministers in the County of Lancaster, and forbidding the preaching of unordained ministers. [L.J., vii., 97; Husband, p. 593.] Vol. i., p. 579.
17 December, 1644Ordinance for a new Duchy Seal of the County Palatine of Lancaster. [L.J., vii., 103; Husband, p. 593.] Vol. i., p. 579.
19 December, 1644Ordinance to observe the Monthly Fast, especially on the day which heretofore was called The Feast of the Nativity of Our Saviour. [L.J., vii., 106.] Vol. i., p. 580.
23 December, 1644Ordinance securing £10,000 to the Merchant Adventurers, payment being delayed six months longer. (cf. Ord. of 10th August, 1644). [L.J., vii., 112.]
23 December, 1644Ordinance for the appropriation by the Commissioners of Excise of the £10,000, payment of which to the Merchant Adventurers is postponed by the foregoing Ordinance. [L.J., vii., 113.
26 December, 1644Ordinance for bringing in the arrears of the Monthly Assessment, formerly charged upon the Cities of London and Westminster, and all other Parishes and Places within the Line of Communication and County of Middlesex (cf. Ord. 26th March, 1644, and 4th October, 1644). [L.J., vii., 115; Husband, pp. 594–5.] Vol. i., p. 580.